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The Weekly Wrap – 26th September 2018

Ignite Search Weekly Wrap – 26th September 2018

100% Curated SEO/Online Marketing Goodness

Helpful Strategies, Tips & Tricks:


SEO: Are you guilty of these common SEO mistakes?

Mistakes happen. When they do, the best response is to learn from your errors, and those made by others, so you can turn them into opportunities.

SEO: 7 Steps to Making the Most out of the New Google Search Console

Not totally comfortable with Search Console as a living space? Not to worry. Today, I’m going to teach you how to get nice and cozy with the most pivotal features Search Console has to offer.

SEO: Marginal losses: the hidden reason your SEO performance is lagging

Without a structured testing program, our experience shows that it’s very likely that most SEO efforts are at best taking two steps forward and one step back by routinely deploying changes that make things worse.

SEO: Your Guide to Selecting SEO Rank Tracking Tools

In the early years of SEO, ranking was the primary measure of success. SEO professionals focused on ranking #1 for their desired golden keyword and relied heavily on rank tracking tools to monitor their improvement over time.

Local Search: How to Get More Reviews on Google

Whether you’re a national organization with a presence in many states, or a local business, online reviews are a major factor in your prospects’ buying decisions — and sometimes, it’s the only factor. In this article we’ll discuss how you can get more reviews on Google.

Content: Why & How to Repurpose Your Existing Digital Content

Rhea Drysdale, CEO at Outspoken Media shared how you can refresh existing digital content and salvage past investment for a long-term payoff that benefits multiple marketing channels. Here’s a recap of that webinar presentation.

Content: How to create a style guide for your SEO content writers

To get the most out of your content writers, you need to set them on the right track from the start. How to develop guidelines and reduce the required editing time.

Social: How to Create Customized Reports in Facebook Ads Manager

Need to get a better grip on your Facebook ads’ performance? Do you know which metrics in Facebook Ads Manager to monitor? In this article, you’ll discover how to set up a Facebook Ads Manager report that quickly reveals which ads are working well and which you need to adjust.

Social: How to Track Social Media Traffic Using Google Analytics

Do you know if your social media efforts are working? Wondering how to track link clicks from social traffic? In this article, you’ll discover how to use UTM tags to measure your social media traffic with Google Analytics.

Social: How to Get More Engagement with Facebook Live

Want more people to watch, share, and comment on your live videos? Looking for tips on improving the quality of viewer engagement? To explore how to get more engagement with Facebook Live video, I interview Stephanie Liu.

Key Industry Updates:

SEO: Google floods webmasters with ‘mobile-first indexing enabled’ notifications

Did you get a notice from Google that your site is now enabled for mobile-first indexing? You’re not alone.

SEO: Bing finally releases AMP viewer for news stories in mobile search

The Bing AMP viewer and Bing AMP Cache make AMP-enabled web pages accessible from Bing mobile search results.

SEO: Google Data Studio comes out of beta

The company continues to develop new features for the reporting product.

SEO: Google announces cards, discovery tools, revamped image search at 20th anniversary event

Most of the new features were for mobile devices and focused on structured data and machine learning.

SEO: Google Tests Like & Dislike Buttons on Hotel Search Result Photos

Google is testing showing like and dislike thumbs up and down buttons in the hotel search results specifically on photos.

SEO: Google Tests Tabs on Branded Knowledge Panels

Google is testing tabs for a knowledge panel for branded search terms. So not specifically for a local knowledge panel but for a brand name.

Paid Search: Google adds Smart Bidding for search partners

Smart Bidding may be used instead of smart pricing when conversion tracking is enabled.

Paid Search: Now you can enable call reporting at the account level in Google Ads. Here’s how

The new feature means no more forgetting to enable call reporting for every call extension and call-only ad.

Social: Facebook extends video Ad Breaks to 21 more countries

Publishers and creators in Europe, Central and South America and Asia will now be able to monetize their video content with Facebook’s expansion of Ad Breaks.

Social: Facebook to begin proactively reviewing apps that have not been submitted for inspection

Developers will be notified via an alert within the app dashboard when their app is queued for review.

Social: Pinterest gives SMBs access to Shop the Look Pins, a free product-tagging tool for organic Pins

Previously only available to large businesses, Pinterest Shop the Look Pins are now available to all business accounts.

Social: Twitter begins testing Timeline Ads on publisher sites

In May, Twitter began recruiting publishers for programmatic Timeline Ads. That test is reportedly underway.

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