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All The Apps We Use To Kill It In Marketing

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing and content creation, staying organised and utilising the right tools is essential. From planning and scheduling social media posts to creating eye-catching graphics and ensuring data security, each aspect of the workflow requires specialised resources. At Ignite Search, we employ a range of platforms and applications to streamline our processes, enhance collaboration, and deliver top-notch results for our clients. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the key tools we use, such as Canva, Unsplash, Figma, Adobe Suite, NordVPN, and Sublime Text, and how they contribute to our success.


ClickUp is the task management software we use at Ignite Search. It has so many tools that we keep finding out about more each day! With multiple different views to choose from (15 and counting), there’s a myriad of ways we see our tasks. Each view provides a unique perspective on your work. Visualise your tasks on a List, Board, or Calendar view and see their interconnectedness on Gantt view.

It also allows for great customisation, because we’re all so different. You can have custom fields, custom tasks statuses and custom dashboards. After all, project management tools should encourage you and your to team evolve especially when you’re scaling your business.


Notion is an excellent tool for our social media and content management (when ClickUp gets a bit too crowded). We plan all of our social media posts using Notions social media and content calendar. We also plan our blog posts here too. It’s a creative place to store all our content as you don’t need a Google Doc to type out an entire blog post, you can just do it all in Notion.

Not to mention you can set up properties to let everyone else know. See what they mean below:

With the properties, you can see the day this social media post is due (May 17), when the content is going live (13 June) and where the content will be going, and where we are in creating the specific content. Making sure everyone is on board for the specifics of the piece of content.


Canva is more than just a beginner-friendly alternative to the Adobe Suite; it’s a robust platform that caters to all levels of design proficiency. Whether you’re crafting mood boards to inspire your next campaign, creating polished social media posts, or even designing dynamic Instagram Reels, Canva provides the tools and templates to bring your creative ideas to life quickly and efficiently.


Although we are major Pinterest fans, unfortunately the vast majority of photos on Pinterest are not royalty free. So, as an alternative we use Unsplash. Unsplash is a photo platform with a selection of over 3 million free, high-resolution images, which you can use directly on your website through the integration with Sites.  We use Unsplash for blog posts for our clients and for our own blog posts too!

Dupe Photos

We mentioned Pinterest images not being royalty free, but sometimes you just want those aesthetic pinterest-y pictures that are royalty free, because sometimes you have to just bring the pinterest vibe to your graphics.


Figma is invaluable for our web design and prototyping needs. Its collaborative interface allows our team to work together in real-time, no matter where we are in the world. With Figma, we can rapidly iterate on designs, share prototypes, and gather feedback seamlessly, accelerating our design process and enhancing our workflow efficiency.

Adobe Suite

For more complex graphic tasks, Adobe Suite remains unmatched. With powerful tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects, our design team can create intricate graphics, detailed illustrations, and professional-grade animations that are simply beyond the scope of other platforms.


To ensure our team’s online activities remain secure and private, especially when accessing client data or working remotely, we rely on NordVPN. It provides robust encryption and a range of servers worldwide, which not only protects our data but also ensures we can access content from anywhere without restrictions.


Wink is an innovative AI editing phone app designed to elevate your photo and video editing experience. With Wink, you can make your images clearer and sharper, ensuring every detail stands out. The app also enhances facial features, offering subtle yet impactful improvements where needed. Additionally, Wink provides a variety of video transition effects, helping you create seamless and visually stunning final results. Whether you’re touching up a selfie or crafting a cinematic video, Wink’s advanced AI tools make the editing process easy and professional.

Sublime Text

For coding and development, Sublime Text is our editor of choice. Its lightning-fast performance and rich ecosystem of plugins make it an indispensable tool for our developers. Whether we’re coding websites or custom applications, Sublime Text’s streamlined interface and powerful features help us write and manage code more efficiently.

At Ignite Search, leveraging these diverse tools enables us to stay at the forefront of digital marketing and content creation, constantly evolving and adapting to meet the dynamic needs of our clients and projects.

Leveraging a diverse array of tools allows us to maintain a high standard of creativity, efficiency, and security in our digital marketing efforts. Whether it’s through the user-friendly design capabilities of Canva, the extensive photo library of Unsplash, the collaborative power of Figma, the advanced functionalities of Adobe Suite, the robust security of NordVPN, or the coding prowess of Sublime Text, each tool plays a vital role in our daily operations. By staying adaptable and embracing these technologies, Ignite Search continues to thrive and meet the evolving needs of our clients in the ever-changing digital landscape.

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