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The Weekly Wrap – 2nd December 2020



SEO: When (and When Not) to Outsource Link Building
Alexandra shares her insights as the owner of a link building agency so you can better understand which option is the right one for you: to hire an agency or an in-house link builder.

SEO: Could You Offer People a Reward or Discounts to Gain Backlinks?
While exchanging money or other goods for links may be appropriate in some cases, there are potential risks you need to know about. Learn more here.

SEO: How to Find Anyone’s Email Address in 60 Seconds or Less
Finding an influencer’s email address can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Learn how to streamline the process with these tools and tips.

SEO: Search Visibility Then & Now: What’s the Reliable Way to Measure Your SEO Efforts?
With search visibility, agencies can connect their actions with their clients’ business results. Learn how to use this performance metric for SEO campaigns.

SEO: How to Create a Google Data Studio Dashboard
In this article, you’ll learn how to create and customise a Google Data Studio dashboard that delivers clear answers you need to improve your marketing. You’ll also discover how to quickly create an entire Google Analytics dashboard in a single click.

SEO: SEO for Nonprofits: 5 Best Practices for Charities to Improve SEO
Learn the best practices for SEO for non-profit organisations. We‘ll help provide you with tips to get started and how to drive donations and increase organisational awareness.

SEO: 3 Effective SEO Strategies to Beat Competitors in a Competitive Market
Staying on top is a challenge especially in highly competitive markets. Up your SEO game using these tactics to beat out the competition.

SEO: H1 Headings For SEO – Why They Matter
Google uses H1 headings for SEO. But the ways they are used have evolved. Keep heading tag use up to date

SEO: The anatomy of a negative SEO attack
LinkGraph CTO, Manick Bhan, discusses the most common types of negative SEO and details how site owners can perform negative SEO remediation.

SEO: Five great ways responsive web design benefits your SEO
Jos Davies, an SEO expert at UENI reveals the top five ways of complementing SEO efforts with responsive web design to improve websites’ performance in Google’s SERP.

SEO: Dissecting Ecommerce Growth: The Key Traffic Drivers
Reveal how the fastest-growing e-commerce brands get an inflow of new traffic and learn to make conversion rate estimates to assess the quality of their new audience.

SEO: Who Is Responsible for Meeting Website Accessibility Compliance?
With more laws for website accessibility, the pressure to be compliant is ever-present. Here’s what you need to know and the steps you can take now.

Paid: Microsoft Ads LinkedIn Profile Targeting: A Review
One paid media strategist discusses her LinkedIn targeting test within Microsoft Ads and the results from targeting companies specifically.

Content: Activating Empathy: How to Manage It, Measure It, and Market With It
Empathetic content resonates better with audiences. But why? And how can you create it? Read more here.

Content: Seven most popular types of blog posts guaranteed to boost traffic
Solve your content creation struggles with these blog post ideas. Create traffic-driven content that has demonstrated success.

Content: Blog SEO: Tips to Optimize Your Blog Posts
A strong blog SEO strategy will pay dividends for your site. From attracting new potential business to becoming a strong authority in your space, it‘s important to think about your blog SEO success.

Paid: 10 Effective ways to boost click-through rate (CTR) using SERPs
Ten effective ways to boost your click-through rate (CTR) from organic search. Create featured snippets to GMB, image optimisation, schema, and more.

Social: TikTok Content Marketing: How to Grow Your Business With TikTok
In this article, you’ll discover four different types of TikTok content and how you can use them to serve your marketing objectives, how long your content should be, and how Keenya gets people on TikTok to DM her or join her email list.

Social: How to Increase Twitter Engagement Rate
To master Twitter engagement, you’ll need a plan that can set your brand apart with your audience. In this article, we’ll go through 10 strategies designed to boost your Twitter engagement. 

Social: Simple guide to creating an expert roundup post that drives website traffic
Having an expert roundup post gives you a valuable piece of content that is highly shareable. See what it takes to do it right.


SEO: Google: We Do Not Support Nested XML Sitemap Index Files
Google’s John Mueller addressed community’s query on whether Google support nested XML sitemap index files.

SEO: Google Merchant Center: Build Your Own Performance Reports
Google Merchant Center seems to be rolling out a new reporting feature that lets you build your own performance report. You should be able to access this in the Google Merchant Center under the “Performance” tab.

SEO: Google Combines Hreflang Signals from HTML & Sitemaps
When hreflang directives are implemented in a site’s HTML and sitemap, Google will combine them and use all signals.

SEO: Google: Why It May Appear Your JavaScript Page Is Not Fully Rendered Before Indexed
Google’s Martin Splitt and John Mueller chimes in on community’s query on Google indexing non rendered Javascript pages.

SEO: Google Search Podcast Carousel Updated With Larger Graphics
Google started to test a new design for displaying podcasts in Google Search. The new design adds larger images and longer descriptions of the podcast episode.

SEO: Google’s John Mueller: Long Anchor Text Gives Us More Context
Google’s John Mueller discusses the differences between linking to pages with long anchor text versus using shorter anchor text.

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SEO: Click Bots Won’t Improve Your Google Rankings
Google’s John Mueller respond to community regarding utilising a click bot to increase your website metrics and said that is doesn’t make sense but Google won’t stop you from trying.

SEO: Google: We Can Still Rank A Page After Matching Content Is Removed
John Mueller of Google said Google can still rank a page for a specific keyword, even if you remove that specific phrase or word from your page. 

SEO: Google tests multiple contextual links in featured snippets
Google is testing showing multiple contextual links within a single featured snippet result.

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SEO: Google’s 7 Tips for Web Stories & Video Series
Google published a guide with tips to help creators create more compelling Web Stories. The goal of the tips is to encourage publishers with ideas of how to create better Web Stories.

SEO: Google Search Console Crawl Stats Report Is Now Outstanding
Google has announced the launch of the new crawl stats report and to be honest, it is a huge upgrade from the previous report. This report now gives you data you can use to debug crawl issues and check the health of your site with crawl related issues in Google Search.

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SEO: Google: Private Whois Domain Name Data Does Not Impact Rankings
Google’s John Mueller said that having a private Whois domain name registration status does not change how Google trusts the site. It really does not impact the site’s rankings in Google Search.

SEO: Google Deletes Its Autogenerated Web Stories & They Now 404
Google has deleted over 20,000 of its autogenerated web stories and when you see them in the search results, desktop or mobile, they 404. 

Paid: Some Google AdSense Publishers Receive Multiple Payments/Deposits
There are reports of some Google AdSense publishers receiving more than one deposit or payment from Google this month.

Social: YouTube Algorithm: 6 Questions Answered
YouTube’s Search & Discovery team answers questions from users about the site’s algorithm.

Social: Twitter is Bringing Back Account Verifications
Twitter is relaunching public verifications after pausing the application process three years ago.

Social: Instagram is Letting Advertisers Create Posts With Users’ Accounts
Instagram is making changes to branded content ads, which includes letting advertisers create sponsored posts on users’ behalf.

Local: Google: We Don’t Differentiate Search For Travel In X vs Live In X
Google’s John Mueller said while Google does try to understand where you are searching from, it does not differentiate between “living in X” from “traveling in X”.

Local: Google Local Suggest An Edit Placement Moved On Mobile
Google has moved the feature to “suggest an edit” from in the main mobile list view of a local listing to in the three vertical dots bar. So it is a bit harder to find now but it now takes up less space in the local panel.

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Local: Google Maps Tests Address Numbers On The Map
Google seems to be testing displaying address numbers in the Google Maps user interface.

Local: Google Local Adds Messaging Button To Google Posts
Google is adding a message button on the Google Posts for local business profiles. 

Local: Google Maps Displaying Hotel Review Rating Averages & Other Attributes On Map Pins
Google testing in Google Maps overlaying hotel attributes over the map pins for hotel listings. These can show average review ratings of hotels, category, pricing, and other attributes.

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