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Perth’s Leading Web Design and Development Agency

Design dictates 94% of first impressions. Web visitors decide what to think about your business within 10 seconds, and one in two expect your website to load within 2 seconds.

Our Website Design and Development Services

Design affects both how a site looks and how it works. You want to do both well in a COVID-adapted world where more users are on the Internet every day. Strong design has an ultimate impact on revenue. Here’s more about web design and development and how your business could profit from doing this well.

6 key benefits of website design and development that improve your business

Ignite Search has helped many clients achieve strong business impact through website transformations that improved both aesthetics, functionality, and site performance. We design and build websites, mobile apps, online stores, and more. Our clients trust us to help them meet a variety of business objectives through website design and development.

#1: Stake your presence.

Your website is your salesperson, who never sleeps. It is the 24×7 command centre for all your marketing activities. Done well, it is a magnet for attracting people who need what you provide. It allows visitors to progress on their buying journey at their own pace. It’s your online portal for profit.

#2: Build your brand.

Great website design creates positive perceptions that build your brand equity. From first impressions to an array of engagement moments, your website represents your brand at every touchpoint. Smart design paves unlimited ways to add value, build rapport and increase sales conversions.

#3 Drive results

Effective web design supports revenue increases. This comes from high search rankings, aesthetic impact, user-friendly navigation, lightning-fast page loading, and more. We have the experience to help you improve multiple aspects of site performance to drive business performance.

#4 Increase engagement

A website is a great space to conduct business. Overcome limits on time and location. Provide a welcoming place for visitors to discover what you stand for. Reward their interactions. Show that you empathise with their problems and can offer great solutions that meet their wants and needs.

#5 Provide user value

Effective web design and development provide functionality that benefits users. Make it easy for your site visitors to succeed in their search to solve problems and get solutions from your business. Give value at all stages of the buyer journey to build positive rapport with your business.

#6 Build trust

A professionally designed and developed website increases your credibility. Wow them with both aesthetics and functionality that provide great value again and again. Demonstrate that you are capable of giving people what they want and need. Build trust and win customers.

What is good website design and development?

While first impressions are important, they are just the beginning. Effective web design and development ultimately drive revenue by providing the attractive aesthetics, functionality and site performance that make conversions flow.

Sure, new DIY software may allow business owners to produce websites, mobile apps, and e-commerce sites themselves. And that may be right for you at a certain stage of your business’s growth. Yet there usually comes a time when what you’re unaware of could hurt your business.

That’s where web specialists like us can help reduce business risks and get you professional results. We add value to your digital strategy, user experience design, SEO, content creation, site performance, cyber security, and more.

Versatility – Types of websites we build:

  • Information websites: an ‘always on’ place for potential buyers to research your service and product offerings. A 24×7 salesperson. Typically for companies providing services. (Like Visa, McDonald’s, and Deloitte.)
  • E-commerce portals: One seller, multiple buyers. B2B and B2C online stores for both retail and wholesale businesses. (Like Walmart, Apple, and Uniqlo.com.)
  • Marketplaces: trading platforms for multiple sellers and multiple buyers. (like Ebay, Shopify, Realestate.com.au, HealthEngine, and Alibaba.com).
  • Publisher sites: for media companies providing niche or general news. Text, audio, or video-based. Includes breaking news, feature articles, commentaries, documentaries, video reporting, talk shows, blogs, podcasts, and more. (Like The Australian, The Times, Top Gear, and The Daily Show.)
  • SaaS websites are websites that allow users to access the platform, its functions and their data from a web browser with an active Internet connection. (Like Slack, Evernote, and ActiveCollabor)

Progress – Maintain the momentum of excellence

A website build is not a once-off exercise. Continual improvement can be made at a steady pace iteratively. There are many ways to optimise the return on this core investment to create a strong online business presence. On a more granular level, here are an array of services that bring out the best in your website.

Website optimisation

  • Site performance audit and strategy 
  • Testing and fine-tuning 
  • Site launch and website migration 
  • Google Analytics review for SEO
  • User journey analysis and ROI
  • Site performance monitoring and maintenance 

Marketing performance strategies

  • Branding and unique value proposition (UVP) review
  • Digital advertising 
  • Content creation (visual, audio, video) 
  • Conversion rate audit, insights, and optimisation (CRO)
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Writing (UX writing, copywriting, content marketing) 

Complementary solutions

  • Accessibility and localisation
  • Advanced filters and instant search
  • E-commerce security and access
  • Headless CMS solutions (back-end-only content repository)
  • JavaScript Frameworks and Automated Testing
  • System integration

Highlights: Our Web Design and Development Portfolio

Parramatta Smash Repairs

Doubled SEO visibility in four weeks. Achieved the highest organic traffic in two years. Moved Google search rankings for many keywords from Page 5+ to top spots on Page 1.

Realtime Conveyancer

I created branding from scratch for this proptech start-up. Logos and style guide. Mission, vision, and value statements. And all marketing and product design needs.

Lux Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Achieved stronger luxury branding through website redesign. Additional marketing and business functionality includes a virtual video tour and an online booking form.

Spraytech Systems

E-commerce website transformation, both visual and functional. Established a strong professional image and ease of use for their online ordering portal.

Japanese Food Corporation (JFC)

We helped Australia’s largest Japanese F&B supplier update their web design, migrate to Shopify, and simplify buying and checkout for their wholesale clientele.

Subiaco Justice Centre

We helped this community legal centre articulate what they stand for and create tangible assets to build a stronger and more consistent brand presence online.

Ignite Search

Our fast-growing business needed a brand refresh. Our team found it highly satisfying to update our own web design, development, UX, content, and functionality.

FAQs – Web Design & Development

How much do you charge for a new website? 

We have built hundreds of sites and each one is unique. We customise each project to suit your business needs and budget, so give us a call to get a more accurate estimate.  

Consider that the aim of building your website is to get profitable business outcomes. So it’s more an investment than an expenditure. When we get a better idea of what your short and long term goals and priorities are, we could provide more relevant and useful information on benchmarked ROI, conversion rates, and other relevant metrics.

What type of clients do you have experience with? 

As professionals we have worked with all sectors – large, medium, and small companies, not-for-profits, and government agencies.  We have provided the most value to clients from growing medium-size businesses, start-up companies, and businesses that need a marketing revamp or business boost. Our industry experience includes automotive, business associations, Chinese digital marketing, education, engineering, food and beverage, healthcare, industrial, law,  medical aesthetics, not-for-profits, property, printing, professional services, retail, and technology. 

Will you change the design if I’m not happy with it? 

The answer is Yes because each project comes with scope for refinement. You won’t need too many rounds of changes though. We usually get it right the first time because we ask the right questions up front. We work closely with you to find out what you want, share ideas for strategic planning, and, of course, provide professional design skills.  

How long does it take to design and develop my website? 

Project completion can take 3 to 6 months.  What you want to achieve guides what needs to be built. Timeframe also depends on whether content is supplied or needs to be created.  

Our most successful and speedy projects come from great collaboration: between you (the subject matter experts) and us (the digital marketing experts). We love what we do and have a great system and processes for clear communication that drives project progress. Website creation is our forte so you can trust us to do it professionally as your reliable digital marketing partner

Where are you located? 

Our main team is based in Perth, Western Australia, and we also have people in Melbourne and Shanghai. We have successfully delivered projects to clients from Melbourne, Sydney, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and more.  

We welcome clients from any location as our go-getter spirit, robust project management system, and the use of video-conferencing and messaging technology allow us to be responsive and work well with people from different time zones. 

Cheech consistently delivered great results when facilitating our SEO Campaign. I would recommend Cheech to anyone looking for strategic SEO and SEM advice and digital marketing services.

Emma Solbakke, Director
Client Services at South Metropolitan TAFE

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