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The Weekly Wrap – 15th July 2020

15TH JULY 2020


SEO: Can an Automatic Reload Script Hurt SEO?
While reloading a script automatically doesn’t affect SEO, it’s still a bad idea overall. Here’s why it’s not worth the short-term revenue gains.

SEO: Image SEO and Alt Tags: 7 Advanced Image Optimization Tips to Increase Traffic with Images
This image SEO guide breaks down all the optimisation options and tips you need to increase traffic, visibility, and rankings through images. 

SEO: How to Become an SEO Expert
Want to become an SEO expert? Awesome! Here are 21 things you need to know to truly become an SEO expert today.

SEO: How to Avoid Building Bad Links for SEO [Webinar]
Discover actionable tips on how to scale up a high-impact link building program while lowering the risks of getting penalised.

SEO: How to Generate Structured Data Automatically Using Computer Vision
This technique can help you produce quality structured data without manual input using the latest advances in computer vision.

SEO: How to Disavow Links
Wondering if a link needs to be disavowed? See the steps to disavowing in Google Search Console and Google‘s official stance on the subject, as well as some insights you need.

SEO: Meta Keywords: Should You Use Them?
This quick article will break down some history of the meta keywords tag, what experts have said recently, and the sites and search engines that still use meta keywords. 

SEO: Reddit Guide: How to Build an SEO Strategy and Promote Your Business in 5 Steps
In this guide, we want to debunk this myth and show why Reddit should take a key position in your online marketing strategy and how you can use the platform to promote your brand and drive growth.

SEO: How to create new Google Shopping insight reports in Data Studio
Identify under-performing products faster, see what’s popular in your industry and get more out of PPC reporting.

Paid: How to Improve Your Microsoft Ads With IF Functions
Microsoft Advertising IF functions let you target your ad copy based on audience and device to better connect with your customers and improve your ads. Here’s how to create IF functions, plus how to use them.

Paid: Why the Path to PPC Success Is Rarely Straight
Getting great PPC results can be a long process of developing creative solutions, testing, and adjusting. Here’s what that process looks like in practice.

Paid: What are PPC KPIs and how do you choose them?
This post defines PPC KPIs, explains their importance, and provides 4 tips to choosing the most effective KPIs for PPC campaigns.

Paid: How to Improve Performance with Google Ads Price Extensions
In this post, you’ll learn how to set up various types of Google Ads price extensions to drive more sales for your business. 

Paid: How audience insights can improve your campaign’s bottom line
Blueclaw’s Online PR Campaign Manager shines a light on how audience insights can catalyse your campaign results for good.

Paid: 7 Google Ads Shortcuts for Better Results with Less Effort
Be on your way to better PPC results. Just use these seven Google Ads shortcuts to help you save time and give you insights faster.

Content: How to evaluate content quality with BERT
Using a code-free deep learning toolkit model to review grammar in your posts and could be used as one of several proxies for content quality.

Content: How to Find & Improve Underperforming Content: A Practical Guide
Got website content that’s no longer performing well? It may be time to refresh them. Learn how to find and boost the value of existing content.

Social: How to Create LinkedIn Videos That Work
In this article, you’ll discover how to produce LinkedIn video that connects with your audience.

Social: How to Use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Products
In this article, you’ll discover how to use Instagram Stories features to create a sense of urgency and leverage scarcity for limited products or offers.

Social: 25 Amazing Facts About Facebook
Facebook is the #1 social network in the world. It’s where you’ll find 2.6 billion potential customers. Find out what DON’T you know about Facebook.

Social: Visual Design for Non-Designers
Donna Moritz – a visual content strategist and founder of Socially Sorted, shares a number of tools and apps you can use to design visually compelling content. You’ll also find tips on how to get more visibility for your visuals.

Social: How to Create a Balanced Social Calendar in 8 Easy Steps
Discover the 8 simple steps that you should take to create a strong, strategic, cohesive, and balanced social calendar that will drive results

Social: The Quick & Easy Cheat Sheet for Pinterest Video Ads
Here’s your guide to Pinterest video ads! We’re covering how to create these ads, how to optimise them, and why these video ads are worth adding to your marketing strategy.

Social: 15 Facebook Live Best Practices to Boost Views & Engagement
Shy on camera? No problem! Follow these 15 Facebook Live best practices to get maximum views, engagement, and leads from your live videos.

Local: How To Remove “Order Online” Button From Google Local Panel
Did you know that you can remove the “online order” buttons on your local business knowledge panel in the Google search and Google Map results.


SEO: Google: Links From Lower Quality Sites To Your Site Doesn’t Necessarily Hurt
Google’s John Mueller said that just because a site isn’t as high-quality as yours doesn’t mean that links from it will harm your site in any way.

SEO: Google Books Ngram Viewer Gets Fresh Data Through 2019
The Google Books Ngram Viewer, a tool that shows you how often phrases occur in books over time, now shows data through 2019. In short, this tool displays a graph showing how those phrases have occurred in a corpus of books. Previously, it showed data through 2012.

SEO: Google Updates Recipe Structured Data Guidance
Google recently updated their structured data developer page with regard to multiple items. Google recommends nesting related items, particularly for recipe sites.

SEO: Google: No Way to Optimize Content for Ranking in Google Discover
An updated Google help document states there’s no specific way to create content that’s optimised for Google Discover’s interest matching algorithm.

SEO: Google Analytics Adds Predictive Features for Advertisers
Google Analytics has announced their new feature for Predictive Audiences and Predictive Metrics, available in the App +Web beta product offering.

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SEO: Google: Make Your Site Architecture Easy & Interesting
Google’s John Mueller said the way to make your site architecture and navigation easy and interesting is to make a “smart site structure.”

SEO: Google Discover Help Document Updated With E-A-T Mentions & More
Google has updated the help document on Google Discover. It has been almost completely revamped but one of the more interesting areas of the update is the section added to E-A-T. I mean, we know Google Discover can be impacted by Core updates in a big way but still.

SEO: Google: JavaScript Redirects Not A Good Idea
Google’s Gary Illyes said that it is probably not a good idea to use JavaScript redirects. This was specific to redirecting users based on their location to a country specific version of the page. 

SEO: Why WP Rocket is Responsible for Some of Google SERPs Glitch
Images have gone missing from Google’s search results pages again. The bug appears to affect recipe bloggers the most. Some are saying that WP Rocket had something to do with it. But that’s not confirmed.

SEO: Google: To Say All Link Building Is Bad Would Be Wrong
Google’s John Mueller said not all link building is bad.there are lots of ways to work on getting links that are fine, and useful for both the site and the rest of the web.

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SEO: Google Images adds more facts about images with the Knowledge Graph
Google announced it has launched a new feature within Google Image search on mobile to show “quick facts about what you see on Google Images.”

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SEO: Google Structured Data Testing Tool Going Away; SEOs Are Not Happy
Google announced yesterday that the Rich Results Test Tool is out of beta. Google announced with that news that the Structured Data Testing Tool will be deprecated at some point.

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SEO: Google Web.dev Introduces 1-Line Layouts
Google’s Web.dev published a group of layouts that depend on a single line of CSS to make them work. These layouts are mobile friendly, fast loading and ready to be incorporated into a web project.

Paid: Google Shopping Actions Disallows Downloadable Software CDs & DVDs
Google at the end of this month, end of July, will start to disallow marketing of downloadable software CDs and DVDs through Google Shopping Actions. This does not include video game DVDs, those will still be allowed.

Paid: Google Ads No Longer To Allow Intimate Partner Surveillance Products & Services
Google Ads and Google Merchant Center has updated its Enabling Dishonest Behaviour policy to include not allowing you to advertiser products or services that perform intimate partner surveillance. 

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Paid: Changes to campaign_bid_modifier reporting in the Google Ads API
Starting on September 1, 2020, we will be making a change to how the Google Ads API reports campaign-level bid modifiers to make the API’s results more consistent with the Google Ads UI.

Paid: Google’s 3D Swirl ad format now available in DV360
Swirl, the mobile interactive display ad format that Google started testing last year is now available globally to Display & Video 360 customers globally.

Paid: Google Tests Bold & Large Ad Titles In Snippets
Google is testing not just large titles for grouped snippets but also large titles that are fully bolded for Google Ad results.

Paid: Google Ads Overview Page Adds Recommendations, Optimization Score & Add New Campaign
Google has added three new features to the Google Ads overview page. This includes (1) the ability to view and apply recommendations, (2) you can view your optimisation score, and (3) you can create a new campaign directly from this overview page.

Social: Pinterest Updates Algorithm to Surface More Content Types
Pinterest aims to display a greater variety of content types in the home feed by utilising a new ranking model.

Social: YouTube Continues Testing Immersive Product Experiences
Amid Covid-19, Google continues to test formats for the future of advertising in a quarantined and germ-aware environment.

Social: LinkedIn Adds Name Pronunciation Audio Clips to User Profiles
LinkedIn is adding a new feature that lets users upload name pronunciation audio clips to their profiles.

Social: TikTok Self-Serve Ads Available Globally & $100 Million in Ad Credits
TikTok’s fastest growing user base is 25-44 year olds with high disposable income, representing the group media buyers used to rely on Facebook for most.

Social: Instagram Tests Replacing Activity Tab With Shopping Tab
Instagram is testing a new ‘Shop’ tab in the navigation menu which will replace the activity tab for select users.

Local: Google will now notify GMB account owners by email when local listings suspended
Based on a new European law that just went into effect, Google will begin notifying businesses, globally, of local listings suspensions. 

Mobile: Two Google Search Boxes – Seeing Double…
Google returned two search boxes on the same page.This is not only happening in the US or on the iPhone Safari browser but also in India and on Chrome mobile browse

Mobile: Manager Accounts Now On Google Ads Mobile App
The mobile app for iOS and Android for Google Ads now supports manager accounts.

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