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The Weekly Wrap – 21st August 2019

21ST AUGUST 2019


SEO: 4 Tips for Optimizing Terrible Websites
Here are some of the best ways to bring terrible websites back to life through SEO.

SEO: Can You Increase Keyword Rank Without Any Link Building?
Here are five things you can focus on if you want to improve your positioning for specific queries without building any links.

SEO: How SEO Professionals Can Thrive in a Slow Economy
Here are four ways you can prepare for an economic downturn.

SEO: 7 Basic SEO Best Practices You Can Learn from Huge Travel Brands
In this article, you’ll learn which SEO best practices they’re implementing in order to succeed.

SEO: How to Build Speed Dashboards in Google Data Studio
In this article, you’ll learn how to bring speed metrics into Google Data Studio and create a dashboard using data from PageSpeed Insights and Chrome UX Report.

SEO: How to Do a Helpful SEO Audit in a Few Hours
Here’s how to conduct a simple SEO audit to know what’s working and what needs fixing to look better for Google.

Paid: What Search Marketers Should Know About Amazon DSP
Here’s what you need to know about Amazon’s Demand Slide Platform.

Paid: Why Bidding On Your Brand Name is Important
In this article, you’ll learn the importance of bidding on your own brand name.

Paid: 7 Expert Tips to Boost Your PPC Performance Today
Here are seven areas to consider when optimising your paid search campaigns if you want to bring the greatest returns.

Paid: How to Beat PPC Seasonality with MSAN & Google Display Network
In this guide, you’ll learn how to identify seasonal patterns, how cross-platform display advertising can help during impression dips, and how to make the most appealing display ads possible.

Paid: 14 Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics You Can Steal From Amazon’s Product Listings
In this article, you’ll learn from these impactful tactics Amazon uses to optimise its own brand listings.

Paid: Amazon Ads: What Marketers Need to Know
In this article, you’ll learn why you should consider Amazon ads and what ad types you should try. 

Paid: Close Variants Diluting Match Types – What You Should Know
Here’s what you should know about Google’s recently announcement about rolling out close variants for phrase match and broad match modified. 

Paid: Facebook Dynamic Creative: Level Up Your Ads
In this article, we’ll discuss Facebook’s dynamic creative feature, how it works, how to set it up, best practices, and real-world results with positive impact.

Content: 6 Quick & Easy Tips to Supercharge Your Blog Content
Here’s how you can supercharge your blog content to interest people without breaking the bank and avoid wasting time creating ‘skippable’ content.

Content: Six beloved content marketing tools recommended by the pros
Here are six of the best, as recommended by six top content marketers.

Content: How to Create a Content Strategy for Ecommerce Sites
Here are the three key factors to consider when creating an Ecommerce content strategy.

Content: How to Overcome the 3 Biggest Blogging Challenges
Here are the three biggest blogging challenges and how you can overcome them.

Content: Dominate Google & Facebook with These 8 Copywriting Tips
Check out these 8 copywriting tips to start stepping up your game today.

Content: 4 Ways to Keep Instagram Stories Viewers Engaged
In this article, you’ll find four easy ways to create Instagram Stories content that gives your viewers a reason to keep watching.

Social: How to Turn More Facebook Leads Into Customers: A 5-Step Process
In this article, you’ll discover five effective tips to increase the chances your Facebook leads will become customers.

Local: Facebook Ads for Restaurants: 11 Tips to Bring More Revenue to Your Table!
Here are 11 tips to create better Facebook ads for restaurants, including how to target potential diners by location, how to attract them with atmosphere, and more.

Mobile: Voice assistant usage now at ‘critical mass’ as Google Assistant crowned smartest
In this article, you’ll learn why Google Assistant is in the strongest position and will likely become the dominant voice assistant.


SEO: Google may be having indexing issues again
Google’s Danny Sullivan said that Google may be having issues indexing new content again.

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SEO: Google: Says Dates On Articles Makes It Easier To Recognize High-Quality Evergreen Content
Google’s John Mueller again is saying that putting dates on content and articles is a good thing for the quality of a piece of content on the web. 

SEO: Google Ads to remove accelerated ad delivery option next month
Google Ads announced a coming change to ad delivery options that will start September 17. The accelerated delivery option will be removed and standard delivery will be the only option for Search and Shopping campaigns, as well as for campaigns with shared budgets.

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SEO: Google: Sites Rank Well For A Short Period Of Time
Google’s John Mueller said it is normal for a site to rank well for a short period of time for a specific query. 

SEO: Google: You Should Document If A Doctor Reviewed Your Medical Content
Google’s John Mueller was asked how should a web site document that its medical and health content was reviewed by a doctor or expert on the topic. 

SEO: Google’s John Mueller: Links From Non-English Sites Aren’t Always Spam
Google’s John Mueller recently advised that links from non-English websites aren’t necessarily spam.

SEO: Google People Also Ask With Embedded Suggested Video Clips
Google have been spotted an embedded suggested clip video within it Google’s People Also Ask snippet.

SEO: Google Featured Snippets That Extract Definitions Automatically?
Google have been spotted a definition of your search term under a featured snippet.

SEO: Evergreen GoogleBot Now On Chrome 76
An official public was released regarding GoogleBot now supports Chrome 76 features.

SEO: Google Suggests That The Average Googler Isn’t Interested In SEO
Google’s John Mueller said that people are over-estimating the interest of average Googlers in SEO.

SEO: Google Expands Its College Search Features
Google is expanding its college search features, introduced last year, with the ability to search for more types of programs.

SEO:Google doesn’t pass PageRank on nofollow links. Here’s why you still see them in GSC
Google’s John Mueller said despite showing nofollow links in Search Console, Google does not transfer PageRank to those links.

SEO: Google Issues Warning About Leasing Subdomains Or Subfolders
Google is going to be cracking down on sites that lease out its own subdomains and subfolders so that other companies can rank their content better on leased domains. 

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SEO: Google Considers Notifying Webmasters For Featured Snippet Penalties
Google’s Danny Sullivan from said that Google may consider notifying webmaster if they do not comply with its own internal policies or guidelines to be featured in a rick snippet.

SEO: Google: Nofollow Links That Involve Any Money
Google’s John Mueller said that a good general rule is to use the nofollow on any link that is there for “monetary reasons.”

SEO: Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Doesn’t Follow Robots.txt Rules
Google’s John Mueller recently advised the company’s mobile-friendly test doesn’t follow the rules written in robots.txt files.

SEO: Google Tests Bigger Search Results Fonts
Google has been spotted testing a bigger fonts in the Google’s results page.

Social: Google Chrome Will Soon Support Lazy Loading at the Browser-Level
Google Chrome Will Soon Support Lazy Loading at the Browser-Level.

Social:YouTube Stops Copyright Holders From Making Unfair Claims Against Creators
YouTube is making it harder for copyright holders to file unfair claims and take revenue away from creators.

Social: Instagram to Crack Down on Fake Stories Views
Instagram is reportedly working on a solution for the wave of inauthentic story views that has spread throughout the network.

Social: Instagram is Working on Layouts for Stories, New Boomerangs, More
Instagram has been found testing several upgrades to stories that include a layout mode, new boomerangs, and redesigned icons.

Social:Twitter is Rolling Out a Search Bar for Direct Messages
Twitter is giving users the ability to search for direct messages by typing peoples’ names into a search bar.

Social:Facebook Rolls Out New Privacy Model for Groups With Only 2 Settings
Facebook is introducing a simplified privacy model for groups, reducing the number of settings to just two.

Local: Google My Business adds bulk review management
Google has added the ability to see all your reviews across multiple listings on a single page. You can see this within Google My Business reviews section.

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Local: Google News Location Operator Is Not Working
There are numerous reports of a feature in Google News search that is not working. So if you type [keyword location:countryname] that is not restricting the results to that country anymore.

Mobile: Google’s Lightweight Search App ‘Google Go’ Available Worldwide
Google Go, a scaled-down alternative to the flagship Google app, is now available to all Android users worldwide.

Mobile: Google May Be Testing Paginated Mobile Search Results Without More Results button
Google may be testing dropping the more results button it launched this past April in the mobile search results and going back to paginated navigation at the footer of the mobile search results. 

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