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Deciding Whether A Podcast Is Your Best Voice

In my days before I joined Ignite Search, I had scripted, recorded, produced and distributed almost 270 podcast episodes over the years, so I am prime to tell you they are a great tool for getting your brand and your business out there. However, I’ve found that some brands don’t do so well in the podcast world, while others perform extremely well.

Determining whether your podcast is going to be a success all comes down to planning, the catchy name, the style, the branding of your podcast and who your featured guest is. 

The likeability, tone and vibe of the podcast host are also key.

For example, does your host have a voice that excites you or do they just annoy you or put you to sleep?

As you are not able to please everyone, I’ll outline some basics for podcasting that will help you determine if podcasting is your best voice and platform to elevate your business.

Ask Yourself The Question 

Your first question should be: has anyone suggested you start a podcast or even feature in one? Public opinion is important here and your loyal customers would be a great starting point to decide if it is right for you. Just like the “you’ve got a great voice for radio” sentiment or the “you should tell others that story” line, it is always best to know if your podcast would be well received in your current position. This is because your current customers will likely be the ones to start the word of mouth (WOM) chain.

Competing Voices Everywhere

Everybody knows that podcasts are a great way to learn new things and hear from the experts. The trouble is that, often, things that people talk about on podcasts nowadays are not new information. There are thousands of self help podcasts and business growth gurus out there; the trick is to find your unique angle that offers something fresh and relevant to the subject.

Differences that are important are location, circumstances, hard earned experiences and accumulated achievements. If you know that the only other voice talking about your chosen topic is on the other side of the world, chances are, their advice and experiences are of no real relevance to businesses overseas. It is a great place to start. A famous name on a podcast can only travel so far. 

Podcast Episodes And Topics

Podcasts should be spaced out according to the quantity of topics they offer and their relevance. You are playing the long-game here, drip feeding from your reservoir of knowledge one droplet at a time. This is to build up your audience gradually and ensure that your episodes are short but sweet.

Episodes can be weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually, depending on your topic and industry relevance. Fast paced industries like retail are ideal for weekly podcasts, though a tax accounting advice podcast would only really be annual or biannual. This is because retail is forever changing according to trends, while tax advice is usually seasonal. 

Putting In The Time And Effort To Make A Podcast 

Great podcasts are the ones where you have clear and crisp audio, have thought out topics and responses and seasoned speakers. All of these parts require time to properly think it through and create a finished recording that rivals commercial radio. For a 15 minute podcast, you are looking for an average of 2 hours of planning the banter and tone, then an hour of recording. Editing will take at least 3-4 hours, if done properly, before you even see the finished product. Aim to be proud of what you create and don’t rush it.

It is important to consider your KPIs and ROIs when deciding to start a podcast. Consider the investment in sourcing a place to record and the equipment needed, such as microphones, headphones, sound desks, music tracks, and the software to edit the raw audio. 

Don’t get me wrong, though; podcasts are great fun for everyone involved and a great tool for learning new things as you go about your day. 

We at Ignite Search highly recommend it if you have a great story to tell and the means to set up your own podcast. Give it a go and discover new audiences for your brand or rediscover old ones.

If you are keen to try your hand at podcasting and need advice on getting started, contact us to work out a topic and setup to get you going. If you are keen for more first rate tips on improving your business offerings, you can follow our blog.

We hope to hear from you soon.

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