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The Weekly Wrap – 13th May 2020

13TH MAY 2020


SEO: The Ultimate Guide to Google Search Operators and Google Search Commands
In this guide, we will go over the basics of search operators and search commands, helping you understand how to wield these powerful tools effectively and move on to advanced commands and operators — this guide will help you use Google to its full potential.

SEO: How to Handle Low Inventory Pages on Ecommerce Sites
Should you noindex product pages with low inventory? If you noindex category pages, does that include the subcategories? Find out the answers here.

SEO: 3 of the Best Google Analytics WordPress Plugins
In this article, you’ll learn about three of the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress so you can get a better idea about which one is right for your needs.

SEO: How to Make the Most of Video Timestamp Results in Google Search
Are you adding timestamps to your YouTube video descriptions? Here’s how to become eligible for this Google search feature and get more exposure.

SEO: 3 Tips to Master a Minimalist Web Design
Choosing a minimalistic approach for your company’s web design? Feature only the most essential elements by focusing on these three areas.

SEO: A Comprehensive SEO Guide to 301 Redirects: When and How to Use Them
Learn about 301 redirects, using them as part of your SEO strategy, how to implement them with tips on htaccess, Nginx, Windows Servers, WordPress, Magento, and Shopify, and mistakes to avoid.

SEO: Content Analysis with XML Sitemaps and Python
In this article, you’ll learn how to analyse the content of a website across time using their XML sitemap and get a free Python template for sitemap analysis, with an interactive notebook.

SEO: Managing Facebook & Instagram Ads, Plus Backlinks: SEMrush Tool Updates
Introducing a new intuitive and convenient way to manage Facebook and Instagram campaigns for social media advertising, plus improved backlink analysis with updated SEMrush Link Building tools.

SEO: The 7 Worst Link Building Myths Holding Back Your Campaign
Here are seven myths casting a negative light on link building that must be dispelled.

SEO: Google May 2020 Update – What We Know
Many industries rocked by Google May 2020 Update – What we know right now

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SEO: Link Building for SEO: Which Strategies Work in 2020 (and Which Don’t)
We will share quick win tactics alongside those that need a little more time and planning, but that can truly help you to get those ‘can’t buy’ links.

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SEO: Pro Tip: How to find and fix 404 errors that really matter to win your traffic back
In this post, I’ll share 7 actionable steps that will help you to quickly identify these low-hanging fruits and win your traffic back.

SEO: JavaScript rendering and the problems for SEO in 2020
Croud’s VP Strategic Partnerships, Anthony Lavall discusses JavaScript frameworks that deal with the most critical SEO elements.

SEO: 20 Reasons Why Ecommerce Sites Need Unique Product Descriptions
Want to put your ecommerce site well ahead of the competition? Focus on writing unique product descriptions. Here are 20 reasons why you need them.

SEO: A Guide from Link Building to Link Earning
Ready to create amazing content and nurture relationships that make people want to share your content? Here are five proven link earning ideas.

SEO: Eight HTML elements crucial for SEO
Here is a detailed look at the top eight HTML elements to better communicate with the search engines to achieve better SERP rankings.

Paid: Amazon Posts: A feed-based shopping experience on Amazon
Amazon has added a feed-based shopping experience with Amazon Posts. Here is a quick rundown of what the program is, the current state of tools and capabilities, and how brands should approach it moving forward.

Paid: How to Use Negative Keywords in Paid Search Campaigns
Identifying and implementing the right negative keywords to your PPC campaigns will ensure your budget goes where you intend. Learn the right approach here.

Paid: The Step-by-Step Guide to Google Ads Account Recovery
In this guide, we share everything you need to do to make sure your Google Ads account is ready, including optimisations for right now, audits for a thorough account review, and steps to ramp up.

Paid: How To Double Relevant Google Shopping Volume in 5 Steps
If you have been frustrated by limited targeting options for Google Shopping ads, this easily-implemented strategy will grow your reach and revenue.

Paid: 4 Tips for YouTube Advertising During COVID-19
Here are four tips for reaching your audience with YouTube advertising during COVID-19, including testing lengthy videos, building custom intent audiences, and more.

Paid: The Step-by-Step Guide to Google Ads Account Recovery
In this guide, we share everything you need to do to make sure your Google Ads account is ready, including optimisations for right now, audits for a thorough account review, and steps to ramp up.

Paid: Ad Spend During Coronavirus: Paid Traffic Trends
See the impact on PPC ad spend due to the COVID-19 pandemic. See what has changed, what hasn‘t, what industries are doing to stay alive, and what you can do to make the most of your advertising dollars.

Content: 5 Google Ranking Signals Content Marketers Need to Know
Here are five content-related ranking signals Google is using to determine whether a specific article deserves to appear on top of Google.

Content: How to Extract Images from Word, Google Docs, PDFs & More
Use these quick and easy hacks for Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Google Slides, PDFs, and PowerPoint.

Social: How to Use Twitter to Increase Your Google Search Visibility
Here are five ways you can boost your search presence with Twitter.

Social: How to Use Facebook Lead Ads to Book Virtual Shopping Appointments
In this article, you’ll discover how to use Facebook lead ads to book virtual shopping sessions with customers and prospects.

Social: Using Facebook Ads in Uncertain Times
In this article, we share a podcast with Amanda Bond – founder of The Ad Strategist, explaining how the customer journey has changed, how to adjust your Facebook ad messaging for the current climate, and how you can tweak existing Facebook ads.


SEO: Retailers can now link their PayPal and Google Merchant Center accounts
Google announced last month that its Shopping search results would include free listings, it also announced an integration with PayPal. That integration is now live.

SEO: Google: Negative SEO Is Not Why Google Made Disavow Link Tool
Google’s John Mueller said that the disavow tool was not created for negative SEO.

SEO: Using Google Search Console to Find & Fix Security Issues
Google published a detailed explainer video that teaches site owners how to find and fix security issues with Search Console.

SEO: Google: First Page Search Rankings Means You Are Doing Things Right
Google’s Danny Sullivan said that if your web pages are ranking on the first page for its relevant queries, then that means you are doing things right.

SEO: Should Google Remove The URL Parameters Tool From Search Console?
Google’s Gary Illyes hinted he might consider deprecating the URL parameters tools in Google Search Console.

SEO: Google Update and Search Console Lag
Google’s John Mueller on Search Console data lag during Broad Core Algorithm Updates

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SEO: Elementor Pro Critical Vulnerability
WordFence is reporting that Elementor Pro has a Critical Zero Day vulnerability exploit. This vulnerability has just been patched today, May 7, 2020. Unpatched versions are reportedly actively being exploited.

SEO: New Google ‘Rising Retail Categories’ tool exposes fast-growing product searches
Google is introducing what it’s calling Rising Retail Categories, within the ThinkWithGoogle domain. Google said, in a blog post announcing the new tool, “we’ve heard from our retail and brand manufacturing partners that they are hungry for more insights on how consumer interests are changing, given dynamic fluctuations in consumer demand.”

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SEO: Google is suggesting searches based on users’ recent activity
Google is now surfacing suggested search queries based on recent activity. The suggestion appears as a link below the search bar with the modifying term bolded and italicised

SEO: Google Smart Shopping Beta Testing New Customer Only Goal
Google’s Smart Shopping product is beta testing a new Conversion goal: New Customer Acquisition. Dubbed “NCA,” this new goal type allows advertisers to set Smart Shopping campaigns to optimise towards acquiring new customers specifically.

SEO: Google’s Top 3 Metrics for Evaluating User Experience
Google has defined a set of metrics site owners should focus on when optimising for user experience.

SEO: GoDaddy Hosting Breach Undetected for 6 Months
GoDaddy is sending notices to customers to alert them of a hosting security breach. 

SEO: Google on Using Quora for Links
Google’s John Mueller remarks on sites that use Quora for link building

SEO: Google Continues To Ask Searchers To Rate Search Results
Google is asking the searcher if the specific web site shown in this snippet is helpful or not.

Paid: Google Product Listings Ad Mixed With Organic Listing?
SEMRush shared a screen shot of a Google Product Listing Ads unit that has with it an organic snippet listing right below it. 

Paid: Google AdSense Ad Balance Tool Going Away On May 20th
Google announced it is retiring the Ad Balance slider tool from Google AdSense.

Paid: Google’s got a new Shopping ad test — and it’s a weird one
Google is running a format-blending Shopping ads test that is, well, interesting.

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Social: How to Use TikTok for Business
Learn how to successfully market your brand on TikTok to drive website traffic and increase ROI today.

Social: Instagram to Let Users Pin Comments to the Top of Posts
Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow users to pin their favorite comments to the top of posts.

Social: LinkedIn Pages Can Now Host Virtual Live Events
LinkedIn Events and LinkedIn Live are coming together to create a new virtual event solution.

Social: Facebook Continues Creating In-Stream Ad Transparency
Facebook Ads continues to signal its seriousness in growing the in-stream ad placements by creating more transparency for brands with tool expansions.

Social: Facebook & Instagram Add More Ways to Support Local Businesses
New features rolling out to Facebook and Instagram will help users find, discover, and support small businesses.

Social: Now, Shopify merchants can quickly turn their catalogs into shoppable Pins
The new Pinterest app on Shopify is now available in the U.S. and Canada.

Social: YouTube Expands Ad Formats for TV Screens
YouTube is accelerating its TV-screen ad options. Google’s internal numbers that show sharp growth in consumption on TVs, and there’s been speculation these numbers will remain consistent as COVID-19 keeps consumers at home.

Social: LinkedIn Removed From Google’s Index
Google seems to have deindexed the main www results from LinkedIn.com. 

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Local: Google COVID-19 Posts Replacing Normal Google Posts
If you post a Google Post using the COVID-19 update, then it will likely replace any other normal Google Posts you add.

Local: Google Drops Your Web Site & Phone Number Button When Marked As Temporarily Closed
If you mark your business as temporarily closed in Google My Business that Google will remove the buttons on your listing to go to your web site or call your business

Local: Google My Business Listings Can Link to Gift Card & Donation Pages
Google is letting businesses add links to their GMB listing that customers can click on to purchase gift cards or make donations.

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Local: Google: International Targeting Won’t Affect Other Regions
Google Search Console, in the old version, has a feature for international targeting. It lets you communicate to Google that your site is more relevant in a specific region. Google’s Gary Illyes said that this is a strong hint that “may help a little in that particular region, but won’t affect your site in other regions.”

Local: Google Local Panel Can Show COVID Testing Center Details
Google can now show if a specific location, pharmacy, etc, is a COVID-19 testing center and what requirements there are to be tested.

Local: New Google My Business COVID-19 Responder Policy For Hotels
Google has added a new feature to Google My Business for hotels. This is a new feature lets hotels add if they offer free or discounted rooms for COVID-19 responders.

Local: Google Search Local Ranking Update – Lots Of Fluctuations
Google’s Danny Sullivan said he will look into the recent changes in Google local update for a possible official Google comment.

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Mobile: Google: If Choosing Between Desktop or Mobile Site, Choose Mobile
Google’s John Mueller recently stated that site owners should prioritize their mobile site if they have both a desktop and mobile version.

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