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The Weekly Wrap

Ignite Search Weekly Wrap – 22nd April 2015

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100% Curated SEO/Digital Marketing Goodness

Helpful Strategies, Tips & Tricks:

SEO: How Google’s Evolution is Forcing Marketers to Invest in Loyal Audiences – Whiteboard Friday

Given Google’s recent changes to SERPs and their April 21 mobile deadline, does SEO still come first? In today’s Whiteboard Friday, Rand walks you through tactics you can use to build a loyal audience before you need to do SEO.

SEO: Using Competitive Links To Inform Your SEO Strategy

For agencies, a competitive analysis, focused specifically on links, offers a quick way to get a complete view of your client’s competitors and can help inform your SEO strategy on a singular and broad level. Let’s take a look at how!

SEO Upcoming Google Hangouts

Here are the following upcoming Google Hangouts that focus on challenges facing webmasters around SEO. We find the Hangouts selectively insightful and we encourage to pick and choose topic that are of interest to you:

English Google Webmaster Central office-hours hangout – 24th April 2015

Paid Search: Writing Ad Copy That Converts – April 30 Webcast

In this Digital Marketing Depot webcast, Ginny Marvin from Third Door Media and Frank Palmieri, Yahoo’s lead copywriter, will give you the tools to create compelling ad copy in just three easy steps. Attend this webcast and learn the key ingredients for creating copy that converts, proven strategies to develop engaging calls to action, and tips for testing ads to determine what really resonates.

Social: How to Grow Your Facebook Audience: 8 Success Tips

Do you want a bigger Facebook audience? Are you looking for ways to bring attention to your business on Facebook? If you’re sharing good content but aren’t seeing Facebook audience growth, keep reading. Here are eight ways to grow your Facebook audience, both organically and with advertising.


 Key Industry Updates: 

SEO: New Google Mobile Search User Interface Test: Line Separators In Snippets​

 Google is testing yet another mobile user interface within their mobile-friendly search results. This one was spotted by @johnelincoln where he shared a screen shot of Google adding a line separator between the URL and the description in the search snippets.

SEO: Google Tests: New Mobile Search Design & People Also Ask Box

Google is frequently testing new user interfaces both on desktop and mobile, new search features both on desktop and mobile and new algorithms both on desktop and mobile. The latest two tests spotted were a brand new look and feel for the mobile results and a new box named “people also ask” that generated related queries for your search term.

SEO: Google Web History Adds Download Option & Drops Filter Options​

Google has quietly changed how your Google Web History page works. You can now download all your historical searches to your computer, but you can no longer filter the data by search vertical on the screen.

Local Search: Google To Sunset Their Old Version Of Google Maps​

Google is dropping the old version of Google Maps completely in the very near future. Google quietly announced this in a help forum thread saying the new version will be updated to drop support for the old version of Google Maps.

SEO: Google Replaces A Site’s URL In Search Results & Uses Its Site Name & Breadcrumb Path

Google announced they’ve begun replacing the URL within the search result snippet area with a site name and breadcrumb path. This only impacts the mobile search results but may roll out wider over time.

Paid Search: New AdWords Campaign Detail Reporting Options Give X-Ray Vision Insight Into Campaigns

New options will allow advertisers to see exact settings of campaigns in one location without having to hop through any hoops.

Social: LinkedIn Elevate: This Week in Social Media

Among the top trending social media news, as reported by Social Media Examiner, LinkedIn Introduces LinkedIn Elevate: LinkedIn Elevate is “a new product that helps companies and employees curate high-quality content, share easily to social networks and measure the impact.

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