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The Weekly Wrap – 9th September 2020



SEO: How to Do Keyword Research for SEO: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide
This six-step guide will get you started with keyword research the right way and help build a solid foundation for your SEO campaigns.

SEO: Identifying Advanced GSC Search Performance Patterns (and What to Do About Them)
However you use GSC search performance data, you can turn it into a masterpiece that ensures you get the most out of your search performance metrics! To help you get started, Izzi Smith demonstrates some advanced and, frankly, exciting patterns that she’s come across often while analysing search performance data.

SEO: What is Link Bait? 8 Examples To Show You How It’s Done
Link bait can help you to earn authority links at scale from a single piece of (awesome) content. Learn what link bait is, why it is successful, and what the tactic looks like in practice.

SEO: 8 Silly But Harmful SEO Mistakes Even Professionals Make
There’s plenty of room for things to go wrong in SEO. Here are eight seemingly small yet damaging mistakes professionals should watch out for.

SEO: Why site speed is critical for your SEO success and how to make it happen
Site load speed is critical in your site’s SEO performance. Failing to do this critical statistic can lead to lost traffic, resulting in lost revenue.

SEO: Five reasons why SEO should be prioritized over paid media campaigns
Paid media campaigns can drive great results but SEO is a strong tool that is just as powerful at less of a cost to you and your business.

SEO: 6 Ways to Use Google Analytics You Haven’t Thought Of
Is your Google Analytics usage relegated to a few basic, top-level charts? Read this post to learn how you can go beyond surface-level metrics.

SEO: How to Build 600+ Links in One Month
Earning over 600 links in a month, with two people doing a one-to-one outreach, is an anomaly in SEO. Here’s the link building process that made it happen.

SEO: How to Address Attention Spans with SEO in 2020
In this article, we’ll cover some science behind the attention span and how it applies to the challenges of SEO.

SEO: How to become a master of featured snippets
Right now, featured snippets can give you an almost unfair advantage in the search engines. Here’s how to analyse and master them.

SEO: How & Why Accessibility Matters for SEO
SEO pros play a crucial role in the overlap between SEO and accessibility. Here’s how we can make a positive impact on accessibility through our work.

SEO: How to Prepare Your Website for a Google Core Algorithm Update
Learn about Google core algorithm updates, what Google thinks you should know, and see how you can prepare for the next update.

SEO: Do Links in Citation Structured Data Have More Power?
An explanation of the Citation Structured Data Property and how search engines use them.

SEO: Outbound Links: Do They Affect SEO?
It‘s pretty rare that we see recommendations to optimise outbound links, and in this guide, we‘ll talk you through why you should be paying more attention to who you link out to and how you do it.

SEO: Voice search SEO guide: Trends and best practices
Around 27% of online users worldwide use mobile voice search. Here’s a voice search SEO guide to help you start optimising for this growing trend.

SEO: How to Get Started with Automated Email Marketing: Tips, Tools, and Examples
Email marketing automation is a huge time-saver for business owners and marketers. This post lays out what email marketing automation is and how to get started, and provides great examples so you’re not starting from scratch.

Paid: PPC 101: Get Your Complete Guide to PPC Marketing Basics [EBOOK]
Learn the basics of paid search marketing and everything you need to know about how pay-per-click advertising works from our PPC 101 guide.

Paid: What Are Local Service Ads?
Learn the differences between Local Service Ads, Google Guaranteed, and Google Screened, and why local businesses should care about these programs.

Paid: Google Reduces Visibility in Search Terms Report: What You Need to Know
As of September 2020, Google has reduced visibility in the Google Ads search terms report. This post covers what has changed, how experts are reacting, and actionable suggestions for navigating this unfortunate shift.

Paid: Remember When Keywords Mattered Most in PPC? Well, That’s Changing
Keywords in SEM are starting to serve less value. Learn what’s causing this change and where you can shift your focus instead.

Content: Why High-Quality Website Content Needs SEO Too
First-rate content isn’t enough for Google. You must think about other SEO factors too. Here are five scenarios to consider.

Content: [Study] How to Build an Effective Content Marketing Funnel
Understanding how to build an effective content marketing funnel is crucial before creating any content. We asked 350 marketers to share their expertise.

Social: How to Plan Your Business’s Social Media Content
A successful social media strategy starts with a plan. Learn about creating a content calendar, mapping out social media posts and more.

Social: Do Sponsored Instagram Contests Really Work? A Case Study
In this article, you’ll find key insights from a case study to help you understand the pros and cons of sponsored giveaways on Instagram.

Social: How to Enhance LinkedIn Marketing With Video
In this article, you’ll discover four underutilised opportunities to use LinkedIn video in your everyday marketing efforts.

Social: 3 Link in Bio Tools You Can Use to Get Traffic from Instagram
A link in bio tool is a dedicated URL that drives traffic from your Instagram by directing viewers to a designated landing page.

Social: Comparing Different Social Media Marketing Solutions: A Checklist
Choosing the right social media marketing solution can be challenging. Compare all important features in our social media RFP checklist. Try it now!

Social: How to Write Facebook Ads That Reduce the Barrier to Purchase
In this article, you’ll discover how to create Facebook and Instagram ads that generate sales.

Social: TikTok for Business: Why Marketers Should Consider TikTok
In this article, you’ll learn how the TikTok algorithm evaluates and serves content, find tips to create TikTok content for your business, and discover examples of businesses using TikTok successfully.

Social: Facebook Tricks and Hacks You Must Know in 2020
Find out what Facebook tricks & hacks you must know in 2020 to attract the audience. Follow these tips & skyrocket on brand’s visibility on Facebook.

Social: How to Convert More Prospects on Social Media: A 5-Step Plan
In this article, you’ll discover a strategic plan you can model to convert prospects into qualified leads and customers on social media.

Social: 3 Ways to Use LinkedIn Website Demographics for Better Ad Performance
This post covers three ways to use the LinkedIn Website Demographics tool to improve your ad performance, including better understanding and creating ideal audiences; unlocking invaluable ad-level insights; and optimising existing campaigns.

Local: Breaking Down the Google My Business Profile Program Upgrades
Google may open the Google Guarantee to some local organic search opportunities. Here’s how it can impact small businesses and consumers alike.


SEO: Google Asks You To Verify These Facts
Google is asking some searchers with some queries to “verify the facts to help others.”

SEO: Google Search Console Coverage Report Delay & Stuck
Google Search Console seems to be having another data issue. This time with the coverage report.

SEO: Google image:loc URLs Are Not Counted Towards 50k XML Sitemap Limit
Google’s Gary Illyes and John Mueller said that URLs in the image:loc tag do not count towards in the 50K sitemap limit.

SEO: Google: No A Way To Limit Visibility Of A URL By Country In Search
Google’s John Mueller said that within Google Search there is no way to limit the visibility of a URL in the search results by country. So if you do not want a specific URL to show in Google UK but you do want it to show in Google Ireland, there is really no good way to do that.

SEO: Google URL Parameter Tool Upgrade Will Be ‘Really Cool’ When Migrated To New Search Console
Google’s John Mueller said on Google’s webmaster hangout that while the current URL parameter tool has been missing data for a while, it is not a sign that Google will deprecate it. 

SEO: Google: It’s Unlikely Core Web Vitals Will Become The Primary Ranking Factor
Gary Illyes from Google said he thinks it is unlikely that core web vitals “would ever become the primary factor for organic traffic.” He said you shouldn’t ignore it but Google and other search engines rank primarily based on “highest quality and most relevant results for users’ queries,” not necessarily what is in the core web vitals.

SEO: Google Offers Details on Core Update Recovery Times
Google’s John Mueller offers insights into recovery times from Core Algorithm Update and what publishers should do.

SEO: Bing’s new robots.txt tester can help SEOs identify crawling issues
The new Bing Webmaster Tool can also be used to edit robots.txt files and check URLs for errors instantly.

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SEO: Google’s Googlebot Crawling As Chrome v85
On August 25th, Google updated its web browser Chrome on desktop and mobile to version 85 and then by as early as September 1st, GoogleBot was already crawling and rendering pages using version 85. It is really an evergreen Googlebot.

SEO: Google Recommends Not To Use Double Slashes Twice In URL Path
Google’s John Mueller said it isn’t recommended to use // – double slashes – in your URL path. He said generally if browsers can handle it so can Googlebot. But he said “// is generally considered a bad practice though, since what it’s really saying is “use https”.”

SEO: Google Search Tests New Product Carousels
Google is testing new user interfaces, designs and layouts for the product one box and product boxes.

SEO: Google: We Don’t Have A Concept Of Toxic Domains
Google’s John Mueller said Google does not have a concept of toxic domains. It was in a reply about a third-party SEO tool saying some of the links to his site are low quality and maybe toxic.

SEO: Google’s Mueller Tweets About Content and Ranking
Google’s John Mueller engages in a Twitter discussion on the best way to write content.

SEO: Google Lightning Talks: HTTPS Explained
Google’s John Mueller explains what HTTPS is, why sites should use it, and answers common questions from site owners.

Paid: Measure conversions while respecting user consent choices
Consent Mode offers advertisers more flexibility in how they use Google tags alongside their user consent tools.

Paid: Google Ads More Than Triples The Conversion Categories
Google said you can now group your conversion actions in 19 different categories such as “add to cart”, “submit lead form”, “book appointment”, and more.”

Paid: Microsoft Advertising expands LinkedIn Profile, dynamic remarketing, in-market audience targeting
Microsoft is rolling out more access to three of its audiences targeting options. Here’s the rundown of what’s new.

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Paid: Google Ads to Start Hiding Some Search Query Data
Google has an announcement in accounts: starting in September, search queries without a “significant” amount of data will no longer show in query reports.

Paid: Google Ads Location Extensions Now Faster
Google announced that within Google Ads it is now much faster and easier to set up your location extensions. You can now set up location extensions faster by selecting your locations from a curated list.

Paid: Google Ads to limit Search Terms reporting, citing privacy
Google has begun alerting advertisers that it will soon stop showing search queries that triggered their ads when there is not “significant” data.

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Paid: Microsoft Ads Rolls Out Redesign of Management Interface
The new format favour two toolbars to the left, with the main information populating the right-hand pane.

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Paid: Google To Disallow Ads That Profit Or Blame Others For Sensitive Events
Google updated its Google Ads sensitive events content policy to prohibit ads that potentially profit from a sensitive event and ads that claim victims of a sensitive event were responsible for their own tragedy. 

Social: Twitter to Add Automated Captions to Audio and Video
In an effort to make Twitter more accessible, the company plans to introduce automated captioning by next year.

Social: LinkedIn Adds 3 New Features to Company Pages
LinkedIn is adding new features to company pages to address challenges created by the pandemic and resulting shift toward remote working.

Social: TikTok is Letting Creators Sell Merch Through the App
TikTok partners with Teespring allowing fans to buy creators’ merchandise without leaving the app.

Social: LinkedIn lets Page owners view, sort, learn more about their followers
LinkedIn rolled out new features for Pages to help companies promote their events, learn more about their followers and facilitate communication among employees directly on the platform.

Social: Twitter Showing Why Topics Are Trending
Twitter is adding context to trending topics with an update designed to answer the question: “why is this trending?”

Local: Google My Business Adds Adds Video Conferencing Integration
Google My Business has added a new option that says “Connect in real-time, with video.” It says you can “grow your business and reach more customers, when you use video conferencing providers.” Then a “set up” button to start to configure it.

Local: Google Local Panels Order Pickup Button
Google is more often showing the “order pickup” button on some local listings where the restaurant or business offers curbside pickup.

Local: Google Local Listing Shows 20 Years In Business
Google is now showing for some business listings in Google Maps and Local how long the business has been in operation. 

Local: Google Indexing Issues Rumblings But I Cannot Replicate
Google indexing issues may be occurring outside of the US in European regions or in other regions.

Local: Google Ads Tax Ad Increase 2% In UK & 5% In Turkey & Austria
Google sent out emails to advertisers based in the UK, Turkey and Austria that it will begin charging more for its ads there to cover for taxes. Google will be raising the price for its Google Ads by 2% in the United Kingdom and by 5% in Turkey and Austria to cover the cost of digital services taxes in Europe. This tax increase starts in November 2020.

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