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Avoiding AI-Generated Pitfalls

No longer a far-fetched idea out of an 80’s sci-fi movie, AI is here to stay and set to revolutionise the content creation process. From helping you generate ideas for a new blog post to creating all forms of written content at scale, these tools are changing the game for professional marketers and everyday users alike.

ChatGPT, Jasper AI, Google’s Bard and even Microsoft’s (temperamental) Bing all have gained mainstream attention for their abilities to generate anything from a children’s bedtime stories to full websites with little human interaction, it’s important to know that these tools aren’t humans, and can fall into certain pitfalls when generating content.

We’ve got our 3 top tips for avoiding common AI-generated content pitfalls to maximise your output.

Human Guidance is still required

The first issue people can have when generating content using AI is that they give the tools prompts that are too generic. This can lead to responses that aren’t anywhere near what you would expect or want, and often unusable content.

By describing more factors about the content you would like to generate, you can help optimise potential outputs. Examples include:

  • “Write a 500-word blog post that highlights the benefits of shopping on eBay. Use a happy tone of voice, and highlight the benefits of free shipping and the savings for users
  • “Write a short story on the horrors of a rogue AI taking over the world. The main character is Jeff Bezos, who is currently dealing with PTSD after he unleashed the rogue AI. The setting is Los Angeles in ruins”

You can even ask ChatGPT to break down your prompt to ensure it’s getting the correct information and responding accordingly.

AI Generated Response of Dolphins and Obama

Iteration, iteration, iteration

The first response an AI outputs may hit many of the marks you are looking for in your content, there is always room for improvement. By asking the AI to make changes to its generated content, you can keep refining until you get something closer to your desired product.

Try asking the AI to change the tone of voice from serious to light-hearted, or to focus on specific aspects of its response and expand upon those and to re-generate its response. Take a read through its second response, and see if it needs any more tweaks. If you don’t like the change, take the original response and try different prompts.

By iterating over and over, you can get the response to sound more natural, in line with your companies values, and more engaging for readers.

Using AI as a crutch

While these AI tools can help you scale your content, there is no replacement for a human touch when it comes to writing. After iterating and getting to a place where you are happy, read through the content and make notes on phrases and words relevant to your business being used, and see if they can be improved. If you have any SEO-specific keywords you would like to include, see where they would flow naturally in the content and add them in. Similarly, if your company has any specific phrases, slogans or words they like to use, you can adjust the AI generated content to include these and make sure your final product aligns to your business’ goals.

We hope these tips help you dip your toes into the world of AI generated content and maximising it for your business. If you’d like to explore more about how AI can take your business to the next level, we would love to hear from you! Drop us a line at info@ignitesearch.com.au, or get in touch with us.

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