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The Weekly Wrap – 15th May 2019

15th MAY 2019


SEO: 10 Essential On-Page SEO Factors You Need to Know
In this article, we will cover what on-page SEO is, why it matters, and 10 of the most important on-page SEO considerations today.

SEO: What You Should NOT Do When Writing a Title Tag
In this article, we discuss the importance of title tags and what you should not do when writing a title tag.

SEO: How to Put Your Rank Tracker Data Into Action
In this article, we discuss how you can get real value from your SEO routine and turn mundane ranking checks into actionable insights.

SEO: 3 Image Optimization Tips for Faster Speeds & Higher Rankings
In this blog post, we share 3 pragmatic tips to help you optimise images for faster page speeds while preserving your UX.

SEO: User-generated content for SEO: The cost-benefit analysis you need
This article highlights the pros of UGC and precautionary measures that will help your SEO efforts.

SEO: How to Spy on Competitors with Python & Data Studio
In this article, we discuss how you can use Python to help automate your SEO processes.

SEO: 11 Ways to Increase User Engagement & Why It Matters for SEO
This article highlights 11 ways to improve your website’s user engagement and why this is important for SEO.

SEO: 7 Best Practices to Create the Perfect SEO Report
This article shares 7 tips on how to improve you current SEO reports.

SEO: 13 Great Tools to Put Your Website Load Time in the Fast Lane
Here are 13 tools to choose from that will help your website quickly load on both mobile and desktop platforms.

SEO: An SEO’s Guide to Writing Structured Data (JSON-LD)
This is a guide that aims to demystify some of the syntax of JSON-LD as well as share useful tips on creating structured data for your web page.

Paid: How to Leverage User-Generated Content to Boost Your Ecommerce SEO
In this article, we discuss how to effectively sell your ecommerce brand on search and stand out from the competition with user-generated content (UGC).

Content: The Why, When, and How of Republishing Blog Posts
In this article, we share with you when and how do you handle republishing and updating your blog posts for your website.

Content: Want Better Content Marketing Management? Try One of These Tools
This article introduce lesser-known apps and tools that will enhance you content marketing management efforts.

Local: Local SEO for enterprises: Optimizing for the Local 3-Pack
In this article, we explore the benefits of taking a toolkit approach to enterprise local search and discover the key tools that must be a part of your local marketing arsenal.

Local: How Local Businesses Can Drive More Foot Traffic
In this article, we share a system for incentivising customers to visit your storefront and refer your business to others. 

Social: 4 Ways to Target B2B Audiences on Social Media
In this blog post, we share four quick ways to target your B2B audiences on social media today.

Social: 5 Easy Secrets of Fast Instagram Promotion 
In this blog post, we share a webinar that discusses how to get genuine user engagement, find influencers and new real followers, and communicate and engage with your Instagram followers.

Social: How to Research Your Competitors’ Facebook Ads
In this article, you’ll discover six ways to research your competitors’ Facebook advertising campaigns and discover creative ideas for your next Facebook ads.

Social: How to Use Twitter Media Studio to Improve Your Video Marketing
In this article, you’ll learn how to use Twitter Media Studio to improve the performance of the videos you publish on Twitter.


SEO: Google says no core update or infrastructure changes have occurred despite chatter
The company says the rumours are not legit – there was no major update to Google search recently.

SEO: Google: Don’t Just Blindly Delete Old Pages
Google’s John Mueller said it doesn’t necessarily make sense to just go into your content management system and delete old pages after a certain date.

SEO: Google: New GoogleBot & Indexing Bugs Unrelated
Google’s Martin Splitt said the new GoogleBot has zero impact or was completely unrelated to the indexing bugs we saw back in April.

SEO: Google: Crawl Budgets & Delays Not About Page Size
The team at Google has mentioned that page size is not a direct factor to Google slowing down the crawl of your website.

SEO: Old Google Cache Date Is Nothing To Worry About
Google’s John Mueller said that cached page is not always representative of crawling and indexing, so the cache date is not an indication of a problem.

SEO: Google PageSpeed Insights Implements Design Update
Google’s PageSpeed Insights interface has gone through a small redesign. 

SEO: Audio Podcasts Now In Google Search
You can now discover, see and listen to audio podcasts directly in search.

SEO: Google to add support for higher quality images in search, swipe up images & 3D images
Google announced that it will be launching higher quality image support, 3D images and the ability to swipe up images from AMP pages.

SEO: Google Shows Off the New Speed Report Coming to Search Console
Google previewed the new page speed performance report making its way to Search Console.

SEO: Google Officially Launches FAQ & How-To Structured Data Markup
Google has officially launched an FAQ and How-To Structured Data Markup and it comes with new rich results and new Google Search Console enhancement reports.

Paid: Performance Planner now live in Google Ads: Shows predicted impact of campaign changes on conversions, clicks, more
A new Performance Planner is available in Google Ads.

Paid: Google confirms store visits, store sales reporting data incorrect from 4/28 on
Google has confirmed that store visits and store sales data has been impacted by the bug that hit Google Ads reporting more than a week ago.

Paid: Google announces new ‘discovery’ ad formats, revamped Shopping experience, native placements at Google Marketing Live
Google has announced a new Google Shopping experience that aspires to be more competitive with Amazon.

Paid: Amazon Introduces Negative Keywords to Sponsored Brand Ads
Amazon has quietly added negative keywords to Sponsored Brand ads for both Seller Central advertisers and Amazon Advertising advertisers. 

Local: Google My Business Tests Design & Layout Update
Google is testing a new design for Google My Business console.

Local: Google bans adverts for anti-censorship sites in China
Recent developments suggest that Google may be yielding to its own growth imperative and bending to the Chinese government’s demands once more.

Local: Google Trips Could Disrupt Travel Business
Google announced they are bringing the ability to plan a trip to the desktop.

Local: The New Moz Local Is on Its Way!
Moz has announces Moz Local customers will experience a fresh look and feel in the Moz Local interface on the 12th of June 2019. 

Social: Facebook Launches New Tools for Small Businesses
Facebook is rolling out new tools to help businesses run automated ad campaigns, book appointments, and edit videos.

Social: Facebook Makes Multiple Changes to Ad Policies for Financial Services
Facebook is modifying its policies related to advertising blockchain, cryptocurrency, and financial products and services.

Social: YouTube is Developing a Tool That Creates 6-Second Ads Automatically
YouTube is working on a tool called a “Bumper Machine” that can cut down a longer ad into 6 seconds. 

Mobile: New app rating formula headed to Google Play will favor newer reviews
Google is increasing the weight of more recent app reviews when calculating an app’s average Play store rating.

Mobile: Google Confirms it Will Show Ads on its Mobile Home Page
Google has introduced a new ad unit that will be displayed on the search engine’s home page in mobile browsers.

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