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The Weekly Wrap

Ignite Search Weekly Wrap – 27th May 2015

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100% Curated SEO/Digital Marketing Goodness

Helpful Strategies, Tips & Tricks:

SEO: How to Use Server Log Analysis for Technical SEO

Your log files contain the only data that is 100% accurate in terms of how search engines are crawling your website. By helping Google to do its job, you will set the stage for your future SEO work and make your job easier. Log analysis is one facet of technical SEO, and correcting the problems found in your logs will help to lead to higher rankings, more traffic, and more conversions and sales.

SEO: Why Good Unique Content Needs to Die – Whiteboard Friday

We all know by now that not just any old content is going to help us rank in competitive SERPs. We often hear people talking about how it takes “good, unique content.” That’s the wrong bar. In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand talks about where we should be aiming, and how to get there.

SEO Upcoming Google Hangouts

Here are the following upcoming Google Hangouts that focus on challenges facing webmasters around SEO. We find the Hangouts selectively insightful and we encourage to pick and choose topic that are of interest to you:

English Google Webmaster Central office-hours hangout – 2nd June 2015

Paid Search: Spoiler Alert: A Review of AdWords’ New Reports Tab

Since early last year Google has been slowly rolling out a new reporting tool to a select few accounts in preparation for its full scale release, and I just so happened to stumble on an account that has it. After playing around with it for the last few days, I have some thoughts I’m ready to let you in on.

Social: 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

Do you wonder how your peers are using social media? Wondering if you should focus on Pinterest, Instagram or SlideShare? Thinking of getting into podcasting? In our seventh annual social media study, more than 3700 marketers reveal where they focus their social media activities. separator

Key Industry Updates: 

SEO: The Google-Twitter Deal Goes Live, Giving Tweets Prominent Placement In Google’s Results​

The deal between Google and Twitter to bring more tweets into Google’s search results announced earlier this year is finally delivering on its promise. Google is now showing tweets in a new and more graphical way on mobile devices, with desktop promised soon.

SEO: Google: We Are Trying To Update The Data For Panda & Penguin Faster

It has been several months since we had either a Penguin or Panda algorithmic refresh from Google and the natives, aka webmasters, are getting restless. As we covered, the algorithms may be real time, but those hit by one of these algorithmic penalties cannot recover until the underlining data is refreshed, and that data has not been refreshed in a relatively long time.

SEO: The Quality Update: Google Confirms Changing How Quality Is Assessed, Resulting In Rankings Shake-Up

It’s not your imagination. Google’s results have changed since the beginning of this month, and Google’s officially confirmed to Search Engine Land that this is due to a change with how it assesses content quality. Call it “The Quality Update,” if you will.

SEO: Google Has New Head Of Web Spam But Won’t Be The “New Matt Cutts”

Matt Cutts remains on leave, but Search Engine Land can report that Google does have someone new in his position of head of web spam fighting. This person is unlikely, however, to become the all-around spokesperson on publisher and webmaster issues that Cutts had been.

SEO: Google Webmaster Tools Rebrands To Google Search Console

Google announced they have renamed Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console. The ten year old name for the toolset designed for webmasters, publishers and business owners is changing to Google Search Console. Why? Google says because the tool is not just for webmasters, it is for hobbyists, small business owners, SEO experts, marketers, programmers, designers, app developers and yes, Webmasters – but webmasters are just one segment of its user base. To make it more inclusive and not to scare away non-webmasters, Google renamed the tool.

SEO: Google Shuts Down OrderAhead Local Restaurant Listings Hijackings

Seattle based GeekWire has written several articles about OrderAhead‘s fake restaurant listings SEO strategy, which has been turned back by Google. The company used dubious or unethical tactics to gain SEO advantage, creating fake restaurant sites and claiming Google+ pages to outrank and deceive both search engines and consumers.

SEO: Google Search Console Adds Apps Data To Search Analytics & Fetch As Google

Google announced two new features within the Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, for webmasters who participate in App Indexing.

SEO: Google To Implement Googlebomb Fix To Prevent Racist Listings In Google Maps

Google has reacted to how racist searches can bring up the White House and other locations by promising to extend its “Googlebomb” protection to Google Maps.

Local Search: Google Maps Adds Traffic Alerts, Upgrades Android Wear Experience  

Maps have been in the news a great deal lately with HERE for sale and Google Maps being hacked by racists. I’m happy to now be able to write something simply about improved functionality. In time for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday in the US, Google has added “new” traffic alerts that estimate delays and provide alternative routing options. Google has had real-time traffic notifications from Waze for some time. But this appears to be a very useful enhanced feature:

Paid Search: Google Adds “Nearby Business” Mobile Ad Format For Location-Related Searches

Google announced another addition to its lineup of mobile ad formats, Thursday, this time affecting location-based searches. The search engine will begin showing up to four ads for businesses on location-related searches in a “Nearby businesses” pack.

Paid Search: Google Launches Shopping Ads For YouTube, Integration With Merchant Center

Thursday, YouTube announced a version of product listing ads are coming to retailers’ video ads with TrueView for Shopping.

Social: Cinematic Pins from Pinterest: This Week in Social Media

Among other news, Pinterest Announces Cinematic Pins: Pinterest unveils its “newest, most beautiful type of Promoted Pin. Controlled through scrolling, these motion-based Pins are true thumb-stoppers.” separator

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