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The Weekly Wrap – 2nd September 2020



SEO: Page Authority 2.0 Is Coming This Month: What’s Changing and Why
Long gone are the days of just counting backlinks a couple of ways and hoping they correlate well with SERPs. As Moz tends to do, we’re pioneering a new manner of calculating Page Authority to produce superior results. Here are some of the ways we’re changing things up.

SEO: How to Dominate Ecommerce This Year
Here’s how ecommerce brands and marketers can leverage personalisation and on-page SEO for more traffic and sales this year.

SEO: Why Do SEO Forecasting Models Keep Failing Us?
Here’s how agencies can take a thorough look at SEO forecasting and better communicate to clients how an SEO goal can impact their business.

SEO: Title Tags SEO: When to Include Your Brand and/or Boilerplate
If your websites are like most, they include a fair amount of extra “stuff” in the title tags: things like your brand name or repeating boilerplate text that appears across multiple pages. But should you include these elements in your titles automatically?

SEO: How Do Algorithms Work? A Basic Primer for Non-Marketers
Many people don’t trust algorithms and machine learning because they don’t have a complete understanding of how they actually work. Let’s break it down.

SEO: Internal Linking: How to Unlock Your Site’s Hidden Potential [Webinar]
Join this webinar and learn how to identify internal link optimisation opportunities that can elevate your organic presence to the next level.

SEO: What is Structured Data? A Beginners Guide
This is what structured data is, how Google uses it for rich results, and why it can help boost traffic.

SEO: Why LSI Keywords are Crucial to SEO and Content Marketing
LSI keywords are crucial for SEO! Learn about what LSI keywords are, how to find LSI keywords for your content, and how to incorporate them into your content and SEO strategy to get more relevant traffic and win more customers online.

SEO: Thinking Outside the SEO Box: How to Find Global Opportunities Now
Here’s how you can start thinking outside of the SEO box and utilise your existing technical skills to pitch and implement ideas that deliver results.

SEO: How to Get Backlinks: 12 Strategies for 2020
The right links can really help to supercharge your SEO strategy, and there are many ways that you can earn great links. But where do you start? Here, we’ve rounded up 12 different tactics.

SEO: How to Identify Questions & Optimize Your Site for Q&A, FAQ & More
Identifying and answering searchers’ questions should be a key component of any SEO strategy. Learn key tactics and tools to help you do it the right way.

SEO: What We Learned from Analyzing 98K Ranked URLs in Travel
This analysis paints a picture of what a modern travel sector SERP looks like – with correlative data to measure against.

Paid: How To Transfer Google Campaigns to Microsoft Ads
Microsoft Ads has a time-saving feature that imports Google Ads campaigns. One strategist shares his tips for making the process as smooth as possible.

Paid: Top Tips To Get The Most From Microsoft’s New Shutterstock API
Microsoft Advertising has given its users access to high-quality images with their new Shuttershock partnership. Here’s how you can make the most of it.

Paid: How to Create Paid Search Offers That Are Actually Profitable
Need to create paid search offers that don’t just convert, but sell? This step-by-step process gives you the structure to maximise profits.

Content: 5 Tips From CMI’s Most Popular Visual Content Articles
Visual content attracts audiences, keeps them longer, and helps them remember your messaging. Here’s help to make that happen.

Content: How Content Syndication Affects the Performance of Your Original Content
Is content syndication worth a shot? How will it affect the performance of your content? Let’s take a look at the SEO ramifications of syndicated content.

Content: A Guest Blogging Guide for SEO: 2020 and Beyond
In this article, I am going to break down what you need to know about search engines and content quality in 2020 and beyond in the hopes that you can create content that will be successful in more ways than one.

Content: How to use super-resolution and improve onsite image quality
There are pros and cons to super-resolution, but if it makes sense for you, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to implement it.

Content: Why Google Shouldn’t Drive Your SEO Strategy
Stop waiting for Google’s next update to guide your SEO content and do this instead. 

Content: 5 Ways to Boost Your Visual Marketing Results
How can you embrace a more effective visual marketing strategy? Here are 5 solid tips and ideas to get you started.

Content: How to Outsource Content Writing For Success
In this post, I’m going to share our now tried-and-true method for how to set up a content outsourcing workflow that really works.

Content: How to teach an old blog new SEO tricks
Over time, a blog can accumulate broken links and other things that negatively impact rankings and lose SEO mojo. Here’s a nine-step SEO revamp guide for your old blog site.

Content: Content marketing fails: How to analyze and improve
What do you do when you follow a content marketing guide but it fails anyway? Here are all the ways you can analyse your failures and improve on them.

Social: How to Enhance LinkedIn Marketing With Video
In this article, you’ll discover four underutilised opportunities to use LinkedIn video in your everyday marketing efforts.

Social: How to Make LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms Work for Your Brand
Looking to attract more qualified B2B leads on LinkedIn? Follow these tips to make sure your LinkedIn lead gen forms are set up for success.

Social: 9 Little-Known Font How-Tos for Instagram Stories
Follow the how-tos for these nine design-focused, lesser-known font hacks to make your Instagram Stories stand out.

Social: The Ultimate Guide to Social Listening
What is social listening? Do you know how social media monitoring helps your brand? Learn more about social listening in our ultimate guide.

Social: Customer Experience Management: How to Close the Expectation Gap
The growing importance of customer experience management leads to increased consumer satisfaction, engagement, loyalty and advocacy. Learn more!

Social: How to Get Started With Marketing Analytics: A 5-Step Framework
In this article, you’ll discover a five-step framework for marketing analysis. You’ll also learn how to plan and build systems that deliver key insights so you can effectively forecast and optimise your marketing efforts.

Social: How to Plan a Facebook Ad Campaign for the Holidays
In this article, you’ll discover five key steps to get the best results possible from your Facebook ad campaigns during the peak holiday sales periods.

Social: Instagram Carousels Are the Most Engaging Post Type [STUDY]
A study of over 22 million Instagram posts finds carousels are the most engaging type of post.

Social: Why Users Call New Facebook Design a Nightmare
Facebook users express raw hatred for new layout. Described as an ugly, confusing nightmare.

Social: 14 Inspiring SMB Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now
With morale being low, we’ve decided to put together a list of inspiring small business Instagram accounts from an array of verticals so that you can view, follow, and gain inspiration for your own posts.

Mobile: Voice SEO: Different tactics required for Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa
Study by SEMrush found only 1% overlap in answers to the same voice queries across platforms.

Mobile: Leveraging Voice Search for Local Businesses [Study]
This 2020 study provides unique insights into the search algorithms that are behind various voice assistants to help businesses leverage the power of voice search.


Industry: Is Apple getting real about search and about to take on Google?
Apple might be building a search engine to take on Google – for real this time.

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Industry: Google Explains Why You Probably Didn’t Get Into The Virtual Webmaster Unconference
Martin Splitt of Google, preparing for this conference, explained in more detail about why so many people could not be part of this event.

SEO: Bing Streaming Carousels Feature
Bing has this new streaming carousel, for live video game or other video streams. 

SEO: Googlebot Supports Brotli Compression
Gary Illyes from Google has confirmed that Googlebot does indeed support Brotli compression. 

SEO: WordPress 5.5.1 Fixes Millions of Broken Sites
WordPress is publishing a maintenance release that fixes issues that broke millions of websites.

SEO: Improve performance and security with Server-Side Tagging
Google is introducing Server-Side Tagging to Google Tag Manager and Tag Manager 360. You will now be able to move many third-party tags off your website. 

SEO: Page Authority 2.0 Is Coming This Month: What’s Changing and Why
Long gone are the days of just counting backlinks a couple of ways and hoping they correlate well with SERPs. As Moz tends to do, we’re pioneering a new manner of calculating Page Authority to produce superior results. Here are some of the ways we’re changing things up.

SEO: Google Removes ‘Labeled for Reuse’ Options from Image Search Tools
Google has removed both the Labeled for Reuse and Labeled for Reuse with Modification’ features from its image search tools.

SEO: Google Announces Home Activities Rich Results
Google announced a new Home Activities Rich Results. Currently triggered by fitness related queries on mobile.

SEO: Google officially launches ‘licensable’ image label and filter in Image search
Google’s “licensable” badge in Image results is now out of beta. Google also changed the “Usage rights” search filter to let users search for images with creative common or other licenses to address concerns about digital images being commodified and used for free.

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SEO: Google On Word Count As A Ranking Signal
Google’s John Mueller address word count as a ranking signal and stresses the importance of content comprehension over content word count. Find out more here.

SEO: Google Tests Related Searches With Boxed In Magnifying Glass
Google is just shading in the magnifying glass icon and not the query with it.

SEO: Is Google Down Autocomplete Search Suggestion
If you search for [is Google down], Google will show you an answer, like it does often with other answer based queries, to tell you “no.” I guess if Google is able to give you an answer here, by definition Google is not down.

SEO: Google: We Do Not Index Links, We Index The Pages Between The Links
Google’s John Mueller clarified how SEOs should think about Google’s index and links on the web.

SEO: Google Search Console Dataset Report Warnings May Spike
Google said it is now reporting warnings for any Dataset object that is missing the recommended property “creator.”

SEO: Google On Changing Last Modified Date In XML Sitemaps Too Often
Google says “Google reads the lastmod value, but if you misrepresent this value, we will stop reading it.”

SEO: 15% Of Search Queries On Google Are New – No Change There
Google reconfirmed the 15% figure in 2017 and 2018 and now again in 2020.

SEO: Another View Of Recording Google’s Search Off The Record Podcast
Martin said Google’s Gary Illyes, John Mueller and Anna Barto will be recording another Search Off The Record podcast again.

SEO: Official AMP for WordPress Plugin Updated to Version 2.0
The Official AMP for WordPress plugin has been updated to version 2.0, here’s what’s new.

SEO: Google SEO 101: Site Migrations
Google’s Martin Splitt addressed a series of common questions about site migrations in the latest SEO Mythbusting video.

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SEO: Google: Crawling Bandwidth Benefit To Using jpeg vs webp But Minimal
Google’s John Mueller said there is maybe a small bandwidth savings when it comes to GoogleBot crawling your site when you use webp over jpeg image formats.

SEO: Bing: XML Sitemaps Must Include Main Ranking & Category Pages
Bing’s Fabrice Canal said that sitemaps are a daily, and ideally real time, snapshots of all relevant pages of your sites.

SEO: New Google Home Activities Structured Data
Google added a new section to the supported structured data developer docs for home activities. 

SEO: Most Google Support Documents Are Not Proactively Updated
Google said 60-80% of the time, the docs are updated in a reactive way. The rest are proactive around product or feature launches.

SEO: WordPress 5.5 Sitemap Bug Causes 404 Errors
WordPress sitemap bug discovered. Causes 404 errors in sitemap.

SEO: Google tests reporting security issue false positives in Search Console
Google is now testing a feature to let you request that Google review the site and the specific security issue if you think Google mistakenly identified your site as having such a security issue.

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Report Issues To Google Search Over Security Issue False Positives

SEO: Bing considers page quality before indexing
Bing’s Christi Olson and Fabrice Canal addresses topic on whether Bing will index a page that does not meet a specific quality mark.

SEO: Google Charge For Access Free Search Results? Doubt It, Says John Mueller.
John Mueller from Google was asked if Google would ever do that and he said he doubts it. 

SEO: Google: Most Sites Don’t Need to Worry About Crawl Budget
Google says a ‘substantial’ segment of site owners should care about crawl budget, but the ‘vast majority’ do not need to.

Paid: Google Merchant Promotions will be approved faster this holiday, Google says
The ad platforms are starting to wheel out their holiday advertising updates. Google announced new capabilities for Local campaigns and Shopping Promotions.

Paid: Introducing Publisher Ads Audits for Lighthouse v1.2.0
Google announces the general release of Publisher Ads Audits for Lighthouse v1.2.0. 

Paid: AdSense Deleting Reporting Data – Will Show Last 3 Years
AdSense removed reporting data that is older than three years. This is how to download your data before it’s gone.

Paid: [Updated] Is Google prepping to phase out ETAs?
The Text ad creation option is no longer showing in some users’ Google Ads Search campaigns.

Social: How to Elevate Your Business’s Social Content
These educational courses will help you create social media content that humanises your business and creates interest for your products or services.

Social: TikTok Shares Total Number of US Users For the First Time
TikTok reveals its total number of daily and monthly active US users after filing a lawsuit against the US government.

Social: Our Commitment to Safe Conversations
Here are some of the changes you can expect, and some of the controls we’ve put in place to help you foster constructive conversations.

Social: Pinterest Tests Product Ratings, “Best Seller” Labels, More
Pinterest is testing new shopping features including product ratings, “Popular” and “Best Seller” labels, and more.

Local: Advertisers to absorb Google’s digital services taxes in UK, Austria, Turkey
Google notified advertisers of new fees coming for ads that run in the UK, Turkey or Austria. The company is passing on the new digital services taxes (DST) in the three countries.

Local: Google Local Panel Displays Descriptions & Links With Scroll To Text
Google have been spotted showing descriptions and links in the local knowledge panel.

Local: Google My Business Attributes Now Displays Labels On Maps Desktop
Google is now showing the Google My Business attribute labels on the Google Maps desktop listings.

Local: Google My Business Requests Update Service Availability
If you login to your Google My Business listing, you may be notified by Google to click on the “Update Service Availability.” There Google is asking you to “let customers know that your business is open and which services you’re offering.”

Local: Google Maps Using Overlays For Claim Business Or Suggest Edits
Google Maps is now using an overlay box when you want to try to claim a business or suggest an edit for a business listing. This is instead of taking you to a new page to claim the listing.

Local: Facebook Shops & Instagram Checkout Expand to All US Businesses
Facebook is rolling out a dedicated shopping tab, and expanding in-app shopping to all US businesses.

Mobile: Apple Ratings is coming to iOS 14, how disruptive will it be?
Apple Maps currently relies on Yelp and TripAdvisor for local business reviews and related content such as images. That could begin to change with iOS 14; the question is: how disruptive will it be for Apple’s partners and the “review economy” in general?

Mobile: Apple’s iOS 14 Poised to Slash Facebook Audience Network
Facebook issued a statement Wednesday on the likely impact of iPhone’s iOS 14 operating system, and its impact on in-app advertisers and publishers.

Mobile: Google Video Search Snippet Carousel Makes TikTok’s Day
Google have been spotted displaying a video carousel in mobile search result snippets but with videos, in this case, TikTok video clips.

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