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Content marketing wins friends by influencing people. It entertains and educates, informs and inspires, guides and gratifies. To gain awareness, generate interest, close sales, nurture relationships, and create advocates.

Our Content Marketing Services

6 ways content marketing benefits your business

90% of organisations do content marketing. Your business can go to town giving extreme value through multiple forms of content marketing. Demonstrate through compelling communication how your offerings meet one or more core human needs for certainty, variety, significance, connection, contribution and growth. Your reward? Experiencing one or more of these six ways excellent content marketing benefits your business.

#1 More web traffic from more sources

Site traffic volume is a key performance indicator for effective content marketing, and it’s worth drilling down to understand how people are getting to your content. let’s find the most lucrative pathways.

#2 More user engagement

Let’s get users who find your content to spend more time reading or watching it, and engaging with related content. Even better if they come back to visit again and again to consume fresh new content. 

#3 More impressions & CTR

There are ways to increase the success of your content marketing, based on the number of times your content is displayed, and clicked through by readers. It means more people are taking notice. Excellent!  

The true test of value in content marketing? When more people share it unprompted, mention it in their own content, and backlink to your content. Even better if it goes viral. Powerful for brand awareness.

#5 Higher keyword ranking

Google considers content quality and link building very highly in its search algorithms. The rewards of great content are high rankings for targeted keywords. This brings higher quantity click-throughs.

#3 Better lead generation

Effective content marketing attracts more users to complete CTAs like sign up for a newsletter, like your page, ask for a product demo, fill in a contact form, download an asset, buy a product, and more.

Why prioritise content marketing?

Because it is helpful, builds trust, and is not pushy. The statistics look good too:

  • Content marketing leaders get 780% more site traffic than others. 
  • Content marketing increases leads by 500% and web traffic by 55%.
  • 82% people feel more positive towards a company after reading custom content, and 78% perceive a connection between themselves and the company through custom content. 
  • Gain 434% more indexed pages on search engines and 97% more backlinks.
  • Costs 62% less than traditional marketing.
  • The conversion rate of a landing page can be increased by more than 80% if it features great video content.

What is content marketing?

A relatively new niche heralded to be the future of digital marketing, content marketing is primarily not ‘salesy’. It is:

  • other-focused on satisfying the wants and needs of its (content) consumers, and
  • not self-focused on direct sales. Its mantra is ‘show, don’t tell’ how good you are.

Note this difference, as content marketing and sales promotion are often confused. Compared to hard/direct sales, it’s a soft/indirect approach to earn and gain notice, agreement, and trust so that content consumers are more likely to view the marketer favourably, accept their perspectives and ideas, and buy their products and services.

Content marketing channels

Content marketing can be delivered through diverse means. Popular channels are:

  • Websites – Through text accompanied by attractive graphics and images, on landing pages, web pages, and blogs  (both static and interactive). This includes content offers like ebooks, white papers, and infographics which provide readers with information valuable to them, which gives them good reason to provide their particulars which are valuable to you. Win-win.
  • Email – For nurturing leads through electronic direct mail (EDMs) or e-newsletter subscriptions.
  • Podcast apps and radio  – With recorded and live-streamed  audio content through the spoken word, songs, and music.
  • Video apps and TV– Audiovisual content that’s static or dynamic, in real life or animated format, recorded or live-streamed.
  • Social media – Though active creation or interactive engagement of text-, image-, audio- or video-based content on social media platforms.
  • VR and AR – Exciting evolving innovations in the metaverse will make it easier to create content in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) modes.

The value our content marketing agency provides

People. Our content marketing agency provides a multidisciplinary team of creators savvy in content and copywriting, as well as business promotion, digital marketing, SEO/UX design and writing, project management, and all-round communication. We help businesses large and small to craft and amplify unique messages demonstrating the value they add to the world.

Services. Our content marketing agency helps business clients figure out the ‘why, what, who, how, when, and where’ of creating compelling content that prospects and customers want and love, then produces the content for these businesses professionally. Each strategy and campaign is unique to the specific market scenarios and business goals of each client.

Systems. As digital warriors and knowledge workers, geographical location is no barrier to the contribution we can bring to your business. We use an integrated system of leading software to hold meetings online, produce great work, provide responsive customer service, and collaborate successfully with good humour among multiple client-side and agency-side parties.

Processes. Our Plan Do Check Act cycle ensures that our content marketing activities sustain a long term impact, with clear version control, transparency, task prioritisation, and responsive communication. When you work with the right agency, no matter how crazy deadlines tend to get, the process of producing marketing content is smooth, collaborative, mentally stimulating, and lots of fun. That has been our fortunate experience, due to the nature of the work as well as the nature of our team.

We would love to help boost your business standing and performance with content marketing that’s right for your business at every stage of your business growth.

Data-driven content marketing services

‘Nothing measured, nothing gained’ is our motto for data-driven content marketing. It takes considerable effort to produce professional assets for content marketing, and regular monitoring helps you keep on top of how well each asset is performing.

The science is in knowing what to measure that is meaningful for business, for what purpose, and how to report it. The art is in looking for patterns in the data, interpreting what they mean, and deriving insights to plan and execute continual improvement.

Good decisions are distilled from data through both the art and science of content marketing. Ignite Search has helped many clients mine and utilise data on which effective content marketing strategies are based. Let us help you obtain great results consistently.

Success Stories – Content marketing

Allied health provider with clinics in metropolitan locations

  • About. Established group of physiotherapy clinics serving metropolitan suburbs.
  • Results. Four to six times increase in web traffic.
  • Challenge. Launch a local SEO campaign welcoming residents of surrounding suburbs to consider choosing our client’s business, and providing useful local information to facilitate an active lifestyle with frequent exercise.
  • Content marketing solution. Launch a local SEO campaign using content marketing to welcome residents of surrounding suburbs to consider choosing our client’s business, and providing useful local information to facilitate an active lifestyle with frequent exercise.

New proptech startup in the property industry

  • About. Visionary proptech company that streamlines the conveyancing process from contract to keys through digital innovation.
  • Results. Describe and explain new software to gain buy-in among primary target businesses (conveyancers) and attract investors.Effective communication with potential investors and potential users to advance successful uptake for this breakthough software as a service offering.
  • Challenge. Launch a local SEO campaign welcoming residents of surrounding suburbs to consider choosing our client’s business, and providing useful local information to facilitate an active lifestyle with frequent exercise.
  • Content marketing solution. Launch a local SEO campaign using content marketing to welcome residents of surrounding suburbs to consider choosing our client’s business, and providing useful local information to facilitate an active lifestyle with frequent exercise.

Innovative conveyancing services provider

  • About. Established property settlement company with an award-winning director with the reputation for service excellence and active industry leadership.
  • Results. Produced a series of well-received blogs with topics that are of practical use to property buyers and sellers.
  • Challenge. Demonstrate subject matter expertise in the conveyancing profession to gain fans and create trust.
  • Content marketing solution. Regular blog posts with practical tips from a subject matter expert for property sellers and buyers on how to deal with different aspects of the complex property settlement process.

Parramatta Smash Repairs

  • About. Industry-recognised smash repairs shop with a prestige niche, and more than 55 years’ experience. Authorised repairer for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Lexus, Mini & Subaru.
  • Results. Produced a series of blogs that provide useful information to local target audiences, and supports strong SEO.
  • Challenge. The client wants to differentiate itself both online and onsite in a saturated marketplace.
  • SEO solution. Launch SEO campaign with strong content marketing component including localised SEO content. Feature trending topics like electric cars, and highlight specific brands of cars the client specialises in repairing.

FAQs – Content marketing services

What exactly does a Content Marketing Agency do?

It supports and extends the sales and marketing team with additional capacity and specialist capability to produce content assets in a variety of formats that are valued by people at all stages of the buyer’s journey.

What are the benefits of using a Content Marketing Agency for content writing, copywriting, and UX writing?

These forms of B2B writing are like chess, easy to learn yet hard to master. This art and science of persuasion require a whole-brained combination of training and talent, pragmatism and creativity, skills and aptitude. Even though many corporate sales and marketing teams tend to write their own copy, the quality and impact are unlikely to match that of a full-time professional content marketer, copywriter or UX writer supported by a full-service content and digital marketing agency.

What makes Ignite Search different from other content marketing agencies?

Our multidisciplinary content marketing team possesses skills and abilities in persuasive promotional writing (copywriting), writing to inform, inspire, educate and entertain (content writing), writing to assist customers in successful product and service use (UX writing), as well as search engine optimisation, digital advertising, UX design and branding. We produce content that makes sense both to humans and search engine bots. We are the lucky ones who are living our ikigai, a Japanese concept combining profession, mission, passion and vocation, doing something that we are good at and we love that can be paid for, that the world needs and values.

Why outsource when my sales and marketing team can do content marketing inhouse?

Even if they have the skills, most corporate sales and marketing teams are already flat out taking care of multiple aspects of marketing. The issue is less with capability, and more with capacity, and the key benefit is the chance to leverage the up-to-date technical and professional expertise that our full-time dedicated content marketing team possesses. Outsourcing leverages the time, attention, capability and capacity it takes to produce fit-for-purpose content strategies, comprehensive campaign roadmaps, stunning UX/UI design and infographics, compelling copywriting, engaging videos withprofessional voice-overs, targeted search engine optimisation, effective social media campaigns, and a lot more combined expertise.

Which industries should use content marketing?

Because content marketing is so versatile, it is possible to apply different strategies to different industries, in companies of different sizes and maturities from start-ups to rising stars, to market leaders to, well any company wanting to reinvent and revitalise itself.

How do I decide if my business needs a content marketing agency? Inside out.

First, look at your current business metrics, and the skills profile of your people as a whole. Is your current performance and workforce profile what you desire? Or are you able to identify the gap between what you have now, and what you really want to achieve? Outside in. Don’t get left behind. 84% of 15,000 marketers and organisations (surveyed11 by Semrush digital marketing platform) report that they already have a content marketing strategy, and a majority use this strategy for generating more quality leads (79%), attracting more web traffic (75%), and improving brand reputation (57%).

How much does content marketing cost?

This depends on so many factors that it is better to have a chat with us. Our hourly and project rates depend on what needs to be done, on top of what has already been done, your priorities and budgets, and more. We don’t bite; welook forward to your questions and proposing something that works for you at any stage of business growth

“The Ignite Search team is extremely hard working and it has been a pleasure working with them. Not only do I value their expert knowledge on SEO, he is also extremely knowledgeable in all areas of Digital Marketing. He always approaches each project with high levels of passion and expertise.”

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