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The Weekly Wrap – 28th October 2020



SEO: How to Measure the Value of Your Subscribers
Customer investments don’t all require a purchase. Learn how to develop an audience-as-customer business model.

SEO: HTTPS Is Table Stakes for SEO in 2020
Page-one HTTPS URLs in Google search are at 98% (according to MozCast). This post looks at a much larger data set (7.5M keywords) and finds much the same. If you haven’t switched to HTTPS/SSL, you can’t play the Google game.

SEO: Don’t Be a Link Builder: 7 Deadly Link Building Sins Y’all Are Committing
Steer clear of these seven damaging mistakes to make sure you’re always bringing your A-game to your link building efforts.

SEO: 22 Gmail Hacks: Turn Your Inbox Into a Productivity Powerhouse
These Gmail features will change the way you manage your inbox and increase your productivity. Learn how to make the most of your Gmail account.

SEO: 10 Ways to Improve SEO in 2021 (That Will Boost Ranking)
From refreshing and updating content to properly integrating tracking data and tools, there are many ways to work on improving your SEO in 2021. Learn to improve your SEO as we head into the new year.

SEO: SEO Best Practices When Using GIFs
What are the pros and cons of dynamic GIF content? Are GIFs good or bad for SEO? Here’s everything you need to know when using GIFs in your web content.

SEO: Dwell Time: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?
Dwell time is the amount of time that goes by from the moment a user clicks on a search result to the moment they return to the search engine results pages (SERPs). Read on about dwell time metrics.

SEO: SEO in a Nutshell: Understanding, Credibility & Deliverability
By understanding what Google’s problems are, we can better help it to help us. Make sure your SEO efforts support Google’s three most important “needs.”

SEO: SEO FAQs and The 23 Most Asked Basic Questions About SEO
If you‘re just starting out in SEO, there‘s a very good chance that you have a lot of questions, and in this guide, we‘ve answered 23 of those that we most commonly hear asked.

SEO: 12 Proven Steps to Boost Your Organic CTR in Google
Improving your Organic CTR means more traffic for your website without necessarily having to improve your ranking. Here are 12 things you can do.

SEO: How to Improve Site Performance: 4 Speed Audit Quick Wins
Improving your web performance doesn’t always have to be cumbersome. Start with these four quick fixes that require minimal edits to site code.

SEO: How to Use Google Trends for YouTube
Need guidance on your keyword and content strategies for YouTube? Learn five ways you can use Google Trends to uncover valuable insights.

SEO: How to Add Emojis to Title Tags & Meta Descriptions in WordPress
Want to add emojis in your WordPress titles and meta descriptions? ? Learn how to do it – and why it doesn’t always work.

SEO: How to Use the SEMrush Audience Insights for Your Marketing Campaigns
The Audience Insights report provides information on how you can better connect with your potential customers and partners. You can use it to equip your presales, advertising, media-buying, and remarketing campaigns.

SEO: Old MSN Search Web Site : How It Really Began
Frederic Dubut, the web ranking PM at Microsoft Bing, posted a screen shot on Twitter of the old beta MSN Search home page from 2004, when Microsoft first got into search. We covered the betas and launches here but our screen shots are forever gone.

Paid: Amazon Stores: An Essential Guide for Driving Growth with Storefronts
Learn about the new features that come with Amazon Stores and how they can drive traffic, increase your conversions, and boost your brand.

Paid: The 14 Best Ways to Use UTM Parameters for Conversion Tracking
UTM codes are great for determining which channels drive the most traffic, but did you know you can use them to track so much more?

Paid: How (and Why) to Set Up Microsoft Ads Event Tracking with Google Tag Manager
In this post, we walk you through how to set up event tracking using Google Tag Manager. Why? Because it’s the best way to set up conversion tracking in Microsoft Ads for those of us who cannot use URL rules, traditional conversion tracking in Microsoft Ads does not work. 

Content: How to Write a Killer Company One-Pager (With Examples)
A one-pager distills your business down into the core components that matter most to your customers. In this post, I’m going to walk you through the essential elements you need when writing a one-sheet for your business and provide real examples for added inspiration.

Social: Instagram Messaging for Business: Why It’s Key to Community Care
Read more on how customers value responsiveness on social media. Learn all the reasons why brands should invest more time in Instagram messaging.

Social: Instagram Filter Hacks: How to Tap Into Hidden Filters
In this article, you’ll discover how to use Instagram filters on feed posts, stories, and reels. You’ll also learn how to use a different filter for each image in a carousel post and find out how to customise filters to match your style and business type.

Social: What is Social Commerce and Why Should Your Brand Care?
This article will teach you exactly what social commerce is and how it differs from other forms of ecommerce, with tips for driving sales.

Social: Live Video Simplified: An Easier System to Success
Tanya Smith – Video Strategist, explains her threefold system for producing live video easily and regularly, and she shares recommendations for tools and equipment you can use to improve your own live video workflow.

Social: How to Get Verified on Instagram in 3 Simple Steps + Tips to Increase Your Odds
There are no hard and fast rules about exactly how many followers you need to get verified on Instagram, but it helps to have at least 1,000.

Social: How to Use Self-Liquidating Offers in Your Facebook Ads
In this article, you’ll discover how to use Facebook or Instagram ads to promote a small, self-liquidating offer that leads to an upsell.

Social: The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Shops (With Examples)
Facebook Shops market social commerce easy for every size business. Use this guide to create your own Facebook Shop and start selling now.

Mobile: How 5G will pave the way for mobile app innovation
U.S. 5G networks expected over the next two years. Digital Turbine Media’s Executive VP shares the top six trends to expect as 5G covers the country.


SEO: Microsoft Bing May Be Having Search Indexing Issues
Bing is not indexing pages like it use to for its search engine. 

SEO: Google: Suspension Of Request Indexing Unrelated To Indexing Bugs
Google suspended (temporarily) the request indexing feature in Google Search Console. This came during the time Google had numerous ongoing indexing issues with search. Google has fixed those indexing issues but the request indexing tool is still not active. Google said the two are unrelated.

SEO: Google Tests Green Bubble Header Display In Search
Google is now testing a different interface for that where the header is a white background but instead Google uses buttons in bubble format that are coloured.

SEO: Google Invests in Tokopedia Online Shopping Platform
Google invests in Tokopedia, an Indonesian online marketplace that connects sellers to consumers.

SEO: Google Shares How Noindex Meta Tag Can Cause Issues
Google’s John Mueller answers why using a meta noindex could backfire on certain kinds of pages.

SEO: Google Answers If Site Section Can Impact Ranking Score of Entire Site
Google answers if a site section can negatively impact ranking score of entire site and how to stop it from happening.

SEO: GoogleBot To Help Chrome Detect & Block Abusive Notifications
GoogleBot will be helping Chrome with this effort by occasionally subscribing to website push notifications if the push permission is requested.

SEO: WordPress 5.6 Feature Removed For Subpar Experience
An important feature of WordPress 5.6 was removed because it was nowhere near ready. Opens the door for progress on a bigger feature.

SEO: Loginizer WordPress Vulnerability Affects +1 Million Sites
Popular WordPress security plugin Loginizer patched two security issues, including a SQL Injection.

SEO: Google Has A “Stupid” High Limit On Number Of Links On A Page
Gary Illyes from Google said Google does have “some stupid high number” where it will stop extracting the links on that page.

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SEO: Google Talks Rendering, Indexing, SEO & Developer Relations, Conferences & Bitcoin Scams
In the latest version of Google’s Search Off the Record podcast with John Mueller, Gary Illyes and Martin Splitt. They spoke about a ton of topics including rendering, indexing, SEO and developer relations, the unconference and next conference. 

SEO: Google moves one step closer to ads that can deliver personalization and privacy
Individualised targeting is replaced by group targeting using an algorithm to assign people to interest-based cohorts.

SEO: Google Can Subscribe to Push Notifications
Google announced news of how Chrome 86 blocks abusive push notifications. Google identifies them by subscribing to some push notifications.

SEO: WordPress Gutenberg 9.2 – Dozens of Improvements
WordPress Gutenberg 9.2 offers dozens of new features. Moves closer to becoming a modern site editor.

SEO: Google Says Links In Commented Out HTML Do Not Impact Ranking
Martin Splitt of Google, in a rare case about talking specifically about Google rankings, said that he has confirmed that while Google can discover links within commented out HTML code, those links do not get used for ranking purposes in Google.

SEO: Google Search Augmented Reality For Car Manufacturers
Google has had 3D images, augmented and VR based images in search for over a year now.But now Google has added support for it for car manufacturers and it is live. 

SEO: Google Search Console Sends Notifications For Discover Optimization Tips
Google sent out a bunch of notifications via Google Search Console to let some publishers know that they are missing out on Google Discover traffic. 

SEO; Google confirms it doesn’t index passages separately
Google said that this change doesn’t mean we’re indexing individual passages independently of pages. We’re still indexing pages and considering info about entire pages for ranking. But now we can also consider passages from pages as an additional ranking factor.

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Paid: Google to Highlight Best Shopping Deals in Search Results
Google is helping retailers maximise exposure of their deals by highlighting promotions in search results.

Paid: Google Adds Shopping Features For Advertisers & Searchers
Google has added a bunch of features to Google Ads and Shopping right before the holiday shopping season. Features like price tracking, price comparison and other features around shoppings getting a good price on what they want to buy.

Paid: Google AdSense Vignette Ads Now Supported On Wider Screens
Google posted that vignette ads are now supported on wider screens. Google wrote “vignette ads now support a larger range of screen sizes. For sites that have vignettes turned on, vignette ads will soon start to appear on wider screens such as desktop.”

Content: Google: Translating Content, Don’t Forget To Translate Title Tags
Danny Sullivan from Google issued a PSA yesterday afternoon saying that if you translate your content on your web pages, do not forget to also translate the title tags as well. In addition, do not forge to translate the meta tags, structured data and other parameters.

Social: Facebook Ads Documented by FTC as Promoting Scams
The United States Federal Trade Commission documented millions of dollars of Facebook Ads scams.

Social: LinkedIn Makes Virtual Events Easier to Find
LinkedIn is making it easier for users to find virtual events on its platform.

Social: Snapchat Lets Users Add Music to Snaps
Snapchat users on iOS can now add licensed music to their content.

Social: Instagram Lets More Users Make Money With Fan Badges
Instagram is expanding its test of fan badges, letting more users make money through live streams.

Social: Facebook launches new Shopping audiences, Instagram Product Tag ads, tests Shops discounts
Facebook continues to expand Shopping capabilities and features across its platforms.

Local: Google Local Product Carousel Display Bugs
Google has another bug, this one is with how Google displays some products on the Google local panel.

Local: Google Package Tracking API Now Only Accepts POST Requests
Google updated its documentation to say “Google Package Tracking makes real-time calls (POST requests only) to a RESTful JSON API to retrieve package tracking information.”

Local: Google Local Wait Times Seems Fixed
Google is now showing that there are little to no wait times at these restaurants, which is accurate because few people are actually going to restaurants these days compared to pre-COVID.

Local: Live: Google Maps Square Pins For Ads
Google have been spotted displaying Square Pins for Ads prior going live.

Local: Google Local & Maps Displays Health & Safety On Search Results
Google My Business has been spotted showing Health and Safety sections under the “About” tab, under a section called “Health and safety.”

Mobile: WhatsApp Announces Shopping and Payment Tools for Businesses
Facebook and WhatsApp announced that it is increasing its investment into shopping with WhatsApp. Facebook has listened to feedback and will begin offering more and expanded tools to help businesses sell more online with WhatsApp.

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