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The Weekly Wrap – 20th January 2021



SEO: Should You Use Nofollow, Sponsored, or UGC Links?
Link attributes are needed for outbound links to adhere to country laws and Google guidelines. Learn when and how to use each one here.

SEO: Eight great ways to audit your ecommerce site’s SEO
Are you not sure how best your ecommerce site’s SEO? Here are eight great ways you can improve your ecommerce store’s SEO.

SEO: How to Optimize Category Pages for Ecommerce with Informational Copy
Learn how to optimise category pages to make the online shopping experience easier for shoppers and improve your ecommerce site’s presence in search.

SEO: No-Click Searches Require a New Way to Measure SEO Results
Having trouble measuring the impact of no-click searches? Check out these new methods of attributing SEO value to zero click search.

SEO: Core Web Vitals report: 28 Ways to supercharge your site
In preparation for the upcoming Google Core Web Vitals update, James Parsons shares some effective optimisation tips to help you earn a passing grade on Google PageSpeed Insights.

SEO: How to Build SEO Into a Product
Instead of making SEO an afterthought, “building SEO into the product” means developing it with SEO in mind. Here’s a 5-step process you can use.

SEO: Do Incognito Searches Affect SEO or Rankings
What is incognito search and does it affect SEO ranking? Read more about it, what is CTR, and if either has an effect on ranking.

SEO: Amazon Keyword Research: An In-Depth Guide
In this guide, we’re going to talk you through the different ways to do Amazon keyword research and help you to understand how to properly use keywords on the platform.

Paid: 4 Must-Try Retail PPC Strategies for 2021
Give your paid search a refresh with these four innovative retail PPC strategies that can help you improve ROI and deliver a better shopper experience.

Content: 4 Copywriting Techniques for Engaging Podcasts and Audio Presentations
4 audio copywriting techniques that attract listeners and keep them engaged in a fraction of the time that polished writing would.

Social: What to Do When Your Facebook Ads Fail
In this article, Tara – Facebook ads expert and founder of the Successful Ads Club, explains technical and creative Facebook ad mistakes and shares which metrics help reveal the root cause of poor performance. You’ll learn how to make changes to your ads and landing pages and discover new strategies that will improve Facebook ad campaign performance.

Social: YouTube Channel Keywords: What Are They?
Learn what YouTube channel keywords are, how they differ from video keywords, and where to place them to optimise your channel.

Social: How to Build the Perfect Facebook Ad Audience
Targeting the perfect Facebook ad audience reduces advertising costs and improves ROI. Here are the steps to creating one for your business.

Local: Why Did My Google My Business Listing Get Suspended?
Was your Google My Business listing suspended? Check out some of the more common reasons for GMB suspensions and learn what you can do about it.


SEO: Google Tests Movie Carousel Film Ratings Label
Google’s movie carousel is testing showing the Motion Picture Association film rating system labels on those movie image covers.

SEO: Google: There’s No Timeframe For Out Of Stock Product Pages Soft 404ing
Google’s John Mueller said that there is no specific timeframe for when an out of stock product page on your e-commerce site will end up resulting in a soft 404 in Google Search.

SEO: Google: Best To Put Structured Data On The Page, Not Using Google Tag Manager
Google’s John Mueller said that it is best to implement your structured data on the page itself and not use Google Tag Manager to implement your structured data as it makes it more straight-forward and easier to monitor and maintain.

SEO: Google Crawl Stats Report Can Handle Additional Types Of Crawls
Google has noted that it has updated the already updated Crawl Stats report to handle “additional types of crawls.” 

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SEO: Schema.org vs Google Structured Data Rich Results
Google’s John Mueller said In the schema.org website, there are different suggestions for travel sector, such as tourist trip, travel agency, or trip. Are the schema types mentioned above supported or relevant for Google indexing and ranking? If not, what would be the most suitable structured data type for a trip landing page? Read more here.

SEO: Google: Paying Bloggers To Write For Dofollow Backlinks Is Against Our Guidelines
John Mueller of Google was asked the following question, “if I dofollow backlinks due to paying bloggers to write highly relevant review articles or paying for high-quality PR news articles, are they paid links that go against Google’s guidelines?” John responded that the short answer is yes, it is against Google’s guidelines.

SEO: Google Search Console Coverage Report Validate Fix, Fixed.
The new coverage report changes are out, so this “validate fix” button is now working again.

SEO: Google Search Tests Expandable Accordion Carousels
Google seems to be testing a new feature in its search results. A way to expand a specific news section in the main web results to show a carousel of news stories related to that section.

SEO: DuckDuckGo Hits New Record: 100 Million Searches Per Day
DuckDuckGo continues its steady growth, reaching 100 million searches per day for the first time.

SEO: Google May Expand Roll Out of Web Stories if More Sites Use Them
Google may roll out Web Stories more widely if site owners in other countries start using them.

SEO: Google URL Inspection Tool Now Displays Multiple Referring Pages
It seems like Google is now showing multiple referring pages for some URLs in the URL Inspection Tool within Google Search Console. 

SEO: Microsoft Bing Search QR Code Generator
If you search for [qr code] on Microsoft Bing Search you get a built in QR code generator tool.

SEO: Google Marketing Search Console Owners To Verify Via Domain Property
Google are doing an email marketing push to Search Console properties that have not yet verified the property through the domain property method. A domain-level property includes all subdomains (m, www, and so on) and multiple protocols (http, https, ftp) for a single domain name.

SEO: Old Google Disavow Tool Going Away On January 19, 2021
Google launched the new disavow link tool in the new Google Search Console. Now, Google is sunsetting the old tool.

SEO: Google’s Thoughts On Selling Domains Based On SEO Value
Google knows it has changed ownership and also knows the content on that domain name has changed significantly. So if the past history does not hurt you, which it might or might not – the same flows with it might or might not help you.

SEO: Google Counts Links On Noindexed Pages? It Depends.
So if page A links to page B and one of those pages are noindexed, then it sounds like Google won’t count the link. But it might not be the case, Google’s John Mueller now says it depends.

SEO: Google Video On Traffic Fluctuations
Aurora Morales, from Publisher Policy Education at Google, published her first video on the “Sustainable Monetised Websites” series.

SEO: Google Sends Notifications of HTTP/2 Googlebot Crawling
Google is currently sending notification that Googlebot is crawling their sites with the new HTTP/2 protocol.

SEO: Google Might Not Launch The Page Experience & Core Web Vitals Label/Icon In Search
We saw Google testing Page Experience icon a while back as well. But keep in mind, this indicator may never launch.

SEO: No, Google SMITH Algorithm Is Not Live
Google’s Danny Sulivan said that there many papers being published around search and SMITH does not mean it is live. 

SEO: Google: Too Focused On One SEO Tactic Can Hurt Overall SEO Results
Google’s John Mueller said that If you are too focused on one specific area of your website, you can be missing out on other areas that need your attention. 

SEO: WordPress.com Now Offers Website Development
WordPress.com announced Built by WordPress.com, a website development service to compete against sites like Squarespace.

SEO: Google Search Console Adds Report For News Publishers
Google Search Console is now reporting on the performance of content appearing in Google News.

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Social: LinkedIn launches LinkedIn Marketing Labs on-demand courses for advertisers
LinkedIn launched Marketing Labs video course to teach advertisers how to succeed on the platform.

Social: LinkedIn Launches 6 Free Advertising Courses
LinkedIn is launching an all-new on-demand learning centre for advertising which is full of free resources.

Social: TikTok Beats Facebook in Time Spent Per User
TikTok is surpassing Facebook in amount of hours spent per user per month.

Social: Add Links to LinkedIn Stories With New Swipe-Up Feature
LinkedIn is rolling out a new swipe-up feature which lets users add links to stories.

Social: YouTube Analytics Adds ‘First 24 Hours’ Metric
YouTube is making it possible for for creators to measure how a video performs in its first 24 hours.

Social: YouTube Launches New Hashtag Search Results Pages
YouTube is improving on its ability to search by hashtags with with the launch of dedicated results pages.

Local: Google Reportedly Blocking Australian News From Search
Google is reportedly admitting to blocking Australian news sites from search results following a government order to pay news publishers.

Local: Google pauses all political ads through inauguration
Amidst the volatile US political climate, Google has banned all ads mentioning political topics until after the inauguration.

Local: Yelp launches “health and safety measures” community feedback feature
Yelp launches new rating feature for community to leave feedback on local business social distancing and mask compliance.

Mobile: Google Tests Large & Small Images In Mobile Search Result Snippets
Google seems to be testing displaying both large and smaller image thumbnails within a single snippet in the mobile search results. 

Mobile: Google’s John Mueller Clears Confusion About Mobile-First Index
Google’s John Mueller clarifies a few things that puzzle site owners when it comes to mobile-first indexing.

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Mobile: Google Tests New Design For Sitelinks On Mobile
Google have been spotted testing the sitelinks on mobile showing the first main snippet has less of a description line but the sitelinks sections all have short one line description lines.

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