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The Weekly Wrap – 10th February 2021



SEO: The Definitive Guide to JavaScript SEO (2021 Edition)
The web is in a golden age of front-end development. JavaScript and technical search engine optimisation (SEO) are experiencing a renaissance. In this article, Pierce Brelinsky of Go Fish Digital shows you how to optimise your JS-powered website for search in 2021.

SEO: Ask an SEO: 3 HTML & Coding Questions Answered
This lightning round edition answers 3 questions focusing on HTML and coding issues. Learn about button text, how many links are too much, and more.

SEO: Fast & Featured: How Entities Can Help You Conquer Snippets in Less Than 4 Minutes
Larissa Lacerda of Rock Content demonstrates how to win snippets quickly by focusing your strategy on search entities.

SEO: Image SEO: Best practices and tips for optimization
CannonDesign’s Vice President, Communications Director shares some key image SEO tips and best practices to help you use this asset in your SEO strategy.

SEO: The future of Google and what it means for search
Croud’s Organic Strategy Director discusses the future of Google, right from Google’s antitrust lawsuit to Apple as a future rival, and more.

SEO: SEO Stop Words Guide for 2021 (with List)
In this guide, you‘ll learn exactly what SEO stop words are, see a comprehensive list of more than 175 of these, and learn when you should and shouldn‘t be using them when optimising your site.

SEO: 7 Best Tools for Structured Data (Schema) Testing & Execution
Schema markup helps Google better understand your content, and these 7 structured data tools make it easier to create, test, and execute.

SEO: User Experience-Based Google Algorithm Updates: A Timeline
Google has always focused on the searcher experience. Check out this short timeline of Google algorithm updates designed to improve user experience.

SEO: 5 Top Influencer Marketing Tools to Find the Most Influential People
Influencers are well trusted and have earned authority in their niche. Check out these 5 influencer marketing tools to help you find them.

SEO: Semantic search drives expanded outreach to potential customers
To reach potential customers, retailers must connect with those already interested in their products. Semantic search helps broaden the net to maximise interest.

SEO: What Are Buyer Keywords and How Do I Find Them?
This article will help you understand how buyer keywords work, how to find them, and how to use them in your SEO strategy.

SEO: How to Filter Out Referral Spam in Google Analytics
Learn how to filter out referral spam in your Google Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 accounts, to protect the integrity of site data.

Paid: 5 PPC Tips for Technology Companies
These 5 PPC tips for technology companies will help you maximise your paid search resources, connect with B2B buyers, and improve ROI.

Paid: How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost in 2021? (+ How to Make the Most of Your Budget)
This post will help you to understand the cost of Instagram advertising in 2021 by diving into: how Instagram ads work, what makes Instagram advertising worth the price, factors that influence Instagram ad pricing, average CPC and CPM, as well as how to save money with your Instagram ads.

Paid: 7 Powerful Benefits of Using PPC Advertising
Having trouble convincing your boss or a client about the benefits of PPC advertising? Here are seven powerful reasons to use PPC advertising.

Paid: How to Use Audiences in Google Ads: Ask a PPC
What are audiences in paid media? Learn the basics of audiences in Google Ads and how to use them in your campaigns in this AMA about PPC column.

Paid: What Is PPC & How Paid Search Marketing Works
Learn the basics of paid search marketing, what you need to know about how pay-per-click advertising works, and how to get started in PPC.

Paid: Google Ads new features: Five tips for your Google Ads campaigns
As Google adds more complexity and automation to its ad products, marketers are constantly challenged to find effective ways to maintain control over their campaigns and strategies. SEISO looks at five new key actions you should focus on for successful Google Ads campaigns.

Paid: The 5 Biggest Reasons to Advertise on Social Media (+ Pro Tips)
From expanding your reach and visibility to driving the bottom line, here are five reasons why brands invest in social media advertising to reach their goals and scale their business.

Content: Aristotle’s Ancient Guide to Compelling Copy
If Aristotle were a copywriter today, he’d use these three rules to craft authentic persuasive copy that also has integrity.

Content: Will Wikipedia Think Your Page Is Notable?
To secure Wikipedia editors’ approval, your page better be notable. Here’s how to make that happen.

Content: Evergreen Content Myths & How to Keep It Alive Longer
Evergreen content isn’t immortal. Here’s why the idea of evergreen content is a myth and what you need to do to keep it alive.

Content: B2B Writing Success Revealed: 7 Tactics You Don’t Want To Miss
Explore the crucial differences between B2C and B2B writing and learn to create B2B content that will differentiate you from your competition.

Content: Taking your SEO content beyond the acquisition
Creating effective “SEO content” is all about mindset. Is the generic mindset SEOs often indulge in preventing us from creating effective content?

Social: How to Use Instagram Stories to Get More Followers
Instagram Stories are still a thing. Here are seven ideas to help brands use them to attract more followers.

Social: How to Use Facebook Groups to Retain Your Customers
One of the best ways to create and nurture loyal customers is through Facebook groups. Find out how to use Facebook groups to retain your customers.

Social: Instagram Professional Dashboard: Streamline Your Instagram Management
In this article, you’ll discover how to use the Instagram Professional Dashboard.

Social: How to Manage Social Media Like a Pro: A Comprehensive Guide
Wondering how to manage social media efficiently? Content creation, listening, influencers & more. Read the social media management guide today.

Social: How to Improve Your Creative For Facebook and Instagram
Learn how to use natural lighting and Instagram editing tools to improve your business’ social media. See these simple editing tips for Facebook and Instagram posts.

Social: Break Down Your Listening Analysis and Track Content by Content Labels
Break down your listening analysis and monitor topics based on labels. Discover our new features.

Social: Why Tracking Your Facebook Cost Per Engagement Isn’t Enough
This article explains the Facebook cost per engagement metric. We’ll cover what it is, when it sometimes isn’t enough, and look at alternative metrics in your ad manager you could use instead to measure your advertising campaign objectives.

Social: 7 New Social Media Marketing Opportunities on Facebook & More
Make good use of the social media features & platforms at your disposal! Check out 7 new social media marketing opportunities on Facebook, Twitter & more.

Social: 6 Alternative Social Media Platforms to Consider
Tired of the “big tech” social networks? Check out these 6 alternative social media platforms and see how influencers are finding success on each one.


Industry: Australia’s showdown with Google has profound implications for domestic businesses and other digital platforms
The proposed legislation could create an untenable position for search engines in Australia, and Google’s threat to shut down search could affect traffic and domestic businesses across sectors.

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SEO: Google Removes 3D and AR Early Adopters Program
Google said it has “removed the page about joining the 3D and AR Early Adopters Program.” It was removed because “the program is no longer accepting submissions.”

SEO: Google Search Movie Release Date Countdown Timer
Google Search now can show a countdown timer widget in the movie search results.

SEO: Google Ignores Low Quality Blog Pingback Links
Gary Illyes from Google said he should not worry and that Google is probably ignoring those links anyway. Read more here.

SEO: Google: Omitted Results Normally Don’t Apply To Two Similar Sites
There was an interesting question about why Google would only show one of two sites that are unique but can rank for similar queries in the same set of search results. John Mueller of Google said normally Google would show the two sites, even if they are similar, even if they have the same ownership. So it might be another issue.

SEO: Google: Removing Blog Comments May Impact Search Rankings
Removing all comments from a website may hurt search rankings, says Google’s John Mueller.

SEO: Google’s John Mueller Explains Inconsistent Discover Traffic
Referral traffic from Google Discover is likely to fluctuate, Search Advocate John Mueller explains why.

SEO: Google: Patents Are Not Always Used in Search
Not everything Google patents is used in search results, says Search Advocate John Mueller.

SEO: Google Can Recognize If A Site Has A Good Reputation On A Specific Topic Area
Google said it can recognise and understand if a site is reputable about a specific topic area. John said it does make sense for sites to really hone in on their subject matter expertise because what “you’re essentially doing is on the one hand for search engines you’re kind of building out your reputation of knowledge on that specific topic area.”

SEO: Google: No Such Thing As Levels Of Site Quality Demotions
Google’s John Mueller was asked in this past Friday’s Google Search Central SEO office hours if Google has different levels of site quality demotions. John Mueller of Google basically said no, that it is “more fluid” than that.

SEO: New: Google News & Discover Manual Actions In Search Console
It looks like Google added a whole set of new manual actions to the list of manual actions. The new ones are for Google News and Google Discover guideline violations.

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SEO: Google Image Search COVID Warning & Notice
Some of Google Image search results may show you a notice at the footer of the image results. The notice reads “Information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) is constantly evolving.

SEO: Google BERT vs SMITH: How They Work & Work Together
Earlier, Google released a research paper about SMITH – a new NLP algorithm. What’s it about and how does it compare to BERT? Read on.

SEO: Wikipedia Gatekeeping The About This Result Google Feature?
Danny Sullivan fromGoogle said no, “it’s not gatekeeping,” he said. “We show additional information about the source of a result as an *option* people can choose to view *if they want*.

SEO: Google Experience Update Label Requires All Factors To Be Compliant
Google’s John Mueller said in Friday’s Google Search Central SEO hangout that if Google does launch the Page Experience Update label/indicator, for your site to show up for it, all the requirements must be met. He said “we really need to know that all of the factors are compliant.”

SEO: Reminder: Google Search Console Does Not Backfill Data
Google’s John Mueller remineds us that if you verify a new website in Google or your old website loses its verification for a period of time, the data where the site is not verified will likely be missing.

SEO: Google will suspend merchant sites that show higher prices at checkout
Google announced that, beginning on April 6, it will start enforcing its longstanding policy of requiring merchants to show the price of an item from their Google Merchant feed on their e-commerce page, all the way through the checkout process. If you show a higher price than what is on your landing page, Google can suspend your account.

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SEO: Google Analytics Stops Collecting Data From YouTube Channels
Google is deprecating the connection between Google Analytics and YouTube channel pages. New data will no longer be collected.

SEO: Google Keeps Printing Money: Up 23% YoY & Search Up 17%
Google announced impressive earnings last night showing their revenue was up 23% year-over-year. If you just look at the Google Search category, Google earned $31,903M in Q4 2020 compared to $27,185M in Q4 2019, that is a 17% increase. Overall revenue was up 23% with YouTube doing specifically well.

SEO: Google Tests Compare Search Results
Google is testing a method to compare the set of search results it gives you after you enter a query. Google lets you select a number of search result snippets and compare them.

SEO: Google Improves Web Stories WordPress Plugin
Updates to Web Stories plugin make it easier to earn money and new design features help publishers create more engaging web stories

SEO: Google Search Console Discover performance report now includes all data
Google announced that the Discover performance report within Google Search Console will now include all data, including Chrome data.

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Paid: Microsoft Ads to replace Manual CPC with Enhanced CPC by end of April
Microsoft will transition all search, shopping, and Dynamic Search Ads campaigns that do not have automated bidding strategies to Enhanced CPC (eCPC) beginning in March.

Paid: Google Ads Rolls Out Portfolio Bid Strategies For Manager Accounts
In July 2020, Google Ads announced portfolio bid strategies, an automated, goal-driven bid strategy that groups together multiple campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. Now, Google is saying this feature is available to all manager accounts.

Paid: Google expands phrase match to include broad match modifier traffic
Google announced that changes are coming to Google’s phrase match and broad match modifier keyword match types. Phrase match will expand to include additional broad match modifier traffic and support for broad match modifier will end. 

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Paid: Google Ads Auto Applied Recommendations: Every setting, explained
There are 35 AI-based ads suggestions. Here’s tactical guidance on how to apply them to optimise your campaigns.

Paid: Google Updates Shopping Search Results With “Black—owned” Label
Google is updating shopping search results with a new label to identify products sold by black-owned businesses.

Content: Google Video On Duplicate Content From AdSense To Search
Google’s Aurora Morales in her latest video spoke about duplicate content from the view of not just organic search but also from publishers who want to monetise their websites. She started off saying that your site needs to add value, value more than what you can find elsewhere.

Social: Instagram Adds ‘Recently Deleted’ Folder For Removed Content
Instagram will now send content removed from user profiles to a ‘Recently Deleted’ folder where it can be reviewed and restored.

Social: How Facebook Algorithm Ranks News Feed Content
Facebook published an article and patents that describe how it ranks news feed posts.

Local: Google Local Pack Removes Some Business Addresses
Google is changing the local pack in the web search results to remove some of the addresses of those business listings.

Local: Google Displays Stars With Reviews In Local Knowledge Panel
Google is now showing actual stars in the reviews section of the local knowledge panel reviews area.

Local: Google My Business Adds Guidelines For Co-Working Spaces
Google has added one line to its Google My Business guidelines around co-working spaces. In short, if your business is out of a co-working space it must have signage, accept customers and be staffed to be eligible to have a Google My Business listing with a co-working address.

Mobile: Google Related Searches Stuck To Top Of Mobile Search Results
Google testing having the related search boxes carousel stick to the top of the mobile search results as you scroll. So those related searches just hang out at the top of the search results even if you scroll past them.

Mobile: Google Tests Infinite Scroll On Mobile Search Again
Google is once again testing infinite scroll on the mobile search results. We’ve seen numerous tests of infinite scroll, including on desktop results.

Mobile: Apple Maps Showing Restaurant Menus From Yelp
Apple Maps both on iOS devices and desktop seem to now be showing menus from some restaurants. The menus seem to mostly come from Yelp, a partner of Apple.

Mobile: New Amazon Mobile GetLink for Social Media Affiliate Sharing
Amazon announces Mobile GetLink, a solution for sharing affiliate links on social media and direct messaging


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