What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and why is it important?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as a service is a specific marketing discipline that focuses on attracting targeted and relevant visitor traffic to a website via search engines, such as www.Google.com.au and www.Bing.com.au.

There are many reasons why SEO is such a powerful and effective marketing tool. Here are the three main reasons why so many businesses use SEO

Everyone uses the search engines and as marketer we always follow the attention

Marketing is all about attention and where your potential customers are going to look for your products and services. Search Engines are currently one of the most popular marketing channels.

To put it into perspective, a study done on the searches performed on Google in 2018 has found that there are 3.5 billion searches conducted on Google around the world…daily! That equates to 40,509 searches per second and it’s increasing every year with voice search being used more frequently.

Given the large attention spent on search engines, and the fact that Google has a whopping 95% market share in Australia, this is one major factor why businesses like yourself are looking to hire SEO companies like us to help you get found on Google.

The search engine users already know what they want, so it is highly targeted

So, we’ve established that there is a huge amount of attention spend by visitors on search engines, and that Google is the dominant search engine in Australia.

Now, how do we know if those visitors are our ideal customer? We would now like to introduce to you the second main reason why SEO is such an important marketing channel to deploy and it is all about intent!

In the past in the pre-search engine days, there exists what we call push marketing or broadcast marketing or scattershot marketing. What this means is that an agency would typically develop a commercial or an ad and then they will place that ad onto Television, Radio and Magazines and then…hope for the best!

Why do we say hope? Because with those three forms of traditional advertising, there was no way that the advertiser aka you would be able to tell you with any certainty if any of the people who were exposed to your ad was even in the right mindset to want to purchase your good or product!

Meaning that of the 100,000 people who saw your commercial or those 5,000 who walked past your billboard or those 2,000 who read your ad on the last page on that magazine, the companies that are helping you to advertise will never be able to say that your ad was seen by X% of people that was in the right stage of the customer funnel to want to even consider buying your product.

Now, don’t get us wrong. In today’s age, those traditional still play an important role, especially if you’re a large multinational company and want to focus on brand awareness.

For the other 95% of companies in Australia and around the world, we understand that hard metrics such as leads generated, revenue generated and the sort is what you are really after.

Which is where Google steps in.

As opposed to the scattershot + hope for the best approach, a visitor on Google is totally the opposite! SEO works on what we call the pull marketing method.

The pull marketing method means that if a visitor is on Google and searches for ‘accountants perth’, then you’re pretty sure he or she wants to look for an accountant. So by being on Google and using Google, they have now indicated to the market that they are in a position to engage with accounting firms for services. And even for the very large companies that also do TV, Radio & Print, we highly recommend complementing it with a strong SEO strategy, to ensure a 360 domination of your marketing channels.

In summary, understanding the value of pull over push marketing as a business owner and or a marketing professional is important, and forms the second main reason why SEO is so powerful to businesses of all sizes.

The financial investment and return on investment just makes so much sense

So now, we come to the pointy end, the dollars, the money side of things. So by now, you’ve heard about reasons one and two of why SEO is so important to businesses in this day and age. Large attention of the visitor + the visitors having the right intention.

So how does it all pan out from an investment point of view? Well, pretty well actually.

Unlike advertising, where you will need to fork out $80,000 for  TV Commercial that runs for a month and may or may not reached the right customers, or like that $15,000 you spend listing yourself in Yellow Pages, which has generated zero leads in the past year, SEO is fantastic in that you do not pay a cent to Google! Yes, you heard that right, there is no need to pay the search engines to be listed in the free or organic section of Google.

However, to run a successful SEO campaign is not so easy, as it requires optimising over 200 algorithm factors and signals, in order to get your site to rank. And given the complexity of the Google search engines, it takes a whole to be able to stay head and to achieve the results that you need.

And this is where we step  as Ignite Search, the leading SEO company in Perth, step in to help.

We will come in and make changes to your website and then your site will start rise in the Google rankings. An improvement in the rankings mean an improvement in the number of visitors to your website. And if you think of your website as a virtual shopfront, every online visitor is like if someone was walking through your actual physical door every day!

Once we get down to business and the rankings/traffic kicks in, you’ll start to receive leads and sales, and that’s pretty much it in a nutshell. And the best thing of all is that, unlike advertising where you pay once and the ad disappears, once we start optimising the site, your website can be ranked highly for years to come, as it continuously generates leads and sales for you. If SEO can bring in $5 for every $1 spent, then we think it’s a pretty smart move to put money into this marketing channel…!

Why Choose Ignite Search?

If you are looking for a specialist SEO agency with over 9 years’ experience working on Australia’s largest brands, you have come to the right place. We offer deep expertise in the area of SEO, as well as Analytics Optimisation and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) for businesses of all sizes.

We know how your business works and we can provide custom reporting and data analysis (to any level of complexity) based on your company needs. We utilize cutting edge software to stay ahead of the game and to provide greater value back to you.

We are 100% fully white hat/ethical and any optimisation we make is in line with Google guidelines. If your site has been penalized by Google and you require help, we can assist in removing any spam and getting you back into the search engine results pages.

We provide SEO services nationally across all cities and towns including: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra and Hobart, as well as across the Asia Pacific region.

Our key focus is helping SMEs and large, enterprise level companies with increasing search visibility, leads and/or conversions significantly.

Please contact us today for a friendly chat on 08 9467 9883 or drop us a line on our Contact us page.

You can also view our Google Local Listing – We have a 4.5 star rating from 11 clients. 

How does Ignite Search develop an SEO strategy?

A comprehensive SEO strategy should be thought of as part of an integrated marketing strategy, as it is important to the success of any business with an online presence. Our SEO team in Perth specialises in developing SEO strategies for websites that cover hundreds to thousands of search terms. Once we determine your keywords, we audit your website and provide recommendations on how best to improve it.

We have extensive experience working with multiple stakeholders, both internal and external, to get the necessary changes implemented that will increase targeted traffic going to your site.

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5 Reasons to Partner with Ignite Search for SEO

  1. Use of Proven, Successful SEO Methodologies
  2. Extensive SEO Experience Across All Industries
  3. Accountable & Measurable SEO Results
  4. 100% Customised SEO Strategies
  5. Strong Focus on Improving Bottom Line With SEO

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