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The Weekly Wrap – 16th September 2020



SEO: How to Find Internal Linking Opportunities
Learn how to identify internal link optimisation opportunities that can elevate your organic presence to the next level.

SEO: Partial match domains in 2020: How to optimize and use effectively
Tudor Lodge shares a quick guide to help you succeed at partial match domains, understand the caveats, and optimise effectively.

SEO: 13 Tips to Make Your PDFs SEO Friendly
Google can crawl, index, and rank PDFs. However, SEO for PDFs requires a different set of tactics. These 13 tips will help your PDFs gain more traffic.

SEO: Google Featured Snippets With How-To Schema
Google has been spotted now showing some featured snippets also have how-to schema show up in Google Search.

SEO: How to get your YouTube videos appear in Google’s video carousel
Ranking in Google’s video carousel is quite doable and doesn’t require months. Ann Smarty shares a guide to YouTube keyword research and video page optimisation.

SEO: How to Generate Quality FAQs & FAQPage Schemas Automatically with Python
Generating high-quality question/answer pairs (and their corresponding schema) automatically is now possible through Python. Learn the process here.

SEO: What Is Quora & Why Should You Care?
Quora is a top-ranked question and answering community that can form the basis of a successful marketing campaign. This is how to do it.

SEO: Inbound marketing for brand awareness: Four up-to-date ways to do it
Where specific brand names have become synonymous with their original product, new brands can easily be suffocated out of the game. Here’s how inbound marketing can help.

SEO: Top Google Searches and Trending Keywords in 2020
SEMrush analysed more than 20 billion keywords to reveal what people are searching for in Google: the latest data trends across The United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and globally

SEO: Google’s New Page Experience Signal: An Object-Oriented Approach to UX Ranking Factors, But Will It Have Teeth?
This guide will break down Google’s object-oriented approach to the new page experience signal, the factors involved, and five sub-signals that are part of the new Page Experience signal.

SEO: How to Optimize for Voice Search: 6 SEO Strategies for Success
If voice search optimisation isn’t part of your SEO strategy, it’s time to fix that. Learn six tactics to optimise for voice search today and beyond.

SEO: SEO proposals: Particular challenges and how to avoid getting a silent no
SEOmonitor looks into all the aspects of pitching an SEO proposal, the key components, and how to help your customers say a loud yes instead of a silent no.

SEO: The Top 10 Google Ranking Factors of 2020 (+ How to Optimize for Them)
This post breaks down the most important Google ranking factors of 2020, with optimisation strategies for each. They’re grouped by on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, to give you a clear plan for improving your website’s rank.

SEO: Crawl Budget: Everything You Need to Know for SEO
Learn how search engines crawl the web, how to identify whether crawl budget is relevant to your website, and how to optimise it.

SEO: 10 Ways Content Marketers & SEO Pros Can Boost Client Lifetime Value Right Now
Providing value-add services can help you create more wins for clients and increase your customer lifetime value. Here are 10 options to consider.

SEO: 14 of the Best Product Page Design Examples
To help you to feel inspired, we have rounded up 14 of the best product page design examples that we could find, looking at the layouts of some fantastic brands and businesses.

SEO: Top six ways to optimize crawl budget for SEO
Crawl budget is something you must optimise for SEO especially if you’re running a large-scale website. Details on the basics of crawl budgeting, why it matters, and how you can optimise it for SEO.

SEO: Shorter Content Earns the Most Backlinks, Study Says
A recent study finds a positive correlation between backlinks and content with less than 700 words.

Paid: Why Google Ads and Google Analytics Convs. Don’t Align (And Why You Should Try The Attribution Beta)
In this blog, one PPC expert walks through Google Ads and Analytics conv. discrepancy scenarios and how the Google Attribution beta (within GA) can help.

Paid: Help improve the Google Publisher Tag developer experience
Google Ads shares with advertisers on how to improve their offerings for Google Publisher Tags.

Paid: How (and Why) to Use Branding to Improve Your Advertising
For sustained business growth, your branding and advertising must go hand-in-hand. This post covers the reasons to incorporate branding into your ads, methods of doing so, and examples of businesses doing it right.

Paid: 4 Essential Tips for Auditing Google Ads Accounts
Are your Google Ads accounts leaking cash? Learn which areas you must review to avoid wasting cash and improve your PPC results.

Paid: 5 Essential ROI Formulas PPC Managers Should Master
Understanding the PPC auction process is crucial for a successful Google Ads campaign. Here are five must-learn ROI formulas every PPC marketer should know.

Content: How to Add Keywords in Your Copy While Making Google Love You
Discover some best practices for adding keywords in your web copy that makes sense to users and works for search engines.

Content: How to Get Your Podcast to Appear in Google Results
Optimise your podcast using these five ideas. Then it’s more likely to get found on Google and other search engines.

Content: Stop Saying ‘Create Great Content’ – Say This Instead
In content creation, great is the new mediocre. Consider these 10 specific elements if you want to step beyond mere greatness in your content.

Content: How to Work With Freelance Writers to Produce Quality Content
In this post, we’re going to look at how to work with professional content writers to create great content that drives results. 

Content: How content consolidation can help boost your rankings
Update, remove and/or merge content to avoid split ranking signals and provide users with a better experience. Learn more here.

Content: Emojis in Email Subject Lines: Do They Affect Open Rates? [DATA]
We tested 3.9 million emails with emojis and non-emoji subject lines and found 2 surprising things about open rates, click-through rates, and unsubscribes.

Social: 11 Tips to Increase Sales on Instagram
Brands and businesses can make big money selling on Instagram. Here are 11 tactics that can help boost your sales using Instagram.

Social: How to Get Higher-Quality Leads From YouTube: 5 Ways
In this article, you’ll discover five ways to generate warm leads from your YouTube channel.

Social: YouTube for Marketing: What Marketers Need to Know
You’ll learn why you should consider YouTube over Facebook and discover a system for generating leads and sales with value-based videos on YouTube.

Social: Facebook and Google Ad Tracking: a Beginning to End Guide
In this article, we’ll show you how to set up picture-perfect Facebook and Google Ad Tracking for all your campaigns, so you can boost your return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) across the board.

Social: The Best Instagram Analytics Tools in 2020
Discover what Instagram analytics tools & apps are the best to use in 2020. Master the performance and drive better results on Instagram.

Social: How to Drive Local Foot Traffic With Twitter Ads
In this article, you’ll discover how to use Twitter ads and organic techniques to bring more foot traffic to your local business.

Social: 15 Social Media Content Types (with examples for ideas and inspiration)
Social media can be a powerful tool for both building and engaging with an audience. But what content should you be creating? We explore 15 different social content types in this guide.

Social: Unpacking the TikTok algorithm: Three reasons why it’s the most addictive social network
TikTok has taken the marketing world by storm with personalised content and unique design. Three algorithm features are making it the marketing tool brands can’t survive without.

Local: How to Choose Google My Business Categories (With Cool Tools!)
Your choice of your primary and secondary categories contributes a lot to Google’s understanding and handling of your business. With so much riding on proper categorisation, let’s empower you to research your options like a pro today!

Local: On-page Strategies for Local SEO: Ranking in Multiple Cities
This guide will explain how to rank in multiple cities with Local SEO. Learn strategies for local keyword research, SERP analysis, content writing, schema and more.

Local: How to Use Google’s Call Recording to Listen to Your Call Ads
Google recently rolled out call recording, allowing advertisers to know whether they’re getting good leads from call ads. Here’s how to enable the feature.


Industry: John Mueller: The Global Search Personality Of The Year
John Mueller win the Global Search Personality Of The Year at the Global Search Awards. 

Industry: Petition Over Google Ads Hiding Search Term Data
Greg Finn posted a petition on Change.org hoping the SEM community can sign it and influence Google to change its mind around hiding data in the Google Ads search term report. 

SEO: Google Tests Knowledge Panel In The Middle Of The Search Results
Google may be testing the knowledge panel box in the middle of the search results. 

SEO: Google To Drop Crawl Anomaly Data For Something More Useful
Google’s John Mueller said in a webmaster hangout at the 10:02 mark that Google Search Console will be dropping the crawl anomaly data from the reports.

SEO: Sharing what we learned on the first Virtual Webmaster Unconference
Google’s first Virtual Webmaster Unconference successfully took place on August 26th and, as promised, the company has shared their main findings and conclusions here.

SEO: Google Broad Core Updates Recoveries & How Google Reprocesses Core Update Scores
John discusses that sites can recover, some might not see a full recover but some can. And that Google regularly refreshes the scores within the core update between core updates.

SEO: Google Wants Feedback On Wildly Inaccurate Site Command Counts
Gary Illyes from Google seems to have a new interest, making the site command more reliable for some sites.

SEO: Google Search Console Coverage Report Delayed 14-Days
John Mueller of Google thought it would be fixed by September 12th but it is not

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SEO: Google Experiencing Indexing Issue With New Articles
Google is currently fixing an indexing issue affecting new articles appearing in the ‘Top Stories’ section of search results.

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SEO: Bing: Hreflang A Weak Signal For Us
Fabrice Canal from the Microsoft Bing team said that “hreflang is indeed a far weaker signal than content-language at Bing.”

SEO: New Bing URL Inspection Tool
Bing announced a new URL inspection tool that provides actionable suggestions for how to make a page rank better.

SEO: How Google delivers reliable information in Search
Google’s Danny Sullivan explains how Google delivers reliable information and improve search with 3 key factors.

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SEO: Google now uses BERT to match stories with fact checks
Google has made numerous changes to auto-complete, News, fact-checking, knowledge panels, breaking news detection and more.

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SEO: GoogleBot Extension On John Mueller’s Browser?
John Mueller presented at SEO Day virtually and someone noticed that on his Chrome browser was this little robot extension and shared a screen shot of it on Twitter. 

SEO: Google Unveils Fundo for Monetizing Video Events
Google announces a powerful way for small businesses and creators to monetise events

SEO: Google SEO Mythbusting: Is More Content Better?
Google busts myths surrounding content creation in its latest episode of the SEO Mythbusting video series.

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SEO: Google says you can recover from core updates without a new core update
John Mueller of Google said in a webmaster hangout video that if your site was negatively impacted by a Google core algorithm update, that you do not need to wait for the next time Google pushes out a core update to recover. 

SEO: Google Finance makes investing information more accessible
Google has redesigned Google Finance for both desktop and mobile viewing to help you easily find data for stocks you’re interested in, market trends and relevant news to make more informed investment decisions.

SEO: Google Speakable Markup Is Not Obsolete
Google’s John Mueller said that speakable markup is not obsolete.

SEO: Bing Webmaster Tools Removes Geo-Targeting Feature
Bing has removed the geo-targeting feature in the new version of Bing Webmaster Tools.

Paid: Google Ads Created A New Ad Destination Report
Google Ads has launched a new report named the ad destination report. Google said this new report will help you understand “how your customers convert” on your web site.

Paid: Google custom audiences, the combo of custom affinity and custom intent audiences, now live
Custom audiences are available now in Google Ads for Display, Discovery, Gmail and YouTube campaigns.

Paid: Google Ads Performance Planner Supports Shopping Campaigns
The performance planner tool in Google Ads now has been upgraded to support Shopping campaigns. Performance Planner now supports Shopping campaigns and Smart Shopping campaigns in Google Ads.

Paid: Google to Pass UK’s Digital Service Tax to Advertisers
Google has announced starting November 1st, advertisers in the UK, Austria and Turkey will be absorbing the new Digital Service Tax costs.

Paid: Microsoft Advertising Adds Multi-Image Extensions
Microsoft Advertising added a new feature for its ad platform for supporting multiple images for its search ads. 

Social: YouTube Shorts – Google’s Answer to TikTok?
YouTube is announcing the launch of Shorts. A new feature that feels decidedly similar to TikTok.

Social: Introducing the On-Facebook Destination for Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA)
Facebook has launched the ability to drive automotive inventory ads to a mobile-optimised shopping experience on the Facebook platform. 

Social: Data Use Checkup Rolling Out Broadly for Businesses
Facebook has updated their Platform Terms and Developer Policies to protect people’s privacy and ensure businesses have the tools and information they need.

Social: Facebook Messenger Lets Users Watch Videos Together
Facebook is introducing Watch Together – a new co-viewing experience in Messenger allowing up to 8 people to watch videos together.

Social: Is TikTok For Sale? New Oracle Deal Confirmed
TikTok is reported to not be for sale. But Oracle confirmed an agreement to become a “trusted technology partner” to help TikTok stay in the U.S.

Social: Breaking: Facebook to Impose Limits on Number of Ads
Facebook will start limiting the number of ads a Page can run in February of 2021. Limits will be based on the highest ad spend of a month in the previous year.

Local: Google Local Review Attributes With Emojis
Opening up the Google Maps app and click into the area to see the reviews you have submitted, 

Local: Google My Business Bug When Changing Addresses For Service Area Businesses (SAB)
Google seems to have a bug when changing the addresses of some server area businesses (SABs) according to local SEO Ben Fisher. 

Local: Google My Business Adds Health & Safety Attributes
In Google My Business, if you go to your info tab and click on the “attributes” there is a new section for “health and safety.”

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Local: InMarket buys NinthDecimal to compete with Foursquare more effectively
The company is positioning itself as an “omnichannel” rather than “location” marketing platform.

Mobile: Apple IDFA consent: Roughly 60% of consumers open to allowing tracking
Apple delayed one of iOS 14’s most controversial new privacy features: consumer opt-in permission to track. The rule requires apps to get consent from users to access the device’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) and transmit data to third parties.

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