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The Weekly Wrap – 29th April 2020

29TH APRIL 2020


SEO: CMS Migration Guide: A Checklist
In this step-by-step CMS Migration Checklist, you‘ll learn what you need to know before moving to another CMS, what issues you will face and the exact steps to overcome these issues.

SEO: How to Handle Plagiarism
In this article, we discuss strategies to deal with plagarism.

SEO: Link Building Fundamentals
This post will give you an overview of how search engines may use links and what I believe are best practices for cultivating links today.

SEO: Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines: A Guide for SEO Beginners
Learn what is covered in Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines, how it impacts search, and what you need to know about the concept of E-A-T.

SEO: Google Data Studio Template for SEO: A Ready-to-Use Report
Get a convenient Google Data Studio report for all your marketing needs. Receive data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMrush tools.

SEO: How to Increase Ecommerce Sales with a Usability Study
Need to improve ecommerce sales? A heuristic evaluation can help you find usability problems on your website. Here’s how to do it.

SEO: Free PageRank E-Book from Princeton
Search marketing expert Bill Slawski (@bill_slawski) tweeted a link to a “book about PageRank” published by Princeton University. The book provides an overview of how search engines rank web page.

SEO: Backlink Analysis: How to Spot Quality and Toxic Backlinks
This guide will break down the difference between quality and toxic backlinks, show you how to evaluate them, and show you how to remove the toxic backlinks that will hurt your website, traffic, and conversions.

SEO: How to Use Structured Data to Support E-A-T
In this article, you’ll discover a reliable yet underutilised method to leverage structured data to its fullest capacity and boost your content’s perceived E-A-T.

SEO: Rank Tracking Isn’t What It Used to Be – So What’s Next?
The SERPs have changed dramatically. In this article, we discuss why it is important for professional SEOs to rethink rank tracking and account for the true visibility of a web listing in search.

SEO: 4 New Edge SEO Capabilities with Shopify
Now that we have the ability to modify the Shopify codebase (through the CloudFlare CDN and Workers), here are a few things we can take advantage of to further impose our visions of SEO best practice onto our Shopify client websites.

SEO: How the Bing Q&A / Featured Snippet Algorithm Works
In this post, we get the low-down from Ali Alvi – Principal Lead Program Manager at Bing, on Q&A / featured snippet team lead at Bing.

Paid: 7 Dos & Don’ts for Taking Charge of Your PPC Program (Again)
With recent economic changes, many marketers are finding themselves back in charge of PPC. Here are some dos and don’ts to help you get your footing.

Paid: What to Know About Facebook’s Reversal of the Campaign Budget Optimization Requirement
In this article, you’ll discover everything about Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimisation.

Paid: 5 Signs of Facebook Ads Issues and How to Fix Them
Find 5 most common Instagram and Facebook Ads issues and learn how to fix them. Start improving your ads performance right now.

Content: 3 Simple Steps to Get Your First 1,000 Email Subscribers
Still nowhere near your first 1,000 email subscribers? Ready to give up on growing your list? Instead, try these three simple steps today.

Content: 12 Surprising Examples of Clickbait Headlines That Work
Here are 12 clickbait headlines examples you can try for your next email and content marketing publications.

Social: YouTube SEO: How to Create a YouTube Channel and Promote It
In this guide, we will talk you through how to create a YouTube channel, and provide YouTube SEO tips for all levels of expertise on how to gain more traffic, subscribers, and views. We will also share advice on how to best promote your YouTube channel.

Social: How to Create Instagram Stories Polling Sticker Ads
In this article, you’ll discover how to create an Instagram Stories ad poll for the best engagement.

Social: Instagram Sees Greatest Gains From Recent Social Media Spikes
Here are the key highlights from a new interview with eMarketer senior forecasting analyst Oscar Orozco.

Social: The Complete Guide to Getting Started With YouTube Live
YouTube Live allows you to connect with your audience in real-time, and that connection is more important than ever. In this guide, we’re sharing how to get started, YouTube Live statistics, tips for successful YouTube live streams, and more!

Social: Ultimate guide to video marketing on YouTube
A comprehensive video marketing guide that outlines everything you need to know for success on the world’s second most popular search engine, YouTube.

Social: Snapchat Usage Up During COVID-19, Data Shows How User Behavior is Changing
Snapchat gained 11 million daily active users in the first quarter of 2020, bringing the total count to 229 million.

Social: How Instagram hiding likes affected influencer marketing
Find out why despite removing the “Likes” influencer marketing on Instagram has still remained one of the best ways for marketing even in the COVID-19 situation.

Local: GMB usage declines, but poised to become more powerful post-coronavirus
Google, and the pandemic, have made GMB into the most important local marketing tool for SMBs and multi-location brands.

Local: 15 Things You May Not Know About Yelp
Yelp can help more people discover your local businesses and grow your revenue. You need to know these essential Yelp stats and facts.

Mobile: Effective mobile advertising strategies for 2020
As the COVID-19 pandemic forces everyone to stay indoors, mobile advertising is going to be crucial. More on how to polish mobile marketing strategies.


SEO: Google Event Structured Data Gets Organizer Property
Google has added the ability to label who the organiser of a specific event using a new property type in your structured data. The new label is organiser and it can be either a person or organisation.

SEO: Google Testing More How To Schema Rich Results Interfaces
Google is testing a little arrow up to show the steps assigned to the snippet. 

SEO: Google Tests Black URL Under Snippet Title
Google is testing showing the URL, in black, but under the clickable title of the snippet.

SEO: Google Search Console reports may have changed
Google has updated many of the reports within Google Search Console to “cover a smaller number of pages, in order to provide better performance in Search Console,” Google wrote. The reports impacted include AMP, Mobile Usability, Speed, all rich result reports.

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SEO: Google: Do You Submit Your Content To Google Manually? Maybe Fix Your Site.
Google’s John Mueller said it again, if you need to manually submit your site’s content and URLs to Google then you probably need to fix your web site.

SEO: Google: Keep Redirects Live So They Are Reprocessed A Few Times
Google’s John Mueller said redirects need to be kept live for at least for a year now, not around a year, so that you can ensure the redirects are reprocessed a few times. He said in most cases, redirects are left in place for multiple years.

SEO: Google Cutting Up to 50% of Marketing Budget
An internal email reveals that Google is cutting up to 50% of it’s marketing budget for the second half of 2020.

SEO: Google Search Adds Feature For Keeping Track of Movies & Shows to Watch
Google is launching a watchlist in search results to help people track the movies and shows they want to see.

SEO: Google launches search tips for when the query doesn’t return great matches
Google today announced it is launching a new feature that tries to help you rephrase your query when the search engine cannot find relevant results on the web.

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SEO: Google Easter Egg Scrolls Number Of Search Results – Marquee Tag
If you search for [marquee tag] in Google, you will see a new easter egg. The section that shows the number of results will scroll like a marquee board.

SEO: Bing: Noindexing Your XML Sitemap Won’t Hurt Bing From Discovering Those URLs
Frédéric Dubut from Bing said that if you noindex your sitemap it still won’t prevent Bing or other search engines from discovering your URLs (noindex on sitemaps do not work that way). This is similar to Google and how other search engines work.

SEO: Google: It’s OK if Site Ranks for Adult Queries
Google’s John Mueller affirmed that it’s not a ranking problem if negative SEO succeeds in making a site rank for adult content.

SEO: Google on How Long it Takes to Rank a New URL After 301 Redirect
Google’s John Mueller said that when conducting a 301 redirect, Google indexed both but instead of ranking the new one, Google is still ranking the old URL.

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SEO: Google Performance Reports Filter Out Automated Queries
Google’s John Mueller said that Google tries to filter out the automated queries from rank checking tools and similar tools in its performance reports within Google Search Console.

SEO: Google Tests New How To Recipe Results Interface
Google seems to be testing a new interface for how to results, maybe just with recipes or maybe more wide spread. 

SEO: Google Shopping Is Free – Froogle Is Back, For Real This Time
Google announced some big news – Google Shopping is now free. That means you can add your products for free to the Google Shopping tab in Google Search.

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SEO: Google Provides New Options to Help You During COVID-19: Google News Update
Find out the latest ways Google helping businesses, like letting merchants sell for free on Google and offering fee relief for News partners. They are also helping users by adding options in the SERPs to find information.

SEO: Google not indexing new content again
It appears Google is having issues indexing new and fresh content again.

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Paid: Microsoft Advertising adds cookie-based experiment option
Cookie-based experiments are now available on Microsoft Advertising. Cookie-based A/B tests will ensure that customers are only shown ads from either your experiment or original campaign.

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Paid: Google Ads Now Allows Some Online Pharmacies to Advertise
Google has updated its Google Ads policy to allow some online pharmacy services to advertise in Google Ads.

Paid: Google Call Only Ads Now Include Link Option
Google Ads has announced their Call Only ads now offers advertisers the option to include a link to their website.

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Paid: Microsoft Advertising adds support for multi-account Google imports
Microsoft Advertising now supports multi-account Google imports allowing advertisers to import an entire Google Ads account or specific campaigns.

Paid: Breaking: Google Ads to Require Identity Verification
Google announced today they will begin requiring documentation of user identity and geographic location for advertisers.

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Social: Snap Launches First Commercial Option on Snapchat Shows
Snapchat is adding a new option for advertisers called “First Commercial.”

Social: Twitter Tips: Most Effective Ways to Create Polls
Twitter is back with more examples of good copy versus bad copy when writing tweets, this time with examples related to publishing polls.

Social: Facebook Publishes Study on the Mental Health Impact of Social Comparison
Facebook commissioned a study of the psychological impact of social comparison, which can be triggered by what people see on social media.

Social: LinkedIn Engagement Up 76% for ‘Work From Home’ Content
LinkedIn published a report about how content engagement trends have shifted since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Social: Facebook Messenger Rooms: Drop-in Video Chats With up to 50 People
Facebook continues to advance its video chat capabilities by introducing a Houseparty-like feature called Messenger Rooms.

Social: Instagram Playbook: Using Stories in the Age of COVID-19
A playbook published by Facebook details the most effective ways to use stories amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Social: Facebook & Instagram to Show Where Popular Pages Are Posting From
Facebook is piloting a new feature which will reveal the location of popular pages when they publish posts.

Social: LinkedIn to Let Users Add Polls to Posts
LinkedIn has been spotted working on a feature that will allow users to easily add a poll to any post.

Local: Google Adds “Get Online Care” Links To Local Panel
Google is now showing a “get online care” and “see COVID-19 info for visitors” links to a medical or hospital facilities local listing in Google search. 

Local: Google Has Free COVID-19 Posters For Your Business
Google is now offering free printable posters for your local business with messages related to COVID-19. The posters can be hung in your business door window and they range from messages about takeout and delivery and no contact delivery.

Local: Google Search Console Inviting Publishers Into Question Hub
Google launched a pilot in the US to expand the question hub feature

Local: Google testing Question Hub in the U.S. for COVID-related queries
Initially launching in India and other regions where Google had content gaps, Google is now testing this in the US.

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Mobile: Google AdSense Removes iOS & Android Apps From App Store
Google has finally removed the Google Adsense app, therefore you can no longer download them from the the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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