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Roger Graham How to Blow Away Your Clients on Social Media Blog Header

DMSS 2018: Roger Graham – How to Blow Away Your Clients on Social Media (And Gain New Ones)

This week we’re going to discuss the social media workshop ‘How to blow away your clients on social media (and gain new ones)’ as presented by Roger Graham. This post is part of our DMSS series where we discuss some of the presentations that we attended at the Digital Marketing Skill Share (DMSS) 2018 conference

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google plus will be shut down

Millions of Accounts Exposed + Google Plus to Be Shut Down + Future of Social For Google?

It was announced by Google on the 8th October 2018 that, amongst other things, they plan to sunset the Google+ in August of 2019. This was due to two main reasons: low adoption of Google+ and also the resources required to maintain the network. This is a snippet from Google regarding the challenges they have

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Introducing Canva 2.0 best graphic design tool ignite blog header

Introducing Canva 2.0: The Best Graphic Design Tool

By Lydia Barley Blogger, influencer, graphic designer, small business owner, content marketer. No matter who you are (or what your title is), Canva is an extremely useful graphic design tool for you. Whether you’re creating a branded email header for your client, an attractive menu for your business, an interesting (and clickable) thumbnail for your

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Uploading to YouTube: A Beginners Guide

By Lydia Barley YouTube, known as the place to go for hours of endless entertainment, whether that come from cute cat videos, funny fail videos, talented musician performance videos or video tutorials. But YouTube has actually become much more than that, it’s become a place for education and has built an online community of over

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Social Media Scheduling: The Benefits of Social Media Scheduling and Why You Should Start Scheduling Today

By Lydia Barley As all marketing professionals know it’s important to stay ‘on top of the game’ and social media is no exception. With the rise of social media, staying ‘on top of the game’ is becoming increasingly important. 79% of Internet users now use social networking sites and of those users 59% access social

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How To Upload Videos to LinkedIn & Best Ways To Post It For Maximum Engagement

By Cheech Foo Spotted in the wild on Wednesday the 9th August 2017, LinkedIn has just launched this new video recording feature and we are super excited! We are fortunate to have Ben Eatwell, Head of Marketing AUNZ, LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Solutions on board to provide official updates around this new feature (you’ll see

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Social Media, Content Marketing & SEO

How Social Media and Content Marketing Goes Hand-In-Hand With SEO

 Introduction The benefits of social media for a business are many; you can gain valuable customer insights, increase brand awareness and loyalty, generate higher converting leads and keep a close-eye on your competitors. But how does social media and content marketing work together to go hand-in-hand with improving SEO? Does it even make a difference?

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social media risks

Risks of social media: Tips on how to run a successful campaign, the first time, every time.

Social media is a powerful tool for brand building, because of the two way dialogue: brands are able to engage and interact with the customers and potential customers at the individual level. However, like a double edged sword, a poorly constructed social media campaign can result in disaster, very quickly. In this post, we explore

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