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The Weekly Wrap – 18th November 2020



SEO: Getting Started With Google Tag Manager: A Beginner’s Guide
In this article, you’ll discover the three parts of Google Tag Manager (tags, triggers, and variables) and learn how to use Google Tag Manager templates to easily add tracking for activities on your website and social media. You’ll also discover how to set up pixel tracking for Facebook standard events.

SEO: The Art & Science of Writing Title Tags
Spending the time to get your title tags right pays off in many ways. Learn how to write winning title tags that work for both searchers and search engines.

SEO: How Important Are Backlinks for SEO?
Do you have a competitor with less backlinks and less content beating you in the search engines? Here is why and how to win those rankings.

SEO: How CRO Can Help Tie Your SEO Efforts to the Bottom Line
Using SEO and CRO together allows you to pack the greatest punch in your digital efforts. Discover how combining both methods can benefit your business.

SEO: Top strategies behind link building success
Need to improve your link building strategy? NO-BS’ new guide show you how to get started with your on-page and off-page SEO.

SEO: How the Universal SERPs Are Changing & How to Stay on Top
The SERPs are constantly evolving and will continue to do so. Get insights on what to focus on to improve your SEO strategy.

SEO: How to Optimize for Google Featured Snippets [Research]
SEMrush & Brado analysed over 200 mln SERPs to identify how to optimise for Google featured snippets. The how-to guide describes all factors that are vital to win the featured snippet position.

SEO:How to Use Google Ads Keyword Forecast Tool for Predictive Keyword Research
Learn how the Google Ads Keyword Forecast Tool can help you narrowing down future potential for any keywords in SEO and paid media.

SEO: Whatever Happened to Voice Search?
Is voice search really “the next big thing?” Learn where it is now, where it’s likely headed, and if you should optimise for it today.

SEO: White Hat SEO: How to Rank by the Rules
There are two common approaches to SEO: white hat and black hat techniques. White hat SEO tactics follow Google’s guidelines. Learn more about white hat SEO tactics and how to optimise your website.

SEO: External Links (SEO Best Practices)
An external link is a hyperlink or backlink that points to a target page on another domain from the domain it’s published on. Backlinks are one of the top three ranking factors important for ranking.

SEO: Competitor Analysis: How to Spot Shifts in Your Rivals’ Marketing Strategies
Learn more about the key steps of competitor analysis and discover how to turn your competitive insights into actionable business decisions.

SEO: How to Turn SEO Into a Measurable Revenue Generator
Tired of constantly defending your SEO budget to the C-suite? This new approach can help you attribute your company’s revenue growth to your SEO efforts.

Paid: The Ethical Implications Of PPC Advertising & How To Overcome Them
Is it fair that people can pay to get to the top of search results? This blog discusses the ethical implications of PPC from one advertiser’s perspective.

Paid: 3 Important Considerations for Your PPC Leads
Are your leads from paid search not converting to sales? Look into these three points if your lead gen campaigns are not working the way they should.

Content: Whip Up a Tantalizing Blog Post With These 9 Ingredients
Here’s a step-by-step recipe to keep readers consuming your blog posts

Content: 10 Emotion-Based Headlines that Work
These 10 examples of emotional triggers have been used in countless promotions, because they speak to underlying desires and fears nearly all of us have.

Content: How to Use Live Chat Data to Drive New Content Marketing Ideas
Use live chat data and logs to identify content ideas, better target your content, and grow your audience.

Content: 6 Ways to Build Brand Authority With Content Marketing
Becoming an authoritative brand is no easy feat, but the massive benefits are worth the effort. But how exactly can a brand begin to build, or build upon, their authority? Content is an excellent way, and in this article, Amanda goes through her tips on how it can be done.

Social: How to Create Meaningful Engagement on LinkedIn: 3 Tips
In this article, you’ll discover three tips to spark conversation on LinkedIn via connection requests and feed posts.

Social: Launching With Facebook Ads: How to Sell More With Facebook
In this article, you’ll learn how the five steps of The Hirsch Process support a successful launch and discover how to apply each step of the process to your own launch. You’ll also find examples of Facebook ads to model in your launch.

Social: 7 Reasons Why Social Listening Is Important
Why is social listening important? How does monitoring help to develop a brand reputation, engage more customers & improve customer care? Read now!

Social: 5 White Hat Social Media Strategies That Actually Work
Don’t find yourself on the wrong side of social networks’ Terms of Service. These white-hat strategies are all you need to get results.

Social: How to Rank a Video on YouTube & Google
These key optimisation tips will help you get the videos you have published to rank both on YouTube and in Google search.

Social: How to up Your Facebook Marketing Game Using Facebook Groups
Businesses can maximise their marketing efforts by branded Facebook groups. Here’s everything you need to make the most of this feature.

Social: 12 Pinterest SEO Tips for High-Traffic Success
Want more traffic from Pinterest? Follow these Pinterest SEO tips to optimise your profile, increase clicks, and drive traffic to your website.

Local: A Handy Checklist For Google My Business Spam
Google My Business spam is a huge deterrent to local businesses. Learn how to create a Google My Business spam checklist and how you can report those who are trying to take advantage of the map pack.


SEO: Google migrates the disavow link tool to new Search Console
Google announced that it has migrated the disavow link tool from the old Search Console to the new Search Console.

SEO: Google Quietly Launches Small Business Advisors
Google has launched its official Google Small Business Advisors program. This program is available for businesses located in the US. They can consult with Small Business Advisors about Google products. 

SEO: Google Shares Crawl Budget Between Organic & Ads
Google shares the same crawl budget between GoogleBot, the organic free web crawler, and Google AdsBot, the paid Google crawler.

SEO: Microsoft: BingBot & Adixbot Share The Same Crawl Budget Per Site
Fabrice Canel from Microsoft said that BingBot and Adixbot, the Microsoft Merchant Center crawler, share the same crawl budget that is set in Bing Webmaster Tools

SEO: Google Tests Subcategories In Search Results
Google seems to be testing, or maybe it is some weird bug, these sub-category tabs in the Google search results. 

SEO: New Google Office Hours Hangout Support Page
Google published a new support page that helps SEOs learn how to participate in Google Search Central Office Hours

SEO: Access Google Surveys and Google Analytics 4 data in Data Studio
Data Studio users can access over 300 data sets in just a couple clicks.

SEO: No, Google Does Not Drop Your Organic Result If You Have An Ad
Danny Sullivan from Google said “No, we’re not doing anything like that.”

SEO: Google Web Stories Plugin for WordPress Gets First Big Update
Google’s official Web Stories plugin for WordPress receives it’s first major update.

SEO:Google: Redirected URLs Are Put Into A Cluster For Canonicalization
Google’s John Mueller explained how Google handles redirects within its index and suggest putting them (the URLs) into a shared cluster that we then use for canonicalisation

SEO:Googlebot Begins Crawling With HTTP/2 Protocol
Googlebot can now crawl with HTTP/2 protocol beginning November 2020. Google Developer pages updated to reflect change.

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SEO: Here Is How Google May Use Machine Learning During Crawling
Martin Splitt from Google said Google may be using machine learning in crawling in production right now, or it might be just an experiment, but here is how it does use machine learning for crawling in search. 

SEO: How Google Passage Indexing Might Look In The Search Results
Google will experiment a lot with different ways of showing this – so expect experiments

SEO: The New GoogleBot Mascot: A Spider
GoogleBot has a new mascot, a spider. The spider does not have an official name, yet but it was announced yesterday on the Google blog. Google said “Our Googlebot mascot is also getting an upgrade.”

SEO: Google on Dealing With Sneaky Use of Expired Domains
Google’s John Mueller answers a question about the balance needed to deal with expired domains and the complexities involved

SEO: Google Webmasters Rebrands As ‘Google Search Central’
Google Webmasters is changing its name to Google Search Central and revamping the branding with a new mascot.

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SEO: Google on BERT and Exact Match Keywords
Google’s John Mueller answers if BERT impacts need for exact match keywords on web pages

SEO: Google Tests Bolder Font For Search Result URLs
Google always is testing and here is a bolder font for the search result snippet URLs.

SEO:Google Discusses Future of Request Indexing Feature
Google’s John Mueller shares an update on the background surrounding the Request Indexing feature when it returns

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SEO: Google Page Experience Update to launch May 2021 with new labels in search results
Google confirms Core Web Vitals are becoming ranking signals for search results in May 2021.

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Paid: Changes to Content API request validation
The Content API for Shopping will gradually roll out improvements to request validation from January 1, 2021 to February 15, 2021. 

Paid: Google’s Auto Applied Recommendations catch advertisers, agencies off guard
The auto-applied changes do not show in Google Ads change history logs.

Paid: Google Ads Auction Insights Report Now Available In Google Ads Report Editor
Google announced that it is now allowing you to access the Google Ads auction insights report directly in the Google Ads Report Editor. 

Paid: Google Ads wants advertisers to give broad match another shot
Google is going to start showing new Recommendations for switching to broad match in Google Ads.

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Paid: Google AdSense Search Engine Update
Google has made some changes to how AdSense publishers can add the Google powered search engine to their sites. You can now find the option to add the search engine to your site in the “by ad unit” tab in the ads section and there is this new button for it.

Social: Instagram Focuses on Reels, Upsets Users
Instagram’s latest app update is update is upsetting users who are not yet sold on the new Reels feature.

Social: Twitter Debuts Carousel Ads With Up to 6 Images or Videos
Twitter is rolling out carousel ads which contain 2 to 6 horizontally swipe-able images or videos.

Social: Snapchat Rolls Out More Ads Certification Courses
Snapchat is expanding its marketer education platform with three new advertising certification courses.

Social: Spotify Expanding Podcast Advertising Options
Spotify is expanding its podcast adverting options with major acquisition of an advertising & publishing platform.

Local: Google Local Q&A Limited To 440 Characters From 1,000?
Google My Business has this Q&A feature where people can ask question and others can answer those questions directly on a business local listing. The character limit for the answer was 1,000 characters but now it seems to have dropped to 440 characters.

Local: Hijacked Google My Business listings appear to be a growing problem
GMB listings phishing is on the increase. Google says it’s aware of the problem but business owners must be vigilant.

Local: Google Hotel Health & Safety Data Now Fully Live
Google announced that in Google Travel hotel results, the health and safety attributes data is now available for searchers. And yes, this time I can replicate it.

Local: Google My Business Reviews Publishing Delayed
Reviews being added to Google Maps business listings are being delayed for some reason. There are numerous complaints about this both in the Local Search Forums and the Google My Business Help Forums.

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