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The Weekly Wrap – 17th April 2019



SEO: How to Take Your Website Beyond Fast [Webinar]
Jono Alderson, Special Ops at Yoast, shares the tips, tricks, tools, and tactics you need to speed up your website.

SEO: 8 Audience Targeting Strategies from Digital Marketing Experts
This article shares 8 audience targeting strategies that will enhance your conversion rates.

SEO: Why we shouldn’t forget about PageRank in 2019
This article briefly runs through PageRank’s history, explain how it is (or was) calculated.

SEO: How to write SEO-friendly alt text for your images
This article discusses how you can improve your image alt text while keeping your content search engine friendly.

SEO: Aligning content and SEO for search success
Here are some best practices to get content and SEO teams working together throughout the creation process to ensure your pages are well-suited to succeed in organic search.

SEO: How to perfectly balance affiliate marketing and SEO
This article shares four ways to balance your affiliate marketing and SEO efforts,

SEO: Technical SEO Is a Necessity, Not an Option
This article highlights the importance of technical SEO in today digital world.

Paid: 10 Amazing Ways to Harness the Power of PPC Remarketing Campaigns
Both Google and Bing offer a plethora of options when it comes to digital remarketing. Here are 10 types of remarketing you can do on their networks.

Content: Make Your Blog More Attractive With These 12 Visuals
This article shares 12 types of visuals you can use in a blog post that aligns with your content marketing strategy.

Content: How to Use the 4 Most Helpful Reports in Google Analytics
This article discusses how you can use Google Analytics to help you generate content that appeal to your target audience.

Social: Facebook Groups: New Features for Businesses 
This article explore what’s new with Facebook Groups and how the changes benefit marketers.

Social: How to Improve Your Facebook Group Community
In this article, you’ll discover five Facebook Groups features you can use to guide engagement and conversations among your members.

Social: How to Grow Your YouTube Channel With a Video Series
In this article, you’ll discover how to develop a video series that helps turn one-time viewers into YouTube channel subscribers.

Social: New LinkedIn Ad Targeting Audiences
On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we explore the updated Facebook Ad Library and the newest LinkedIn product and ad targeting tools with special guests Amanda Bond and Viveka von Rosen.

Social: How to Use Social Proof in Your Marketing
In this article, you’ll discover how to incorporate social proof into your social media marketing.

Social: Top 19 Instagram marketing tools to use for success
This article shares a list of 19 Instagram marketing tool that will help optimise your social media marketing.

Mobile: How to optimize paid search ads for phone calls
Here are some surefire ways to optimize your search ads to drive more high-value phone calls. 

Local: How to appear in local services listings in Google Assistant and Google Home
Here are 3 things must know in order to get you local listings up in Google Assistant and Google Home devices.

Local: How to Build Authority in Local SEO
This article highlights 3 tips on how to build authority in their local business and within their niche.


SEO: Google is Experiencing Indexing Issues With Content in Google News
Google has confirmed it’s aware of indexing issues affecting content in Google News.

SEO: Google Search Algorithms Are Designed To Be Granular But Older Updates Were More Broad
Google’s John Mueller said that when it comes to Google’s search algorithms they try to go as granular as possible. But in the older days, the older Google updates may have been broader.

SEO: Google: Use Site Command For Checking Individual URLs
Google John Mueller said that you can use the site command to check individual pages and see if they are indexed.

SEO: Google Does Not Give Special Treatment to Content in a Blockquote
Google’s John Mueller recently addressed the use of the blockquote element, saying it’s not treated in any special way.

SEO: Google Search Console is Still Affected by Indexing Bug
Google will provide an official update when the issues with Search Console are resolved.

SEO: Google Showing Previously Fetched Results – Update Button
Google is testing an option for some searchers to refresh the search results.

SEO: Google spotted testing version of GoogleBot that can render more content
Google may be able to fully crawl more advanced and modern web apps sooner than you thought.

SEO: Google Search Console Performance Report AMP Stories Search Appearance Filter
Google announced they now let you see your AMP Stories traffic.

SEO: Google Cache Date Is Old; Google Says Don’t Worry About It
Google John Mueller said not to worry about the cache date as Google is still indexing content, ranking it in search and sending us traffic to our new stories.

Social: Facebook is Improving Ads Manager and Business Manager
Facebook shared plans to update both Ads Manager and Business Manager making them easier to use.

Social: Facebook Introduces Cost Cap Bidding to Maximize Cost-Efficiency
Facebook is introducing a new bid strategy for advertising which is focused on driving results while keeping costs down.

Social: Twitter is Still Verifying Users Despite Pausing the Application Process
Twitter made the decision to suspend public applications following outrage over the verification of a prolific white supremacist.

Social: Facebook Tests Integrating Stories into the News Feed
Facebook has been spotted testing a redesigned version of the news feed which also includes stories.

Social: Pinterest Ad Campaigns Can Now Be Optimized for Conversions
Pinterest is letting marketers choose conversions as a campaign objective for Promoted Pins.

Social: YouTube Tests New Internal Metrics For Measuring the Success of a Video
YouTube is reportedly testing two new internal metrics for determining which videos should be considered successful.

Social: LinkedIn Aims to Boost Engagement With a Range of Reactions to Posts
LinkedIn is introducing new ways to engage with posts, adding four new reactions alongside the like button.

Social: Facebook Imposes New Limits on Groups, Pages and Admins
Facebook announced a dramatic update to it’s news feed designed to limit the reach of pages and groups that violate it’s content policies.

Social: Instagram to Stop Recommending Content That Almost Violates Guidelines
Instagram is going to reduce the reach of posts that are borderline violations of the company’s community guidelines.

Local: Facebook and Instagram May Be Forced to Remove Likes for Users Under 18
The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the UK has drafted a code of practice to protect children’s safety online.

Local: Google Local Panel Can Show Fax Number
Google can now list fax numbers in your local knowledge panel.

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