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The Weekly Wrap – 5th August 2020



SEO: Data Studio Tips Part 1: Beginner
Google’s Data Studio is a great tool for reporting, but it comes with its own learning curve. This post contains 3 data studio tips for beginners.

SEO: How QA Testing for SEO Can Boost Your Traffic & Revenue
Learn why – and how – you can easily integrate SEO testing into your own QA process to prevent SEO problems from ever going live.

SEO: Dominating Your Ecommerce Category in 2020: What You Need to Know
Customers are looking for a personalised experience when shopping online. Learn how meeting this expectation can make or break your ecommerce brand.

SEO: How to get a Knowledge Panel for your brand, even without Wikipedia
Your own site, Wikidata, third-party mentions and business databases can expand your Knowledge Graph entries in Google and Bing.

SEO: What Is Off-Page SEO? A Comprehensive Guide 
Learn the 13 Off-Page SEO techniques that work in 2020. Also, see why off-page is so important and the tactics that you need to be using if you want to rank on Google.

SEO: How SEOs can create a free server log dashboard to better understand incoming traffic to your website
This step-by-step guide will help SEOs harness powerful visualisations with log files utlising free tools.

SEO: Web Stories Also Get More Exposure In Google Image Search
Did you know that these are also highlighted in Google’s Image search results? Learn more here.

SEO: Foolproof guide to optimizing Shopify for SEO
Higher SERP rankings translate to greater organic traffic to your ecommerce site. Learn how to optimise Shopify for SEO through this step-by-step guide.

SEO: 41% of Google’s First Page Contains Links to Google Products
According to a recent study, the first page of Google search results is almost half full of Google’s own products.

SEO: SEMrush Authority Score Explained
Find out how SEMrush Authority Score may help you to get better at your link building efforts when looking for quality domains, and improving your own website‘s authority.

SEO: Crawling and Scraping for Creating an Influencer Database: Python
Learn how to create a database of industry influencers by using the free and open-source advertools crawler and Python.

SEO: What is HTTPS: The Definitive Guide to How HTTPS Works
Learn the difference between HTTPs and HTTP, and TLS vs. SSL. Also, learn how to manage a site migration between HTTP and HTTPs.

SEO: 3 Tips for Keyword Research & Content Localization Success
Keyword research and content localisation are crucial for the SEO success of international websites. Learn proven tips to keep your campaigns in good shape.

SEO: Why SEOs should care about brand
Brand is already affecting the performance we are held accountable for, so we can use the data we have as SEOs to benefit the whole company.

SEO: Is 100/100 PageSpeed score enough? The answer is No.
This article explains why 100 PageSpeed score is not enough and shows several advanced optimisations techniques that might help you stay ahead of your competition.

SEO: How to Do a Reverse Image Search (Desktop and Mobile)
Learn how to do a reverse image search on Google, Bing, Yandex and other tools. Find out ways you can use this technique for marketing, link building, and more.

SEO: Feedback optimization: A user-first approach to SEO
Feedback optimisation is the process of using readers’ comments to improve your content. See how this strategy can improve SEO performance while creating better search results for your audience.

SEO: Bing’s new URL Inspection tool: What it does and why to use it
A quick side-by-side of Bing vs Google’s URL Inspection tools.

SEO: 12 Ways to Effectively Promote a New Product or Service
Here are twelve tried-and-true ideas on how to promote a new product or service for your business, to generate excitement, drive sales, and win new customers.

SEO: 2020 Digital Marketing Trends in Ecommerce
SEMrush analysis of key 2020 digital marketing trends in ecommerce. Find out the latest shifts in the online shopping patterns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and get insights on how to adapt to this new reality.

SEO: Rendering SEO Manifesto: Why We Need to Go Beyond JavaScript SEO
Going beyond JavaScript SEO is a must. Here’s how technical SEO pros can use their knowledge of batch-optimised rendering for better search visibility.

SEO: Nine mistakes to avoid when contacting websites for backlinks
Rentround’s Raj Dosanjh highlights the importance of backlinks and mistakes to avoid when reaching out to get them for your website.

SEO: Search competition: Who are you really competing with?
Assessing your traditional competitors in search is critical, but you also need to analyse who competes with you purely through search rankings. Learn more here.

Paid: Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads: Which Is Better?
There are several ways to evaluate where your media budget should go between Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Here’s what to think about and calculate.

Paid: 5 tips for starting international PPC
Be ready to watch for nuances of your targeted regions and adapt your strategy on a regional basis as you begin to track performance.

Paid: 8 Engagement Triggers to Leverage in PPC Campaigns
Use these engagement triggers to step up your remarketing (and prospecting) game with engaged audiences over simple page views.

Content: Write Smarter and Faster With Tips From These Top 5 Posts
Six tips from (and links to) the five most popular content creation articles at the Content Marketing Institute

Content: 4 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Important
See the top 4 reasons why content marketing is a critical part of any marketing campaign and how you can use it for branding and sales.

Content: How Content Marketing Can Save Your Digital Marketing Strategy
Content marketing is a multiplier and that’s a great reason for you to play a leadership role in the broader marketing planning

Content: 5 Smart Ways to Use Metaphors to Create Irresistible Content
Discover five ways to use metaphors in your writing and how they can turbo-charge just about any element of your content.

Content: Overcome a Boring Blog With These 5 Techniques
Blogs still can attract a relevant audience. Get inspiration from the successful blogging techniques used by B2B and B2C brands 

Content: You May be Undermining Your Content Marketing
Explore how a dozen cognitive biases could work against your content marketing strategy

Content: 100 Types of Content: The Definitive Guide for Marketers
Creating content in a variety of formats will help you reach a wider audience. Here’s a list of 100 types of content you can create, with examples.

Content: How Content Marketing Has Evolved
Content marketing is always evolving. Tactics and tools and tips will change. Repeatedly. Monthly. But these century-old fundamentals remain relevant today.

Content: Content Guidelines: Why Your Brand Needs a Style Guide
Looking to scale your content production? Then you’ll need guidelines to keep your content consistently on-brand. Learn how to create a style guide here.

Content: What is Content Marketing?
What is content marketing? Content marketing campaigns cover blogging, video creation, social posts, and more. Learn what content marketing is and how you can create content that converts!

Social: How to Repurpose Audio and Video Content for Social Media: 5 Ways
In this article, you’ll discover how to repurpose video and audio into multiple formats you can share on your social media channels.

Social: Using Facebook Live to Quickly Create Content
In this article, You’ll discover how to use Ian’s – host of the Confident Live Marketing podcast, 5 P’s process to produce and repurpose Facebook Live video into valuable content that connects with your audience. You’ll also find tools and tips for quickly and easily repurposing live streams.

Social: 5 Facebook Advertising Tips for Service Businesses
Facebook Ads can be an effective way for service businesses to connect with their ideal customers. Here are five ways to use them correctly.

Social: Apps for Instagram Stories Video Editing
In this article, you’ll discover how to change the playback speed of your video, add transitions between clips, apply effect filters, change the aspect ratio, and more. You’ll also find out how to quickly format long-form video into 1-minute segments suitable for Stories.

Social: How to Sell on Etsy: Your All-in-One Guide to Getting Started
Wondering how to sell on Etsy? In this all-in-one guide, we’re sharing how to set up your shop, how to set yourself up to sell LOTS, and why it’s worth selling on Etsy in the first place!

Social: Our Top 10 Social Media Engagement Hacks for 2020
Social media engagement is perfect for building relationships with your prospects and customers and growing brand affinity. Here are our 10 favourite hacks to boost social media engagement, including Facebook groups, games, and more!

Social: 5 Facebook Advertising Tips for Service Businesses
Facebook Ads can be an effective way for service businesses to connect with their ideal customers. Here are five ways to use them correctly.

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Mobile: AMP & SEO: Everything You Need to Know
Should you AMP-lify your site for SEO? Learn about AMP’s advantages and drawbacks, plus what’s involved for optimal implementation and reporting.


Industry: Microsoft Bing – The New Name Of Bing Search?
Over the weekend a lot of people who use Bing saw a new logo and new name for the Bing search engine. Now it says Microsoft Bing instead of just Bing and the logo is the Microsoft logo, not the Bing logo.

Industry: Google CEO Says Company’s Continued Success is Not Guaranteed
Google CEO Sundar Pichai testified before US Congress as part of an inquiry into the company’s market dominance.

SEO: Google On How It Measures Web Vitals
Google’s Martin Splitt went deeper on how Google goes about rendering and measuring what it renders.

SEO: Google Adds Games To Search Results
Google has added games to its search results from the Google Arts and Cultures games section.

SEO: Why Won’t Google Add Paywall Label To Google News Results
Google’s Danny Sullivan said that it is often not 100% clear if the content is paid or not for every article or every user. So it isn’t always a smart idea just to label results as paywalled or not.

SEO: Google Adds New Structured Data Properties to Estimated Salary Dev Page
Google announced two optional jobs related structured data properties that will generate rich results.

SEO: Google Analytics Shifts More Data Privacy Control to Marketers
Google Analytics announced new data privacy settings that gives additional data collection control to marketers.

SEO: Google: Be Careful Relying on 3rd Parties to Render Website Content
In the latest episode of Google’s Search Off the Record podcast, the Search Relations team discusses the challenges of relying on third parties for content.

SEO: Google Tests Categorized Sections For Search Results Again
Google would test sections by category of some sort of its search results. 

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SEO: Google On When Comments Can Hurt Your Blog & When You Should Block Them
Google’s John Mueller, Gary Illyes and Martin Splitt spoke about comments and how they may impact your blog and more.

SEO: Google Doubles Up on Articles in the Top Stories Carousel
Google has been spotted serving results with multiple links within the top stories carousel in search results.

SEO: Google Search Console Down For Some Users – 429 Error
Google Search Console is currently not loading for many SEOs, webmasters, developers and site owners. 

SEO: Google Chrome 85 Includes Tagged PDF Accessibility Upgrade
Chrome 85, scheduled for August 2020, will be able to save web pages as tagged PDFs for improved accessibility.

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SEO: Google Updates Search Console With More Structured Data Support
Google is updating Search Console with support for image license structured data, which can now be tested with the Rich Results tool.

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SEO: Google Search Console adds image license structured data support
Google has added support for image license metadata for licensable image label to both Google Search Console reports and the Rich Results test tool.

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SEO: Google: Forget Everything You Read About Link Juice
Google’s John Mueller said I’d forget everything you read about “link juice.” It’s very likely all obsolete, wrong, and/or misleading. Read more here.

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SEO: Google: Negative Review Sites Don’t Hurt Your Sites Search Ranking
Google’s John Mueller was asked if negative search results about a brand can hurt that brand’s web site from ranking in Google search. He said no. Read more here.

SEO: Google Again Says Analytics Not Used In Google Search
Google’s John Mueller said Google does not use Google Analytics in Google Search.

SEO: Microsoft launched revamped Bing Webmaster Tools
Bing announced it has completed the migration from the old Bing Webmaster Tools to the new Bing Webmaster Tools. 

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SEO: Google Advises Site Owners of Rise in ‘Work From Home’ Searches
Google is telling site owners now is a good time to utilise ‘work from home’ structured data markup.

SEO: Google Comments on Idea It Uses Google Analytics for Ranking Purposes
Google’s John Mueller clarified several points about the hypothesis that Google uses Google Analytics data for ranking purposes.

SEO: Google Home Smart Displays How-To Tutorials, Like Recipes
Google is showing tutorials on these smart displays if you have how-to markup.

SEO: Bing URL Submission WordPress Plugin Outreach By Microsoft
Microsoft Bing is sending emails to some site owners after installing the new URL submission WordPress plugin. 

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SEO: Google Sending Work From Home Telecommute Markup Notifications
Google is sending out some emails to those websites that have job listings and can support work from home job positions. 

Paid: Google Ads Hacked Political Materials Policy Announced
Google said that in September 2020, the Google Ads Hacked political materials policy will be launched. The policy is specifically related to the distribution of hacked political material. 

Paid: Will Google’s Ad Disclosure schema catch on?
Google announced some updates to how it plans to inform users about the ads they see, including a new type of schema, as well as the latest on Privacy Sandbox proposals to manage ad serving, measurement and more without third-party cookies and cross-site tracking.

Paid: 15 Ways to Optimize a Paid Search Campaign
There is a lot to consider when optimising your PPC efforts. Here are the top 15 things the pros check out when they are working on account performance.

Paid: Google blows up ad headline font in new test
Google is testing a larger font size in ad headlines.

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Paid: Google Updates Several Google Ads Policies
Google announced that it made updates to several of the Google Ads policies around clarification and information purposes.

Social: Twitter is Considering These Premium Features in a Subscription Model
Twitter is surveying users on what types of features they’d be interested in getting from a premium subscription.

Social: LinkedIn’s Sharing API is Broken, Not Fetching Images
LinkedIn is currently experiencing an issue with displaying preview images when links are shared on the platform.

Local: Google Asks Did You Just Feel Shaking After Earthquake Search
Those who searched Google about an earthquake yesterday in some California regions were given a special box in Google search asking the searcher “did you just feel shaking.” 

Local: Google Adds Call Button To Local Panel On Desktop Results
Google has added a call button to the local pack on desktop search results. 

Local: Bringing free retail listings to Google Search
Google recently announced that product results on the Google Shopping tab in the U.S. will consist primarily of free listings.

Local: Google Maps Goes Social Giving Each User Their Own Profile
Google Maps is giving users their own profiles that other users can follow which compiles all their submitted photos, videos, and reviews.

Local: Google Highlights Black-Owned Businesses in Search Results
An update is being rolled out to Google My Business that is designed to support Black-owned businesses.

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Local: US Congress Investigation Suggests Google Uses Clicks & User Data In Search
Rand Fishkin went through a lot of the US Congress documents from the hearing on “Online Platforms and Market Power: Examining the Dominance of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google”

Local: Facebook’s default Limited Data Use period ends Aug. 1: How to stay CCPA compliant
On July 1, Facebook automatically opted advertisers into its new Limited Data Use setting for California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance.

Local: Google Tests New Interface For Local Q&A Box?
Google seems to be testing the local Q&A box outside of the business’s local knowledge panel.

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