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Perth’s Leading Link Building Services Agency

In simple terms, link building means getting links back to your website from other third-party websites. 

But how does professional link building help to grow your traffic?

Learn more about how the most successful link building methods can bring more people to your website. 

Why link building is essential to SEO

Having high quality backlinks to your site is one of the most effective ways of increasing the visibility of your content on Google.

But what is the key to effective link building? Read on to find out more about the approach our leading SEO agency takes, and what is required to build links that deliver results.

Learn more about why building links matters

There are fashions in the world of SEO, including marketing strategies that are in vogue for a short period of time but then fall out of favour.

However, link building practices are the one technique that has never gone away, simply because they have been shown time and time again to be a key way to increase your SEO visibility. 

Creating quality backlinks remains essential to getting your target keywords on to the first page of search results, because these links contribute to your site being regarded as authoritative and reliable. Google views sites that have quality backlinks as being more relevant and trustworthy, so that they are much more likely to be boosted in searches. 

Below, we will look at how a link building service provided by a SEO agency can help you to establish links that will work for your business.

Is there a right and a wrong way to build backlinks?

Of course, any link building company will tell you that they know how to successfully build links and boost the SEO of your website.

Unfortunately, they might not necessarily be doing it the right way.

If you are considering hiring an SEO agency to institute a link building campaign on your behalf, it is important to remember that the ‘right’ way to build links is all about increasing your domain authority and consolidating your Google ranking.

These should be the clear goals and at the forefront of any proposed strategy.

Does my business really need a SEO agency to do link building?

Link building marketing remains one of the most powerful ways of boosting your search engine ranking, and should be a central plank in any suite of strategies to support your SEO.

Nevertheless, it’s not easy to do it well. It can be time consuming and the parameters are always evolving. 

As we provide link building services to a wide range of businesses and organisations, we have developed a range of skills and strategies so that our methods remain in sync with the latest Google algorithm updates.

If you are busy running your business, you probably don’t have the time to keep up with these and other issues, which is why we are equipped to deliver these services on your behalf.

Are all backlinks created equal?

Given the important contribution of building links to your search results, is it simply a case of the more the merrier? As long as you’ve got plenty of links, is that all that matters?

The quality of the links is just as important — if not more so — than the number of them.

Backlinks should come from authoritative, trustworthy sites that have a good reputation and standing with search engines themselves. 

They ideally need to be in a related industry or sector, and the anchor for the link needs to be relevant to the content on your site, not a ‘spammy’ link that has no proper context.

Essentially, the greater the authority of the site linking to you, the more authority your site will be afforded too. 

Again, this can be difficult for someone who is not in the SEO industry to understand or achieve, which is why it is important for an agency with a track record of high-quality link building to be acting on your behalf.

How our link building services work for you

As a digital advertising agency, we are committed to developing and implementing a link building strategy that will mean you have a range of relevant, quality sites linking to you and not only delivering visitors to your page but enhancing your presence in search results as well.

With numerous strategies up our sleeves, we work closely with you to understand your goals for a link building campaign, as well as setting out clear ways in which you can track and monitor your progress.

Our team is also proud to be open and transparent about all the link building marketing services that we provide. 

How do we help with link building for SEO?

The first step we take when developing a link building strategy is to determine which keywords you should be ranking for, based on various factors such as your product or service, target audience & location. 

We will then undertake an assessment so that we can better understand your existing link profile, i.e., how many backlinks you already have in place, and the value of those links. We will also undertake a review of the backlinks of your main competitors. 

What we learn from this initial assessment will then form the basis of our linking strategy for quality link building, to get you a more advantageous SERP position (Search Engine Results Page).

Our agency commitment to clients

What makes our link building service stand out is that we are always prepared to put in the time required to create a successful strategy, with everything being done by real human beings — no bots here. 

Our experience extends to working with companies of all sizes and in a wide variety of sectors, which means we are able to support the growth of your business regardless of whether you’re a start-up, a SME, or a well established corporation.

We personalise our approach to meet your specific needs, and to ensure that the we create backlinks that are relevant to your industry and will add authority to your site.

In addition, our services constantly evolve so that we operate in line with the latest search engines link building best practices, and can therefore deliver quality, effective backlinks for your organisation.
One thing we don’t do is buy backlinks. Ultimately, this is a false economy as it is regarded as ‘black hat’ SEO, and can result in your site being penalised and ranking far lower in searches than it should — or in extreme cases, disappearing from search results altogether.

Effective SEO is about more than just building links

Although we have been keen to stress here the importance of link building marketing strategies, effective SEO needs other inputs as well.

That’s why at Ignite Search we offer a comprehensive suite of SEO agency services. These include:

  • Content marketing
  • Off-page SEO
  • Web design and development
  • Digital advertising
  • Social media marketing

What are the benefits when we devise a backlinks strategy for your business?

  1. One of the most significant benefits of effective link building methods is that your business’ authority and credibility are enhanced. When people search for businesses like yours or others in the same industry, a strong performance in search rankings conveys that you are an important, trustworthy name.
  2. With greater authority comes better results in searches, which in turn translates into more potential leads. When you are at the top of the SERP, customers naturally gravitate towards you because this is seen as a recognition of expertise, experience, quality products, excellent service, etc.
  3. When you have a large number of quality links back to your site, you are able to get traffic from places and people who might not otherwise find you. Backlinks enable readers of other websites to be introduced to you, and this is a very valuable tool as it significantly increases your reach.
  4. When your website is seen as relevant to users’ searches, they will be much more likely to explore it in more depth, reducing your bounce rate. When combined with an effective internal linking strategy, a low bounce rate has a positive impact on your search ranking, and means that you are also more likely to retain that ranking over an extended period of time.

Link building FAQs

Why are links so important?

A key reason why backlinks are so important is that Google does not put sites on page 1 simply on the basis of their content (although of course, quality content is essential and should never be ignored).

It also takes into account what is known as PageRank, where the number and relevance of other sites linking to yours is a factor in how high you appear in SERP. In essence, the sites that link to you also pass on some of their authority to you, and so when you have multiple instances of high-quality link building in place, you benefit from the cumulative relevance and importance of these sites.

What is an editorially placed link, and does it matter?

This is quite a technical term, but essentially it means another site has linked back to you because of the relevance and quality of your content, rather than a link simply being dumped somewhere on a page arbitrarily.

One of the key services we provide as a professional link building agency is to ensure that links are editorially placed, and not viewed as unnatural links, which can be penalised by Google.

What role does content marketing play in a link building strategy?

Link building can be achieved in a variety of ways, with content marketing being one of the simplest and most effective ways of attracting links back to your site.

In the simplest terms, this is about creating content that is very immediate and very easy to share. For instance, visuals such as graphs and infographics are highly effective, as they make an immediate impact, they can convey complex ideas simply, and they are very easy for others to link to.

List posts, i.e, “The Five Best…’, ‘Fifteen Facts About…’, etc., are also very effective as they constantly prove to be amongst the most shared content online. 

At the other end of the scale, white papers and in-depth guides to a subject are also valuable tools. This is because they can make life simpler for people who want to become familiar with a topic but may not have the time to do the research themselves. They also give you a chance to demonstrate your expertise and command of a topic, and this enhances your authority profile both in the minds of readers but also in terms of search engine results.

At Ignite Search, we take a comprehensive approach to quality link building, and so include these and other types of content marketing as an integral part of any strategy. 

What’s wrong with black hat link building?

Black hat SEO is not something that we do here at Ignite Search, which is why so many Perth businesses rely on us to deliver a quality link building campaign. 

Not only is black hat SEO unethical, in that it essentially undermines your reputation and sense of authority, but it can also lead to heavy penalties from Google, meaning that your site does not appear in search results.

Some examples of a black hat approach include posting spam comments with links on others’ blogs, or posting insubstantial guest blog posts on sites that do not have authority or standing, both of which can lead to an algorithmic penalty. 

In more egregious instances, if Google considers that you are trying to manipulate the system, you may receive what is known as a manual penalty. This can take some time to correct and have reviewed, meaning that the penalty can be long lasting.

However, when you work with Ignite Search, we guarantee that we will never put your online reputation at risk.

Should I limit the number of backlinks to my site?

As we have said elsewhere, the more links you have to your site, the better. There is no upper limit to this. However, at the same time, quantity should not trump quality. Having fewer backlinks is better than having poor quality links.

You can always trust Ignite Search to deliver high-quality link building that serves to enhance your business’ reputation and standing, both in the community and with search engines, without the risk that comes from receiving links from low quality, spammy sites.

What’s wrong with black hat link building?

We pride ourselves on providing personalised link building practices tailored to your business, your industry, the markets you operate in, and your goals. 

We will devise strategies in line with your budget and what you want to achieve, so get in touch with us to discuss what our link building company can do for you.

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