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The Weekly Wrap – 1st April 2020

1TH APRIL 2020


SEO: How to Improve Your Google PageSpeed Insights Score
In this article, you’ll learn how to improve your Google PageSpeed Insights score for a chance at better rankings. 

SEO: 4 Tips to Build a Strong SEO Program During COVID-19
Here are four tips to help you get going while we’re all weathering the storm.

SEO: Coding for SEO 101: Understanding source code, compressed code and compiled code
In this article, we discuss common road blocks by beginners trying to learn code.

SEO: A 4-Part Framework for Diagnosing & Solving SEO Problems
A systematic framework for identifying SEO issues will help you pinpoint which of the four forces of SEO are affecting your organic performance and help you more quickly identify and resolve key issues.

SEO: Use Design Thinking to Solve Your Next Marketing Problem: Here’s How
In this guide to design thinking, we’re explaining what it is, why it can help you solve your next marketing problem, and the six steps to follow for applying the design thinking process.

SEO: Search specialist shares five ways to adapt your search strategy in uncertain times
In this article, we share an expert’s view of how the current world scenario has impacted users and advises how businesses can adapt their search strategy during this tricky time.

SEO: A 10-Point Ecommerce SEO Checklist for 2020
Here is a checklist will ensure you are moving in the right direction for all your ecommerce optimisation activities.

SEO: Google Trends is Useful During Coronavirus
Google Trends offers a peek into search trends as the world goes through massive upheavals due to the coronavirus pandemic.

SEO: Zero-Click Searches, SERP Features and Getting Traffic
In this article, you’ll discover a recap of the presentation by Kevin Indig doing the 5 Hours of SEO Webinar.

SEO: Coronavirus Economic Impact: Market Winners and Losers of COVID-19
The coronavirus outbreak has not just severely impacted the health and well being of people around the world; it has also affected their behavioral patterns and daily routines. It has caused a ripple effect that’s shaken the entire global economy. 

SEO: Comprehensive guide to exact match domains in 2020
A comprehensive guide to gain a quick advantage for exact match domains to rank for in Google SERPs.

SEO: SEO After COVID-19: 8 Opportunities to Start Working on Now
To start thinking about strategic planning post-COVID-19, here are some current opportunities that you can start working on now for improved SEO.

SEO: Google SEO 101: Updating Your Google My Business Listing
Here is a recap of Google’s latest ‘Search for beginners’ YouTube video.

SEO: What is speakable schema markup and how does it impact the future of SEO?
Here’s everything you need to know about Google’s recent speakable schema.

SEO: Optimizing for Google Discover: Key Areas to Focus On
Google Discover marks the start of a new era in SEO – that of searchless search. Here’s what to consider when optimising your content for Google Discover.

Paid: Setting up a Microsoft Audience ads campaign
In this article you’ll learn how to set up a Microsoft Audience Ad campaign assuming you already have access to the feature.

Paid: Nine tactics to improve your PPC campaign performance in 2020
With 2020 bringing so many changes how do you ensure that your PPC campaign is working as per the plan? Expert tips to successfully execute PPC marketing. 

Paid: The new contextual ad targeting works, study says
A new study looks at how contextual relevance of ads to content influences consumers.

Content: How to Create a Persuasive About Us Page that Converts [Examples]
In this article, you’ll learn how to create an effective About Us page with these four tips.

Content: Top 10 Websites for Finding Perfect GIFs & Memes
GIFs help convey your feelings when chatting with friends, so why not use them to talk to your blog audience? Learn where to find the best GIFs online.

Content: What Readers Want During COVID-19: Content Ideas for Every Niche
In this article, you’ll discover what type of content receives more attention during the Corona outbreak.

Social: Creating Social Videos That Grow Strong Connections
In this article, we share a podcast with Matt Johnston – founder of Guide Social, where he shares his HERO process for creating empathy-driven video and explains how any business can use storytelling to create marketing videos people will share.

Social: How to Choose the Right Facebook Attribution Model
In this article, you’ll discover seven different Facebook ad attribution models to assess your campaigns’ performance.

Social: 5 Winning Strategies to Get a Better Return on Ad Spend on Facebook and Google
These 5 tested strategies will help you get a better return on ad spend on both Facebook and Google ads.

Social: YouTube Ad Revenues, Creative Output May Grow During Coronavirus
Experts see opportunity with YouTube during coronavirus in the form of increased demand, lower ad rates, and higher creative output.

Social: How to Use Social Media for Keyword Research
Along with joining Facebook groups to understand your target audiences on a deeper level, here are some ways to use social media for keyword research.

Social: 6 Strategies for Facebook and Instagram Advertising During the COVID-19 Pandemic
In this article, you’ll discover six strategies for running Facebook and Instagram ads effectively during the pandemic.

Local: Communication tips for local businesses during COVID-19
In this article, you’ll learn how to use every channel available to help their clients stay relevant and keep customers informed.

Local: Does Host Location Matter for Google & SEO?
In this article, you’ll learn two aspects to consider about the location your hosting company uses to host your website as it relates to your organic rankings.

Local: Operating During COVID-19: Helpful Tips for Local Businesses
In this article, you will find local SEO tips that could make a difference for your business in the coming weeks, innovative resources for support, advice from my own tight-knit community of some of the world’s best local SEOs, and some serious thinking about building a better local future.

Local: Google My Business: When should you use ‘special hours’ vs. ‘temporarily closed’?
A discussion with Google My Business Gold Product Expert Krystal Taing.

Local: Coronavirus And The Impact On Businesses So Far – Who’s Up & Who’s Down?
In this article, you’ll discover Yelp’s report that looks at which types of businesses have risen or fallen in interest relative to others in the same general line of business.

Local: Live with Search Engine Land to talk Google My Business with local search pros
This session will explore what these leading local SEOs are seeing in the market, the top customer challenges and what local marketers should focus on right now.

Local: Google Provides New Structured Data and GMB Options (Google News Update)
New event structured data options for postponed, canceled, or online-only events, a new format on the search results page for COVID-19 searches, Google My Business, Google Ad updates, tools options and more.


SEO: Google Chrome 81 Will Block Mixed Content
Chrome 81 Will auto-upgrade mixed content images without a fallback. This has the potential to break websites.

SEO: Google: We Can Look Up Internal PageRank But Toolbar PageRank Is Gone
Google’s Gary Illyes said technically he and his colleagues are able to lookup the PageRank values of a page but there “rarely” is ever a reason to do so he said.

SEO: Hide Search Performance For This Query In Google
You can also communicate to Google that you want to hide the search performance for this query report snapshot you sometimes see in the Google search results in these new preferences.

SEO: Google Search Console New Email Preferences – Screen Shots
Google has been spotted displaying new email preferences feature in Google Search Console.

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SEO: Google Says Robots.txt Blocking Certain External Resources is Okay
Google’s Martin Splitt answered a question about blocking external JS and CSS resources. The question was whether blocking the resources would cause a site to lose rankings.

SEO: Google’s Martin Splitt on Indexing Pages with Infinite Scroll
Google’s Martin Splitt answered a question about infinite scrolling and preventing indexing of scrolled content as if it were part of the main content.

SEO: Google Featured Snippets Showing YouTube Timestamp Links
Google has this neat feature to show “key moments” in the Google search results that show timestamps of sections of videos. 

SEO: Google: No Such Thing As Two Waves Of Indexing Or Crawling
Google’s Martin Splitt said there is no such thing as two wave indexing or crawling.

SEO: Google: We Don’t Make Sites With Manual Actions Wait Longer For Reviews
Google’s John Mueller said it is a myth that the web spam team would make a site that has sufficiently fixed a manual action wait a longer period of time. 

SEO: Google: There Is No Need To Include Every Link In Your Disavow File
Google’s John Mueller said that some tools find all sorts of irrelevant links – there’s absolutely no need to place every such link in your disavow file.

SEO: Automate Google Search Console Detected Issues Via Email
Google’s John Mueller said that right now there are no webhooks or APIs for tracking issues reported within Google Search Console.

SEO: Safari Announces Full 3rd Party Cookie Blocking
Apple announced that Safari is now fully blocking 3rd party cookies. 

SEO: Can Google Detect Sarcasm?
Google’s John Mueller addressed a public’s query on whether Google can detect sarcasm.

SEO: Google Advice On E-Commerce Sites Closed Due To COVID-19
Gary Illyes from Google said the company is working on putting together “some more thorough do’s and don’t’s” around what e-commerce and other site owners should do with their web sites if the business is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus.

Paid: Small and mid-sized Google Ads agency partners to lose dedicated ad rep support
Google has confirmed that Some Google Ads agency partners learned this week that they will be losing their dedicated agency reps as of Wednesday (yes April Fool’s Day).

Paid: Microsoft Advertising expands UI redesign to more pages
Microsoft Advertising new UI interface includes a new overview dashboard for Manager accounts. Users can apply for preview access.

Paid: Google Ads Testing Carousel In Search Again?
Google was spotted testing a Google Ads format 

Paid: Google pledges $340 million in Google Ads credits for SMBs
Google released an update on its efforts aimed at providing support for businesses, health workers and organisations as well as governments during the coronavirus pandemic 

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Paid: Google Ads Report Editor Now Supports Up To 200 Accounts
Google announced the Google Ads Report Editor can manage up to 200 accounts. 

Paid: Google Ads Advice Through COVID-19
Google posted some tips on how to navigate your Google Ads search ads campaigns through the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Social: Facebook Focusing on Live Streaming As Usage Spikes During COVID-19 Lockdowns
Facebook is abruptly shifting the focus of product development toward live streaming as COVID-19 lockdowns lead to increased demand.

Social: Pinterest Introduces ‘Today’ Tab With Focus on COVID-19 Related Content
Pinterest is accelerating the rollout of a new home page tab called “Today” which features daily inspiration with curated content.

Social: Pinterest Launches Verified Merchant Program With Applications Open to All
Pinterest is rolling out its new Verified Merchant Program, which comes with a blue checkmark and other perks.

Social: LinkedIn Suggests 4 Types of Posts to Share Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns
As activity on LinkedIn ramps up during COVID-19 lockdowns, the company has published tips on what businesses should be posting.

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Social: Pinterest rolls out new commerce features for retailers as search volume climbs
Retailers on Pinterest will now have more ways to be discovered as the platform introduces new shopping features aimed at bringing products to where users are most likely to shop. 

Social: YouTube Updates for Creators: Improved Analytics for Live Streams & More
YouTube announced several updates for creators, including better analytics for live streams, in its latest video on the Creator Insider channel.

Local: Google is Helping to Make COVID-19 Information More Accessible
Google has launched several initiatives to assist health organizations with making COVID-19 information more accessible in search results.

Local: Google Temporary Closed Status Now Doesn’t Hurt Your Search Rankings
Google said keep customers updated on your status without affecting search rankings.

Local: Google Posts, ‘temporarily disabled,’ now back
Given the recent Google My Business (GMB) policy changes, limited support and the general confusion during the coronavirus crisis, many local SEOs have had problems with listings updates and others. 

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Local: Google Search Takeout & Delivery Discover More Places Cards
Google will show you the typical “discover more places” carousel of images. But now Google is showing “takeout” and “delivery” cards as the first. 

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Local: Google My Business Offers Tips For Clinics & Medical Offices
Google My Business created a new help document giving guidance to how healthcare providers like clinics and medical offices should keep its patients informed during COVID-19.

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Local: Google Recommends Ways to Pause Businesses in Search During COVID-19 Pandemic
Google is providing guidance to businesses who wish to pause their online activity as the coronavirus pandemic continues to grow.

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Local: Google My Business Adds Mark As Temporarily Closed Option
When users login into their Google My Business account and click on edit your information, you will be given a new option to “mark as temporarily.

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Mobile: EU Android search choice screen’s impact delayed due to COVID-19
The Android search choice screen, which rolled out on March 1 in the EU, has yet to make an impact on the search market due in large part to the coronavirus’ effect on smartphone supply and consumer demand.

Mobile: Discover podcasts you’ll love with Google Podcasts, now on iOS
Google has redesigned the Google Podcasts app to make it easier to discover podcasts you’ll love, and we’re bringing it to iOS for the first time.

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