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The Weekly Wrap

The Weekly Wrap – 19th September 2018

Ignite Search Weekly Wrap – 19th September 2018

100% Curated SEO/Online Marketing Goodness

Helpful Strategies, Tips & Tricks:

SEO: How to Harness Link Equity

If you’ve ever heard someone talk about “link juice” then that is essentially the former, more casual term for sharing link authority. Throughout this blog, we will be using the newer more specific term “link equity”. Let’s look into this in more detail.

SEO: How e-commerce can compete for informational queries by optimizing for intent

How do you optimize for search intent? Here’s a look at how Google may return informational queries to relevant e-commerce pages and how you can optimize on-page content for ‘intent.’

Paid Search: Keyword research strategies in a close-variant world

Revisiting your keyword research approach is essential to preparing for imminent match type changes. Here are some considerations for a successful keyword research strategy in a close-variant world.

Paid Search: How keyword match types work after the new close match variants change

Here’s a free Google Ads script that delivers a detailed report on the impact of Google’s inclusion of “same meaning” queries in exact match close variants.

Local Search: Geo-Targeting: Local PPC Strategy and Actionable Tips

In this post, I will walk you through the step-by-step process of optimizing your geo-targeted campaign to make it run like a well-oiled machine. At the end of the post, you will find insightful tips for smarter local PPC.

Local Search: How the hospitality industry should approach online reviews and citations

Looking for more positive reviews? Here are some smart ways to build citations and reviews plus tips to boost the visibility of businesses in the hospitality sector.

Conversions: 5 Ways to Increase Your Mobile Conversion Rate

Today’s PPC marketers need to optimize for mobile users and improve the conversion experience on smaller devices. Here are five tips to maximize conversions on your mobile-targeted search ads starting today.

Content: Target acquired: How to define and use your ideal target market

Don’t assume you know who makes up your target audience because you could be wrong. Here’s a look at how to identify a target market and create niched marketing campaigns that sell.

Content: How to choose the best content format for link building

Thinking about creating an infographic or GIF as a way to attract links? Here’s a list of pros and cons of different visual elements and their effectiveness at attracting links.

Social: 4 Ways to Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs With Facebook Ads

Looking for ways to optimize your Facebook ads to acquire more customers? Wondering how to scale campaigns that are working well? In this article, you’ll discover four ways to reduce your customer acquisition costs when scaling your campaigns.

Social: Pinterest Strategy: How to Get More Traffic From Pinterest

Want more visitors to your website? Wondering how Pinterest can help? To explore how to drive more traffic to your website with Pinterest, I interview Jennifer Priest.

Key Industry Updates:

SEO: Hurricane Florence query shows Google delivering zero search results again in web search

After testing zero-search results back in March, Google may be testing showing no results again.

SEO: EU approves controversial copyright directive aimed at Google, Facebook, Twitter

The new rules, which require member-state approval to go into effect, amount to a kind of ‘GDPR for copyright.’

SEO: You can break Google search by searching for ‘compare the market’

Google returns “Server Error” for a query for the past 6+ hours.

SEO: Google tests sub-images in search result snippets for sitelinks

SEOs and webmasters may want to look into how to optimize for images that Google may use for sitelinks in mobile search with this new test.

SEO: Google admits it’s using very limited personalization in search results

Outside of a searcher’s location or immediate context from a prior search, Google doesn’t personalize the search results.

SEO: Bing improves visual search, adds educational carousel, American Sign Language and NFL answers

Microsoft’s search engine adds a robust image search feature and educational results just in time for the school year.

SEO: Bing shuts down public URL submission tool

This decision may help Bing reduce spam shown in the search results and focus on more trustworthy content.

Local Search: Google Maps now available for Apple CarPlay

The moment many Apple fans have been waiting for – Google Maps on CarPlay devices is now here.

Local Search: Google My Business testing future opening dates in the local panel for new businesses

Google can let searchers know when a new business will be opening its doors.

Paid Search: Google debuts Shoppable Image ads, video in Shopping Showcase ads

The new formats, introduced for the holiday season, are intended to help advertisers attract new customers.

Mobile: iOS 12 release gives users more power, marketers more options

Marketers will find opportunities to connect with users through enhanced AR capabilities, new notifications options and more.

Social: Facebook bug allowed some advertisers to access other Facebook Analytics app data

The company says it fixed the issue that affected 21 apps and is notifying all businesses involved.

Social: Twitter gives video ads a subtle lift, puts livestreams atop the timeline

Live broadcasts from followed accounts will now appear at the top of the timeline, giving in-stream video ads prominent placement on the app.

Social: Facebook Ads Updates and New Instagram Features

Welcome to this week’s edition of the Social Media Marketing Talk Show, a news show for marketers who want to stay on the leading edge of social media.

On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we explore new Instagram features and Facebook ads updates. Our special guests include Peg Fitzpatrick and Amanda Bond.

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