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What Kind of Content Attracts the Most Website Traffic?

No matter how SEO evolves in the future as search engines refine their algorithms, content assets are going to remain central to any successful online marketing and SEO plan. Therefore, a well planned content creation strategy is essential if you want your website to attract visitors and rank well in searches.

The type of content marketing Perth companies need to do to ensure you rank well will naturally depend on the industry or sector in which you operate. However, there are some core principles that any digital content marketing strategy needs to take into account.

What type of content is most effective in attracting website traffic?

The first step for anyone devising a content marketing plan is to get an understanding of the varieties of content that are most likely to attract traffic to your website, given your business and industry.

Across the board, it is generally the case that written content, i.e., words on the page, remains an efficient, cost effective tool for web content marketing Perth companies can use to achieve positive search engine results.

However, other content assets can also be valuable for your site. For instance, growing numbers of businesses use video content as a cornerstone of their digital content marketing strategy, while visual content, e.g., images, memes, infographics, etc., are also effective ways of attracting significant numbers of visitors.

Having multiple ways of engaging with visitors should always be central to a content creation strategy.

Boosting website traffic with content writing

Given that written content remains the most powerful tool for attracting website traffic, high quality writing that takes into account SEO performance is an essential part of content marketing Perth website owners should focus on. 

However, this doesn’t mean that the writing should be solely focused on hitting SEO targets. Your content still needs to be based on a solid understanding of who your audience is — both current and prospective — and the experience you want readers to have.

You should think about how your written content is organised, so that readers can access the most important and relevant information quickly and easily, and ensure there are regular calls to action (CTAs) that enable your visitors easily to reach out to you or find out more.

And despite the importance of keywords, heading tags and other SEO elements, the priority for your written content assets should always be writing that is informative and engaging, and that blends in with your overall content marketing plan.

How does video content help increase website traffic?

An effective digital content marketing strategy ideally includes video content on your website, particularly as it is generally understood that Google favours sites that feature video above those that don’t.

Aside from this pragmatic reason, video also offers visitors an alternative way of engaging with your content, especially important when more and more people are using phones and tablets as their primary device for accessing the internet, and on which video may be easier to view than written content.

Where does visual content stand when it comes to attracting website traffic?

When you think about the sort of things that go viral online, you will start to get an idea as to how important visuals can be to your web content marketing. Images, diagrams, graphs, infographics and memes are a powerful way of conveying detailed or complex data in an easily digestible format and, like video, make things easier for mobile phone and tablet users as well.

In addition, visual content is very easy to share and so can help to gain traffic for your site on other platforms, especially when shared widely on social media.

Perth’s Leading Content Marketing Agency

If you are thinking about developing a content market plan, or looking for advice on implementing a digital content marketing strategy, then get in touch with Ignite Search.

We specialise in producing content marketing Perth business owners can rely on to generate website traffic through devising the right content creation strategy to meet your needs.

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