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Why Does Your Company Need a Logo Redesign?

Your logo is an integral part of your identity and demonstrates not only who you are, but your values as well. When it comes to logo design Perth companies need to convey what they do in a way that is instantly recognisable, is aesthetically appealing, and looks good in a variety of contexts. Our logo design services can help you to achieve all of this and more for your business.

4 reasons why you should update your logo

Even if your business already has a logo that you think is working for you, it is important to remember that nothing stays the same in the world of advertising and marketing. Any well-run business will undertake a brand audit on a regular basis, looking at every aspect of their marketing materials, including the logo.

Your business develops, markets evolve and tastes change, so you need to be flexible in terms of your branding so that your logo and other marketing collateral reflects your business as it currently operates.

Your logo looks out of date

Even the logos of the world’s most instantly recognisable brands have evolved over time. They may have retained the key elements, but you will notice subtle changes in colours, typography and imagery which might not be instantly apparent, but have helped to keep the look of the brand up to date.

Our graphic design Perth specialists have extensive experience working with both large and small companies to revitalise their logos, retaining the essential features but refreshing them so that they have a more contemporary look and feel.

Your logo is too complicated

A logo today needs to be flexible and versatile, and able to be reproduced in a variety of media and across all types of platforms. Therefore, when you work with a brand design agency in the creation or redesign of a logo, it is important that it has a sense of simplicity, and utilises colours and fonts that can be reproduced and still retain their clarity whether online, on video or in print.

Your company is evolving

Your logo not only needs to be in tune with contemporary design tastes, but it also needs to reflect your business as it is structured and operates today, not when you first opened your doors. In the area of logo design Perth businesses need to make sure that branding has evolved in the same way the company has, and is representative of the current services you supply, products you sell, or regions in which you operate.

Our graphic design Perth team can work in partnership with you to revaluate not only your logo but all of your branding to ensure that your marketing materials are presenting the best possible image of your organisation to the world.

Tips for maintaining an effective logo

When you work with a brand design agency on a new or reconfigured logo, you should keep some key goals in mind. Aim for simplicity in the design, so that your logo is versatile and can be used across media. Test it out, and if your current logo is not clear and impactful online, as an email signature for instance, or does not translate into a larger format (such as you might see on a billboard), then a brand audit may be needed to help you refine your logo and brand so that it can be used more flexibly.

Why did we do a logo facelift and why does it matter?

Here at Ignite Search, we practise what we preach! We have kept the key features of our original logo that we designed when we launched in 2014, but have undertaken some subtle revisions and improvements over time. These have included refining the font so as to give our name more room to breathe, while making the logo as a whole more compact and better able to reproduce across all media. However, we have retained our original brand colours, so that our logo is still immediately recognisable as representing us.

We think that our new and revised logo better reflects the dynamic nature of our business and demonstrates both our values as a company and the value we bring to our clients.

Now, what about your business?

As logo design Perth specialists and a leading brand design agency, Ignite Search is here to help you create a new logo or revitalise your existing one. Get in touch with us to find out more about how you can create a logo that builds your brand and your market share, and reflects your company, your values, and what you deliver for your clients.

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