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Perth’s Leading Local SEO Services

A good 97% of online searchers look for local businesses, and 1 out of 3 searches results in the searcher buying something. Make sure that your business listing is optimised and up to scratch!

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is a business growth strategy that helps your business get found when people specify that they want something from the geographical location your business operates in during their online searches.

It’s only natural for a business to promote its presence close to its physical location, and Local SEO is a strategic and powerful digital extension of that age-old marketing practice.

Our local SEO implementation services  

Effective local search solutions can be achieved in various ways. A close collaboration with the client is vital for producing the best strategy that is fit for purpose. First, conduct thorough discovery including a SWOT analysis. 

A – SWOT analysis 

Adapt the traditional analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats by finding out how well your business profile currently stands against your competitors’ rankings for local business keywords and other SEO metrics, and use that knowledge to design a defensible custom local SEO strategy that helps you achieve the change you desire.    

B – Local online presence  

There are many ways to establish a good local online presence. A good place to start is to have great on-page SEO for relevant location-specific web pages. But don’t stop there. 

C – Citation management  

An important part of local SEO is good citation management.  

  • Ensure your business is displayed correctly on Google Maps, set up your Google My Business directory listing correctly. 
  • Provide relevant locally optimised images or videos to get found in the Discover More Places section of Google results.  
  • Make sure your business information and logo are correct in other locations like Bing and Apple Maps, and social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.  
  • You can also establish your credibility by listing on relevant industry or  business association sites. 

D – Location pages 

Don’t just optimise for the location or suburb you are in. Just as people travel around a bit in real life, local SEO does not have to be confined to only your location’s suburb, but should include surrounding ones.   

One way to do this is to create location pages for building local SEO by publishing content that is valuable to people living in surrounding suburbs within a reasonable walking or driving distance of your business location.  

E – Local mention and link building 

There are many ways to get local mention, then backlink them to relevant pages on your website. Localise your off-page SEO. First, provide value, then link building. For example, getting listed on local business directories, participating in local community hubs, volunteering at or donating to local events, adding value in local social media forums. Basically, be a local hero, and tell people about it. 

5 reasons why local SEO services are important to your business 

With Covid movement restrictions and lockdowns becoming the new normal all around the world,  buying locally has become more of a necessity than a choice. Businesses need to exercise creativity and agility to stay relevant, and people are increasingly relying on online searches to get what they want and need. Here are several reasons why local SEO services are more important than ever.

#1 – Sales!

Recent research suggests that 78% of local searches on mobile devices lead to a sales within 24 hours, in a physical store, my phone, or online3. The increased buyer awareness that effective local SEO brings has strong conversion rates.  Being optimised for local SEO provides a way to ‘turn on the tap’ of opportunities that flow from existing demand for localised services and products.  

#2 – Consumer behaviour

Google data suggests a 150% increase in ‘near me’ searches, and more are entering long-tailed keywords like ‘near me today’, ‘near me tonight’, and ‘open now near me’4. Effective local SEO services allow you to get found where people are looking. 

#3 – Algorithms

As search algorithms continually evolve to deliver better user experiences, SEO strategies need to level up too, and local SEO is one of the ways to do so. The online marketing landscape is getting more competitive all the time, and effective local SEO gets your business the visibility it needs to stay ahead in the game. 

#4 – Reputation

Effective local SEO builds your online presence and reputation, which will only become more important as more consumers rely on online reviews and business reputations to make buying decisions. BrightLocal reported in their annual survey on consumer reviews in 2019 that 90% use the Internet to find local business, 82% read online reviews, and 97% read businesses’ responses to reviews5.  

#5 – Innovation

The plethora of tools and strategies now available to create excellent local SEO results both educates and enables businesses to discover what else is possible for increasing their online visibility, perhaps in ways they may not have considered before.  

If you are not familiar with local search engine optimisation, now is a good time to learn more about how this strategy can boost your business performance.   

More about local SEO 

Starting with the same definition from our ‘On-page SEO’ page, SEO is a core digital marketing strategy that involves writing and setting up webpage content, structure, links, title tags, and other elements of a website for the purpose of increasing its rankings of these pages in search results to, ideally, the top of Page 1.  

To give you an idea of how important ranking high on Page 1 of Google search results is, statistics show that the first five organic results get more than 67% of all click throughs1, and SEO done right can bring businesses a 14.6% conversion rate compared to 1.7% from traditional marketing through print ads or direct mail2.  

When SEO focus is local, that means setting up all the great elements of SEO mentioned above so that your business profile can get noticed by more people with location-specific queries, so as to generate more web traffic and leads for your business, and convert more of these to prospects and customers. 

Technologically speaking, these are people who have specified locations in their searches, or who have locations automatically specified for them through their Internet-connected device. People who are located close to your business, or who specify locations in their searches, are more likely to engage with your business if your business has effective local SEO services. 

Location-specific queries are created by searchers in different ways. 

  • Specifically keying in the location as a search term. 
  • Including the words ‘near me’ in their search query, and letting their desktop’s IP address or their mobile phone’s geolocation automatically determine what is nearby. 
  • Not typed ‘near me’ but have given permission for search engines to use the Location setting of their mobile device or desktop. You may have noticed pop up messages asking to share your location, which is used to filter search results for relevant proximity. 
  • Using apps with Augmented Reality (AR) functionality, which overlays relevant information sourced from the digital realm onto a physical location displayed on the AR screen.   

Therefore, effective local search solutions come from knowing the different ways people search with location in mind, and optimising your online business presence to rank prominently in search results to get more web traffic. 

How do I get great local SEO results? 

Local SEO is both an art and a science, and the most effective local search experts draw from field experience, current knowledge of SEO technologies, a versatile toolbox of proven techniques, and the ability to design a strategy that’s appropriate for the business as it or its business environment changes.     

To counter hacks, get an inhouse or outsourced cyber professional as soon as possible to secure your web domain and social media presence, and an SEO professional to undo any technical SEO damage. 

Good local SEO is tailored to each unique scenario to build short term and long term brand equity for your business. It should draw from other SEO tools like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and backlinks, and other digital marketing considerations like content marketing, design, and branding.  

Leave it in our good hands. The team of local search experts at Ignite Search have a versatile set of such tools, so we welcome you to discover how you could leverage our expertise.  

Why get Ignite Search to help manage SEO reputation 

As a digital advertising agency, we know how to get real results.  

Our track record includes achieving more than 1,500 Top Three Google search engine rankings for our clients. We’ve been helping clients with SEO for more than 25 years. We ensure your content is shared and leads are generated through effective digital marketing services including SEO, paid search, content marketing. and more.  

We’re an SEO agency that have worked with companies big and small so we know how to help clients build a great online presence, regardless of their starting point.  

Most important of all, we don’t practice questionable black hat techniques. Instead, we are committed white hat practitioners who optimise pages in compliance with Google guidelines. 

What next? 

In summary, diligent local SEO could bring you a lot more sales and keep your business strong during Covid times. The demand is there, so stand up and be counted among the solution providers.  

To explore the value our friendly digital marketing consultants could provide, please contact us here or ring us on (08) 9467 9883.  We are based in Perth, Western Australia while fully equipped to support and deliver great results for clients in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Queensland; Singapore, China, and all of Asia; as well as Europe and the US

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for your ongoing support, patience and assistance through this whole process. Your level of service has been outstanding, and pretty much set the bench mark for me in what really great customer service is – empathetic, useful, patient and highly knowledgeable. Thank you!”

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