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The Weekly Wrap – 13th January 2021



SEO: Making the argument for nofollow links in SEO
Making the case as to why your SEO team should pursue or at least respond to opportunities even though the result will be another nofollow backlink.

SEO: What Is a .STORE Domain? A Complete Guide to Branding an Online Store Perfectly
Discover what makes a .STORE domain valuable for any brand with an online store. Get SEO and branding tips when choosing your own ecommerce domain name.

SEO: How to use XPath expressions to enhance your SEO and content strategy
A guide to use XPath Expressions in conjuncture with ScreamingFrog to collect insights that fuel expert, authoritative, and trustworthy (E-A-T) content.

SEO: Google Search Patents 2020: The Mega-Post Roundup
Check out the summary of all of the Google Search patents awarded in 2020, with links to dive in and learn more about to each one.

SEO: Partnership Marketing: How to to Build Links & Visibility
Partnership marketing is an often overlooked but proven marketing and SEO tactic. Learn more about it, its benefits, and how to get the most out of it here.

SEO: What Is the Google Knowledge Graph & How it Works
Learn how Google’s Knowledge Graph works, how Knowledge Panels are generated, how to get in or request edits, and how it impacts SEO.

SEO: International SEO for 2021 & Beyond: 9-Point Checklist for Success
To succeed in international SEO you need the right strategy as well as the ability to execute. Use this checklist to stay on track.

SEO: Should you use Google’s updated Disavow Links tool?
Edward Coram-James looks into whether the recent changes Google has made to its Disavow Links tool are as beneficial to SEO practitioners as they first seem.

SEO: Research Exposes Role of Pricing on User Ratings
A Harvard Business School research paper exposes a relationship between prices and ratings and effect on business reputation.

SEO: SEO A/B Split Testing 101
Experimentation is at the heart of digital marketing. Whether testing different ad formats or performing CRO with landing page designs, A/B tests are the solution.

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SEO: JavaScript SEO: An In-Depth Guide
One of the commonly talked about challenges in the SEO community is getting Google to index JavaScript content, and in this guide, we‘ll teach you everything you need to know about JavaScript SEO.

Paid: Google Ads Remarketing Step-By-Step
In this guide, we delve into key topics and give best practices based on experience and Google recommendations.

Paid: 10 Common Mistakes In Google Ads
As Google Ads has matured, it’s more challenging to stay on top of features and potential problems. Here are 10 common issues in accounts.

Paid: How to use schema markup to make an impression in search
Every business is unique in its own way and schema markup can help convey that in Google search.

Paid: Google Ads and SMBs: How to drive results on a low budget
A low ad budget doesn’t have to mean minimal results. SMBs with spend under $5,000 can use these tips to improve their conversions.

Content: The Art of Keeping Your Audience Coming Back for More
Cliffhangers were tailor-made for content marketing on the web. You want each “scene” to lead your readers deeper and deeper into your story.

Content: How to analyze on-page copy quality
How to tell if your content quality is high enough for Google to be willing to rank the page high enough? Here are a few tools to help you out.

Content: Creative Newsletter Names: 75+ Ideas and Real Examples to Inspire You
This post provides words phrases to help you come up with a creative newsletter name for your business, along with real examples of clever newsletters from all over the internet.

Social: How to Scale Facebook Ads for More Leads and Sales
In this article, you’ll discover vertical Facebook ad scaling and horizontal Facebook ad scaling methods that drive more leads and sales.

Social: Organic LinkedIn Marketing: Proven Techniques for Marketers
In this article, you’ll learn what kind of content works best in the LinkedIn feed and how best to use LinkedIn Stories and Live video to engage the people in your network.

Social: 8 Visuals to Improve Social Media Traffic in 2021
In this article, we’ll discuss why visuals are so important in social media, the kinds of visuals brands can create, and actionable steps for designing visuals that work.


SEO: Google News performance report added to Google Search Console
Google Search Console now lets you dive in to how well your news site performs in Google News and the Google News App.

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SEO: Google: You Don’t Need To Link To All Your Pages From Your Home Page
John Mueller of Google said no, you don’t have to link to all pages from the homepage.

SEO: Google Explains Why Sites With Some SEO Bad Practices Rank Well
Google’s John Mueller addresses publics concern on why some sites rank when they are spamming or have lower quality content. 

SEO: Index Coverage Data Improvements
When Google launched the new Search Console, we also introduced the Index Coverage report, which shows the indexing state of URLs that Google has visited, or tried to visit, in your property.

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SEO: Google News Intent Article Labels
Google seems to be categorising and labelling news articles in mobile search by intent, such as interviews or other intents. 

SEO: Google: 410 Status Code or 404 Status Code Are Both Fine
Google’s John Mueller responded to a concern in the Reddit forums that when it comes to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, the only real way to use a 404 page not found, is not to use a 404 but a 410 status code. 

SEO: Google Index Coverage Report Updated With More Specific Categories
Google has updated the index coverage report in Google Search Console with more “more fine-grained” status and categories. The change will cause some of the errors or statuses to “relabelledd with the new, more specific categories,” Google said.

SEO: How to Remove Date Snippets from Search Results?
Google’s John Mueller offers ideas on what to do about unwanted date snippets in the search results.

SEO: Does Using Disavow Signal that a Site is Shady?
Google’s John Mueller answers if filing a link disavow sends a negative signal about the site uploading it.

SEO: Google launched subtopics ranking in mid-November
Google subtopics ranking helps deliver search results with a greater diversity of content when you search for something broad.

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SEO: Google on Improving Core Web Vitals Score by Blocking Countries
Can blocking visitors from countries with slow Internet connections improve Core Web Vitals Score? Google’s Martin Splitt answers the question.

SEO: Google Does Not Issue Web Spam Actions Due To Email Spam
Gary Illyes from Google confirmed that Google won’t take action in web search, through a manual action in Search Console, if you get caught spamming folks via email.

SEO: Google Working On Improving Robots.txt Tester Tool
Gary Illyes from Google confirmed he is slowly working on improving the robots.txt tester tool, which is currently available on the old version of Google Search Console.

SEO: Google’s SMITH Algorithm Outperforms BERT
Google’s new SMITH algorithm understands long-form content better than BERT.

SEO: Google Data Studio Can Pull Search Console News Tab Queries
You can now bring in query data filtered by Google News tab in web search sources in Google Data Studio.

SEO: Google Search Interesting Finds List Adds Related Tags
Google has been adding “interesting finds” to the search results since 2018. But now, if you click to show more results for interesting finds, Google will let you expand those results by related tags or topics.

SEO: Google Pay Becomes Google Plex to Manage Your Day-To-Day Finances
Google Pay gets an upgrade with Google Plex. Find out what differentiates this from other payment platforms and what new AI-driven features it offers.

SEO: Google Search Team Launched Changes That Negatively Impacted Revenue Substantially
Ryan Moulton, a software engineer who has worked at Google for almost 15 years now, said in a HackerNews thread that the Google Search team and he personally have purposefully launched “ranking changes [in Google Search] that negatively impacted revenue substantially.”

SEO: Reminder: Google Search Console Coverage Report Silently Follows Redirects
Google Search Console reports on destination urls and “if you see urls that are categorised as blocked by robots.txt or noindexed, but they aren’t, they could be redirecting to urls that are.

SEO: Google Explains What URL Removals Tool Does
Google’s John Mueller answers a question about what the Search Console URL Removals Tool does.

SEO: Google confirms showing homework practice problems in search results
Google said this is currently an experiment but will share more details on how publishers can participate later.

SEO: Google’s Lighthouse is now recommending JavaScript library alternates
Lighthouse now serves as a beacon for warning you when your project includes old libraries that have modern alternatives.

Paid: The google_global_site_tag will no longer be filterable in Google Ads API
This change affects all versions of the Google Ads API. Read more here.

Paid: Google Ads Begins Identity Verification.
You must start verification by February 06, 2021. Your ads will continue to serve while we review your information. If you don’t complete verification, your account will be paused.

Paid: Google Ads Salesperson Alleged to Link Organic Ranking to Ad Spend
A member of the search marketing community tweeted allegations of misrepresentations by a Google Ads salesperson. Danny Sullivan responded with help.

Paid: You Can Now Exclude Data From Google Ads Smart Bidding
Google Ads now allows you to exclude data from your smart bidding to prevent conversion tracking issues. Google said “to make it easy for you to prevent these technical issues from impacting Smart Bidding, we’re introducing data exclusions for Search, Shopping and Display campaigns.”

Social: How to Make the TikTok Algorithm Work for Your Marketing Campaign
What is TikTok algorithm and how does it work? Find out how to make TikTok algorithm work for your marketing campaign.

Social: YouTube TrueView Ads Demystified: What Marketers Need to Know
In this article, you’ll discover three types of YouTube TrueView ads to improve lead generation, brand awareness, and sales.

Social: YouTube Turns On Post-Roll Ads For All Monetized Videos
YouTube is advising creators that post-roll ads are now activated by default on all monetised videos.

Social: YouTube Shares 3 Keyword Research Tips For Videos
YouTube answers questions about its algorithm and offers 3 keyword research tips for videos.

Social: Facebook blocks Trump for remainder of term while Twitter sets permanent ban
Facebook has blocked President Donald Trump from posting on its platform for the remainder of his term as President of the United States. 

Social: Facebook Pages Redesigned, 5 New Features Added
Facebook Pages have a new look along with 5 new features for businesses and marketers to utilise.

Local: Google My Business Begins Rolling Out New Performance Metrics / Insights
Google has been teasing us for some time about new performance metrics to replace or add-on to the Google My Business insights.

Local: Google Search Knowledge Graph For 25th Amendment and US Constitution
Google has a neat interactive knowledge graph box or panel for searches done on various amendments within the Constitution of United States of America.

Local: Google My Business launches new performance reporting
Google is now rolling out new performance reports within the Google My Business Insights section. These new reports have been a long time coming, with hints of it back in August and then again last month. But now, these reports are live for you to access and test out.

Local: Google Local Panel Health & Safety Pop Up Overlay
Google began testing displaying them in the local panel for those businesses. Now the desktop interface has changed a bit that it can overlay the information in a pop up dialog menu.

Local: No, A Google My Business Profile Not Required To Show In Google Web Search
Google’s John Mueller had to confirm that you do not need to have a Google My Business verified business listing to show up in Google Web Search. 

Local: Beware: Yocale May Be Added To Your Google Local Listing
We have seen restaurants have to deal with food ordering services being automatically added to their Google Maps and Google Local business listings. Now it seems professional service businesses, like law firms, need to worry about this happening as well.

Local: Google Maps Calling Out Square Ad Pins As Ads
Google is making it clear to some Google Maps users that these square pins are ads.

Local: Over 80K .EU Domains Suspended Due to Brexit Regulations
All .eu domains owned by UK registrants are now suspended following the enforcement of new measures as the Brexit transition period comes to a close.

Mobile: Facebook Advertisers Brace for iOS 14 Tracking Prompt Fallout
The roll-out of iOS 14 includes a tracking prompt set to disrupt Facebook Ads targeting. Here are the details & how to prepare for the change.

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