#2 Google Announces The December 2020 Core Update - Find Out Why It's Important & Why We Are So Surprised!

#2 Google Announces The December 2020 Core Update – Find Out Why It’s Important & Why We Are So Surprised!

Google core updates tend to occur 3-4 times a year and they have just announced a new launch less than 24 hours ago. From a digital marketing point of view, core updates are extremely important, as it is a signal that things may be about to become very volatile. Listen to this episode to find

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SEO Migration Part 2 Starting The Migration

SEO Migration Part 2: Implementation & Evaluation

Have you ever thought about migrating your website? If you have, it’s important to understand that this process involves flexible preparation, intricate decision-making and many technical challenges. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a website migration is essentially a process where a website undergoes major changes usually in regard to the website’s design, content, structure,

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Joshua Hardwick 3 Ways to Build White Hat Links Blog Header

DMSS 2018: Joshua Hardwick – 3 Ways to Build White Hat Links for your Business

By Lydia Barley Continuing on with our DMSS series where we discuss some of the fantastic presentations that we attended at the Digital Marketing Skill Share (DMSS) 2018 conference in Bali this post will discuss the SEO workshop ‘3 ways to build white hat links for your business’ as presented by Joshua Hardwick. Who is

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Kyle Roof SEO Tests How Set Them Up Blog Header

DMSS 2018: Kyle Roof – SEO Tests and How Can You Set Them Up

By Lydia Barley The DMSS conference had a range of fantastic workshops presented by equally fantastic speakers. However there was one speaker that had everyone talking, that speaker was Kyle Roof. And with good reason, as his presentation involved showing everyone how he ranked #1 for a term with a website that was written in

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4 Best Chrome Extensions SEO Blog Header

4 of The Best Chrome Extensions for SEO

As an SEO professional, digital marketer or business owner, it’s likely that you feel as though there are not enough hours in the day! Your time is precious and therefore it’s likely that you’re always on the hunt for ways to improve your productivity. So, what if I told you that you could increase your

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Joomla vs WordPress Which CMS is Best For You Blog Header

Joomla vs. WordPress: Which CMS is The Best For You

Choosing a CMS is an extremely important decision that can affect the operations of both your website and your business. Often, business owners are stuck between two content management systems and find it hard to make that final decision between the two. Following on from the blog post How To Choose A CMS (Content Management

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