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The Weekly Wrap – 4th November 2020



SEO: Does changing your business phone number affect SEO?
How you handle the process of changing your business phone number can impact your SEO, but also customer trust and their perception of your brand.

SEO: How to Protect a WordPress Site from Hackers
Tips on how to protect a WordPress site from getting hacked, including recommended security plugins.

SEO: How to Use the New Preview Mode in Google Tag Manager
Want to make the most of Google Tag Manager’s new features? Check out four simple steps to start using the updated preview mode in the platform.

SEO: Are Search Engine Ranking Tools Still Useful?
Tracking rankings isn’t as clear cut as it used to be anymore. So are ranking tools still beneficial for SEO? Find out here.

SEO: How to get the most out of Google’s product Knowledge Panels
This guide will provide manufacturers, retailers and the agencies that work with them with an overview of ways that they can help build out their product panels to inform potential customers and increase the odds of making the sale.

SEO; Ecommerce Product Page SEO: 20 Dos & Don’ts
Ecommerce websites need to get product page SEO right. Here’s a guide for what you should (and shouldn’t) do when creating and optimising product pages.

SEO: Reputation Management SEO: A Beginner’s Guide
SEO is crucial in shaping and controlling the narrative around your brand in the SERPs. Here are six essential SEO tips for managing your online reputation.

SEO: Featured snippets: The 9 rules of optimization
Here’s a set of guidelines to follow when optimising for the featured snippet – like using an “is” statement and defining the topic concisely.

SEO: 5 Benefits of a Standardized Global URL Structure
Don’t let a poor URL structure affect customer satisfaction. Here are five reasons you need to standardise your global website’s URL structure.

SEO: How to Measure SEO Performance and Results
Wondering how to measure SEO results? From tracking positions on SERPs to reporting on organic traffic and more, we‘ll break down how you can measure SEO success.

SEO: Could Google passage indexing be leveraging BERT?
How Google leverages BERT depends on the use of the term ‘Passage Indexing’ (although it’s identified as a ranking update).

SEO: 10 Google Sheets Add-Ons That Make SEO Work Easier
Google Sheets is a go-to tool for SEO professionals. Why not use add-ons to save time and simplify tasks? Check out 10 add-ons that can help.

SEO: 5 SEO Quick Fixes for Ecommerce Sites
Not all ecommerce SEO problems require complex solutions. Learn five common SEO issues hounding ecommerce websites and the best ways to address them fast.

SEO: 3 Reasons Why You Need to Integrate CRO with SEO
It’s high time for companies to reconsider a more integrated approach to deploying SEO with CRO. Here are three reasons why.

SEO: Google’s featured snippets: How to get your YouTube video featured in Google
Some of the most practical tips to get your YouTube video featured on Google’s featured snippet. More on how to let Google discover and rank your videos.

SEO: 10 Advanced SEO Techniques to Take You to the Next Level
When you operate in a competitive sector; you‘ll need to be doing more than the basics to achieve SEO success, and in this guide, we dive deep into 10 advanced SEO techniques that you should be using.

SEO: The Mechanics of E-A-T: How Google Patents Can Help Explain How E-A-T Works
While we don’t know all the ways E-A-T impacts search, looking at Google patents can give us an understanding of what Google’s algorithms are capable of.

SEO: SEO Certifications (Are They Worth It and Which One Is Best?)
SEO certifications are becoming increasingly popular among novice and experienced SEOs and digital marketing professionals. Read our post about the best SEO certifications available on the market!

Content: How to Create an Effective Content Strategy for Ecommerce
From optimising content to capture users to introducing video and social campaigns, creating an ecommerce content strategy requires focus and solid planning. Read our ecommerce content strategy tips!

Content: 7 Effective Productivity Hacks to Combat Crappy Copywriting
The number one reason for disengaging copy? A lack of productivity. Here are seven tips to help deliver quality copy on various writing projects.

Content: How To Develop a Content Strategy Workflow
Learn how to develop a content strategy workflow by following our 8-step process. A content strategy workflow can help you organise your content and create a better content marketing strategy.

Social: How to Promote Your Content via Social Media
In this article, you’ll discover a system for easily promoting each piece of content you produce.

Social: How YouTube Creators Make Money: A Guide to Cashing in on Success
Do you know all the ways to make money on YouTube? If not, here’s a list of exciting, life-changing opportunities for monetising your content.

Social: YouTube Video Strategy: How to Grow a Business With YouTube
In this article, you’ll learn what types of YouTube content and calls to action Sunny uses to scale her business, how to apply the Hot Script Formula to drive traffic to your offer, and more.

Social: 10 Best Photo and Video Editing Apps for Social Media
What is the best photo editing app? And which video editing software is worth buying? Find out the best photo & video editing apps for social media.

Social: How to Create Effective LinkedIn Ads Retargeting Campaigns
LinkedIn ads retargeting campaigns help you capture the customers that got away. Learn 5 strategies for creating them to improve your ad ROI.

Social: How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos for Google Search Visibility
In this article, you’ll discover how to optimise your YouTube videos for more visibility in Google search results.

Social: Facebook Advertising Strategies for Musicians
Facebook Ads for musicians are focused on driving sales and building a fanbase. These five funnel-focused tactics can help you get results.

Local: Local SEO Workflows to Better Manage Your Google My Business Listing
Discover how to optimise your Google My Business listing and grow your business with smart and simple local SEO strategies.


SEO: Bing Search APIs Are Moving To Azure Marketplace
Bing announced on the search blog that the Bing Search APIs are moving from Azure Cognitive Services Platform to Azure Marketplace.

SEO: Google Short Videos Carousel In Search Results
Google seems to be testing another form of carousel feature in the Google Search results. This one is called “short videos” and was spotted for a search on recipes.

SEO: Google Tests Black Search Tools Bar
Google seems to be testing a black, instead of blue, font and underline for the search bar tools under the search box on both desktop and mobile.

SEO: Google Cache Link Not Dependent On Site Traffic
Google’s John Mueller was asked if sites with higher traffic are more likely to be given a cache link in Google Search. The answer John Mueller gave was no, “our caching in search isn’t dependent on traffic.”

SEO: Google Recommends Permanent URLs for Black Friday Pages
Google shares best practices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages.

SEO: Google: Out Of Stock One Of A Kind Product Pages Should Be Archived
Google give official advice on how you should handle out of stock products on your web site. But what about products that you sell that are one-of-a-kind, made unique, made once, and sold to one person. 

SEO: Google To Stop Supported Data-Vocabulary On January 31, 2021, For Real This Time
Google has announced “please take note – from January 31, 2021 http://data-vocabulary.org markup will stop being eligible for Google search result features and enhancements.” 

SEO: How Google Chooses to Rank Images and Videos in Search Results
Google’s John Mueller answered how Google chooses to rank images and videos in the SERPs

SEO: Google Answers Question About Passages SEO
Google’s John Mueller answered a question about search optimising web pages for Google’s new passages ranking algorithm.

Related Articles: 

SEO: WordPress Update Fiasco
Latest WordPress update is all trick and no treat. Required a second update to fix problems. Update now.

SEO: Google on 307/HSTS Redirects (HTTP to HTTPS)
Google’s John Mueller explains how Googlebot interacts with HSTS redirects, also known as 307’s.

SEO: Google Ignores Capitalization In HTML
John Mueller of Google was asked capitals in HTML and he said “IMO capitalisation in HTML attribute names is ignored (eg in XHTML they’re often completely in caps).” He did add that it makes sense to do it lowercase and be consistent but hey.

SEO: Can Google Search Differentiate B2B vs B2C Web Sites?
John Mueller of Google was asked if Google Search understand the difference between B2B and B2C web sites, and responded with ‘not really.’ Read more here.

SEO: Google: E-Commerce Sites Should Use Unavailable Request Indexing Tool Prior To Black Friday
Google lists a bunch of SEO tips for e-commerce sites to get ready for the upcoming Black Friday sales day. One of those tips is to use the request indexing tool, but that tool was temporarily suspended and we do not know when it will come back.

SEO: Google Tests Always Open Search Tools Options
Google Search has a “tools” feature that when you do a search and you want to filter the search results by more options, like time or type of result, you can just click on “tools” to show the filter options. Well, Google is testing removing the requirement to click on the “tools” to toggle on these options.

SEO: Google Search Console Coverage Report Delayed Again
The coverage report within Google Search Console is delayed again. It is currently now delayed by 10-days, as opposed to the normal two-day delay in reporting.

SEO: Microsoft Clarity, the company’s tool for visualizing user experience, is out of beta
Microsoft Clarity, a free product to help site owners better understand visitor behaviour so that they can improve their user experiences, is out of beta and now generally available.

SEO: Microsoft Announces Clarity – Free Website Analytics
Microsoft announces a free analytics tool that shows exactly what users are doing on your site while respecting their privacy.

Paid: Microsoft Advertising New Promotion Extensions
Microsoft launched new “Promotion Extensions” that allows advertisers on Microsoft Advertising to highlight a special offer or a special deal in your text ad. 

Paid: Google Ads Add-On To Google Sheets & Link To Ads Data Hub
Google Ads announced two features for managing your data outside of Google Ads. There is a new Google Ads add-on is now available for Google Sheets and also now a way link your Google Ads account to Ads Data Hub directly in the interface.

Paid: Google Ads Maximize Clicks Bid Strategy Going Away January 2021
Google announced that those using target spend with the Maximise Clicks bid strategy in Google Ads will switch to use daily campaign budgets starting in January 2021.

Paid: Google Ads Report Editor gets a new look
Google Ads has rolled out a new look for Report Editor (located under Reports in the UI). I started seeing this new layout for setting up Custom reports in some accounts a few weeks ago when I was looking into the changes to Location reporting.

Related Articles:

Paid: Google Ads Activates Real Time Alerts Feature & More
Google Ads added a few new features including real-time alerts, improvements to draft campaigns and easier access to make new campaigns and view disapprovals. The most exciting new feature is the real-time alerts.

Paid: Google Political Ads Policy To Restrict Ads After Election Day & Claim That Claim Results
Google posted that it will change its political ad policy to restrict ads throughout after election day and ads that claim outcomes of the elections. 

Social: LinkedIn Launches Company Engagement Report For B2B Marketers
LinkedIn is launching the Company Engagement Report which offers valuable insights for marketers.

Social: YouTube Improves Mobile Experience With 5 Updates
YouTube is rolling out five updates to improve the mobile experience for users.

Social: Instagram Extends Live Stream Time Limit to 4 Hours
Instagram is extending the time limit on live streams from one hour to four hours.

Local: Tripadvisor launches new listings, reputation and data products to help hotels and restaurants gain insights, boost visibility
The company has been trying to help these groups with a number of new products and services that meet perceived needs and generate new subscription revenue.

Local: Google My Business Progress Status Of Reinstatement Request
Google is now testing in Google My Business a status indicator of where your reinstatement request is. So if you contact Google My Business for something, if you go back to the form, it might show the status of that request.

Mobile: Does the Google antitrust case make an Apple search engine more likely?
U.S. Justice Department’s (DOJ’s) antitrust action against Google, may accelerate any plans Apple has to go it alone in search.

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