How to Get Online Reviews and Manage Negative (or Fake!) Reviews

By Lydia Barley Online reviews have become a go-to for all consumers. With consumers checking online reviews before making a purchasing decision. Even when not actively seeking for a review, if one pops up it guides our purchasing decision; whether we are put off by a review that publicly shames the business or are enticed

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Structured data: What it is and Why You Should Implement It

By Lydia Barley What is structured data? Here’s how Google defines structured data: ‘Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content.’ So, basically, the term structured data refers to information or code that has been formatted in a specific way so that search engines can understand

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Social Proof: The Ultimate Tool to Increasing Conversion Rates

By Lydia Barley It’s no secret that consumers trust the opinions of others more than they trust advertising campaigns. This can cause frustration amongst marketers whose efforts just can’t match those of a fellow consumers opinion. What if I told you there is a way to utilise consumer opinions in your marketing efforts that can

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how using crazy egg can help you better understand your visitors behaviour

Click-Tracking: How Using Crazy Egg Can Help You Better Understand Your Visitors’ Behaviour

By Airon Rodrigues  One of the most important activities to undertake when building a webpage is to test. Testing what works, and what doesn’t. How do we know if something will work at a first attempt? Will my new CTA button work when placed directly under my headline? Or should I instead make the CTA

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the different types of popups and making them work for a website

The Different Types Of Popups And Making Them Work For Your Website

By Airon Rodrigues Pop-ups for a website can certainly improve a subscriber base, as well as conversions. But at the same time, they can also frustrate or discourage a user from using a website. However, due to testing, there is no denying that pop-up’s work as the average conversion rate of high-performing pop-ups is 9.28 percent.

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6 Design Elements You Can Implement Today To Increase CRO

By Airon Rodrigues Converting potential customers has long since been the very last piece of the puzzle. Regardless of the industry, there are certain design elements that lead to conversion and certain elements which don’t. To succeed in conversion rate optimisation (CRO), knowing fundamental design elements that can make or break a conversion is crucial.

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