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The Weekly Wrap – 27th March 2019



SEO: Google Remarketing Strategies That’ll Work Every Single Time
This article highlights several types of remarketing strategies you can use for Google Ads and Youtube.

SEO: The 5 SEO Recommendations That Matter in the End
Here are the five SEO recommendations that makes a positive impact in SEO’s ever-changing world.

SEO: 6 Actions You Must Take After an SEO Audit
Here are some specific next steps you should take after the audit is completed to build momentum and ensure your time and investment isn’t wasted.

SEO: Eight tools you need for backlink generation
If you’re a business owner and want to boost your backlinks, here are eight tools to get you started.

SEO: JavaScript SEO Google Video: Testing & Debugging
Martin Splitt of Google in the video goes through using the mobile friendly test, Search Console and Lighthouse as some ways to do this.

SEO: Link Building Terms You Should Know: The Ultimate Glossary
A guide that explains the most prevalent link building terms in the SEO world.

SEO: The Rise of On-Page SEO Tools: Pushing the Frontiers of SEO & Content
This article shares cutting-edge SEO tools that will transform your rankings in search results.

SEO: SMX Overtime: 3 tips to maximizing visual search potential
Tips on making budget-friendly video and why formatting images correctly matter for page speed.

SEO: Social media: How does it affect SEO?
This articles discusses 3 ways social media enhance your search visibility.

Paid: Google Ads Keyword Planner gets new (and old) features
This article runs through new features available in Google Ads Keyword Planner and how to use them.

Paid: What Is Click-Through Rate & Why CTR Is Important
This article explains what click-through rate is, what a good CTR is, how it impacts your ad rank and Quality Score, and when a low CTR is OK.

Paid: 7 Prospecting Strategies for PPC Agencies
Seven tried-and-true methods to prospect for high-quality PPC agency clients.

Paid: What Are Keywords & How They Work in PPC
This article discusses the importance of keywords to your PPC campaign.

Social: How to Add Alt Text to Instagram Posts
In this article, you’ll discover how to write and add alt text to your Instagram posts.

Social: How to Write Effective Facebook Sponsored Posts
In this article, you’ll learn how to write and structure two types of longer-form text-based Facebook sponsored posts.

Social: 10 Metrics to Track When Analyzing Your Social Media Marketing
In this article, you’ll discover 10 metrics worth tracking for your next marketing report.

Social: A Complete Guide to Social Media Customer Service
In this article, we’ll go through all the steps of building a social customer service strategy from scratch and answer the frequently asked questions about social customer support.

Social: How to Use Facebook to Learn More About Your Audience
How to use the Facebook’s Audience Insights tool to learn more about your audience.

Content Marketing: 10 Things Your Content Marketing Strategy Must Include
Here are my recommendations for 10 elements that make sense in a solid content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing: 21 Recommendations for Spending Your Content Marketing Time Wisely
21 recommendations for specific ways you can make your content marketing do its job — without consuming every minute of your time.

Content Marketing: 5 Conversion Optimization Tactics that Also Drive Traffic
Here are 5 ways to boost your conversions while increasing traffic to your site.

Content Marketing: 8 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Use Stock Photos in Ads
This article provides us 8 effective ways that makes stock photography a very helpful and important tool for modern day marketers.

Content Marketing: 10 on-page SEO essentials: Crafting the perfect piece of content
This article shares 10 on-page SEO essential elements that will rank in the search results page and engage and educate users.

Content Marketing: How to Create Content for SEO
6 steps you should take to ensure you are creating content that will rank.

Content Marketing: 41 Places to Find Free Images Online That You Will Actually Want to Use
This article shares 41 great free photo websites for which you can use to enhance your content marketing.

Local: What do the symbols mean in Google’s Map Pack and Local Finder?
This article identifies local search symbols in Google Maps search results and how to trigger and make the most of them for your GMB listing.


SEO: Google Updates the Sitemaps Report in Search Console & Adds Ability to Delete Sitemaps
Google has updated the sitemaps report in Search Console with new features, including the ability to delete a sitemap.

SEO: Bing upgrades text-to-speech, expands intelligent answers, improves visual search
Bing announced large upgrades to their text-to-speech capabilities in voice search, improvements to their intelligent answers and visual search capabilities.

SEO: Google Explains the Difference Between Neural Matching and RankBrain
Google’s Danny Sullivan explains the difference between neural matching and RankBrain.

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SEO: Google: There Is No Google Organic Traffic Budget
Google’s John Mueller said that Google doesn’t have an organic traffic budget that will stop sending a site traffic once it reaches a certain number.

SEO: Bing Uses rel=next and rel=prev For Discovery But Not Merging Pages
Bing’s Frédéric Dubut said that Bing uses rel=prev/next for discovering and understanding site structure but they do not use it to merge pages into a set.

SEO: Google Image Search Tests Article Slide In Feature
Google Image search is letting you drag up the article an image is sourced from.

SEO: An Active XML Sitemap That Errors Out Won’t Slow Google’s Crawl
Google John Mueller confirm that Google’s crawl behaviour will not change if an active XML sitemap begins to error out.

SEO: Google’s rel=prev/next Messaging: Nothing Has Changed
Google’s Gary Illyes confirmed with SEO and developer community that Google do not support rel=prev/next.

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SEO: Google: Schema Still Not Required For Featured Snippets
Google’s John Mueller said once again that schema is not required for having featured snippets.

SEO: Google: Accents In URLs Work Fine For Google
Google’s John Mueller said that having URLs with accents are perfectly fine for Google.

SEO: Google to retire the info: command, adds canonical information to URL Inspection Tool
Google is retiring the info command claiming it “was relatively underused” and that the new URL inspection tool gives users much of that data now anyway.

SEO: Google Search Console Now Shows Google-Selected Canonical URLs
Google Search Console will now show site owners which URL has been selected as the canonical version.

SEO: Why & How Bing Plans to Improve Its Crawler, Bingbot
Bing’s Fabrice Canel shares Bing’s progress from their last 18 months to improve Bing’s crawler process.

Paid: Google Ads Now With Recommended Columns For Reporting
Google Ads introduced a new feature in their console to suggest to you the columns they think are important for you to see in your dashboard. Google calls this “recommended columns.”

Paid: Amazon to introduce video ads in mobile-app search results — report
Amazon is starting to roll out video advertising on its smartphone apps.

Social: How to Share Deals & Drive Sales with Facebook Offer Ads
Facebook offer ads present a deal to entice prospects to make a purchase. These customizable, mobile-only ads are excellent for both brick-and-mortar locations and ecommerce brands, as they provide options to claim offers in-store and online.

Social: LinkedIn Now Lets Marketers Target Ads to ‘Lookalike Audiences’
LinkedIn is upgrading its ad targeting options with the ability to reach more of the right people.

Social: Google Hurt Pinterest’s Growth in 2018 by Deindexing Keyword Landing Pages
Pinterest’s recent IPO filing contains details about the site’s growth being hurt in 2018 due to a Google update.

Social: Social: Setting Up Meetings Just Got Easier with New Features in LinkedIn Messenger
Linkedin recently added a few new features in the to Linkedin Messenger that will allow users to schedule meetings.

Content Marketing: Google launches News Initiative subscriptions lab for publishers
Google News VP Richard Gingras detailed the company’s efforts to support journalism and combat the spread of disinformation.

Local: New personalized, Shopping Actions-enabled Google Shopping debuts in France
Google’s overhaul of its Shopping portal began rolling out in France this week. It incorporates Google Shopping Actions, Google’s effort to take on Amazon, which has been chipping away at product search for years.

Local: The majority of listings for car accident attorneys on Google are fake
Google’s ranking algorithm has a huge flaw in its local results that lead generating companies have been using for their own profit.

Local: Google Maps Rolls Out New Public Events Feature
Google Maps is letting users create public events associated with specific locations–a feature that could compete with Facebook events.

Mobile: Google AMP & Mobile Friendly Tests Adds Code Editing
Google added the ability to edit code inline within both the AMP test and the mobile-friendly test. 

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Mobile: Having Both Mobile URLs & Responsive Design Can Confuse Google
Google’s John Mueller said that if you have a web site that deploys both a separate mobile URL and also has a responsive design, it can lead to confusing Google.

Mobile: Google adds vacation rentals to Hotel Search
Google recently redesigned and added features to its hotel search interface to make it more intuitive and useful for both desktop and mobile users.

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