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The Weekly Wrap – 8th July 2020

8TH JULY 2020


SEO: If you think you’re link building, you’re doing it wrong
Discover link building golden nuggets from 39 people with titles from Marketing Specialist, Outreach Team Lead, Head of Content, to VP of SEO & Analytics.

SEO: Will Repeatedly Searching & Clicking My Site Increase Rankings?
Rarely in SEO do we have absolute answers, except this one. Without a doubt, clicks alone are not a ranking factor. Learn more here.

SEO: 5 Hidden Gems in Google Search Console
Make the most of Google Search Console and uncover these five hidden gems within GSC that will help make your life as an SEO easier.

SEO: The 3 Types of SEO Reports You Should Be Building in 2020 
Want your website to stay competitive in 2020 and beyond? Here’s a walk-through of three types of SEO reports you should use and how to build them.

SEO: How to increase organic traffic: 14 Practical tips
Inna Yatsyna encompasses 14 practical steps to drive organic website traffic and get long-lasting results in sales and income.

SEO: A Beginner’s Guide to Inbound Links: What Are They & How to Get More of Them
Inbound links are still considered to be highly valuable in SEO. Find out how and why you should gain more of them in this guide.

SEO: How to Identify Site Quality for Link Building [Webinar]
Discover actionable tips on how to scale up a high-impact link building program while lowering the risks of getting penalised.

SEO: The three most critical marketing metrics to measure right now
Credly’s VP of Marketing, Adam Masur shares three of the most critical marketing metrics to measure in these unique circumstances.

SEO: E-A-T & Link Building: A Guide to Evaluating Prospects
E-A-T can be leveraged in evaluating the value of link prospects in certain niches and to varying degrees. Here’s a guide to help you get started.

SEO: How to build your brand authority through content marketing
By demonstrating your expertise through content, you can make major strides in building brand authority, trust and ultimately increasing sales.

Paid: How to set up a simple Google Ads testing framework for continual campaign optimization
Regular PPC ad testing is easier than you may think — and can come with big rewards and set you apart from your competitors

Paid: Facebook Ads boycott: What will be the measure of success?
Claiming the advertiser boycott as a success or failure won’t likely be clear cut.

Paid: Should I Bid on Branded Terms in SEM?
Want to know how (and if) you should bid on your branded terms? This post answers the most common questions on brand bidding for PPC.

Content: Can Clickbait Be Used for Good?
Overcome the stigma of bad clickbait to create headlines that not only attract an audience but deliver what they want.

Content: How to Create a Content Marketing Playbook
Create a playbook to help ongoing content marketing activities. With everybody on the same page, success won’t be far behind

Content: Style Guide: How to Write One for Your Brand
A brand style guide can prevent branding fails, thwart inconsistencies, and mitigate miscommunication. Here’s how to do it.

Content: Content Marketing: A Modern Guide
Discover what’s working in content marketing today and how to make the best content marketing tips work for you.

Social: How to Choose the Right LinkedIn Ads Objective
In this article, you’ll discover how to use five LinkedIn ads objectives. Learn which objective will give you the results you’re after, find tips for getting the lowest cost per click or cheapest cost per conversion, and more.

Social: How to get more leads on Instagram: 10 Highly effective tactics
Bhavik Soni shares the top 10 media tactics to generate more leads on Instagram which can help accelerate your sales in no time.

Social: 13 Facebook Targeting Options You Need to Know About
Setting up Facebook audiences for the first time? Learn about 13 audience targeting options available for your Facebook ad account and how to use them.

Social: Instagram vs. Facebook: Differences and Best Practices in 2020
Discover the difference between Instagram vs. Facebook advertising. Learn how to best market your business on the two platforms in one ultimate guide.

Social: How to Create Effective Facebook Lead Ads: Step-by-Step Tutorial
In this article you’ll learn, step-by-step, how to set up effective Facebook lead ads. You’ll discover which lead gen form options to use, how to add custom questions and fields to your form, and more.

Social: 25 Things You Need to Know About Pinterest
For marketers, Pinterest is a great platform to showcase your brand. But do you know everything there is to know about Pinterest? We’ve got 25 facts.

Social: The Facebook Boycott: What Small Businesses Need to Know About #StopHateForProfit
In this post, we’re going to cover what the #StopHateForProfit movement is, how to assess the extent to which your business can participate, as well as various ways to support the Facebook ad boycott depending on your circumstances.

Social: How A/B and multivariate testing can skyrocket your social media conversions
Less than a quarter of marketers are satisfied with the conversion rates they achieve today. A/B and multivariate testing can open a window of conversion.

Social: Using Instagram Stories During a Launch: Promotional Strategy
Alex Beadon – Instagram Stories expert, explains how she used Instagram Stories to launch Project Storyline, and shares steps and tips you can use during your own launch or promotional sequence.

Social: Influencer Spotlight: Natalia Sisik’s Tips on Growing Your TikTok Brand
Natalia Sisik has over 1.7 million followers on TikTok. Learn from the best TikTok influencers and get tips on how to work with TikTok influencers

Local: Google My Business Listing Suspended? Here’s How to Recover
Did your Google My Business listing get suspended? Follow these steps to fix your GMB profile problems and request for reinstatement.

Local: 10 Ways to Rank Higher on Google Maps in 2020
In this post, learn how to set up, optimise, and support your listing so that your business ranks higher on Google Maps and reaps all of the associated benefits.

Mobile: What publishers need to consider before dropping AMP [Video]
BuzzFeed’s Matt Dorville shares what his publication is thinking about ahead of Google’s Page Experience update.


Industry: Google Purchased AR Startup North in Shift to Ambient Computing
Google purchased augmented reality (AR) company Focals by North. Focals by North provides frictionless access to mobile apps via a heads up display that only the wearer can see.

SEO: Google Shutters Structured Data Testing Tool
Google is upgrading the Rich Results Test to support all of the same rich results features supported by Google search.

SEO: The Rich Results Test is out of beta
Google announce that the Rich Results Test fully supports all Google Search rich result features – it’s out of beta

SEO: Google Tests Video List View
Google is testing replacing the carousel interface in the Google search results for videos with a list view.

SEO: The Google Indexing Issue From A Month Ago Was A Crawling Issue
On June 2, 2020, Google yet again confirmed it was having issues displaying new content in its search results. Google said it was an “indexing issue.” 

SEO: Google: Scoring 100 In SEO In Lighthouse Doesn’t Make You A Good SEO
Google’s Gary Illyess said that achieving a SEO score 100 in Lighthouse just means that you can follow a handful of directions, not that you’re great at SEO.

SEO: WordPress Bans Commercial Blog Links From Official Documentation
The WordPress team responsible for the official WordPress documentation posted a new external linking policy. 

SEO: Google Testing Thumbnail Images in Search Results
Google is testing the use of thumbnails images in different search contexts. The first version is in the search engine results page (SERP). The second version is using thumbnail images in the Google Suggest drop down.

SEO: Google Tests Boxed In Related Searches User Interface
Google is yet again testing another user interface for the related searches. We saw magnifying glass icons, we saw too many related searches and much more. Now we are seeing these boxed in as a test.

SEO: Regular Expression Filter Coming To Google Search Console Performance Report
Google is adding the ability to use regular expressions in that report according to an updated help document.

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SEO: How spam reports are used at Google
Google announced on the Google webmaster blog that it wanted to clarify that spam reports are only to improve Google’s spam detection algorithms. 

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SEO: Google Search Console Video Structured Data Reporting Tweak
Google announced that it made a change to how Google Search Console reports on your video structured data.

SEO: Google Testing People Also Search For & Top Trends On Right Panel
Google is testing placing the people also search for and top trends feature on the right hand panel. 

SEO: GoogleBot Is Able To Add Products To Your Shopping Cart
Google confirmed that it has systems that automatically will add products to your e-commerce site’s shopping cart. 

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SEO: Are Link Attributes All About SEO? Check This Data From Google.
Google’s John Mueller said that people make all kinds of links, and we ignore a lot of links, but at their core, links are not about SEO anyway. He then shared a spreadsheet of the results of the link attributes from the HTTP Archive that he grabbed a while back.

SEO: Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin for More Traffic
Google Web Stories is a new way to get more traffic. Google’s official WordPress plugin makes it easier to participate.

SEO: Google: CLS Is Measured Through The Entire Lifecycle Of The Page
Google’s new ranking algorithm that launches next year, the Page Experience Update, has metric named CLS, Cumulative Layout Shift. It checks to see if things on the page jump around as it loads. 

Paid: Smart campaigns helps small businesses reach more customers
Google is focused on making Smart campaigns better for our small business advertisers by creating new product features.

Paid: Google AdSense Third Party Ad Technology Vendors
Google announced that AdSense now allows ads from additional third party ad technology vendors to show through your account. 

Social: LinkedIn to Prevent Users From Spamming Page Follow Invites
LinkedIn is taking steps to ensure users cannot spam their connections with invites to follow their company page.

Social: Facebook CCPA compliance challenges: Limited Data Use
What you need to know about how Facebook’s handling of California user data might affect your business.

Social: Updating Our Business Terms
To help businesses better understand their rights and responsibilities when using our products, we are making a series of updates to our business terms.

Social: Sharing Our Actions on Stopping Hate
Facebook is committed to making sure everyone using our platforms can stay safe and informed.

Social: Facebook Algorithm Now Prioritizes Original Reporting
Facebook is updating its news feed algorithm to prioritise the ranking of original news reporting.

Local: Google Might Have to Give Algorithm Access to India
India’s government has rules in draft form that will require tech companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook to provide source code and algorithms.

Local: Google Tests Local Panel Ads Again, But With No Opt Out
Google that this is a new “pilot program” they are running again.

Local: Google Maps Tests Local Listing Carousel In Footer
Google is showing a local listing or local pack carousel in the footer section on the Google Maps view. 

Local: With new ‘pilot program,’ Google again testing ads on local business profiles
Google is testing ads again in local business profiles. The company did something similar in 2017 and again last year.

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