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The Weekly Wrap – 8th April 2020

8TH APRIL 2020


SEO: Are Web Push Notifications Helping or Hurting Your Site?
In this article, you’ll discover the importance of push notifications for your website and how to use them, what to avoid and more.

SEO: Did you know that SEO drives 22% of all website visits?
In this article, we discuss the impact SEO has on your website’s traffic.

SEO: How Bing Ranks Search Results: Core Algorithm & Blue Links
In this article, you’ll learn how the Bing search engine works – from its “core blue link algorithm” to rich elements, the dedicated teams managing each feature, and more.

SEO: How to Spot SEO Myths: 7 Common SEO Myths, Debunked
In this article, we shine the light on some common ones and help you understand the truth behind the myth.

SEO: Google SEO 101: Image Search Best Practices & Changes Over the Years
In this article, we discuss Google’s image search results over the years, and current best practices.

SEO: Internal Links: A Guide to Building a Strategy that Works
In this article, you’ll discover how to build a strategy that works with this step-by-step guide.

SEO: Faster pages, stronger sales: Optimizing ecommerce site speeds
In this article, you’ll learn smart ways to optimise the speed of your ecommerce site and prevent cart abandonment.

SEO: SEO Tips for Marketplaces and e-Commerce Websites
In this article, you’ll learn the difference between eCommerce vs. Marketplace websites and get tips for technical SEO, managing, optimising, and dealing with challenges.

SEO: Google SEO 101: The Evolution of Search Result Previews
Here’s a recap of Parakh‘s presentation on titles, snippets, and result reviews.

SEO: Why Google Search Console & Google Analytics Data Never Matches
In this article, we discuss why there is a disparity in data between Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

SEO: Visual Search Guide: Who Uses It, Benefits, and Optimization Tips
In this article, I am going to take a look at what visual search is, its rise, how websites can use it to their advantage, and how to adhere to best practices

SEO: How to Get Your Brand in Google’s Knowledge Graph Without a Wikipedia Page
There are three steps you can take to get in the Knowledge Graph (and trigger a knowledge panel for your brand) without a Wikipedia article. Here is how you do it.

SEO: Four tips to immediately improve your site speed
GoDaddy’s Software Architect shares tips to boost site speed and improve traffic.

SEO: Coding for SEO: Using JavaScript to track COVID-19
An explanation of asynchronous JavaScript using Fetch API for getting JSON data to the screen.

SEO: Desktop search is rising amid the work-from-home surge
Given stay-at-home and online media consumption, consumers are doing more online research, search and shopping.

SEO: How to Get Perfect Quality Scores
In this article, you’ll learn how to get a perfect quality score with understanding the mechanics of quality score.

SEO: Google Provides Options & Ad Credits to Businesses: Google News Update 
Here is an summary of the most recent Google updates in March 2020.

Paid: Hulu Advertising: What You Need to Know About It
Here’s what you need to know about advertising on Hulu Advertising.

Paid: The best-kept secret to maintaining and defending the top spot with paid search
BrandVerity’s CEO helps you learn the essential techniques to maintain your position one in paid search listings.

Paid: Facebook Ad Types: How to Choose the Best One
In this article, we discuss the many different types of Facebook Ads available and how to choose the best one for your campaign.

Paid: Best APIs for SEOs and PPC Managers
In this article, we discuss the best APIs that SEOs and PPC professionals can use to improve performance for their campaigns.

Paid: Close Variants Are Like Click Fraud – Here’s Why
Close variants are driving irrelevant traffic that’s akin to click fraud. Here’s what PPC advertisers and marketers can do.

Paid: Native Advertising: An Introduction for PPC Marketers
In this article, you’ll discover what native advertising is and why PPC marketers should consider running native ad campaigns to maintain trust.

Paid: Paid search ad copy strategies during coronavirus
In this article, we explain why you should re-examine your PPC ad messaging now – during the corona pandemic.

Paid: Setting up a Microsoft Audience ads campaign
In this article, you’ll learn how to build your first audience ad campaigns with Microsoft Advertising.

Content: 7 Brands Getting Email Right During a Crisis [Examples]
Here are seven brands sending pandemic-related emails deliver value for them and their audiences.

Content: When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Create Long-Form Content
In this article, we discuss when it is vital to write long-from content to rank higher in the search.

Content: The Why, When, and How of Republishing Blog Posts
In this article, we discuss reasons to republishing your blog posts for your clients.

Content: Marketing During COVID-19: 4 Essential Copywriting Guidelines
This guide will equip you to maintain purposeful communication with your audience while marketing during COVID-19. You’ll find guidelines, resources, and examples for ensuring sensitivity and accuracy.

Social: 6 Ways to Stand Out on Instagram in 2020
Let’s take a look at some lesser-known Instagram tactics that will help you sell more on Instagram and make your audience take notice.

Social: How to Use LinkedIn Conversation Ads for Better Conversions
In this article, you’ll discover how to use LinkedIn Conversation Ads to automate Messaging conversations that pre-qualify your leads and prospects for specific offers.

Social: Helping Businesses Create an Online Presence During COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
To help businesses make this transition using existing tools and resources in new ways, here are four tips to help small businesses create an internet presence and stay engaged with customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social: How to Work With Influencers on TikTok

Before jumping onto TikTok, brands and marketers need to have a solid plan in place that should probably includes partnering with influencers.

Social: How a Business Is Using Facebook Ads To Go Through the Covid-19 Crisis (Case Study)
In this article, you’ll discover how we helped one company to run Facebook Ads during COVID-19 to reduce the effects of the pandemic on its business.

Social: 5 Things Marketers Must Know Before Joining TikTok
In this article, you’ll discover 5 things marketers much know before creating a TikTok accounts for their clients.

Social: What Social Media Platforms Are Doing to Help During the Coronavirus
Do you know what social media platforms are doing to help during Coronavirus? Find out how social networks fight with COVID-19.

Social: How to Use a Pop-Up Facebook Group for Business
In this article, you’ll discover how to run a pop-up Facebook group for business.

Social: Social Media Image Sizes 2020 Guide
Here is a guide on how to size social media images.

Social: 5 Ways to Use Social Media for Connection During Times of Social Distancing
Here are five ways you can use social media to help you stay connected.

Local: Local SEO: How to make a website audit in 30 minutes
In this article, you’ll learn how to developer a comprehensive website audit in less than an hour.

Local: Should you continue to solicit reviews during the outbreak? Local SEOs disagree
In this article, we discuss local SEO experts’ opinions on soliciting review during the corona outbreak. 

Local: How local businesses should be communicating with customers during COVID-19
Hear how local search veterans are using every channel available to help their clients stay relevant and keep customers informed.

Local: What location data can tell us about the COVID-19 pandemic
In this article, we discuss why mobile location data is a versatile tool for marketers to act as a near real-time look at the conditions of the (offline) economy.


SEO: Google Offers Suggestions For Avoiding Meta Description Rewrites
Google’s John Mueller recently offered suggestions to help ensure the meta description you provide is what’s used in search results.

SEO: Google’s Mueller Calls Web 2.0 Style Links Spammy
Google’s John Mueller cautions against Web 2.0 style link building and recommends a better way to build links.

SEO: Coronavirus Delays Google Chrome Cookie Update
Google announced that the introduction of SameSite cookie labeling will be rolled back.

SEO: Asked Google: Does Searcher Behavior Changes Influence Overall Ranking
Google’s John Mueller responds to public’s query on whether search beahviour changes influences overall rankings for your website.

SEO: Google Tweets Its Search Changes For COVID-19
The Google Search Liaison account on Twitter posted several tweets summarising many of the changes Google has made to search over the COVID-19 crisis.

SEO: Google Explains How to Use the Removals Tool in Search Console to Hide Content
Google’s Daniel Waisberg explains to site owners how they can temporarily hide content in Google search results using Search Console.

SEO: Google Explains What’s Important For Top Rankings
Google’s John Mueller says you should focus less on links and focus more on this instead.

SEO: Google: Will Never Say That Accessibility Will Never Be A Search Ranking Factor
Google’s John Mueller said that over time, maybe sites that do not take accessibility seriously may start to not rank well for other reasons.

SEO: Google May Be Forced to Reveal its Search Algorithm to an SEO
Google is involved in a lawsuit that has the potential to result in the company revealing its long-guarded algorithm secrets.

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SEO: Introducing a new way for sites to highlight COVID-19 announcements on Google Search
Google is introducing a new way for these special announcements to be highlighted on Google Search. 

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SEO: Google Posts New Guide On How To Use Structured Data With JavaScript
Google has posted a new developer help document guiding SEOs and webmasters on how to use sturctured data with JavaScript.

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New official Google advice on generating structured data with JavaScript

SEO: Google ends support for data-vocabulary.org structured data in rich results
Google provides a final reminder to switch to schema.org markup before April 6 to maintain rich results eligibility.

SEO: Google: We Are Not Filtering Out Sites For Coronavirus Searches
Google’s John Mueller responds to public’s query on filtering out web sites for searches related to the coronavirus. John said no, and that he isn’t aware of anything where we’re manually filtering out sites specifically around health terms.

SEO: New COVID-19 Announcement Tool in Google Search Console
Google just released a COVID-19 Announcement Submission Tool. The tool is available in Google Search Console. 

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SEO: Free SEO Tool from Wordfence – Fast or Slow
Wordfence introduced a new site speed tool. This tool tests site speed from thirteen points around the world and provides useful information on where bottlenecks are happening and why.

SEO: People Search Visually In Google Images But The Image Is Not What They Are Looking For
Google’s John Mueller said that many people use Google Images to search visually but what they are looking for is not the image but rather something else.

SEO: Google: Spammers Would Love To Know Which Links It Labels As Spam
Google’s John Mueller said that spammers would love to know which links aren’t recognised as spam. That is why Google does not label which links they know are spam in Google Search Console.

SEO: Google Featured Snippets Not In Position One
Google have been spotted placing featured snippets not in the first position of the Google Search results page but lower down on the page.

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SEO: Google’s Mueller on Indexing of Hidden Tab Content
Google’s John Mueller busted the myth that Google weights or values content that’s hidden behind accordions and tabs.

SEO: Support for SpecialAnnouncement schema is coming to Google search
Google has published guidelines for using special announcements schema on COVID-19-related announcements and site owners can already begin marking up their content with it.

SEO: Google Structured Data For COVID-19 Announcements
Google has added new help documentation around using structured data specific to COVID-19 announcements.

SEO: Google Offers COVID-19 SEO Tips for Health Websites in New Guide
Google has launched several initiatives to assist health organisations with making COVID-19 information more accessible in search results.

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SEO: Critical Vulnerability in Rank Math SEO Plugin
Rank Math SEO plugin was discovered to have a critical vulnerability. The vulnerability could allow an attacker to gain administrative access.

Paid: Amazon rolls out product targeting for Sponsored Display
Amazon has released product targeting for Sponsored Display ads. Merchants can now target similar or complementary products and categories via Seller Central.

Paid: Microsoft Ads Makes it Easier to Change a Campaign’s Audience Targeting
Microsoft Advertising is rolling out campaign-level associations which will make easier to apply audience targeting.

Paid: Microsoft Ads Redesign Adds New Features
Microsoft has added additional features to the Ad interface redesign, an effort that was announced in October of last year.

Paid: Google Ads ends monthly campaign budget test
Google has ended its short-lived test of monthly ad budgets. Advertisers that had access are now being notified.

Paid: Google Ads New Policy Disallows Profiting Off Sensitive Events, Like COVID-19
Google posted a new Google Ads policy that does not allow ads for with content that potentially capitalises on or lacks reasonable sensitivity towards a natural disaster, conflict, death, public health emergency, or other tragic event.

Paid: Google updates its ads policy for inappropriate content to include ‘public health emergency’
Google Ads has updated its Inappropriate content policy. The updates take aim at keywords around sensitive events, price gouging and more.

Social: Pinterest boosts ability to ‘Shop’ for in-stock home decor and fashion products
Pinterest rolled out several commerce marketing updates for the app designed to make product discovery easier.

Social: Facebook Messenger Launches Desktop App With Unlimited and Free Group Video Calls
Facebook has launched the very first standalone Messenger app for desktop, available now on Windows and macOS.

Social: Twitter Gives Marketers a Content Calendar Full of Tweet Prompts
Twitter has outlined a month’s worth of weekday tweet ideas to help marketers plan what to post every day.

Social: Facebook Helps Businesses Respond to the Impact of COVID-19
Facebook published three new guides to help different categories of businesses respond to the impact of coronavirus.

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Social: Facebook Introduces New Video Publishing & Discovery Features
Facebook is rolling out several updates to video publishing, including the ability to upload multiple videos at the same time.

Local: Google Tests Moving Review Stars Lower & Changing Colors
Google seems to be testing moving the review stars from just under the title to below the description portion of the snippet. Google is also testing changing the color from orange to yellow.

Local: Google introduces new COVID-19 and Telehealth GMB links for healthcare providers
Google has been rolling out COVID-19 updates and advice to local businesses regularly. In an update specifically for health and medical professionals, the company has introduced two new links in the Google My Business (GMB) dashboard. 

Local: Google Maps Now Displays Takeout & Delivery Labels
Google Maps is showing as part of the restaurants name if the business offers takeout and delivery. 

Local: Google My Business Support During Uncertain Times
Google posted a microsite with tools and resources to help small businesses during these uncertain times. 

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