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The Weekly Wrap – 20th May 2020

20TH MAY 2020


SEO: The 3-Step SEO Process That Grew Organic Traffic 200%
This post covers SEO tactics and tools you can use to write that ranks. These strategies helped an ecommerce site grow organic traffic +202% Y/Y. Learn about gimme keywords, search intent, and more.

SEO: FAQ: All about Google Shopping’s free and paid product listings
Here’s what retailers and brands need to know to make the most of Google Shopping now that it includes both organic and paid listings. 

SEO: Five ways to get more product exposure with high powered influencers
ReferralCandy’s Raul Galera examines influencer marketing in-depth and the role of high powered influencers in achieving stellar product exposure.

SEO: How to Build Flexibility Into Your Link Campaigns
Looking to achieve flexibility in your link building campaigns and future-proof your SEO? You need to consider these three important aspects.

SEO: A/B Testing Your Website: What, Why & How to Do A/B Testing
A/B testing is the process of setting up two versions of one page, and testing which page outperforms the other. Here’s how to do it right.

SEO: The 10 Best Video Search Engines
Tons of video search engines are out there to help you find the perfect video – or create your own. Here’s a list of the 10 best.

SEO: Canonical URLs: A Beginner’s Guide to Canonical Tags [2020]
Canonical tags help webmasters overcome duplicate or vastly-similar content that is accessible on multiple URLs as part of their SEO strategy. In this guide, learn how they work and how to implement them.

SEO: Root Domain vs. Subdomain: Which Is Better for Ecommerce SEO?
Depending on your scenario and when implemented right, keeping your ecommerce site on your root domain makes the most sense. But there are a few exceptions.

SEO: Branding for SEO : A way to fight against Zero Clicks SERPs
Is it possible for a business to win against “Zero Clicks SERPs”? Nicolas Vargas shares detailed pointers and examples of branded search for SEO.

SEO: 8 Rules of Effective Online Reputation Management
Wondering how online reputation management works and what strategies you need? This guide will break down what online reputation management is, how to manage it, and how to create a crisis management plan that works.

SEO: How Python Can Create Better Content Briefs and Improve SEO
With a bit of Python, handpicked keywords from SEMrush, and a little ingenuity, you can create great content in your niche. Here is how you can use Python to scrape info and boost SEO performance.

Paid: TikTok Advertising: Should You Test It?
TikTok is the newest and one of the most popular social platforms right now, especially with many people having extra time, and are looking to be entertained.

Content: 5 Google Ranking Signals Content Marketers Need to Know
Here are five content-related ranking signals Google is using to determine whether a specific article deserves to appear on top of Google.

Content: 8 Things to Help Your Content Marketing Survive the Pandemic
Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi shares eight things content marketers should be doing during this crisis.

Content: Context Marketing: 5 Foundational Elements to Consider When Mapping a Content Campaign
Creating a new piece of content or an entire campaign? Consider these five foundational elements to achieve proper context and optimal results.

Social: 8 Instagram Stories Hacks to Give You a Creative Edge
In this article, you’ll discover eight Instagram Stories power tips including how to save your Stories effects for quick access, add multiple photos, add a custom GIF, and more.

Social: How to Manage and Grow a Social Media Community
Here we’ll go through seven easy-to-follow steps on establishing a high quality customer journey and creating a nurturing brand space on social media.

Social: How to Use Memes in Social Media Marketing
Find out how to use memes in social media marketing like a boss. Master the art of memes today with Socialbakers ultimate guide.

Social: Why Customer Experience on Social Media Is Important
Do you know why customer experience on social media is important? What customer experience management is? Learn how to boost your customer care.

Social: How to Make Videos People Will Watch on Social Media
In this article, you’ll discover three techniques to produce video people will watch on social media.

Social: 10 Quick Tips for Off-the-Chart Instagram Growth
Here are 10 ways you can start seeing Instagram growth for your account, including live video, partnerships, contests, Stories, hashtags, ads, and more!

Social: How to Get More Views on YouTube: 10 Tips to Try Today
Here are 10 tips to help you get more views on YouTube this year, which include content ideas, YouTube SEO tactics, timestamps and other value-adds, promotional strategy, title optimisation, and more!

Local: Google Announces Curbside Pickup Promotion Options & Free Support for Small Businesses
Here’s everything you need to know about the announcement, plus how to get started promoting your local pickup options!

Local: 13 SEO Strategies for SMBs During COVID-19
Here are 13 SEO best practices and strategies to implement for your small business to maintain quality website traffic during COVID-19, organised by general strategies, content strategies, and local strategies.


SEO: Google May 2020 core update is done rolling out
Google announced “the May 2020 Core Update rollout is complete” via Twitter on Monday.

SEO: Google Discover performance reports data issue
Google has posted about a reporting glitch in Google Search Console’s performance reports. 

SEO: Google: Core Updates Are A Collection Of Algorithms That Are Part Of The Scorer
Google’s Gary Illyes took a shot at explaining how he sees Google’s core updates. He said that when I say “core algorithm” publicly, i mean the collective of algorithms that are part of the scorer (IR score in information retrieval) & generally unnamed externally.

SEO: Google on How it Handles Extra Meta Descriptions and Title Tags
Google’s John Mueller’s answer provides a glimpse into Google’s strategy for handling invalid HTML and mistakes.

SEO: Google on Reported Correlation of Bad Links and 50% Traffic Loss
Google’s John Mueller comments on webmaster question about bad links shown in search console and a drop in traffic.

SEO: Google Search Console API to stop supporting HTTP and JSON-RPC requests
Back in 2018, Google notified developers that it will end support for HTTP and JSON-RPC requests for its APIs. Today, Google announced on the Google Webmaster Twitter handle that this will be happening soon.

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SEO: Google: Core Updates Do Not Impact Google My Business Data
Google’s John Mueller said that core updates in Google Search are unrelated to Google My Business.

SEO: Google Developer Docs Take About Two Weeks To Be Translated
Google’s Lizzi Harvey, who works on a lot of the search related developer documents, said that it normally takes about two weeks for the developer documents to be translated. 

SEO: Google’s John Mueller: “Ranking Isn’t Always the Goal”
A Google Webmaster Trends analyst shares an uncommon piece of advice with SEOs.

SEO: Google Tests Boxes With Shadows For Search Result Snippets
Google seems to be heavily testing a new search results interface. Outlined search result snippets with a shadow effect. So the snippets that are boxes in, look a bit raised off the web page.

SEO: Google: Pinterest Minimal Textual Content Can Still Rank Well In Google
Google’s John Mueller said sometimes images, even with minimal textual content, can be exactly what people are looking for. Not always, and sometimes we get it wrong, but it’s certainly an option.

SEO: WordPress Google Sitemaps Integration Getting Closer
Google’s Gary Illyes said that WordPress might get native sitemap support. This is in regards to getting the XML Sitemaps feature plugin for WordPress built into WordPress 5.5 as a default.

SEO: John Mueller on Negative SEO and Ranking Problems
In a Google Webmaster hangout, a publisher related how sites attacked by negative SEO suffered ranking drops. Google’s John Mueller was asked, considering that anecdote, if he still insisted that negative SEO does not exist.

SEO: Google’s John Mueller on BERT and Rankings
In a Google hangout, Google’s John Mueller answered a question about getting hit by the Google BERT update. Mueller discussed what BERT does and how that fits into ranking.

SEO: Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin Vulnerability
A vulnerability was discovered in Google’s Site Kit WordPress plugin and subsequently patched.

SEO: Google’s Monetization Policies for Publishers & Advertisers
Google’s monetisation policies are discussed in the latest installment of ‘Google Lightning Talks.’

SEO: Google Search Console Security Issues Explained
Google explains the various types of security issues reported on by Search Console.

SEO: Google: Merging Or Splitting Sites Is Like Creating A New Site
Google’s John Mueller said that when you merge or split a site, it is “essentially creating a new site.” So that might mean, that if it is a substantial enough site merge or split, that Google may decide to treat the site as a brand new one and maybe some of the legacy signals might not carry over.

SEO: Google Search Suggestions Based On Your Recent Search Activity
Google have been spotted displaying search suggestions based on users specific users recent activity with Google.

SEO: Gary Illyes Teaching Google Search Engineers About Web Search
Google’s Gary Illyes shared a two-hour presentation/demonstration to new search engineers at Google named the “Life of a Query.”

SEO: Google Still Crawls #! – But The AJAX Crawling Schema Is Not Officially Supported
Google’s John Mueller said for the moment Google would still support #1 crawling. But since flagged it as deprecated so long ago, he wouldn’t assume that it’ll stick around. In addition, he suggest users to not build their new sites on this framework.

Paid: Google AdSense Not Doing Some Site Reviews Due To COVID-19
Google AdSense is “temporarily experiencing delays during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic,” which means that Google is unable to review some sites at this time. Google is posting this message in the site review section of the AdSense console for some sites.

Paid: Google Chrome to crack down on battery- and data-sucking display ads
Googel announced that Google’s Chrome browser will start blocking resource-heavy ads around the end of August.

Social: Facebook Plans to Integrate Giphy With Instagram Following Acquisition
Facebook announces the acquisition of Giphy, along with plans to integrate it with other services such as Instagram.

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Social: YouTube Launches 4 New Features For Video Creators
YouTube announced the launch of 4 new features designed to help creators enhance their videos and moderate their channel.

Social: LinkedIn Now Factors ‘Dwell Time’ Into its Algorithm
LinkedIn is updating the algorithm used to rank content in its feed by factoring in the amount of time users spend with each post.

Local: Google May Face U.S. Antitrust Lawsuits
The United States Justice Department and many state attorneys general are reported to be preparing to sue Google for antitrust violations.

Local: Reintroducing a community for Polish & Turkish Site Owners
Google announce the re-opening of the Polish and Turkish webmaster communities with support from a global team of Community Specialists dedicated to helping support Product Experts. 

Local: Google My Business Reviews Backfilling Now After Reviews Halted For COVID-19
Google suspended displaying new business reviews in Google Local/Google My Business in March. Well, now, Google seems to be showing new reviews and backfilling old reviews that were submitted between now and then.

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