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3 Website Must Haves to Boost your Conversion Rate

By Lydia Barley

Do you want to boost conversions on your website? Maybe you’re just starting out and you want everything to be perfect from the start. Or perhaps, your website has been live for a few years, you’re bringing in a lot of organic traffic from your SEO efforts but have little to no leads. Whatever the reason you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post we are going to outline 3 website ‘must haves’ that can assist in boosting your conversion rate.

1. CTA Buttons

Now this one may seem obvious, but a lack of CTA buttons is actually quite a common issue. You may have spent a considerable amount of time setting up a beautiful website that showcases your business. After spending months debating over and perfecting different web design elements it’s easy to forget about CTA buttons. So, while you have the most beautiful website ever seen, you have no CTA buttons that encourage your website visitors to convert and generate a sale or lead for your business.

Now for the newbies who are reading this, a call to action button is a button on your website that guides users towards your goal conversion. In simple terms, it’s a button that directs visitors to the action you want them to make, whether that be; making a purchase, filling out a quote form or contacting you.

Pictured: A CTA button on the Ignite Search website which directs users to a contact form.

2. Social proof

We’ve discussed social proof in one of our previous blog posts: Social Proof: The Ultimate Tool For Increasing Conversion Rates so we’ll leave all the nitty gritty details to that blog post. But just know that social proof is important to have on your website as it builds trust, adds credibility and helps validate the buying decision – thus encouraging people to act – pushing your conversion rate higher.

You can put social proof on your website in the form of case studies, testimonials, reviews or data. If it’s relevant to do so you can also combine multiple different types of social proof, further enhancing its effectiveness in increasing your conversion rate.

Pictured: Social proof on the Ignite Search website in the form of data. The data outlines how many years of experience the team has, how many top 3 Google rankings have been achieved and the number of successful projects Ignite has had.

Pictured: Social proof on the Ignite Search website in the form of testimonials. Presented are numerous positive testimonials from current and previous clients.

3. Unique Selling Proposition

Okay so, you’ve managed to get someone onto your site (fantastic) and you’ve managed to peak their interest (brilliant), but have you outlined why the visitor should choose your business? Why the visitor should buy your product and not your competitors? Why the visitor should contact you and schedule a booking with you rather than your competitor? Not yet? Well, this is where your unique selling proposition comes in.

Your unique selling proposition (USP), also known as your unique selling point, is your point of difference, or your unique benefit that makes you different from your competitors. So, what is your USP? Do you offer a three-month service guarantee? Do you use the highest quality ingredients? Do you offer full product customisation? Make sure to outline your unique selling proposition clearly throughout your website.


Pictured: Diagram from Germany Startup Jobs that outlines your unique selling proposition.

Now that you’re aware of these 3 website must haves take the time to flick through your website. You likely know your website off by heart but put yourself in the mind of your visitors and imagine how your visitors would see and navigate through your website. As you go through your website ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have CTA buttons on your homepage and across all of your landing pages?
  • Are your CTA buttons prominent?
  • Do you have social proof on your homepage and across all of your landing pages?
  • Is your social proof highly visible?
  • Is your unique selling proposition clear throughout your website?

If you’re still looking to improve your website conversion rate after implementing those 3 website must haves contact the CRO experts at Ignite Search. Ignite Search’s conversion rate optimisation process identifies and unlocks the additional revenue streams that conversion rate optimisation can bring by ensuring that your site is working with and not against your traffic generation channels.

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