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Why your business needs to invest in email marketing

Seen as outdated by some, email marketing is still an incredibly effective way of connecting with audiences no matter where they are in their buying journey.

Email campaigns are an efficient and highly effective way of communicating with the public, new leads, potential customers and your existing clients.

At Ignite Search, we are specialists in email automation and utilising a range of email marketing tools as way of engaging with people wherever they are in their buying journey.

We use a variety of different email marketing software (including Mailchimp and HubSpot) in order to tailor campaigns to suit your needs, and work with you to improve and enhance your channels of communication. 

The key to a successful and effective email marketing strategy is understanding the purpose and function of your campaigns, and then tailoring the copy, content and timing to your subscribers’ needs.

This can be achieved by leveraging email marketing automation, creating and then scheduling an ongoing series of emails that are geared towards a particular target audience, depending on the stage they have reached in their buying journey, i.e., emails to new leads will be different to the messages sent to prospects, which will be different again to the content you send to existing clients.

At Ignite Search, we will work with you in the use of data and analytics to structure your email marketing list so that it connects with the right people in the right way.

When our marketers create email campaigns, we ensure that each type of email also features a specific call-to-action (CTA), so that anyone who opens a message will be encouraged to take a particular step, such as signup for a free download, arrange an appointment, or make a purchase, etc.

Each CTA is tailored to the specific customer journey, and also offers the recipient something that might be considered to be of particular value to them.

Creating an automated email campaign is a straightforward means of staying in touch with potential, new and exisiting customers. An active campaign lets you share information with recipients in a personalised way, tailoring the content, frequency and format of emails to their specific requirements.

This means that effective email marketing campaigns need to be designed with distinct purposes, so that you are encouraging the recipients to take a particular course of action.

For instance, we might set up for you an email marketing service that has the specific aim of attracting more traffic to your website. This will mean that you are getting more value and reach from your copy and content, boosting your SEO ranking and thereby establishing beneficial relationships with email recipients. 

Alternatively, email marketing software can be used as a means of growing your credibility and reputation in your industry. If you are producing valuable, informative and expert content to share without a sales focus, you are nevertheless at the same time growing awareness of your brand and people, thereby fostering in participants’ minds the sense that you are reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy. 

Even if they are not ready to buy from you at this stage, when they do reach that point, by providing them with useful, informative and relevant content, you have a greater chance of being the supplier or service provider who is at the forefront of their thinking.

However, an active campaign can also be designed with a much more direct intent, so that the content is focused primarily on prompting a sale. These sorts of emails can be tailored to recipients who the data and analytics indicate have already displayed a strong intent to buy, and so the messages can be much more sales oriented.

In addition to customising the content, the management of your email list is also crucial to a successful marketing campaign. It is extremely important to segment your subscribers so that they are on an email list that is appropriate to where they are in their buying journey. 

For instance, once a lead becomes a customer they will likely need to move to another email list, or if a customer has purchased once but not purchased again, you will likely need to send them different types of communications to a regular repeat customer.

Being able to segment customers quickly and easily is a key benefit of list email marketing automation, and as part of an active campaign we can set up your system so that this function is performed automatically in the background, making it easy to ensure you only send your customers the emails that are appropriate to them, and at the right time.

As specialist email marketers, we will use your CRM and other data to track how recipients engage with your emails and content in order to determine the focus and frequency of an email marketing strategy, and to which email list they should be allocated at any given time.

Email Marketing Case Study – Japanese Food Corporation (JFC)

  • +77.8% Increase in sales performance from previous year
  • 4 Emails sent over a 4 day period
  • 35x Return on Investment

Email marketing FAQs

What data should I look at when I review my email marketing strategy?

An effective, well organised and efficient email marketing service will provide you with a range of data that should be analysed in order to improve engagement amongst subscribers.

For instance, the deliverability rate is important to pay attention to, as this indicates how many inboxes your emails successfully reached, which in turn shows you how up to date your email list is. 

In addition, you should always look closely at the open rate, which is the number of subscribers who clicked on your email when it landed in their inbox. This is always a good indicator of the relevance of your content, and whether it is likely to generate traffic.

The click-through rate is a further useful metric, i.e., how many subscribers and recipients of your emails then go on to click a link that takes them to your website. Again, this data should influence the content of your emails, as if only a small proportion of recipients are clicking on your links, you need to review your offer.

How can I use email marketing automation to give subscribers added value?

Our email marketers can work with you on an active campaign, or to generate a new one, which is designed specifically to give added value to existing customers. These are a few examples:

  1. Offer discounts and special offers to customers who have bought from you before as a reward for their loyalty;
  2. Give your database advance notice and exclusive access to special offers, new products, and end-of-line sales; or
  3. Reward customers who refer their friends with additional rewards.

Why choose Ignite Search to manage your email marketing strategy?

We are Perth email marketing specialists, so if you are looking to enhance the reach of your brand, bring your services to the attention of a larger audience, or find more opportunities to sell your goods and products, talk to Ignite Search.

Our email marketers will work with you to create campaigns specifically designed to help you reach your goals and grow your business by utilising the full and varied potential of our email marketing service.

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