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The Weekly Wrap – 14th October 2020



SEO: How to Create Custom Reports in Google Analytics
In this article, you’ll find a step-by-step tutorial to build and save valuable Google Analytics custom reports. You’ll also learn how to find out where you’re losing valuable traffic via 404 pages and get a tip for reclaiming that traffic.

SEO: SEO 101: Get Your SEO Guide for Beginners [EBOOK]
Looking to upgrade or refresh your SEO knowledge? This guide covers what you need to know about SEO, how it works, and why it’s so important today.

SEO: When Should I Use a Canonical vs. a 301 Redirect?
Not sure when to use a 301 redirect vs. a canonical tag? Discover what they are and how to best use each method when managing duplicate content.

SEO: When to Use Nofollow on Links & When Not To
Learn what the nofollow attribute does exactly, when you should and should not use it on links, and why it matters for SEO.

SEO: Google Analytics Goals: How to Analyze Customer Journey Goals
In this article, you’ll find a useful framework to set up your Google Analytics goals and learn how to analyse what is and isn’t working with your marketing.

SEO: Are Press Releases Still Good for SEO?
Press releases can benefit your brand and SEO – if you know how to do it right. Here’s how to make them work to your advantage.

SEO: 12 Important SEO KPIs You Should Track
Goals and KPIs are one of the most important parts of your SEO strategy, and in this guide, we’ll dive deep into some of the most important ones that you should be using.

SEO: Crowd marketing is the forum link building strategy you need to know in 2020
Make the most out of niche communities with the power of forum link building. Read more here.

SEO: 3 Types of Pillar Page (and How They Help With Ranking)
Learn about pillar pages, the benefits, and the types of pillar pages you can create. Also see useful examples and learn strategies you can use.

SEO: A Rundown of Google Patents from the First Half of 2020
Learn the latest info on Google patents. Here’s a compilation of all the Google Search Patents of interest for the first six months of 2020.

SEO: A five-step framework for effective keyword targeting in 2020
How to stay focused and coherent throughout all of your keyword research and optimisation efforts.

SEO: ‘People Also Ask’ boxes: Tips for ranking, optimizing and tracking
PAA boxes appear in nearly half of all searches. Here’s how they work and how SEOs can use them to their advantage.

Paid: How to Manage PPC Campaigns Without Complete Search Terms Data
Learn how the change in Google Ads search query reporting affects PPC advertisers and managers and ways to keep delivering optimised results.

Paid: The 6 Most Common Google Ads Mistakes (and the Blueprint To Fix Them)
Your current Google Ads strategy needs to be adjusted? In this post, we’ll show you the most common Google ads mistakes and how to fix them.

Paid: Google Smart Shopping Campaigns: Everything you need to know to get started
If you’re new to SSCs, the main value prop is to combine Shopping and Display into a single campaign, in addition to simplifying the creation and maintenance of them.

Paid: What Is a Conversion in Paid Media?
Conversions in paid media come in many forms. Learn how to define a conversion for your campaigns and the value of your PPC marketing dollar.

Paid: 21 Essential Tips & Tools for Running International Google Ads
This post covers the details and nuances you need to consider to build out an effective international advertising campaign. You’ll learn about location and language targeting, scheduling tips, ad copy guidelines, and more optimisations to get the most out of your international PPC budget.

Paid: What’s changed in Google Ads Locations reporting and why you need a custom report
Google has been rolling out “simplified” location reports in the Google Ads UI over the past month or so. Here is what you need to know

Content: How to Get Creatives to Harmonize With Metrics
Break down the barriers that keep creatives from embracing and successfully applying analytical metrics to their work

Content: What Are Topic Clusters and How Do They Work?
Topic clusters are multiple pieces of content that are grouped under one overarching topic. We‘ll teach you about how to cluster topics and create quality content that converts!

Content: Content Is King: The Greatest Lie Ever Told in SEO
“Content is king”? Not quite true. In reality, content is one piece of the puzzle. Learn what you need for the whole picture right here.

Social: The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Features: Stories, Feed, IGTV, Reels
In this article, you’ll learn how to use Instagram’s four main content channels successfully for your brand

Social: How and Why to Delete Previously Disapproved Facebook Ads
In this article, you’ll discover how to locate and remove problematic Facebook ads to help ensure future ads aren’t jeopardised by past mistakes.

Social: Growing on YouTube: How to Develop a Loyal Following
Cathrin Manning – author of The Blow It Up Blueprint, shares actionable tips and tactics for YouTube videos that keep viewers interested and engaged. You’ll also learn how to use YouTube Analytics to inform and guide your video content strategy.

Social: Facebook Content Strategy: 8 Visual Content Tactics to Boost Engagement
How strong is your Facebook content strategy? Are your brand posts able to catch users’ attention and boost engagement? Adopt 8 visual tactics today.

Local: What’s behind the badge that powers Google’s local trust layer?
Google’s strategy for local has revealed itself. There will be two types of Places in Google – trusted and untrusted. Learn more here.

Local: A Complete Local SEO Checklist
This complete local SEO checklist will help you optimise your website, market your business, reach more local customers, and grow your revenue.

Mobile: Mobile-First Indexing Explained: What You Need to Know
This guide will teach you everything you need to know about mobile-first indexing, what it means for SEOs, and how you should change your approach to avoid experiencing issues.


Industry: Another Google Webmaster Virtual Conference Coming February 2021
The next Google Webmaster virtual conference is already being worked on by Martin Splitt and Google friends. Martin said it is expected to happen in about four months from now, in February 2021.

Industry: Google Accused of Anti-Competitive Practices in Government Report
A House Antitrust Subcommittee released a 450 page report that accused Google of creating it’s market dominance through anti-competitive behaviour. The report offers suggestions on how to stop Google and restore more competition, including in the search results.

SEO: Google: Reconsideration Requests Can Take A Week To A Few Months
John Mueller of Google said that there is no defined time for a reconsideration request via Google Search Console to be processed.

SEO: Google: Most Of The Time A Wrong Date In The Search Results Is Your Fault
Gary Illyes from Google said you can almost always blame the webmaster/site owner for 

SEO: Google Search Tests Virtual Keyboard Again
Google seems to be testing a virtual keyboard icon in the search box on the Google home page and in the search bar after you do a search.

SEO: Google YouTube Content Planning Guide Works for Web Pages
Google published a YouTube content strategy guide for politicians that’s useful for web and podcasting content too.

SEO: Google Reportedly Turning YouTube Into a Shopping Site
A report from Bloomberg indicates Google is in the early stages of transforming YouTube into a shopping site.

SEO: Google Assistant Can Search Within Apps on Android
Google Assistant can now be used to open and search within third-party apps on Android.

SEO: Bing Webmaster Tools Now Supports Arabic & Hebrew Languages
Bing Webmaster Tools now supports languages that go from right-to-left, like Arabic and Hebrew.

SEO: Status update on the Google indexing bugs
A couple of weeks ago we reported on a number of indexing bugs with Google Search. Google has updated us with a status update on those bugs.

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SEO: Bing Tests Mouse Over Favicons In Search Result Snippets
Here is an interface test from Bing, where when you hover your mouse cursor over the title of a search result snippet, it then shows the favicon of the site on the left of that title.

SEO: Google Tests Bolder Black Border Around Search Bar
Google has been busy with tests in the past 24-hours or so, here is another. This one is a bold black border around the search bar.

SEO: Google Search Tests See Results That Mention Filter Box
Google Search is testing a new search feature that lets you filter the search results by pages that also mention specific words. 

SEO: Google Tests Bubble Design For Search Tools Bar
Google is testing using the bubble design for the search tool bar. The search tool bar is what is by the search bar, that let’s you filter your search results by search vertical, like Google News, Google Images, Google Maps and more.

SEO: Google’s Mueller on Copying Top Ranked Sites
Google’s John Mueller downplayed “blindly” copying what a top ranked site does. Then he suggested an alternate approach.

SEO: DuckDuckGo Now Has Route Planning Features
DuckDuckGo announced a new driving directions feature to its maps. The feature is powered by Apple’s MapKit JS framework and is completely privacy focused.

SEO: Google Autocomplete Predictions Explained
Google’s Danny Sullivan, the Public Liaison for Search, pens an explainer on how autocomplete predictions are generated.

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SEO: Google’s Change Of Address Tool Is A Setting Toggle, Not Status Check
Google’s John Mueller said that Google Search Console’s change of address request is more like a setting, it doesn’t mean that things are still pending.

SEO: WP Bakery WordPress Vulnerability Affects Millions of Sites
WP Bakery Page Builder WordPress plugin vulnerability affects over 4 million sites.

SEO: Web Stories are coming to Google Discover
Google announced it is now bringing the Web Stories feature (previously known as AMP Stories) to Google Discover. 

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Paid: How to Find Missing Search Terms for Google Ads
Google Ads reduced visibility for search terms in September 2020. Learn how to find the missing search terms in Google Analytics.

Paid: How Will Google Ads Limiting Search Terms Affect Account Managers?
One PPC strategist shares his opinion regarding Google’s latest search terms update and what he is doing to prevent wasted spend resulting from this update.

Paid: Google Ads brings YouTube into Attribution fold, expands data-driven attribution to more advertisers
Google has added YouTube in its Google Ads attribution reporting and is making its data-driven attribution model available to more advertisers. 

Paid: Google Ads New Reporting For Insights, Trends, Growth Opportunities & More
Google Ads launched a boat load of new reports and features yesterday at Advertising Week. New features include new reporting and features around Google Ads.

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Paid: Customizable Amazon Sponsored Display ads go live globally
Amazon has rolled out the ability for eligible advertisers to add their brand logo and customise the headline in Sponsored Display ads.

Paid: Google AdSense Channels Changes
Google has made a few changes to how channels work within Google AdSense. In short, it is more integrated with the reporting section. 

Social: Facebook & Instagram Drop Support For WordPress Embeds
Facebook and Instagram are dropping support for embedded content on WordPress sites starting October 24.

Social: Social Shorts: Facebook attribution change on hold, Instagram gets more shoppable, turns 10
The social media marketing week in review: A round up of news and announcements you may have missed.

Social: LinkedIn Lists ‘Digital Marketer’ As Top In-Demand Job
LinkedIn’s list of top 10 in-demand jobs includes digital marketers with SEO, social media, and content marketing skills.

Social: Facebook Community Manager Certification Program
Facebook is introducing an official community manager certification program with free online courses.

Local: Google My Business Adds More COVID-19 Health & Safety Checks
It seems Google has been expanding the number of health and safety attributes for businesses to add to their local listing.

Local: Google Sports Scores Stop Working In The US Yesterday
Google had another bug – this one was not with indexing or ranking but live sports scores. 

Local: Google My Business Online Classes With Zoom Integration
We are now seeing more details about that now in Google My Business, where some businesses can offer online classes via Zoom and other video integration services.

Local: Yelp introduces new ‘business accused of racist behavior’ consumer alert
Yelp announced two initiatives designed to fight racism and promote diversity and inclusion among local businesses.

Local: Microsoft’s Digital Marketing Center for search and social management adds features, opens beta
The free platform is now open to U.S. small businesses.

Local: Google My Business to Log Recent Customer Calls
Google My Business is adding a call history module for logging recent calls from searchers.

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