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The Weekly Wrap – 12th August 2020

12TH AUGUST 2020


SEO: Should You Buy & Redirect Expired Domains?
Redirecting expired domains was a tried-and-true tactic in the old days SEO. But here’s why you shouldn’t count on it as an SEO tactic nowadays.

SEO: How to Build & Scale a Program for Global SEO Success
Looking to build an enterprise SEO program that can scale globally? Read this to learn how to get your organisation’s international SEO strategy in place.

SEO: A Guide to Google’s Advanced Image Search
Learn how to find the images you’re after, more quickly and efficiently, using these advanced search capabilities in Google Images.

SEO: 11 FAQ Pages that are Better than Yours
This guide will walk you through the reasons why an awesome FAQ page is so important for SEO and branding.

SEO: SEO and Content Marketing: How to Combine Them Effectively to Achieve Results
SEO and content marketing need to work together to provide you with good results. Learn how you can develop a solid SEO strategy that translates to your content marketing plan!

SEO: SEO myth-busting: What is not a Google search ranking factor
Here are some of the signals that Google has said are not direct ranking signals in its Search algorithms

SEO: 6 Ways to Engage Your Organic Search Traffic on Social Media
This six-step process will help you engage your organic search traffic on social media and expand your reach by using Facebook lookalike audiences.

SEO: SEO for Images: See What You’re Missing in Your Visual Search Strategy
Are you missing out on organic opportunities for image search? Learn how to boost your traffic from Google by optimising images.

SEO: How search data can inform larger online business decisions
Decision makers in their respective silos are generally unaware of the value in the data Google shares so it’s your job to disperse this knowledge across your organisation.

Paid: What’s the Best PPC Bidding Strategy?
Want to know which is the “best” bidding strategy for your PPC campaign? Start by learning each strategy’s objective, function, and pros and cons.

Paid: How to Improve the Profitability of Your Display Ads Right Now
Search marketers and display advertisers are losing millions of dollars to click fraud. Learn how you can detect the problem and fight back.

Paid: Data Studio Tips Part 2: Intermediate
Google’s Data Studio is a great tool for visualisation and reporting, but it comes with its own learning curve. This post covers tips for intermediate users.

Paid: An Essential Rundown On Twitter Ads
If you want to utilise what Twitter Ads can do for you and maximise your investment in the platform, read on.

Paid: Three Basic Categories of Google Ads Bidding
Review your current bidding strategy options in Google Ads and how best to use each method.

Paid: Reach Out to the Right Decision-Makers on LinkedIn Ads
Linkedin tries to match the right audience based on the attributes entered but the algorithm sometimes fails. Here’s a tested approach that works.

Paid: 5 Amazing Google Ads Tools You Need to Use
As Google Ads continues to evolve, so do the tools Google provides. Here are five tools within the platform to at least give a shot if you haven’t.

Content: The 6 Elements of the Content Marketing Process
There’s so much focus on creating content that it’s easy to forget the other steps of the content marketing process. Here’s a regular reminder.

Content: How to Use Google Search Console to Drive More Search Traffic
Learn what Google really thinks of your content and how to tap into those untargeted but successful keywords.

Content: How to Create Pillar Content Google Will Love
Climb to the top of Google search by walking backward step by step to create a valuable piece of pillar content.

Content: Write Smarter and Faster With Tips From These Top 5 Posts
Six tips from (and links to) the five most popular content creation articles at the Content Marketing Institute

Content: The Definitive Brainstorming Guide: 9 Techniques to Create Content that Sticks
Coming up with content ideas isn’t easy, and traditional approaches to brainstorming aren’t for everyone. And that‘s why we’ve compiled a guide to 9 techniques that can help you create great content

Content: Top 14 Tools That Will Help You Create Better Content
Up your content marketing game with some of the best and proven tools for content research, collaboration, SEO, and analytics.

Content: Case Studies: How Content Marketing Benefits Companies
Get inspired by these six brands that are levelling up their content marketing campaigns – and driving much better results in the process.

Content: Content With Purpose: How to Set Goals for Every Content Piece You Create
Guilty of producing content for the sake of it? Learn how to create content with a purpose and improve your content’s overall performance.

Content: Want media coverage? Make sure your content is emotional
New Fractl study identifies the emotions in highly-linked-to content in each industry. Emotional content creation, pitching, and marketing tips.

Content: Six tools for effective influencer-driven content marketing
Internet Marketing Ninjas’ Community Manager gives a concise overview of six tools that can add value to your influencer-driven content marketing efforts.

Content: 5 Types of Content Marketing (and How to Use Them to Get Results)
See different content types and how you can use them for your content marketing campaigns. Learn content strategies and tools you can use to help.

Social: How to Manage Your LinkedIn Presence in 10 Minutes a Day
In this article, you’ll find a plan for making the most of your time on LinkedIn to stay visible, build your network, nurture contacts, and find new opportunities.

Social: How to Create 4 Facebook Custom Audiences That Convert
In this article, you’ll learn how to develop Facebook audiences for cold, warm, and hot prospect targeting and deliver ad creative that reaches hot prospects who abandon their carts mid-purchase.

Social: How To Use Twitter Analytics: The Complete Guide
Analyse your performance and improve your strategy with Twitter analytics. Track follower growth and tweet metrics. Learn how to use Twitter analytics.

Social: How Top Brands Are Approaching Social Media During a Crisis
In a report from Socialbakers and HubSpot, learn successes and failures of how brands have handled social media during the coronavirus.

Social: How to Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Form Ads
In this article, you’ll learn how to set up and use a lead generation form in a Sponsored Content ad campaign on LinkedIn. You’ll also discover tips to optimise your lead gen form ads to collect the most relevant information from prospects, how to add custom fields to your form, and how to download or export your leads from LinkedIn.

Social: How to Optimize WooCommerce Google Shopping Ads
In this guide you’ll learn how to optimise your Google Shopping campaigns to drive more buyers to your WooCommerce store.

Social: Our Go-To Social Media Video Marketing Cheat Sheet
When done right, social media video marketing can bring in great results. In this cheat sheet, we’re giving our quick tips and sharing common best practices for social media video marketing on seven major platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more!

Social: 9 Ways to Engage Your Customers With Instagram Story Highlights
Instagram Story Highlights are a great way to make your Instagram Story content a better resource for your customers and your prospects while getting them to engage with your content! Here are 9 tips to make the most of Instagram Story Highlights, including Q&As, polls, and more!

Social: Is Groupon Marketing Really Worth It for Your Businesses?
Should you pursue Groupon marketing in 2020? This post sets the record straight with the most important considerations for business owners.

Local: Guide: How to structure a local SEO strategy for your business
A local SEO strategy guide that will help you dominate the local search market by adapting to the subtle changes that have shifted in local SEO.

Local: Can PageRank Predict the NHL Playoffs?
PageRank is really, really good at measuring the authority of webpages. But can it be used to predict the next NHL Stanley Cup champion? Learn more here.

Mobile: Beginner’s Guide: 9 Things You Should Know if You Are New to Mobile SEO
Mobile SEO is the process of improving user experience, optimisation, and becoming mobile-friendly. Here are 9 mobile optimisation strategies you need.


Industry: Google Holding First-Ever Virtual Conference on August 26th
Google announces the ‘Google Virtual Webmaster Unconference’ taking place on August 26th, registrations are open now.

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SEO: Google Search bug caused by issue with its ‘indexing systems’
Google said it was an issue with indexing that caused Monday’s really weird search results.

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SEO: Google rich results test tool adds support for article structured data
Google keeps upgrading this tool to add more and more structured data support.

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SEO: Google: Image License Or Copyrights Does Not Help With Rankings
Google’s John Mueller said he does not believe that an image that is licensed and copyrighted would rank better in search because it has a copyright label on it.

SEO: Google Has Not Cut Crawling & Indexing To Save Money During The Pandemic
Googles’s John Mueller has confirmed with the public that Google has not slowed crawling or indexing to save money and resources during the pandemic.

SEO: Google: Guest Blog Post Links Have Zero Value
Google’s John Mueller said that links from guest blog posts have zero value, and that you are wasting your time if your objectives is to gain links.

SEO: Google Supports Structured Data Formats Including BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WebP, and SVG
Google updated its Google Image best practices to specify that images referenced in structured data must be in one of the image file formats that are supported by Google Images. 

SEO: Why Google Shows Black Doctors in a Search for White Ones
Google’s Danny Sullivan explained why it appeared that Google favoured images of African-American doctors for search queries that were explicitly about Caucasian doctors.

SEO: WordPress Suspends Astra Theme – Affects 1 Million Users
WordPress suspended the Astra theme for five weeks for violating prohibitions on affiliate links. Theme publishers denied that the theme added affiliate links.

SEO: Google: You Don’t Need A Good Distribution Between Followed & Unfollowed Links
Google’s John Mueller said that by having a natural ratio of do and no follow links to avoid penalties is not true.

SEO: Google Tests Related Searches In Autosuggestion Results
Google is testing displaying related to recent searches in your autosuggestion or autocomplete search suggestions.

SEO: Two Google Featured Snippets From Same Domain
Google have been spotted displaying two featured snippets in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

SEO: Google’s Splitt: Meta Description Provides Content Summary
Google’s Martin Splitt tweeted that meta descriptions offer Google a summary of what’s important about a web page.

SEO: Google Asking Searcher: How Fast Did This Site Load?
Google is now asking some searchers how fast a site loaded after visiting the site and jumping back to the search results. 

SEO: Google: Heading Elements (Tags) Order Does Not Matter
Google’s John said that putting a H5 before a H1 won’t end up hurting the page from ranking organically in Google Search.

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SEO: Bing Webmaster Tools Will Expand Image & Video Reporting
Bing said that it will soon be expanding its reporting on image and videos. Bing Webmaster Tools has a search performance report but it currently does not let you filter the data by vertical.

SEO: Google Updates Search Console API Infrastructure: What You Need To Know.
Google announced they have been upgrading the infrastructure for the Google Search Console API. 

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SEO: Divi WordPress Theme Vulnerability
Critical vulnerability discovered in Elegant Themes Divi and Extra Themes as well as in the Divi Builder WordPress plugin.

SEO: Google extends lead forms to YouTube, Discovery campaigns
Google has been testing lead form ad extensions in Search campaigns. Now, advertisers can use the lead form extensions in YouTube and Discovery campaign ads as well. 

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SEO: Google Featured Snippets Without Borders – A Bug Or Feature?
Google displaying featured snippets but without borders. It seems like a bug to me but who knows, maybe Google is testing borderless featured snippets and search results.

SEO: Google: A Lot Of Negative Reviews Can Hurt Your Site
Google’s John Mueller said that if a brand has a ton of negative reviews, algorithms would pick up on that and the site might not rank as well.

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SEO: Google: Many Manual Actions Are Algorithmic Now & Not Used
Google’s John Mueller said that many of those manual actions are probably not used anymore. 

SEO: Google Doodle That Was Pulled Down Is Now Live: Wear a Mask. Save Lives.
Google Doodle about wearing a mask to help save lives and then Google pulled down the Doodle. Well, today, August 5th, it is back up and live.

SEO: Google’s Search Quality Raters Do Not Directly Influence Rankings
Google’s Danny Sullivan explains how changes to search rankings are implemented, and the role of search quality raters in the process.

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Paid: Google AdSense To Drop Western Union Payment Option
After over 13 years of offering Western Union as a payment method to Google AdSense publishers, Google has announced it is going away.

Paid: Beta Support for search in Google Ads scripts
Google announces beta support for a new search method in Google Ads script.

Paid: Google Ads Rolling Out Multiple Updates to App Campaigns
Google Ads is making several changes to app campaigns that are designed to simplify the creation process and and generate more conversions.

Social: TikTok has 45 Days to Sell or Get Out of USA
Presidential executive order bans TikTok within 45 days. American marketers hope a deal with Microsoft will save an important source of traffic.

Social: Facebook Messenger Plugin For Websites Receives Major Update
Facebook is updating its plugin for websites which allows visitors to chat with businesses over Messenger.

Social: Instagram Reels Launches Worldwide to Compete With TikTok
Instagram Reels, a direct competitor to TikTok, is launching in 50 countries including the United States.

Local: Google People Cards, Virtual Visiting Cards In India
Google has launched what they are calling “people cards” or “virtual visiting cards.” Google said these people cards are “where you can highlight your existing website or social profiles you want people to visit, plus other information about yourself that you want others to know.”

Local: DuckDuckGo: Google’s mobile share would drop 20% with new search choice screen
DuckDuckGo and Info.com bid successfully and are available on the choice screen in all European markets; otherwise there is some variation by country. 

Local: Google adds ‘last updated’ hours notification to GMB profiles
Google My Business (GMB) profiles now indicate when business hours were last updated.

Mobile: Google SEO 101: Mobile-First Indexing Problems
Google’s Martin Splitt goes over the most common issues with mobile-first indexing, and how to avoid them, in a new Lightning Talks episode.

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