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The Weekly Wrap – 25th March 2020

25TH MARCH 2020


SEO: You Can Now Take Moz Academy Courses for Free
Through May 31, you’ll be able to access the courses in Moz Academy for free.

SEO: How to Query the Google Search Console API
In this article, you’ll learn how to get better-connected data out of Google Search Console as well as increase the size of your exports by 400%.

SEO: The Best WordPress SEO Plugins for 2020
Here is a list of the top SEO WordPress Plugins, paid and free, and the features they offer. Learn the different ways to upload plugins, things to consider when choosing a plugin, issues to avoid and more.

SEO: Why & How SEOs Can Help Brands Craft Coronavirus Response Videos
Here are seven top tips to help companies craft coronavirus response videos. 

SEO: How To Use Google Keyword Planner for SEO and PPC Campaigns
Here is a complete step-by-step guide to using Google‘s Keyword Planner for SEO keyword research, content optimisation, and topic ideas. 

SEO: 4 Top Tips for Decreasing Campaign Downtime
Here are a few tips to keep your campaigns running. 

SEO: Search Audiences & User Intent: SEO’s Secret Weapon
In this article, you’ll learn how to analyse search queries, intent, and on-site behavior that can help you better connect with your target audiences.

Paid: How COVID-19 Has Impacted Google Ads Results for 21 Industries [Data]
In this article, we looked at performance data to find out how the pandemic is impacting Google Ads results for 21 industries, including travel, construction, beauty, and more.

Paid: How to optimize paid search and Amazon campaigns for seasonality success
Planning ahead (even in a time that’s anything but “normal”) can help ensure your business is best positioned for your peak periods.

Paid: How to Use Forced Bold Text in Google Search Ads
In this article, you’ll learn how to optimise your Google Ads by making any text you want bold.

Content:7 Free Ways to Get Original Data for Your Content
These seven examples show you how using original data in your content can deliver big results at no additional cost.

Content: How to Create a Successful Virtual Event for Your Company
Here is a quick and handy guide on how to create a successful virtual event for your company.

Content: Rise Up in Google SERPs With the Right SEO Website Content
Here a few tips on how your content can help you increase your rankings in the search results.

Content: How to Create Visual Content That’s Worth a Thousand Shares
Use these nine best practices with examples to take a fresh look at your brand’s visual content marketing.

Content: Pro Tip: How to develop a content calendar that’s relevant with creative leeway
Using this three-step process to identify your audience and topics, you can quickly and effectively publish content that is relevant to each target audience.

Social: Successful Facebook Ads on a Small Budget
In this article, we share a podcast with Tara Zirker – Facebook Ads Expert and Founder of the Successful Ad Club, where she explains why testing Facebook ads is key to success, and shares the methodology she uses to test and develop successful Facebook ad campaigns.

Social: How to Run a Successful Instagram Contest or Giveaway
In this article, you’ll discover tips for running different types of contests, how to bring your Instagram contest to a close, and which metrics will help you assess the performance of your contest.

Social: How to Find Influencers to Follow on Snapchat
Here’s how to find who to follow and how to invite collaboration for major marketing growth.

Social: How to grow your YouTube rankings with the right SEO tools
In this article, we share an SEO software to help you with your YouTube optimisation.

Social: The 7 Deadly Sins of Social Content Creation
Read this list to help you evaluate your content and be more successful.

Local: How to Update Google My Business Hours for COVID-19: 3 Options
Here are three ways that you can update your Google My Business (GMB) my hours. If your business will be or is closed — you have several options and things to consider.

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Local: Brands, especially restaurants, need FAQs and ‘coronapages’ fast
There are a number of common questions your customers are probably asking in search that aren’t being answered.


SEO: Google Changelog For Google Search Developer Documentation
Google’s Lizzi Harvey has created a single page to follow the major updates made to the Google Search Developer documentation. So now you can just scan this page over here and see what updates she and her teammates made to the Google Search Developer documentations online.

SEO: Is Google Bringing Back Magnifying Glass To Searches Related To Section?
Google is now testing showing a magnifying glass icon next to the search related to phrases. 

SEO: Google Does Not Penalize For Weird Brand Or Product Names
Google’s John Mueller said Google does not penalise pages for having weird product or brand names.

SEO: Google Search More Button Showing In Different Colors
Google is showing different colour buttons to trigger answer cards in the search results.

SEO: Bing adopts SpecialAnnouncement structured data for COVID-19
Bing now supports the SpecialAnnouncement data type for coronavirus-related business, travel, government health agency and testing center updates.

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SEO: Google Says It’s A Myth That It Prioritizes AMP Pages In Google Search
Google’s Martin Splitt said it is a myth that Google prioritises AMP pages in Google search. 

SEO: Google Search Console Sends Out Notices Of Event Markup Issues
Google began sending out notices via Google Search Console of event markup issues. 

SEO: Google Answers How Manual Reviews are Handled
Google’s John Mueller answered questions about how Google’s Manual Review team does it’s job.

SEO: Google is Asked About Advance Warning of Penalties
Google’s John Mueller said that the primary reason why Google tend not send a warning is that when we run into this kind of situation where the web spam team notices that there’s a problem.

SEO: Google Launches COVID-19 Info Site & New Search Experience for Coronavirus Queries
Google has launched its anticipated COVID-19 information website as well as a new search experience for coronavirus queries.

SEO: Bing URL Indexing API – Users Claim Instant Ranking in 10 Minutes
Bing announced a new service, a URL and Content Submission API, that allows publishers to get instant indexing on Bing.

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SEO: Bing launches new portal for URL and content submission APIs
Bing has launched a new portal for the indexing API and content submission API. 

SEO: Google’s right-sidebar featured snippets are no more
The featured snippet variant now appears in Google’s main results column, as the company announced in January.

SEO: Google Won’t Hide News Behind Paywalls
Danny Sullivan from Google said Google wouldn’t give searchers a way to hide such sites in the search results.

SEO: Google Knowledge Panel Displaying A Large Video
Google showing a large video in a Google knowledge panel.

SEO: Google Says It Should Continue To Improve The Search Results
Google’s John Mueller said that he feels Google should continue to try to improve the search results even during the coronavirus outbreak.

SEO: Google Says More Granular Levels Of Speed May Become A Ranking Factor
Google’s John Mueller said that maybe in the future Google will look at speed metrics in a more granular way when it comes to ranking.

SEO: Google Stops Displaying Almost All Top Right Featured Snippets
Google has virtually stopped showing featured snippets in the top right position of the search results page.

SEO: Google’s Mueller Discusses Site Demotions
John Mueller explained why the issues the publisher suspected weren’t necessarily the reason why the site was demoted.

SEO: Google Offers Reasons for Significant SERP Changes
Google’s John Mueller answered the question of how to get a site that lost rankings back on track. 

SEO: Bing: We Will Continue To Update & Improve Ranking Models
Bing’s Frederic Dubut said that anytime we plan an update, we hope it will improve our product for users.

Paid: Google intros open testing ads, new asset reporting and more for App campaigns
Google announced its annual slate of feature updates for game marketers. Here’s the rundown of Google’s ads-related announcements for game marketers.

Paid: Google Ads Has A New Ad Policy Appeal Process
Google announced a new way to appeal policy issues within Google Ads. Instead of going through support, you can now request appeals to ad policy issues a new way.

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Paid: Facebook Bans More Types of Ads in Response to COVID-19
Facebook is banning more types ads for products people need to stay safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Paid: Google Ads Makes it Easier to Appeal Disapproved or Limited Ads
Google Ads is launching a feature that makes it easier for advertisers to appeal policy decisions and get ads approved.

Paid: Coronavirus Impact on Google Ads and Affiliate Sales
Amazon has cut spending on Google Ads to virtually nothing.

Social: Instagram Launches ‘Stay Home’ Story & Co-Watching Feature Amid COVID-19 Outbreak
Instagram is launching new features in an effort to encourage users to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Social: Twitter to Prioritize COVID-19 Tweets From Verified Accounts
Twitter published a PSA notifying users that tweets from verified accounts will be prioritised over regular accounts for COVID-19 updates.

Social: Facebook Redesign is Bold and User Friendly
Facebook is unveiling a redesign of their website that is bold and user friendly. The new design also comes with a dark mode.

Social: LinkedIn Introduces Conversation Ads: A New Message-Based Ad Format
LinkedIn is launching a new type of message-based ad that uses conversation to deliver a customised experience for each user.

Social: Facebook Commits to Helping Small Businesses During COVID-19 Pandemic
Facebook is making efforts to help small businesses get through the COVID-19 pandemic with several initiatives launched this week.

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Local: Yelp announces fundraising partnership with GoFundMe to support local businesses
Yelp’s announcement a $25 million relief package for small businesses impacted by the coronavirus, the company is announcing a fundraising partnership today with GoFundMe.

Local: Google My Business Temporarily Removes Features Due to COVID-19
Google is temporarily removing some features from Google My Business as a result of limitations caused by the COVID-19 situation.

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Local: Yelp Launches Efforts to Help Local Businesses Impacted By COVID-19
Yelp launched a number of efforts aimed at helping local businesses that have been affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Local: Yelp sees huge decline in restaurant demand, offers $25MM relief package
Yelp is seeking to become a hub for “virtual local businesses” during the coronavirus outbreak.

Local: Google Local Showing Review Mentions By People
Google has been spotted showing a summary of how many people mentioned a phrase in the comments.

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