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The Weekly Wrap – 19th August 2020

19TH AUGUST 2020


SEO: The Beginner’s Guide to Google Data Studio
Ready to take data visualisation to the next level? This guide to Google Data Studio will help you get started.

SEO: Which Is Better for Your Website: Backlinks or Content?
Wondering whether you should focus on building content or backlinks? In this Ask an SEO article, you’ll discover which one is more important.

SEO: Master the Power of eCommerce SEO To Boost Your Results
This guide to eCommerce SEO shows you how to conduct an SEO audit and do keyword research to boost your results, grow your traffic, revenue & sales.

SEO: SEO tips for your retail store
Content Media talks about the importance of SEO for retailers and a few tips to optimise your SEO. Why do you need SEO for your retail store? Find out.

SEO: An SEO’s guide to event schema markup
Paul Morris, explains event schema markup and provides a guide on how to implement it using Structured Data Markup Helper to show rich results in the SERPs.

SEO: 14 Google Sheets Formulas Every SEO Needs To Know
Make your job as an SEO much easier and less stressful. Copy these Google Sheets formulas and see what they can do for your work life and productivity.

SEO: Core Web Vitals: Less Than 15% of Sites Meet Benchmarks
Data from a recent study shows less than 15% of websites are optimised well enough to pass a Core Web Vitals assessment.

SEO: What Is a SERP: A Visual Guide to Google Search Results & Features
There’s much more to search engine results pages (SERPs) than 10 blue links. Here are all the SERP features you need to know for SEO today.

SEO: 18 Alternative Search Engines to Google (You Should Also Optimize Your Website for)
Google isn‘t right for every search and for every individual. That‘s why we‘ve compiled a list of alternative search engines, from Bing to GIPHY, that are out there for you to use.

SEO: Structured Data & Relevance: Reading Between the Google Guidelines
Structured data is relevant to just about every algorithm update in the past five years. Learn how structured data markup can future-proof your SEO.

SEO: WordPress 5.5 – Easy Overview
WordPress 5.5 is out now. It’s a major update. This is what’s happening, in plain English.

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Paid: Build Custom Reports in Google Analytics
Google Analytics’ custom reporting is great for streamlining PPC reports. This post explains how to build a custom report in GA to eliminate manual reports.

Paid: Google Product Listing Ads: a Guide to Driving Sales
Learn how to optimise your Google Product Listing ads to drive sales and see a good ROAS (not just paying Google for a high cost-per-click bid).

Paid: How to Optimize Network & Placement Targeting for YouTube Ads
This post covers how to choose the right network and placement types for optimal Youtube ad targeting, so you can reach the right audiences on the right channels and avoid wasting any of your precious ad spend.

Paid: 20 Tips for Aligning SEO & PPC for Better Ecommerce Results
Ready to win more customers and sales? These SEO and PPC tips can help set up your business for ecommerce success through the rest of this turbulent year.

Paid: Bumper Ads: Your Six-Second Secret Weapon
Thinking of creating bumper video ad campaigns on Google Ads? Follow these four principles to turn them into a powerful new tool for your brand.

Content: How to Create an FAQ Page Optimized for Search
Follow these five steps to create an FAQ page optimised for Google search

Content: 6 Proven Tips for Successful Facebook Videos
Improve your Facebook video engagement with these tips culled from a study of over 10.5 million posts

Content: Why Now’s the Time for Interactive Content [Examples]
Help your audience get active with your brand. Consider your interactive content options.

Content: Optimizing Podcasts for The Local Businesses
Effectively engage with consumers while informing them about your brand through podcasts and stand out from your competition.

Content: How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Content Marketing in 5 Easy Steps
Simplify your content optimisation process and reduce your stress with this guide to creating an effective content marketing editorial calendar.

Content: How to Integrate Content Marketing & SEO
Learn how to create content that will have the best chances of bringing in sustainable, qualified, and long-lasting organic traffic.

Content: 20 Places You Should Be Sharing Your Content
Writing and publishing blog posts or articles on your own website isn’t good enough. Here are 20 more places where you can, and should, share your content.

Social: How to Use Facebook Live Producer to Go Live From the Desktop
In this article, you’ll discover how to set up a live stream with Facebook Live Producer. You’ll learn how to activate valuable features that improve engagement and live-stream management, and find out how to customise the thumbnail for your Facebook live video.

Social: How to Get Subscribers on YouTube: 12 Ways to Increase Your Subscriptions (for Free)
In this post, we share 12 free tactics that you can use to get more subscribers on your YouTube channel organically, without having to need to pay to advertise to reach new audiences.

Social: The Top Twitter Analytics Tools in 2020
Find out top Twitter analytics tools to amplify your strategy and reach great results. Become data-driven on Twitter today!

Social: How to Analyze Instagram Stories: 7 Metrics to Track
In this article, you’ll discover seven key Instagram story metrics that reveal what content piqued users’ interest, where interest may have dropped off, and whether people are taking action and engaging with your stories.

Social: Instagram Live: Creative Hacks to Get Engaged Viewers
In this article, you’ll learn how to use Instagram features to attract engaged viewers to your Instagram Live videos. You’ll also discover how to improve the quality of your live video and how to save your Instagram live video for replay on IGTV.

Social: 6 Ways Brands Are Using Instagram Reels
Check out how major brands are using Instagram Reels and gained over millions of views. Learn new content ideas so you can post your first Reel today!

Social: Viral Marketing: What It Is And How To Make It Work for You
Viral marketing is when a business’s content catches user interest to such a high degree that it is widely spread by the general public.

Social: How To Use Facebook Messenger to Boost Your Business
Facebook Messenger lets you resolve customer service questions & proactively drive sales. See how to use Facebook Messenger for business here.

Social: How to Optimize Your Social Posts for the Visually Impaired
In this article, you’ll discover tips and tools to make your social media content accessible to everyone.

SociaL: Email Outreach: How to Send Emails That Convert
Email outreach is an essential part of any SEO strategy, and it‘s a skill that you‘ll need to develop. See a proven process to send emails that convert.

Social: 4 Facebook Ecommerce Tips to Boost Sales
Here, we’re sharing six Facebook ecommerce tips to improve your ads and boost your sales, including leveraging actions in your funnel, identifying high-quality audiences, and more!

Social: What will make your brand stand out on LinkedIn in 2020?
LinkedIn is the most trusted platform for Fortune 500 companies and can open several doors for your brand, provided you know how to make the most of it.

Social: 9 Data-Backed Reasons to be Advertising on TikTok (and Not Just to Zillenials)
Learn more about how TikTok ads can help any business to increase exposure and authentically market its products and services—to any audience.

Local: How to optimize your Google local Knowledge Panel
Turn your local business profiles in the search results into portals that can deliver customers right from your listings.

Mobile: Google May Lose Market Share When This Change Rolls Out
A study commissioned by DuckDuckGo finds Google will lose mobile market share when Android’s search preference menus start rolling out to users.


Industry: Google to Remain Default Search Engine on Firefox
Google is renewing its deal with Mozilla to ensure it remains the default search engine on Firefox.

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Industry: 500 SEOs Waitlisted For The Google Virtual Webmaster Unconference
Google Virtual Webmaster Unconference was sold out within a few hours after it was announced. Google opened up a few more spots yesterday morning but those were taken very quickly.

Industry: Genius not looking so smart after Google escapes liability for ‘misappropriating’ lyrics
Defendants Google LLC and LyricFind have been caught red-handed misappropriating content from Genius’s website.

SEO: Bing Webmaster Tools To Add Some Sort Of Crawl Report
Bing said sometime next month a new tool or report will be coming to the new Bing Webmaster Tools that will show details that the old crawl report showed, including the response codes.

SEO: New Google Search Console AMP Reports Signed Exchange Issues
Google has upgraded the AMP enhancement report within Google Search Console to show Signed Exchange related issues. 

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SEO: Google Trailer Video Thumbnail & Hides Thumbnails For In This Video Highlights
Google is showing video thumbnails in the trailer section that you can navigate through to see additional videos. 

SEO: Chrome 86 Will Crack Down Hard on Insecure Forms
Google Chrome 86 will show two warnings to users submitting insecure forms over the HTTPS protocol.

SEO: Bing to Share Future Updates Via New Twitter Handle
Microsoft’s engineering team at Bing is launching a new Twitter account for sharing updates and communicating directly with site owners.

SEO: Improve performance and security with Server-Side Tagging
To help address these challenges, we’re introducing Server-Side Tagging to Google Tag Manager and Tag Manager 360. 

SEO: Google Search Console Insights Is Live For Some
Google has announced a new Google Search Console Insights BETA tool for publishers.

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SEO: Google: We Do Not Want Machine Translated Content In The Index
Google’s Gary Illyess said that if you do use machine translated tools, make sure to have a human review it and adjust it.

SEO: Google: XML Sitemap Do Not Help With User Experience
Google’s John Mueller, Gary Illyess and Pascal Birchler chime on XML sitemaps providing better user experience. XML Sitemaps are for machines, not humans. So they give machines a good experience, but not users a good user experience.

SEO: Why Google Showed Capitalism in Search for Socialism and Racism
Google Search accused of political bias. Google explained why the results were shown, then removed them soon after.

SEO: Google: Heading Tags are a Strong Signal
Google’s John Mueller says that heading tags send a strong signal about the content.

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SEO: Google: No Such Thing As Too Many Outbound Links
Google’s John Mueller was asked if there is such a thing as having too many outbound links, even if those links are natural. 

SEO: Google: High Domain Authority With Backlinks Does Not Guarantee High Rankings
Google’s John Mueller said even if your site has “high domain authority with backlinks” there is no guarantee that it will lead to high Google rankings.

SEO: How Google Improves Search Results
In a new video, Google goes over the various techniques it uses to improve search results.

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SEO: Google SEO 101: All About Canonicalization
Google’s Martin Splitt, and Rachel Costello of Builtvisibile, discuss common questions about canonicalisation in the latest episode of SEO Mythbusting.

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SEO: Google Search adds flight, hotel search features around COVID-19
Google has officially launched new flight search and travel search features to help those who are traveling during the pandemic. 

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SEO: Google Search helps users find live sport games, linear TV shows
Google announced it has added a feature to Google Search to help searchers find live sports games and live TV shows.

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SEO: Google Image Search Highlight Can Now Highlight Text On Your Web Pages
Google Search on some browsers can now highlight text and even scroll down to the portion of the page with the text from the search results page to your web page. Well, now it seems to also work not just in web searches featured snippets but also in Google Image search.

SEO: Google Tests Search Results Interface Without Borders
Google is testing its search results interface without borders around any of the search result features. 

SEO: Moz Spam Score Does Not Influence Your Google Rankings
Google’s John Mueller said that Moz spam score doesn’t affect your backlinks and is not used by Google.

SEO: New Shopify Google Web Vitals App
A new Shopify Web Vitals app was announced. Shopify merchants can begin optimising for fast web page speeds direct from their dashboard.

SEO: Google: An Indexing System Failure Caused The Search Results Glitch
Google confirmed there was a bug and now things were back to normal. Google then explained the bug stemmed from the indexing system.

SEO: Google Says Not Correct: It Does Not Monitor Sites Listed In Disavow Files
Google’s John Mueller said, again, that having disavow files won’t lead Google to monitor your website closely as there are many reasons behind setting up disavow files.

SEO: Google Tests People Also Ask On Right Side Bar
We have seen Google test the people also search for box on the right side bar.

SEO: Google Merchant Center New Attribute To Exclude Products From Certain Countries
Google Merchant Center added a new technical attribute you can use to exclude some or all of your products from displaying in specific countries. 

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Paid: Google Performance Planner adds support for conversion delay and shared budgets
Google has added three new features to Performance Planner, its ad campaign forecasting tool.

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Social: New Tools to Stand Out With Your LinkedIn Profile
Here are a few of the most recent updates to help you do this on your LinkedIn profile.

Social: Instagram is Fighting Off Fake Accounts With ID Checks
Instagram is implementing a new measure to keep bots and fake account off its platform.

Social: Facebook Messenger Merging With Instagram Direct
Facebook is merging Messenger chats with Instagram direct messages, giving users a way to access both inboxes from the same place.

Social: Facebook launches free ‘paid online events’ for SMBs and others
The new all-in-one tool will be free for at least a year, the company says.

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Social: LinkedIn Sells SlideShare to Scribd
LinkedIn’s SlideShare is being sold to Scribd, an acquisition that will significantly expand the company’s digital library.

Social: Facebook Warning Users Before Sharing COVID-19 Links
Facebook is issuing warnings to users before sharing links to content about COVID-19 that may be outdated or contain misinformation.

Social: Facebook Closing U.S. Election Ad Loophole
In the latest effort to combat misinformation and media bias ahead of U.S. elections, Facebook is addressing a loophole for politically-backed news entities

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Local: Yelp’s updated ‘Request a Quote’ and new ‘Nearby Jobs’ provide lead-gen for SMBs
No longer merely a ‘review site,’ Yelp repositioning as a ‘one-stop local platform’ to communicate and transact with local businesses.

Local: Google Local Panel Displays Awkward Positioned Map
Many have noticed an awkward positioned map box in the local knowledge panel section in Google Search. 

Local: Google Australia Notice – The Way Aussies Use Google Is At Risk
Australians who go to Google are seeing a notice, a pop up, on Google Search that reads “The way Aussies use Google is at risk.” It adds “your search experience will be hurt by new regulation” and then asks the user to dismiss the alert or learn more.

Local: Google now enables GMB profile edits from Search and Maps [updated]
The company is seeking more SMB engagement by making updates easier and more accessible.

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Local: Google My Business: Your Menu Managed By An External Service
Google My Business seems to be rolling out a useful feature to let business owners, mostly restaurants, know that their menus displayed on their local listing is managed by an external service. 

Local: Google Local Listing Reviews Asking More Questions
Google is expanding on its local listing reviews for service level businesses.

Local: Google launches ‘people cards’ in Search
Google has launched public search profile cards for individuals in India. Known as “people cards,” the new feature has already begun rolling out in English for mobile users.

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Mobile: Google Chrome to Highlight Fast Pages on Mobile
Google Chrome will assign a “fast page” label to pages that meet or exceed all Core Web Vitals benchmarks.

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