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The Weekly Wrap – 18th March 2020

18TH MARCH 2020



SEO: 20 Ways Your SEO Agency Can Generate Leads Every Day
Here are 20 ideas SEO-related businesses can do to get more leads on a daily basis.

SEO: 10 Silent killers that affect your website speed
In this article, you’ll discover lesser-known causes of website speed killers and the best solutions for them.

SEO: 13 Ways Businesses Can Use SEO & Marketing to Combat Coronavirus Impact
This is the time to stay the course and tackle all of those potentially impactful SEO and marketing tasks you’ve had on your back burner.

SEO: 5 Completely Sane Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Stop SEO Efforts During COVID-19
Here are five reasons why you should absolutely continue search engine marketing efforts during these trying times.

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SEO: How Can I Get My Website Traffic to Convert?
In this article, you’ll learn how to improve conversions for your lead gen and ecommerce traffic.

SEO: Why Website Builders Can Be Terrible for Your SEO
In this article, we discuss why website builders can be deter your technical SEO and the future of your business.

SEO: 1 in 3 Business Owners Don’t Understand How Google Search Rankings Work
A new study shows a significant knowledge gap when it comes to understanding SEO basics, such as what SEO is or how Google ranks pages.

SEO: What Is a Competition Analysis?
This analysis looks deeper into your competition’s links, keywords, content, and on-site SEO to find out what makes it tick.

SEO: 6 Google Display Network Mistakes You Need to Avoid
In this post, learn how to properly set up your campaigns, audiences, exclusions, and more for optimal awareness campaigns.

SEO: The 5 Don’ts of Link Outreach
In this article, we outline the five major ‘don’ts’ of link outreach to make sure you don’t sabotage your link building efforts with bad outreach.

SEO: Why News SEO Is Crucial to Publishers Covering the Coronavirus Pandemic
In this article, you’ll learn that optimising stories for Google News and Google universal search results is fairly difficult to do on the fly and and how SEO and PR professionals can use a news SEO tool.

SEO: Automated Intent Classification Using Deep Learning in Google Sheets
In this article, you’ll learn how to perform intent classification directly in Google Sheets.

SEO: How to Create a High-Converting Call-to-Action Button: 4 Best Practices
In this article, we cover four best practices for creating call-to-action buttons that get users to convert.

SEO: The Pros and Cons of Going Headless for Your eCommerce Store
In this article, we discuss its benefits for ecommerce businesses and how, as a third party website development agency, helped to implement Headless for some of the most popular ecommerce platforms.

SEO: 8 of the Worst SEO Mistakes Even the Experts Make
Here are eight common SEO mistakes that even the experts still make.

SEO: Nine site audit issues we always see and tips to tackle them
In this article, we discuss the implications of address site audit issues and technical changes with nine tips on how to tackle them.

SEO: Latest Google Patents of Interest – March 11, 2020
In this article, we discuss Google’s patent update with regards to theme developing between entity elements, knowledge cards, and even some aspects of no-click searching.

SEO: Understanding How Google Views Your Website with Chris Long [PODCAST]
In this article, we share a podcast with Chris Long – Senior SEO Manager at Go Fish Digital, talking about how Google views your website, why it’s important for you to understand the difference between how you and your customers might see your website, and so much more.

Paid: Google Ads B2B Full-Funnel Strategy Outline
In this post, we will cover how to implement a full-funnel B2B strategy in Google Ads.

Paid: How to Address Low Search Volume Keywords in Google Ads
In this article, you’ll learn how to address keywords with low search volume in Google Ads through unique audience tactics.

Paid: Do You Really Need to Translate Your Google Ads?
Here are 10 tips on how to coordinate a international PPC campaign and how translating your ads can lead to higher click through rates.

Content: Five tips to establish a successful content creation process
In this article, we share some tips on how to develop a successful content creation process to enhance your rankings.

Content: What Is Great Content? The 6 Standards of Content Greatness
Before you hit publish, give your content a thorough review to make sure it meets these six standards of content greatness.

Content: How to Make Compelling Q&A Videos to Build Trust in Your Brand
In this guide, you’ll learn how you can go about creating compelling videos – Q&A videos, to be specific – to wow your followers, build brand trust, and attract more traffic to your website.

Social: 5 Ways to Analyze Your Instagram Marketing
In this article, you’ll discover five ways to analyse the performance of your Instagram business profile.

Social: 6 Costly Facebook Ad Mistakes and How to Fix Them
In this article, you’ll discover six Facebook advertising mistakes and how to fix them.

Social: Instagram Strategy: Growing Your Followers and Business
In this article, we share a podcast with Vanessa Lau – a Community development Expert on three mistakes that can derail your Instagram marketing and shares her three-step strategy for organic growth on Instagram.

Social: 8 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty with Social Media
In this article we’ll show you eight different strategies to attract repeat customers and build brand loyalty through social media.

Local: How the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Is Affecting Small Businesses & Marketers
In this article, we share what we do know and offer guidance for small business and monitoring their online advertising accounts with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Local: 16 Tips to Handle Negative Customer Reviews Online
In this article, you’ll discover 16 tips on how to handle negative customer reviews online and ensuring people get the best possible experience from your brand.

Mobile: Google’s ‘Interesting finds’ SERP feature: The ‘interesting’ reason why mobile organic search traffic remained strong while desktop dropped
In this article, we share some tips on how to better understand Google’s ‘Interesting Finds’ in mobile search results and the impact it has on search traffic to your website.


SEO: Google’s John Mueller & Martin Splitt Answer JavaScript SEO Questions
Google’s John Mueller and Martin Splitt teamed up for another edition of the ‘Ask Google Webmasters’ video series to answer questions about JavaScript SEO.

SEO: WordPress 5.5 Will Introduce Auto-Updates for Themes and Plugins
The upcoming WordPress 5.5 update will expand the content management system’s auto-updating capabilities to themes and plugins.

SEO: Bing: Use 302s For URLs That May Change In Two Days, Otherwise Go 301
Bing’s Fabrice Canel said that it is preferable to use a 302 redirect if your destination URL may change within 2 days, else 301 is recommended.

SEO: New properties for virtual, postponed, and canceled events
In the current environment and status of COVID-19 around the world, many events are being canceled, postponed, or moved to an online-only format. Google wants to show users the latest, most accurate information about your events in this fast-changing environment, and so we’ve added some new, optional properties to our developer documentation to help.

SEO: Schema.org adds COVID-19-related structured data types in version 7.0
Schema.org published version 7.0 of its specifications on Monday. The release contains new structured data types that were fast-tracked in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

SEO: Google Advises Support for Google Ads & GMB May Be Unavailable or Delayed
Google is notifying people that support for Google Ads and Google My Business may be delayed or completely unavailable for the time being.

SEO: Bing Launches an Interactive COVID-19 Tracking Map
Bing is making an effort to keep people up-to-date on the spread of COVID-19 with an interactive tracking map.

SEO: Google now showing ‘specialists’ tab in health condition knowledge cards on mobile
This update to Google’s health condition cards in mobile search results will benefit patients seeking help for certain medical conditions.

SEO: No API For Google Search Console Discover Report
Google launched Discover performance reports in Google Search Console almost a year ago. It is available for sites that see traffic from Google Discover. 

SEO: Google Warns About Assumptions Based on Site: Search
Google’s John Mueller warns about making assumptions from site: search.

SEO: Google’s Mueller Clarifies Page Layout Algorithm
Google’s John Mueller clarified in a tweet that Google’s Page Layout Algorithm was not generally about the number of ads.

SEO: Google Confirms It Is Now Building a Nationwide Coronavirus Info Site
Google is working with the US government to develop a website informing people about coronavirus, in addition to other measures.

SEO: Google Makes Premium Version of Hangouts Meet Free As More People Work Remotely
Google is waiving the fees on the premium version of Hangouts Meet to assist businesses and schools operating remotely.

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SEO: Google’s John Mueller: We Do Not Use W3C Validation in Search Results
Google’s John Mueller recently stated in a webmaster hangout that W3C validation has no impact on search results.

SEO: Google SEO 101: Here’s How to Update Your Search Results Snippets
Google‘s latest ‘Search for Beginners’ video is a crash course on how to create effective snippets for search results.

SEO: Lots Of Pages That Don’t Get Searched For? Does It Hurt Your Google Search Rankings?
Google’s John Mueller respond to publics query on whether non searched pages are bad for SEO.

SEO: WordPress Popup Builder Contains Serious Vulnerabilities
Popular WordPress Plugin Popup Builder was discovered to have multiple vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to inject malicious JavaScript into a popup.

SEO: Google pushes out deadline parallel tracking for Video due to ‘global events’
Google provides more time to transition to parallel tracking for Video campaigns. The deadline has been moved to June 15.

SEO: Google: Start With Fewer Pages For New Sites
Google’s John Mueller said he would recommend erring on the side of having fewer pages, especially when starting up a new site. He said that having too many pages makes it hard for Google to find the unique value of each page.

SEO: Bing: The Magnitude Of Algorithm Changes Has Been Larger Than Usual
Bing’s Frederic Dubut said that Bing has been very business working on algorithm changes.

SEO: Google: We Have No Mechanism To Block Indexing Parts Of Pages
Google’s John Mueller said there is currently no official “mechanism to block indexing of a part of a page.” There are “hacky ways” he said but nothing official from Google like a googleon/googleoff tag that is supported only for the Google Search Appliance, not Google web search (the public search engine).

SEO: Google In This Video Key Moments Shows Multiple Times?
Google have been spotted showing key moments for videos numerous times for several videos.

SEO: Mueller Says Don’t Focus on What Google Thinks is Quality. Focus on this Instead
In a Google Webmaster Hangout John Mueller said that publishers know what ‘quality’ is better than Google does. Mueller then shared what the publisher should focus on instead.

SEO: Google Says Paid Links Don’t Work
Google’s John Mueller said that ‘pretty much always’ the paid links he reviewed were not the reason the site was ranking.

SEO: Google: 3D & AR Images Are Not A Ranking Factor
Google’s John Mueller said that Google don’t rank pages with 3d image support higher.

Paid: Amazon Removes Ability for FBA Shipments to Non-Essential Goods
Amazon announced today that it is restricting inbound shipments for FBA to medical supplies and household staples.

Paid: Microsoft Advertising Standard Text Ads To Expanded Text Ads Migration By March 31st
Microsoft Advertising ads as standard text ads, they will be migrated to expanded text ads on March 31st. 

Paid: Advanced Google Ads script removes locations from keywords
This script automates the removal of individual locations from keywords at-scale within Google Sheets.

Paid: Google Ads Now Prevents Advertising Face Masks
Google is now not allowing its advertisers to bid and place ads on face mask related keywords.

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Paid: Google Ads Business Operations Verification Program Starting This Month
Google announced in March 2020, Google will introduce a new Business Operations verification program.

Social: YouTube Says More Videos Will Be Removed Than Usual For The Time Being
YouTube advises that, with fewer people available to review content during this time, more videos will be removed than normal.

Social: Twitter Shares Tips on Best Tweet Copy For Announcing a Product Launch
Twitter is back with more tips on writing effective tweets, this time with a focus on announcing new products.

Social: YouTube Allows Creators to Monetize Content About Coronavirus
YouTube is backtracking on a decision made weeks ago to demonetize content about the coronavirus.

Social: Twitter Suggests Appropriate Ways for Brands to Tweet About COVID-19
Twitter is providing guidance to businesses on how to best tweet about coronavirus as the situation becomes more serious with each passing day.

Local: Google My Business Using Duplex To Call Businesses To See Hour Changes Or Closures
Google said it is using Duplex, Google’s AI based phone calling service, to call businesses to check if business hours have changed or if the business has closed. 

Local: More PPC advertisers pause campaigns amid coronavirus upheaval
For many marketers, last week was a tipping point as the U.S. grappled will coronavirus measures.

Local: Google to show which local businesses ‘temporarily closed’ in Search, Maps amid coronavirus outbreak
Google CEO Sundar Pichai posted about all the things that Google is doing in response to the coronavirus outbreak. 

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Local: Google is Not Building a Coronavirus Testing Website
President Donald Trump erroneously stated in an emergency address that Google is building a coronavirus testing website.

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Local: Google My Business Optimization Considered the Most Valuable Local Marketing Service
Google My Business optimisation, not website optimisation, is considered the most valuable local marketing service in 2020.

Local: Ecosia to join Chrome v81 default search engine choices
Ecosia, the Berlin-based search engine that uses its ad revenue for reforestation efforts, will be included among Chrome version 81’s default search engine choices in the U.S., UK, Germany, France and 43 other markets.

Local: Google to Surface Information from NHS Directly in UK Search Results
Google is rolling out a new type of knowledge panel in the UK which will display information from the National Health Service (NHS) directly in search results.

Local: Yelp to Congress: Don’t investigate Google without looking at search
Yelp’s SVP of Public Policy Luther Lowe made the case to open (or re-open) an investigation into Google’s treatment of third-party content in search results.

Mobile: Google Assistant on Android Can Now Read Entire Web Pages Out Loud
Google Assistant on Android Can Now Read Entire Web Pages Out Loud.

Mobile: YouTube Replaces the ‘Trending’ Tab With New ‘Explore’ Tab on Mobile
YouTube is rolling out an update to its mobile app on iOS and Android which replaces one of its most frequently visited sections.

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