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How to Make Blog Header in Canva 2.0 Blog Header

How to Make a Blog Header in Canva 2.0

There are countless tools available for designing a blog post header for your site, from complex software such as Adobe Suite to much simpler online tools such as Canva. While software such as Adobe Suite is fantastic at providing endless design opportunities with it’s extensive range of capabilities, it is extremely difficult to learn! Even

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Copywriting vs content writing what's the difference blog header

Copywriting Vs Content Writing: What’s the Difference?

By Lydia Barley Content writing and copywriting, do you know the difference? Content writing and copywriting are two terms that are frequently used interchangeably. While there are some similarities between them, there are also some clear differences between the two. In this blog post we define both copywriting and content writing and share 3 of

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Introducing Canva 2.0 best graphic design tool ignite blog header

Introducing Canva 2.0: The Best Graphic Design Tool

By Lydia Barley Blogger, influencer, graphic designer, small business owner, content marketer. No matter who you are (or what your title is), Canva is an extremely useful graphic design tool for you. Whether you’re creating a branded email header for your client, an attractive menu for your business, an interesting (and clickable) thumbnail for your

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Where to Find Free High Quality Images for Commercial Use: Top 4 Stock Websites

By Lydia Barley Photography is an essential part of content marketing. As mentioned in our last blog post how to make your content visually appealing and relevant for your audience making your content visually appealing with images is extremely important in creating engaging and easy to read content. Quicksprout found that content with relevant images get

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How to Make Your Content Visually Appealing and Relevant for Your Audience

By Lydia Barley 43% of people said that the primary reason they unfollowed a company/brand on social media is because they post irrelevant or unappealing content. Alarming, right? This statistic shows the importance of ensuring that your content is both relevant and appealing for your audience as opposed to just smashing out as much content

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why infographics are effective optimise them for seo

Why Infographics Are Effective & How To Optimise Them For SEO

By Airon Rodrigues Telling a story, especially in today’s age of marketing, is a great way to engage an audience. How are stories generally told? One can argue stories are told through the form of text, allowing the reader to familiarise themselves with the topic they are reading. But as great as lengthy content is,

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sharing repurposing blog content helpful tips

Sharing & Repurposing Blog Content: Helpful Tips To Know

By Airon Rodrigues One of the key factors in content marketing for a website is an on-going high-value blog where new content is frequently uploaded and shared. Creating and setting up a blog for a website is a fundamental piece in generating an on-going stream of content. Google values constant, unique content because this provides more

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content marketing using social media to generate content ideas

Content Marketing: Using Social Media To Generate Content Ideas.

By Airon Rodrigues As described in an earlier blog post, consistently generating content ideas can be difficult. According to Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, Content is indeed one of the most important Google ranking factors. This is because search engines value high-quality, unique content, and having high-quality content leads to a better

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blogging for seo do you really need a blog

Blogging For SEO: Do You Really Need A Blog?

By Airon Rodrigues Creating and setting up a blog for a website is a fundamental piece in generating an on-going stream of content. What is the downside to blogging? Sure, there are resources involved, but the reward greatly outweighs the cost. Setting up a blog for SEO means more content. Google adores fresh, unique content

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