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The Weekly Wrap – 22nd July 2020

22ND JULY 2020


SEO: Guide to Core Web Vitals for SEOs and Developers
What you need to know about Google’s latest set of key user experience metrics for Web Developers.

SEO: Five ways SEO and web design go together
SEO Expert at UENI, Javier Bello discusses how SEO and web design can work together to create a successful business and attract more visitors to your site.

SEO: The Ultimate Guide to Redirects: Everything You Need to Know about URL Redirection
In this guide, I will walk you through everything you need to know about redirects, clear up confusion around some of the most commonly asked questions, and understand which type you need to use in different scenarios.

SEO: How to Check for Duplicate Content During an SEO Audit
Identifying duplicate content issues is a crucial part of your SEO audit. Here’s what you need to check for and how to do it.

SEO: How to Evaluate Content Length in an SEO Audit
Thin content and how content is organised sitewide are some of the factors that can impact rankings. Learn more about content-related audit items here.

SEO: 9 Page-Level Factors to Assess as Part of Your SEO Audit
When conducting an SEO audit, you also have to look at some page-level elements of your website. Here are a few things to check and how to evaluate them.

SEO: 11 Domain Factors You Must Evaluate During an SEO Audit
Your domain name can indirectly impact your SEO performance. Learn the top domain-related factors you should be auditing and how to do it right.

SEO: Essential Expert Tips on Fixing and Avoiding Google Penalties
Learn how to recover from Google penalties and avoid them using tested workflows and link building techniques from 16 SEO experts.

SEO: How SEO Friendly CMS can support your digital goals now and in future
Finding the right CMS solution is essential to SEO and content performance. Jim Yu, BrightEdge’s Founder and CEO walks you through the seven crucial factors and the AI scope involved.

SEO: Wix SEO: 11 Tips to Improve Your Website’s Performance
Improve your Wix SEO with this guide full of tips to increase your site‘s organic visibility. Also, learn the Pros and Cons of Wix for SEO.

SEO: 101 Quick & Actionable Tips to Improve Your SEO
Looking for actionable and proven SEO tactics? The kind that will help you now? Here are 101 quick SEO tips, tricks, and secrets that work.

SEO: Testimonial link building: Using real experiences for success
Guide on how to create effective testimonial link building and how they can end up getting your brand authoritative links from other businesses.

SEO: Google Video On Crawl Budget & SEO
Alexis Sanders of Merkle sat down with Martin Splitt of Google last year (before COVID) and spoke about crawl budget. It may be one of the more informative videos in the SEO mythbusting series to-date.

SEO: Chrome 84 Handles 3rd Party Cookies Differently – How it Affects Publishers
Google Chrome 84 is rolling out restrictive third party cookie handling that can cause 3rd party cookies to not set. This can result in loss of income or website functions that break. This is what publishers should look out for.

SEO: Over 25% of People Click the First Google Search Result
A study of billions of search results finds over a quarter of Google searchers click on the first organic result.

Paid: Discovery Ads for New Customer Acquisition
Discovery Ads are a new opportunity to reach users in three different channels: Youtube, Gmail, and the Discover Feed. Here are early results for one brand.

Paid: How To Navigate Google Optimize – A Free Website Optimization Tool
This post explains basic navigation, features, and setting up tests in Google Optimize, a free website optimisation tool.

Paid: The Guide To Google Ads’ Reach Planner
In this post, we dive into the latest version of Google Ads’ Reach Planner as if we had never used it before and were creating a brand new media plan.

Paid: How To Create Facebook Video Ads
If you want to get more bang for your buck from Facebook ads, it is time to switch to video. Facebook video ads can drive more clicks and leads.

Paid: What Is Cost Per Click (CPC)? 9 Tried and Tested Ways to Optimize Your Advertising Campaigns
In this guide, we take a detailed look at what cost per click is for your PPC campaigns and share insights into how you can improve and reduce CPC for an increased ROAS from your account.

Content: How to Write Promotional Emails (with Examples)
In this post, learn about when to use promotion emails, how to write effective ones that meet best practices and engage readers, and tons of promotional email examples from which to gain inspiration.

Content: 6 Things to Improve Your Content Performance
Here are six steps to go from “just OK” to high-powered, massively successful content.

Content: How Content Can Drive Marketing Success in Lean Times: 5 Tips
Are your marketing activities struggling to gain traction? These five tips can help you make the most of content to drive more success.

Content: Thesis and Adobe prove SEO content doesn’t have to be boring to be useful
Fans know you but what about the rest of the internet? SEO content attaches you to non-branded keywords that attracts and adds new audiences.

Content: The Only Guide to Repurposing Content You Will Need in 2020
This article provides a good foundation of knowledge and strategies to repurpose your content like a pro.

Social: How to Tag and Manage Instagram Branded Content
To learn how to tag and manage Instagram branded content, read the article below for an easy-to-follow walkthrough or watch this video.

Social: How to Convert Website Traffic With Facebook Ads
In this article, you’ll discover how to convert your site traffic with two types of Facebook and Instagram ads.

Social: Instagram Reels vs. TikTok: New Feature Coming Soon to US
Instagram’s new feature, which comes to the US in early August, is meant to rival video-sharing platform TikTok.

Social: Organic Facebook Content for Local Businesses: Building a Loyal Following
Allie – founder of Allie Bloyd Media, shares how to identify categories to develop your organic post content. You’ll also learn how to attract different kinds of customers with messaging that speaks to their specific needs.

Social: How to Increase Social Media Engagement
Learn how to increase your social media engagement to skyrocket sales and boost customer retention with a few simple steps.

Social: Social Media and Local Search: How to Optimize Your Profiles for Local Customers
Though many businesses prioritise quantity over quality with followers, keeping social media and local search in mind can drive real results.

Social: Top YouTube Searches This Year
New data reveals the top searches performed on YouTube this year, along with the most popular channels.

Social: How to Create a Facebook Organic Sales Funnel
In this article, you’ll learn how to model an effective sales funnel with organic Facebook content.

Social: The Complete Guide to Creating Your Own Snapchat Filters
In this guide, we’re telling you everything you need to know about Snapchat filters: what they are, why your business should use them, and how to create the best filters possible!

Local: 10 Tips to perform in depth local SEO for your business
Optimising your local SEO means more website traffic, leads, and conversions, as your local customer base is more relevant. Here are 10 highly effective tips to help you win in local search.


Industry: Google Faces New Class Action Lawsuit for Privacy Violations
Google was hit with a class action lawsuit claiming privacy violations via Android apps. The plaintiffs allege that Google misleads users with false impressions of control over their data.

SEO: Google site command bug being fixed
Google is working on a fix with the site command, a command used to restrict the search results to a specific domain name. 

SEO: Bing published WordPress plugin to submit content immediately to Bing’s search index
You can now get your WordPress content indexed immediately using Bing Webmaster Tools plugin.

SEO: Google Search Console Performance Reports News Filter
You can now slice and dice your Google Search Console Performance report by news content versus web, image or video content. Google just added a new filter under the performance report “search type” option for “News.”

SEO: Google: No Need To Worry About Duplicate Content With Site Migrations
Google’s John Mueller said there is no need to worry about duplicate content when you are migrating content from one site to another. 

SEO: GoogleBot Will Continue To Pass A User-Agent Despite Chrome Changes
Google’s John Mueller and Martin Splitt confirmed on Twitter that GoogleBot, despite what Chrome does, will continue to pass along the user agent when it crawls web sites.

SEO: Google SEO 101: Blocking Special Files in Robots.txt
In the latest episode of Ask Google Webmasters, Google’s John Mueller goes over whether or not it’s okay to block special files in robots.txt.

SEO: Google Partners Rewards Is Back Email Notification
Google Partners Rewards is back. This comes a month or so after Google announced sunsetting the Google Partners Acceleration Program.

SEO: Google Showing Large Image Packs For Queries
This looks like a bug, but might be a test, where Google is showing some searchers for almost all queries, a large box or pack of image results that match the query.

SEO: Google: Don’t Blame GoogleBot For Your Slow Database Queries
GoogleBot is designed to detect that and back off. But if you have a specific set of pages or a page that is super slow because the way you wrote your database query is super inefficient, Google says – don’t blame them.

SEO: Google: Our Algorithm Reviewers Are Different From User Reports Reviewers
Google’s John Mueller said that Google has very different people in the corporation who are responsible for reviewing search algorithms from those who review user reports of spam and feedback.

SEO: Google Tests Blue Shaded Related Search Buttons
Google has been busy testing different variations of related searches interfaces at the bottom of the Google search results. Now Google is testing them with the magnifying glass icon but in a shaded blue background.

SEO: Google Search Allegedly Boosts YouTube Results Ahead of Competitors
A report from the Wall Street Journal alleges Google is deliberately pushing YouTube videos ahead of rivals in search results.

SEO: How to show up on Google Discover: Google’s latest guidance
Google has made significant updates to the Google Discover help document designed to help publishers learn about how to get their content to show up in Google Discover.

SEO: Google SEO 101: Website Crawl Budget Explained
Google tackles the often confusing subject of crawl budget in its latest episode of the SEO Mythbusting video series.

SEO: John Mueller On Google Rants On Ranking Factors
Google’s John Mueller, Gary Illyes and Martin Splitt released another podcast this morning. This one they covered a bunch of topics including rendering with SEO.

Related Articles:

SEO: Google: Remove A Lot Of Pages From Your Site, Remove The URLs From Your Sitemap
Google’s John Mueller said it is a good idea to remove the URLs of pages you remove from your web site from your XML Sitemap file. 

SEO: Google Removed Twitter Results From Search
Google has confirmed that they have temporarily removed the Twitter carousel from Search following Twitter’s security issues. Before restoring the feature we will carry out a careful review.

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SEO: Google: It Is Safe To Keep 302 Redirects Up
Google’s John Mueller address community’s question on how long is it safe to use a 302 redirect.

SEO: Google Discover Now Shows Large Images for Non-AMP Pages
Google is now showing large image thumbnails in Discover for regular web pages, a feature that didn’t always work for non-AMP URLs.

SEO: Google Adds New Features to Responsive Search Ads
Google is adding new features to RSA ad copy options with dynamic features, and increasing its helpfulness with cross-campaign results and asset suggestions.

Related Articles:

SEO: Google opens image extension beta, adds countdowns to responsive search ads
In May, Google announced it would sunset gallery ads and move forward with image extensions . On Wednesday, the company officially launched an image beta. It has also added dynamic countdown functionality to responsive search ads.

SEO: Google: Do Not Block GoogleBot From Crawling 404s
Google’s John Mueller said it would be “a really bad idea which will cause all sorts of problems” if you block Google or other search engines from crawling pages that return a 404 server status code. He said “billions of 404 pages are crawled every day” by Google and it is normal.

SEO: Google Discover AMP Articles Going To Main Canonical URL?
Google Discover is showing some AMP labels for stories but when you click on the story, Google is not taking the user to the AMP version, the AMP URL, but rather the canonical URL, the main URL of the story.

Paid: Microsoft Advertising offers free stock images for Audience ads
A new partnership with Shutterstock opens up the stock image library to advertisers.

Paid: Google Ads To Ban Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dangerous & Derogatory Ads
Google announced late on Friday a new Google Ads policy around the coronavirus and COVID-19 as it related to its dangerous or derogatory content. Google will specifically ban ads that promote conspiracy theories around the virus.

Paid: Hulu Launches Beta for Self-Serve Advertising Platform
Aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, the new beta aims to give lower-budget the opportunity to appear alongside nationally-known shows.

Social: Facebook Upgrades Messenger App With Screen Sharing Capability
Facebook Messenger on iOS and Android has been upgraded with ability for users to share their screen with others.

Social: Instagram to Launch a TikTok Competitor in the US Next Month
Instagram Reels, a significant update to the Instagram app, is launching in the US next month to compete with TikTok.

Local: Top EU court blows up data transfer agreement relied on by Google, Facebook, Amazon
Last week Europe’s highest court struck down the Privacy Shield framework, used by almost 5,400 companies for large scale data transfers between Europe and the U.S. The vast majority of U.S. tech and martech firms rely on this agreement, including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and thousands of others.

Local: Google My Business Notification For Duplicate Listings
Google now sending notifications of Google My Business listing suspensions, Google is sending other notices as well. 

Local: Google Local Panel Listing With Two Phone Numbers
Google’s local panel have been spotted listing not one, but two different phone numbers.

Local: Google Local Algorithm Weighs Business Names Too Highly; Google To Fix This.
There has been a number of complaints about Google’s local search ranking algorithm giving way too much weight to the name of the business. But have no fear, Google is working on addressing this according to Danny Sullivan, Google’s Public Search Liaison.

Local: Google Local Panel Displays When Hours Were Last Updated
Google has been spotted testing a new, nifty feature by Google My Business. Google is now showing for some business local panels when the last time that business updated its business hours with Google.

Local: Google My Business Products Section Design Updated
Google has updated the products section within the Google My Business Console. It now has a cleaner interface, with “see it on Google” and a nice layout for “All products” and a way to filter your products.

Local: Google Maps: Wear A Mask Alert
When using Google Maps, Google showed a notification box at the top right, warning people to wear a mask. The notice said “wear a mask, help slow the spread of COVID-19.”

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