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Content Marketing

The Importance of the SSS Model in Content and Brand Marketing Strategy.

Back when I was enrolled in higher education for Visual Arts and Advertising I had the privilege of learning from some of the best Advertising Media and Graphic Design artists Australia had to offer. That old adage “those who can’t, teach” does not apply here. That is because it was their experience in the industry and their wealth of practical knowledge guiding me to some very effective practices to follow, such as the “SSS Model” that have led me to where I am today.

So what is the SSS Model? The SSS model was identified and coined by one Brendan Hibbert, An international home grown award winning Graphic Designer and Educator in Graphic & Website Design, Marketing and Advertising. It is a breakdown of what raw elements any campaign or design needs to be, to be effective in the market today. That is, is it “Sexy?”, is it “Sustainable?” and is it “Suitable?”. If you have all three, you have a premium winning branding and design strategy that will serve you well in your business journey for years to come.

So What does Sexy, Sustainable and Suitable mean?

A Sexy Brand And Marketing Strategy

No, we don’t mean “Sexy” bikini clad models atop a luxury car (unless that is your brand?), we mean is there an attractive elegance to the logo, the colours, the message and layout of the website that blend together elegantly into something that just works. Something modern and attractive in either its universal application that makes it well designed, or its simplicity and sophistication that invites praise from customers and encourages likability of the brand vibe.

A Sustainable Approach With Minimal Upkeep

“Sustainable” is not about climate change in this context, it is rather more about the ability to redesign your brand and campaign with universal applications for each platform, industry category and activity your brand and website design crosses over into. It can be as simple as having a logo that is tweakable for podcast, socials or corporate services, even an email campaign or website theme that can suit everything from hard hitting reports, to retail shopping or casual newsletter. If your brand and design has a magnitude of applications available, you will have a more cost effective marketing and brand strategy that is sustainable for your long term business needs.

A Suitable Campaign That Works For Your Audience And Raises Up Your Brand

When we talk about “Suitable” campaigns, we are talking more about not being potential cannon fodder for Wil Anderson, the host of the Gruen Transfer to roast your brand and efforts on national TV, to be fair.

When creating a marketing campaign and brand strategy, you need it to be relevant to your market and suitable for the minority groups that your target audience aligns with. This can include choice of language (optional curse words included), age demographic and industry relevance. You need to be sure that you are meeting the basic needs of your customers and encouraging loyalty and trust. Find that “emotive hook” in your brand strategy that makes your audience feel that you understand them and their voice. That reinforces you either, work directly in the industry or have an informed understanding of how their world works. Something that operates in line with their point of view, values and preferences.

So there you have it, the SSS model of Brand Strategy and Campaign Marketing & Advertising. If you have read this post and realised that your own campaign and brand is not Sexy, Sustainable or Suitable, feel free to contact us at Ignite Search for a quote today.

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