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The Weekly Wrap – 3rd February 2021



SEO: 3 Ways to Quickly Compare Your Website with Your Competitors1
Want to be number one in the SERPs? Start with these 3 quick ways to do competitor analysis, complete with SEO tool recommendations.

SEO: How Can I Compete Against Bigger Websites With More Backlinks?
Concentrating on your competitor, and not your own site is a losing situation. Learn the smart strategy to use when competing with bigger websites.

SEO: Why Is My Organic Traffic Down? Here Are 4 Things to Check
Do you see a negative trend in your Google Analytics account? Here are 4 ways to diagnose a decline in organic traffic.

SEO: SEO Forecasting in Google Sheets
After the success of a 2015 article in which he shared a free forecasting tool, Tom has created a new, free spreadsheet template to forecast how your SEO efforts will affect your site traffic. In this post, he shows you how it works and how to use it, and then how to build your own (better?) version.

SEO: Finding Keyword Opportunities Without Historical Data
3.5 billion queries are searched every day, and 525 million of those queries are brand new. That is a huge number of opportunities waiting to be identified and worked into strategies, optimisation, and content plans. The trouble is, all of the usual keyword research tools are, at best, a month behind with the data they can provide.

SEO: Your Rankings Have Dropped – 10 Things to Do Now
Use this 10-step process to identify why your organic search rankings have dropped so you can resolve issues and get your SEO back on track.

SEO: Eight simple steps to write epic product descriptions that boost conversions
In this article, you’ll learn tips for writing epic and well-crafted product descriptions that can that help you to boost conversions for your online store.

SEO: Learn Advanced SEO & PPC in New On-Demand Master Classes
Get on-demand access to SEJ’s eSummit Advanced SEO & PPC Master Classes to broaden & deepen your knowledge and skills, whenever and wherever you want.

SEO: What Are Semantic Keywords? SEO for Beginners
Learn more about semantic keywords and why they’re an important part of any SEO strategy.

SEO: How to Get Your Website Listed in Google News
Want to know how to get your newsworthy website content listed in Google News? Learn the guidelines and get best practices and tips here.

SEO: Five hacks to enhance your organic CTR and rankings in SERPs
Want to improve your organic CTR without content creation or link building? Use these five strategies today to generate more site traffic while boosting search rankings.

SEO: Keyword Strategy: How to Get the Basics Right
Your business needs a keyword strategy. It‘s as simple as that. And in this guide, we‘re going to dive deep into what this is, why you need one and how to get the basics right.

SEO: A Beginner’s Guide to Keyword Search Volume
Keyword search volume is a valuable search engine optimisation metric. Here’s how you can use search volume data to improve your SEO.

SEO: What are LSI Keywords and Do They Matter?
LSI keywords are a point of contention within the SEO community, and in this guide, we take a deep dive into the topic and answer commonly asked questions to help you to understand it in more depth.

SEO: 6 Keyword Optimization Tips for SEO
Keyword optimisation doesn’t have to be elusive. Learn some keyword optimisation tips to improve your SEO today.

SEO: How to create an XML sitemap and submit it to Google
Detailed information on sitemaps and the benefits of using them. This article covers how to properly create an XML sitemap and submit it to Google.

Paid: Here’s What Happens When You Change Google Ads Attribution Models
Be 100% prepared for what changes when you choose a different attribution model in Google Ads, and how switching can affect optimisations and performance.

Content: Content Marketing: A Truly Winning Difference
Telling a story no one’s heard before is your chance to show your winning difference — go from commodity to market leader.

Content: Should You Publish Content on a Company Blog or Medium.com?
There are benefits and drawbacks from publishing content on either Medium or exclusively on a company blog. This is how to choose.

Social: Facebook Dynamic Ads: 5 Tips to Drive More Product Sales
In this article, you’ll discover how to optimise Facebook dynamic product ads for more sales.

Social:Guide: Features to Help You Control Your Feed and Conversations
This guide gives you a single place to learn about all the ways you can customise your experience — from building your trusted community, to tailoring your feed and controlling your conversations.

Social: Take Control of Your Social Media Success With This Plan
Here’s how to create a channel plan to crack the tough nut of social media

Social: Facebook Ads Analytics: How to Stop Wasting Money
In this article, you’ll explore three key metrics to analyse Facebook ad costs and discover benchmarks to assess these performance stats. You’ll also learn what to adjust if your stats don’t meet the benchmark performance rates.

Social: Facebook testing brand safety topic exclusions for advertisers
Facebook announced today that it will begin testing news feed topic exclusions for advertisers this year.

Social: Social Media Messaging for Success on Every Platform
There’s no one-size-fits-all messaging for social media. Each platform demands a different tactic. Learn how to create messages for each platform here.

Social: 20+ Instagram Demographics that Matter in 2021
This post provides over 20 pieces of data in eight key types of Instagram demographics that matter to social media marketers and brands in 2021. Use this data to inform your campaign targeting, messaging, and more.

Social: Top YouTube Searches in 2021
Learn how to find the top trending YouTube searches, including a list of current trending channels and videos, and why they’re important for marketing.

Social: YouTube Keyword Research: How to Get More Views
Learn how to use YouTube keyword research to gain views and build your brand.

Local: How To Do Local SEO Keyword Research In 2021
In this guide, I‘m going to show you how to do local SEO keyword research and create a winning strategy. Read through my breakdown and get started on your local keyword research!

Local: Why Local Links May Reign Supreme
Read through this breakdown to learn more about some of the experiments I did to monitor performance when sites receive local links.

Mobile: How to Do Mobile Keyword Research
Mobile internet search is now more prevalent than desktop. Here’s how to do mobile keyword research to ensure good search engine optimisation.


SEO: Podcast: Google On The Search Central Site Migration
In the latest Google Search Off the Record podcast, John Mueller, Gary Illyes, Lizzi Harvey and Cherry Prommawin got together to speak about the launch and migration of the new Google

SEO: Google’s People Also Search For Entity Overlay Feature
Google is testing another feature for “people also search for,” this one overlays entity information in a popup menu when you hover your mouse over the term.

SEO: Google: Core Web Vitals Values Won’t Differ Based On Type Of Site
Google won’t be giving different levels or metrics of the Core Web Vitals scores based on the type of web site you have. So news sites versus e-commerce sites won’t make a difference when it comes to the Core Web Vitals score Google gives the site.

SEO:Google On Same Link But Different Anchor Text On Same Page
Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that they would be treated as normal links and are not considered spammy.

SEO: Bing Estimated Reading Time In Search Result Snippets
Microsoft Bing is now testing displaying the estimated reading time for some of the search results.

SEO: John Mueller Recommends Pyramid Site Structure
Observations on the potential pitfalls of radical changes to site navigation and the benefits of a pyramid site structure

SEO: Use Google Chrome Canary to Measure Core Web Vitals
Google Chrome Canary users have a new way to measure Core Web Vitals. Discover how to access the scores on your site and your competitors.

SEO: Google Search launches about this result feature
Google announced it is rolling out a new feature that will communicate to searchers, before they click on the result, more information about that search result snippet they are looking at.

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SEO: Google Ads Adult Policy Change For Sexually Suggestive Themes
Google is making changes to its adult policy for Google Ads starting on March 29, 2021.

SEO: Google Search CLS Annoyance With People Also Search For
Google’s ‘People Also Search For’dynamic box interfers with users search journey on the search result page.

SEO: Google On Removing Redacted Information From Search
Google’s John Mueller highlighted a document, which he said is not new, but it is useful, named keep redacted information out of Google Search.

SEO: Google Updates Event Structured Data Requirements
Google changed the requirements for the Event Structured Data. Publishers who charge for events need to update structured data

SEO: WordPress 5.7 Will Feature Updated Admin Colors
WordPress.org announced progress toward an updated admin color palette for WP 5.7 that will be more accessible and easier to read.

SEO: Google: All Core Web Vitals Must Be Met For Ranking Boost
Google says the minimum threshold for all Core Web Vitals must be met in order to benefit from the associated ranking signal.

SEO: Google: Embedded Videos Have Same SEO Value as Uploaded Content
Videos embedded from other sources have the same SEO value as videos natively hosted on a website, according to Google’s John Mueller.

SEO: Top Threats to WordPress Sites Identified in New Report
A new report identifies the top security threats and most common attacks against WordPress sites.

SEO: Google Search Found 25 Billion Spammy Pages Each Day
Google released a video talking about search spam and what Google does to protect searches from “spam sites, phishing scams, and other bad actors” trying to get into Google search. One metric that stood out was that Google detected “25 billion spammy pages every day” in 2020.

SEO: Google Search Critic Ratings Scale Visualization
Google have been spotted displaying another variation of product attribute sliders within Google Search.

SEO: Google Search Now Displays Sports Player Statistics
Google Search is now showing the statistics for individual sport player stats.

SEO: WordPress Response to Rogue Plugin Updates
WordPress issued a reminder to plugin publishers to not over-reach their authority and that violators will continue to be flagged

SEO: Google’s John Mueller on Cleaning Up Hacked Pages
Google’s John Mueller offers advice on cleaning up hacker-injected web pages.

SEO: Google Releases Data on Cookie Replacement Mechanism Called FloC
Google has released some insight into the technology it believes will replace their cookie-based world in the Chrome browser.

SEO: DuckDuckGo App Updated With More Privacy Protections
DuckDuckGo’s mobile apps and desktop browser extensions are getting updated with additional privacy protections.

SEO: Google To Stop Supporting Data-Vocabulary.org In Search This Weekend
Google will stop supporting markup in the format from data-vocabulary.org. Google gave us over a years notice of this change, so this change should not come as a surprise to anyone here.

SEO: Entity vs. Query Rank In Google Search
Mark Williams-Cook posted a super interesting example of Google Search showing a different set of ranked results for the same query. The only difference was how the search was conducted. One search was done as a query, typing in the words into the search box. The second was selecting the entity in the search suggestions drop down box. Google ranks the results differently.

SEO: Google Ranks Pages But Overall Site Greatly Influences The Ranking Pages
Google looks at things on a broader level than just URLs. Read more here.

SEO: Google Search Console Sending Messages With Errors
Google acknowledges a bug is causing Search Console to send messages in error.

SEO: Google Mistakenly Sending Emails To Verify Sites In Search Console
Google is emailing users to verify their sites in Google Search Console. The issue is that this is going to people who do not have any way of verifying those sites because they are not the site owner.

SEO: Google Drops Review Snippets For Lawyers
It looks like Google has stopped displaying the rich results review snippets for attorneys and lawyers in the Google search results.

SEO: Google Can Penalize A Network Of Sites For The Same Manual Action
John Mueller of Google was asked if Google assigns a manual action to one site and knows it is part of a larger network of sites, it can apply that manual action across the other sites in the network. He said “it’s certainly possible — if they’re built the same way, then it would be reasonable to apply the same manual action.”

SEO: Google Warns Against Using Web Stories Teasers
Google announced they will stop ranking low quality Web Stories that tease content but don’t deliver

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SEO: Google’s John Mueller Confirms Core Updates Apply to Discover
Google Discover is part of, not separate from, web search. Broad core algorithm updates that impact search results also impact Discover.

SEO: Google: Same Content in Different Formats is Not Duplicate
Google’s definition of duplicate content does not include articles and videos that contain the same text.

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Paid: Google adds Black-owned business label to product results
Google announced that black-owned businesses can now also show a special label or indicator in their product and shopping results within Google Search.

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Paid: Google Ads Tests “Site” Label In Search Ads
Google Ads is testing placing a label named “Site” between the Ad label and the URL of the search ad in the mobile results.

Paid: Microsoft Advertising Filter Link Extensions: More Links In Ads On Bing
Microsoft announced a new Microsoft Advertising search ad extension named Filter Link extensions. These Filter Link extensions enable advertisers to show many different link extensions in their ad snippet, as opposed to one.

Social: Facebook To Test Topic Exclusion Controls for Advertisers in News Feed
Facebook is planning to test a solution that will allow an advertiser to select a topic, like Crime and Tragedy.

Social: How to Create Hyperlapse Video Tutorials
Watch Facebook Creative Shop’s Becky Owen as she offers helpful guidance around shooting and editing a hyperlapse video tutorial using a free mobile app called Videoshop and a homemade studio.

Social: YouTube Introduces Clips For Live Streams
YouTube is introducing the ability to create clips out of other creators’ live streams and VODs.

Social: YouTube CEO Reveals 2021 Priorities for Creators
What does the world’s most popular video platform have in store for creators? YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki shares the company’s priorities for 2021 here.

Social: Twitter Acquires Revue – Newsletter Publishing Startup
Twitter announced the acquisition of newsletter publishing and monetisation company, Revue. Synergy will help publishers earn more from newsletters.

Local: Google My Business Not Applied Changes Now Offer Send Edit Feedback
Google have been rolled out a new feature in Google Local and Google My Business. The feature seems to allow you to send additional feedback to Google when a suggested edit you make to a Google business listing is not accepted (i.e. not applied) for some reason.

Local: Google Australia Adds Notice To Search Results About News Links Law
Google has added a large noticeable banner to the top of the search results in Google Australia for any query.

Local: Google Maps Search Trends For January 2021
Google shares insights into what’s trending on Google Maps in January 2021.

Local: Google Tests Red & White Hotel Pricing Pins
Google is testing variations of the colors for those pins both in red and white background colors, and maybe more.

Local: New Google My Business Insights Platform & Device Breakdown
Google My Business seems to be adding to the Insights section new metrics that businesses can use for analytical purposes.

Local: Logos Disappearing From Google Local Listings
There are a number of reports in the Local Search Forum that businesses are seeing their logos disappear from their Google local listings in search.

Mobile: Google Offers Help On The Apple iOS 14 ATT Policy Changes
Google has published a document explaining what developers need to know about the upcoming App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy changes.


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